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  • Season greetings 2019 eeworld.info/chat/rnhkdoipp2eruLY/video

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    • Hello 💑 may besfinds ko 💜 HoBi 💛 na Yout 😙😘 na Yout 😙😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Na 💑 miss 🌸 Makita 😘 may have 💑💑💑💑💑 ko😘😙 Ay 💑 l love you to 😘 may have 💑 ko 💜 nayout 💚 naboys saposoko ❤️ Ngyoun Love 💗 Love Love 💝 Kita 💟 My besfinds 🌹 ko 💜💚💙 from to mi 💑 may besfinds 🌹 have 💑💑💑 ko 😘😙 Komaen 🌹 kanabajan ❤️ my Have 💑💑 ko 💜 na 💛 besfinds ko

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    • هل يمكن الترجمة

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    • @im the ribbon in the sky that namjoon loves yang 🙏

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    • @Anna Adriana19 bisa

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    • @Anna Adriana19 itu

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  • and now, they are grammy nominees

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  • No points for guessing this editors favourite song 😂

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  • Who’s here after “Life Goes On”...Okeyy Onlyy Ne👀

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    • Here to find out how Bighit editors upgraded. Lol 🤣

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  • jimin is SOOO cute when I saw him PUMP 👄

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  • I'm here on 19th Nov 2020 before releasing of Be album.... Decided to come here for the savage Bighit editors....LOL... Captions are soo out of our imagination

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  • 59:21 jikook holding hands at back suga

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  • Wow sana all

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  • They did it in a very dreadful climate😭😭😭😭😭😭😭....

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  • 6:48 that's when jimin realized he needed an iPhone for his live photos hahaha

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  • Rap jin 19:25 hahahaha

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  • 나는 오늘밤 비티에스와 마피아게임을 하는 꿈을 꾸겠.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  • Omg Namjoon looks amazing in this video 😍

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  • I wish i could understand Korean language,, it would be more fun to watch BTS💜

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  • 3:56 Jungkook make laughing so hard

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  • Does Suga mean Palawan from the Philippines here 7:24 ?😅😅

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  • What did hobi get

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  • " I want to throw myself away"

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  • Whatever the card prediction it just randomly written but why rubbish prediction only for V they have to give positive fortune for all I don't think V from debut get any failure, whatever he did Army fall in love with him more n more n yes from 2018 till now he get all the achievements as a singer, profermer,as a human n many more,without trying he stay calm n positive......who the hell give such a bad prediction to V 🙄 but destiny is with him....n is it necessary to only give him that bad all have got good futune card., maybe that's the reason V got depress ... but he needs to open his eyes n see we all love him he is popular sucessful, every time cought people attention without trying n jimin is an angel always besides V n comfort I srsly want someone like V n jimin in my life 😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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  • The BTS mafia game is the real among us 😂

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  • No one; v to rm : I can see your Dimple getting deeper. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  • Okay so they Didn't Forgot how Philippines is so Hot in summer 😆

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  • Mafia game is similar to the game we play in india.. It's called police thief.. But we play it like the boost game.. Writing thief, police, king, queen in chits and shuffle it.. After that, we pick each one a chit... And the one who is the police should choose the thief.. The best clue to identlife the thief is, he or she will wink at the citizen 😂 lol.. It was a best childhood game we got to play

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  • Yoongi ahhh.. Your words are soo true😭😭😭 The places where we go for doesn't need pictures to be taken unless our memories will be placed there forever😍😭😭😭

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  • The game of mafia is very similar to Among us.

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  • 빌보드에 다녀온 해에 가장 기억에 남는 일이 홉이네 집들이가서 다같이 시간보낸 날이라니ㅜㅜ 진짜 석진이 한결같고 소소하고 다정하고 넘 좋다 💕

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  • So from 31:15 Mr Kim Taehyung what is this ????

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  • 28.54

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  • Hope is still funny when taking pictures 😄😄

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  • so no ones gonna talk about how jimin literally looks cute even with his mouth opened y'all crazy

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  • BTS -eeworld.info/chat/2HlziqmLn33IqNQ/video

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  • Suga and V 👁️👄 👁️😣😏😏😏😏😏

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  • To everyone critisizing the company for giving tae bad fortune card I am not someone who belives in this stuff but to think of this and the difficulties BTS went through 2018 i think this was mostly reliable. It did say Tae is "No matter how much you suffer you overcome your hardships & He will overcome the pain with strong patience and tolerance." Everyones card had some kind of warnings and i dont think anyones card is crap or fake. V is very successful now offcourse the whole group is but don't forget the hardships they went through in 2018 all of them suffered hard and especially V (Indeed, through their thoughts of disbanding, the death of their family members, their struggles during their tours and promotions, the drama over their Japanese album this year, the hate from other fandoms and solo stans) remember them crying at MAMA 2018. So Don't blame others. Despite all this they where successful in the End.

