Winning in Duos w/ My Girlfriend! (Fortnite Season 3)

26 juuli 2020
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New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 winning in solo gameplay live stream!
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  • When he said i killed renegade raider hes so cute

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  • What will yall do if samara won a tournament by herself

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  • hou do you xp farm

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  • What is your Favorite Skin in Fortnite! Mine is the ruby skin!

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  • Why u kill them u rude they build a whole heart I whould have never watched u again

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  • He's in season 3 but playing on season 4 map

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  • You can also connect a mouse and keyboard

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  • How dare you say I dare you to win when summer gets knocked and killed I dare you to leave her

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