I went undercover on fans' Rocket League accounts & guessed their ranks...

29 märts 2021
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In today's Rocket League video, I log onto fans' accounts and, without looking, queued 1 game of ranked. I had no idea what rank I was playing at and would have the duration of the match to guess which rank I was currently playing in. After the match, I must put in a final guess. I could be stuck in a silver lobby or even be put in a supersonic legend lobby. Enjoy!
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  • watching this video gives me so much confidence in myself like that plat 2 game was just like

    Rafid HaiderRafid Haider5 tundi tagasi
  • 9:12 gold 2 and my silver lobbies are better :|

    6vrli6vrli7 tundi tagasi
  • i could tell it was g2

    NightFuryPlaysNightFuryPlays11 tundi tagasi
  • Wait cant he see the points help him realize where the rank will be

    ELIJAH HernandezELIJAH Hernandez15 tundi tagasi
  • I guessed exactly the same as him lmao

    OdawgOdawg17 tundi tagasi
  • the 3rd guys club name was ussr, im dead

    Brayden McGregorBrayden McGregor17 tundi tagasi
  • I’m in gold 3 but the plat 2s looked so bad😂 what?

    Nathan Turner lolNathan Turner lol17 tundi tagasi
  • Im in gold 2 but that shit... was bad

    FTCFTC18 tundi tagasi
  • 6:51

    Kello_09Kello_0920 tundi tagasi
  • The first game I guessed champ 3 from the first minute let’s gooo and I guessed gold 2 at the start of the second game and got it right let’s gooooo🤣

    BR 7BR 721 tund tagasi
  • I am Silver 3 and the Gold 2 thing was the most chaotic thing I've ever seen

    ⦅⧼SeaͥStͣoͫrᴍ⧽⦆⦅⧼SeaͥStͣoͫrᴍ⧽⦆Päev tagasi
  • i like to disagree on the champ is toxic part. Whenever i play with a few mates that are diamond, every single lobby is toxic AF, but when i play by myself (c2-c3) barely anyone is toxic

    Kevin SmitsKevin SmitsPäev tagasi
  • For the last 1 I guessed plat 3?

    K MatherK MatherPäev tagasi
  • All pros bully plat like they think there silver but they actually rotate and can air dribble prety well

    Edward MitchellEdward MitchellPäev tagasi
  • the levvel in europe is so much bigger than us wtf that gold 2 match is a silver match in europe

    jeboyyjeboyyPäev tagasi
  • those golds are a disgrace

    Toyyibah AkinlusiToyyibah AkinlusiPäev tagasi
  • I just peaked tbh

    SteveThePirate80SteveThePirate80Päev tagasi
  • Settings??

    VisionzZVisionzZPäev tagasi
  • 13:02 Why was that so funny xD

    henrike68henrike68Päev tagasi
  • 13:40 had me dead xd, im still laughing.

    nyambe imasikunyambe imasikuPäev tagasi
  • Actual title:boosting my fans

    Vedad MujićVedad MujićPäev tagasi
  • Is it just me or does musty look like a 22 year old 6 year old

    Kurama The 9 tailed demon foxKurama The 9 tailed demon foxPäev tagasi
  • maybe an idea for next season? Play the 10 placements for 1s/2s for someone and use rank anonymizer and guess the rank after the 10 placements?

    WraithWraithPäev tagasi
  • no cap or thought musty is the greatest rocket league youtuber

    Eric DavtyanEric DavtyanPäev tagasi
  • hii

    ErCapoAlex GamesGalaxyitErCapoAlex GamesGalaxyit2 päeva tagasi
  • Can you add me on rocket league my name is TaZe max8107

    Max StoneMax Stone2 päeva tagasi
  • Wait that was gold 2 at 9:10 I'm 5 times better than that and I was just starting the game and the first rank I got was gold you have to be good to get there now adays

    aidpackgaming YTaidpackgaming YT2 päeva tagasi
  • 15:17 why would anyone say such mean things to my daddy 😭

    Cristian VasquezCristian Vasquez2 päeva tagasi
  • In my gold games people are hitting double tap flip resets those golds look bronze lol

    Jacob ShiflettJacob Shiflett2 päeva tagasi
  • Can someone pls tell what peak is

    CryptofnCryptofn2 päeva tagasi
  • 15:33 my lobbies are better than this in gold 1. 😡🤬

    RikoRiko2 päeva tagasi
  • 9:11 I’m a gold one and my lobbies are three times better than those.