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  • My Favorite BTS outfit 💖💕💖

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  • 1:03:22 Why is he like that? Can't help but just falling in love with him more and more and deeper. He selected such small but important thing (Family+Friends) as memorable moment of the year. That's why I adore him. He balances quite well between his work and Personal life. His mindset is unique from others, such pure and transparent.!

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  • Why suga seid he wants to throw himself i didn't get a good wib may be it's look savage but i am really concern about him when he said that it's fell like he is about to cry he really wants to live relax and free he really want a break from his busy life he really want to time for himself ,he look really tired about all these things .i just really wish you peaceful life or time with you are two families . I just want to say that take your time army rally love you. 💜💜🙆

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  • i think jimin was the one who understood v's feelings when v got a bad fortune card. he did not smile or laugh like the other members and supported v .... and he was glancing at v few times when others were reading the cards.....and jk too.....

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  • It 2020 now still jimin not go solo. Imagine he only got 4 solo songs. No wonder BH give more exposure for jimin. Because they not pay what they promise. He got noting about to have solo songs much. Imagine during early he got less line in song. Now he got more lines. He deserves it. If he in SM JYP or other entertainment he probably got solo already. He will get to more verity show, he got more experience and collaborate with other artist. BH only playing collaborate will group sorry so boring. How ur artist will learn to be independent? As they strong in group i hope to see they got strong on solo too.

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  • Suga ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • They r billionaires but i luv how they find small small happiness how they r so happy when they get gifts, prize luvvvvvvv themm

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  • I have no reason to live Me tooo 😂😂😂😂

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  • Tell me why... Just tell me why... WHY is Kim Nam Joon SO FREAKING CUTE ?!!!?!!!?!!!

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  • Our V didn't get ice cream 🥺🥺😭😭😭

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  • Jhopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • Which songs are these

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  • After watching this I can v confidently say that BTS invented among us !!!

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  • 37:35 which song is it pls i love it?

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  • @31:06 Jimin wanted to have wings, now he is the Black Swan 🐥🕊

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  • So no ones gonna talk about how Jimin and Jungkook both put their hands behind yoongi? And then jungkooks mood seems happier after. 😳😳

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  • 7:25 yoongi:but we even have visited PALAWAN. where the cat live,without shade that was hot. The scorching heat. buti payung pusa na alala ni yoongi HAHA

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  • Everyone said Billboard was their most memorable miment this year but Jin said meeting Hobi's parents at their housewarming party and eating together and adopting his two sugar gliders was the most memorable Jin is so precious

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  • Seeing Taehyung sad and worried over that fortune card was heartbreaking...personally I don't believe in these but seeing how Tae gott really quiet after seeing his card and kept reading it makes me wanna tear up even in 2020 when he has achieved so so so so so much and he even said that he has achieved all his dreams after the Billboard #1 win with Dynamite (although they have a long way to go still and make many more if thwir dreams come true)

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  • The message they gave was very heart touching...I wish that bts and army will always be together no matter what will happen and should be healthy and safe...sarangheo.... fighting!

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  • All i see is at 26:38 Namjoon Breaking his stick 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • www.billboard.com/amasvote Armys, BTS is nominated for 2 categories on AMAS 2020: Favorite Social Artist Favorite Duo or Group- pop/rock Voting period is from Oct.26 to November 16, 2020. Plz vote for BTS everyday. You can vote up to10 times per day. Thank you armys💜

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  • 1.10.33 all I can see is ,jimin garnet necklace 110$

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  • Everyone wants to throw something & Then there is suga who wants to throw himself 😂💜💜💜 I love them I purple them 🥺💜

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  • Choppy bangs must be the ONLY thing that doesn’t suit Tae well. Everything else just looks gorgeous on him.

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  • 4:45 namjoon's face though 😂

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  • I don't think that v messed up any choreo...he is very perfect...than v , hobi and rm invest more money on stocks..... yeah ok ....

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  • 25:48 Jk is so innocent 🥺💜💜 27:31 He is so cute while peeking with his handmade cover🥺💜 49:47 Suga is such a mood😂😂💜💜

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  • ok like who gave this hairstyle to taehyung he looks like a bowl!

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  • 4:23 why didnt tae get his share.

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  • I am watching this again, and I remember now their speech at MAMA's when they explained how the beginning of 2018 was hard for them. V cried so hard that day, especially when Jin talked about how they thought about breaking up the band. It felt as if he was feeling guilty about something, his reaction was immediate and so strong. He put his head down and covered his face. I'm probably wrong, I don't know, but it's quite strange to see them read their fortune card. I feel relieved, knowing that this period is over.

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  • okinawa is such a beautiful place tho. i thought they shooted this at korea lol plus, i also want to visit okinawa because i really love the scenery and it's very an aesthetic place (for me :] )

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  • 태형이 머리 뭔일이얌 넘기엽다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  • Can i know what song is at 6:41 in the video cause the song i have never heard before😅🤔

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  • I love opal plus its my birthstone

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  • BTS Love you 😍😂💖

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  • It's already 2020 and i still watch this 😭💜💜 anyone? Just me? Okay

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  • @27:43-28:23 Thank me later...!

  • Don't trust those card...... Trust yourself 💓💓💓 if you believe that you can do it and get it..... Just give a try.... And at last just be happy with the results although it good or it doesn't good... BTS got love over the world.....

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  • RM:we were listed on Hot 100 for 4 weeks in a row/rank 67 In 2018 BTS in 2020: billboard hot 100 no.1 for 10 weeks

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  • 37:24 suga 😸😸😸

    HemalathaHemalathaМісяць tagasi
  • When Rm's fortune said *You will have an important person in your life* damnn my heart started racing

    Mariam Joseph LuwateMariam Joseph LuwateМісяць tagasi
    • 53:45 I was looking for this comment and the fortune tells that it will bear fruits.

      AnGeL GAnGeL G25 päeva tagasi
  • thank you for uploading this!

    Alda HarizaAlda HarizaМісяць tagasi
  • @22:12-22:22 rm about hobi lmao am going to pass out coz of laughing😆😆😆😆

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  • It feels like among us emergency meeting. I hope they play among us in run bts. Lmao it will be so fun

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  • ¥££¥€£¥§

    Scarlett Donato ZazuetaScarlett Donato ZazuetaМісяць tagasi
  • @.@

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  • 31:14 to 31:29 Kim Taehyung ending the careers of every single model!! Make sure to watch at 0.25 playback speed ;)

    Avni KhetrapalAvni KhetrapalМісяць tagasi
    • So true !!! he is unbelievable here I had to watch this sequence many many times lol but excellent advice for the speed

      selma bensselma bens14 päeva tagasi
  • I loved this video very much :))))

    Sneha SawSneha SawМісяць tagasi
  • Why does it seem like they are playing among us...

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  • the worst .. it was heartbreaking ㅜㅜ horrible to watch

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  • 4:02 what song is it?

    Zakir HossainZakir HossainМісяць tagasi
  • 7:22 mentioned Philippines palawan

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  • if you noticed Taehyung was already quiet when the fortune was being read by JK, I think he knew it was for him. TBH, I felt it was for him too since I've watched this after all the many videos of them already including the Daesang Award they received where he cried so much. This fortune telling IMO is just a guide, but hey, look, even after all the hardships they went through from 2017-2018, they came out on top

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  • 7:05 and now we know why Jimin is an iphone fan, because of live photos! 😂

    Sharon FungSharon FungМісяць tagasi
  • Ipp

  • i wonder how funny they would be playing among us lol

    Tzuyu TwiceTzuyu TwiceМісяць tagasi
  • Do not get your fortune read guys. It's not worth it and a lot of it is fake but can influence you to ruin your life.

    MaiiMaiiМісяць tagasi
  • Taehyung is sad🥺🥺🥺

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  • 3:57 can i be that plastic?I'm kidding

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  • BTS !!!!!!

    PuReBLiSsPuReBLiSsМісяць tagasi
  • 1:09:30

    KookieKookieМісяць tagasi
  • Joon (2017): we were listed on "HOT 100" for 4 weeks in a row, rank 67 BTS (2020): Billboard HOT 100 two weeks in a row no.1 artists

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  • really made irl among us without even trying to-

    Kylie HuangKylie HuangМісяць tagasi