    RikoRiko2 päeva tagasi
  • im in faze

    Jamie GirlingJamie Girling2 päeva tagasi
  • Can u make a tutorial on a double tap I am a diamond and I’m a fast learner I learned a half flip in 2 weeks so can u please do it

    Typ1call VooltexTyp1call Vooltex2 päeva tagasi
  • People not understanding basic rotations or ball chasing way too hard, going AFK in ranked or leaving mid-match for no reason. These are the trials and tribulations we the common rabble in the Gold to Diamond region face on a match-to-match basis. SSLs can't grasp it because they're surrounded only by other tryhards. But we know the pain.

    NysyarcNysyarc2 päeva tagasi
  • Hi amusty why don’t you do a fashion show in rocket league for best drippy car

    Brayden Box25Brayden Box252 päeva tagasi
  • he thinks so low of us plats :(

    Oxen_AshOxen_Ash3 päeva tagasi
  • They were gold what I could musty flick had really good rotation in gold 😂

    EGP3EGP33 päeva tagasi
  • On the second one I called it when you said plat I was like my plat lobbies ain’t like that they have to be gold I I called gold 2

    TTv Arronjones87TTv Arronjones873 päeva tagasi
  • Yeah uhhhhhhhhh I’m a silver 2

    Moonlight gamerMoonlight gamer3 päeva tagasi
  • How was that last guy champ. im plat and i couldve beaten him easily

    WiddyWiddy3 päeva tagasi
  • I know it

    Aljosa MarkovicAljosa Markovic3 päeva tagasi
  • cool video and concept! hurtful watching the plat 2 game as I'm plat 2 :(

    David PardyDavid Pardy3 päeva tagasi
  • Hahahahahah 15:20 look at my mans face hahaah

    SoulsSouls3 päeva tagasi
  • I need a coach

    DroppyDroppy3 päeva tagasi
  • He really did the plats like that 😔, 8:10

    Charlie MasonCharlie Mason3 päeva tagasi
  • Imagine musty try hard

    Bulking JellyBulking Jelly3 päeva tagasi
  • 14:29 definition of a plat

    Disgustibum BumDisgustibum Bum3 päeva tagasi
  • damn , i recently reached plat and its so much better playing with people that have some game sense and know how to rotate and when he said they were all ballchasing i felt it so hard..

    typixalisedtypixalised3 päeva tagasi
  • 6:04 at that moment he knew that he f'd up

    Andrew SimAndrew Sim3 päeva tagasi
  • how is that toxic player a champion???

    TobiTobi3 päeva tagasi
  • U need to do more of these

    ionlyrun 21ionlyrun 213 päeva tagasi
  • im plat 2 and they look like silver to me

    Filip The gamerFilip The gamer3 päeva tagasi
  • Toxic people more an rough people.

    Olga SavicOlga Savic3 päeva tagasi
  • Those gold 2 do be kinda letting us down lol

    TEP PlayzTEP Playz3 päeva tagasi
  • Musty lier

    Ocebanana909Ocebanana9093 päeva tagasi
  • im honestly a decent player but my game never lets me become a platnium and probably never Diamond. Maybe because i cannot air dribble

    SupaHotFireSupaHotFire4 päeva tagasi
  • On oce servers the 2 nd to last game would be like silver

    Pick On PSPick On PS4 päeva tagasi
  • wan davision off. get it one division:wanda vision

    AceRenegade GamingAceRenegade Gaming4 päeva tagasi
  • PLAT 2 FOR THE SECOND ONE................................................R U MAD

    will adcockwill adcock4 päeva tagasi
  • Send ur Best replay Dom aryet for guess the rank

    Danilo DatheDanilo Dathe4 päeva tagasi
  • Jjjwj

    Champion BrosChampion Bros4 päeva tagasi
  • Never knew musty wad in gold

    Kelsey OwenKelsey Owen4 päeva tagasi
  • I feel like this is fake because the gold 3 had alpha boost

    cesar rodriguezcesar rodriguez4 päeva tagasi
  • Man he was in his bed with his headset (true gamer)

    Jett LudewigJett Ludewig4 päeva tagasi
  • Plz be clean in vids

    Cubement ImprovementCubement Improvement4 päeva tagasi

    DitIsNiekDitIsNiek4 päeva tagasi
  • 11:46 if that is how platinums play then im better than diamonds my guy

    pilepile4 päeva tagasi
  • Do this again pls but try to guess the division too

    P1kachuP1kachu4 päeva tagasi
  • I got all right except last I though champ 2

    Pearson GamingPearson Gaming4 päeva tagasi
  • Wait a sec you had alpha boost in some games dont you have to be around GC to get it sorry if I'm wrong pls no hate

    Eric NjolaiEric Njolai4 päeva tagasi
  • 13:02 I can't stop laughing

    Ryan NathRyan Nath4 päeva tagasi
  • can u pls make a vid on good positioning

    Daniel MrazekDaniel Mrazek4 päeva tagasi
  • bro i got all of them except the first 1

    Daniel MrazekDaniel Mrazek4 päeva tagasi
  • No way that is plat i play plat 3 and i play against champ lvl

    IrfbeyIrfbey4 päeva tagasi
  • Smurfed player 101

    GainfulDawnXGainfulDawnX4 päeva tagasi
  • New vid idea tell ur discord mods to find 5 random players but... They wouldn't tell u their rank so u have to guess what rank they are while ur spectating them in a match. Glhv.

    Bence FábiánBence Fábián4 päeva tagasi
  • "Oh im in the TRENCHES" that took me out 💀

    Mr. GlassmanMr. Glassman4 päeva tagasi
  • For the 2nd gameplay he guess plat 2 💀 bruh I’m plat 3 and can musty off the wall ceiling shot and have clean air dribbles and all your simple stuff like car control wave dash half flips and ground dribbles

    Tyson CookTyson Cook4 päeva tagasi
    • I’m stuck in plat but I genuinely get trash randoms and have no friends that aren’t champ or above or silver and below

      Tyson CookTyson Cook4 päeva tagasi
  • How dare u say plat

    Zazz RandallZazz Randall4 päeva tagasi
  • no musty flick -_-


    SxdneyEUSxdneyEU5 päeva tagasi
  • Hmmmm i am gold 3 and i tink that the plat where badddddd

    David EissesDavid Eisses5 päeva tagasi

    Steve BishopSteve Bishop5 päeva tagasi
  • If those are plats I’m ssl

    SCP We3bSCP We3b5 päeva tagasi
    • Haha same

      StylixXStylixX5 päeva tagasi

    David StojcevskiDavid Stojcevski5 päeva tagasi
  • Who is watching in season 3?

    Noelma GanhãoNoelma Ganhão5 päeva tagasi
  • How is this plat 😭

    FZR KosnizzFZR Kosnizz5 päeva tagasi
  • As a gold 3 the second was not gold

    Rusher C4Rusher C45 päeva tagasi
  • you should do this video again but you also use their controls and camera settings

    chrispugslychrispugsly5 päeva tagasi
  • I got every single on wrong exept the last one just like musty

    Brandon FilangeriBrandon Filangeri5 päeva tagasi
  • Who wants to trade

    Shehab QatoumShehab Qatoum5 päeva tagasi
  • No fucking way that last guy was champ 1 like wtf he played like a bronze

    Maqx fMaqx f5 päeva tagasi

    YoBoiPengieYoBoiPengie5 päeva tagasi
  • as a plat myself, I can confirm, that afk and random bs, definitely represents plat very well

    Janie MadsenJanie Madsen5 päeva tagasi
  • Musty is embarrassing plats all around the world... I'm Plat 1...

    BlakePlayzBlakePlayz5 päeva tagasi
  • Musty: *Does super shitty airdribble leading to nothing* Also musty: “Teammate’s too far back.. I’m noticing small mistakes”

    ilyMVP _ilyMVP _5 päeva tagasi
  • Why is plat in NA look so easy

    Zac PalmerZac Palmer5 päeva tagasi
  • I'm stuck in plat and I'm starting to HATE this game AWWWWWWHHGHGG

    Felipe F7Felipe F75 päeva tagasi
  • Good vid but I had to un sub and dislike because smerfs kinda ruin video games

    Low key Made this for the critiquesLow key Made this for the critiques5 päeva tagasi