The *RANDOM* YOUTUBER Challenge in Fortnite!

10 juuni 2020
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Random EEworldr streamer skin challenge Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
Music by Epidemic Sound:

  • Please give typical a skin I wolf buy it 🔥🔥

    Miley WeszkaMiley Weszka3 tundi tagasi
  • You said lazerbeam green not fresh green

    Henry FoxleyHenry Foxley5 tundi tagasi
  • Andrew coming down with the best loot

    Ecliptic SageEcliptic Sage5 tundi tagasi
  • Who Else Wants Typicial Gamer Vs. Fresh

    LifeOf RylanLifeOf RylanPäev tagasi
  • peely is my dad

    typical playertypical playerPäev tagasi
  • Sssniper wolf, tg, and lazarbeam need a skin

    Jayden BanksJayden BanksPäev tagasi
  • Joking haha

    Gillian TaylorGillian TaylorPäev tagasi
  • Your dog sht

    Gillian TaylorGillian TaylorPäev tagasi
  • Lazer beam

    Drastic GamersDrastic GamersPäev tagasi
  • 18:5 lazer beam ? Is it fresh

    Donald LamDonald Lam2 päeva tagasi
  • People like the vid so he can get his own skin

    Wanita WhittleWanita Whittle2 päeva tagasi
  • Tg is op favorite streamer

    Pablo CaballeroPablo Caballero2 päeva tagasi
  • Potato salad

    Mr. buttonMr. button2 päeva tagasi
  • (got a win with lazerbeam with green skins) he meant fresh not lazar he is mythic)

    MelunXDMelunXD3 päeva tagasi
  • Potato Salad

    Saavion MoyaSaavion Moya4 päeva tagasi
  • Did he say lazar was green I thought fresh was green

    Evan CornellEvan Cornell4 päeva tagasi
  • go t

    Donald MillerDonald Miller4 päeva tagasi
  • I thought ur skin is fade as u use it in ur thumbnails for the undercover vids It wonder what the chances are of tg liking this?

    Aaron RazeyAaron Razey4 päeva tagasi
  • lol that joke was great ok i willl stop

    Mr Cake81Mr Cake814 päeva tagasi
  • At 8:34 that’s how much kills I got in arena

    farming sim 19 minecraft fortnite 2farming sim 19 minecraft fortnite 24 päeva tagasi
  • For laclan the last guy was the guy who stole the helicopter

    Faze wayxFaze wayx4 päeva tagasi

    Lorentzo riveraLorentzo rivera4 päeva tagasi
  • Why u kill my best skin peels even I don’t have

    Ayden MiezahAyden Miezah4 päeva tagasi
  • I also call it PP to pleasant park

    Tyquisestorm TyquisestormTyquisestorm Tyquisestorm5 päeva tagasi
  • Pila I liked and subscribed, so do not take my fortnite account, or I will cry all day

    Tyquisestorm TyquisestormTyquisestorm Tyquisestorm5 päeva tagasi
  • make him a skin on this game

    Antoinett HardyAntoinett Hardy5 päeva tagasi
  • f

    Laksh VLaksh V6 päeva tagasi
  • Potato salad

    Two guys And a girlTwo guys And a girl6 päeva tagasi
  • And he would react to it

    Tay ReeseTay Reese6 päeva tagasi
  • Do a edit of how the typical gamer skin should look like and post it on Twitter,insta or Facebook

    Tay ReeseTay Reese6 päeva tagasi
  • Pp

    Sssniper WolfSssniper Wolf6 päeva tagasi
  • At least u have a truck

    ZombeSlyerCat6kZombeSlyerCat6k6 päeva tagasi
  • Potato salad

    babina punianibabina puniani7 päeva tagasi
  • WhAt’S uP gUyS, yEs

    MTS 7MTS 77 päeva tagasi
  • These type of videos he makes proves that it doesn’t matter what type of gun you have. All it takes is skill.

    Valerie LaicheValerie Laiche8 päeva tagasi
  • Jhbvb

    Carlos Negrete GonzalezCarlos Negrete Gonzalez8 päeva tagasi
  • Tg needs a skin

    Chaos In a cupChaos In a cup9 päeva tagasi
  • Then I will eat peely because I am on tikos side!!!!

    Zachary WindhamZachary Windham10 päeva tagasi
  • You know ur in a TG lobby when u see someone running mythic and gold weapons

    mispyhavenmispyhaven10 päeva tagasi
  • Lazar beam a god and I have his skin

    spyshot gamingspyshot gaming10 päeva tagasi
  • Your soo good bro

    Dalilah SidkiDalilah Sidki10 päeva tagasi
  • It's ok tg it's ok

    Dalilah SidkiDalilah Sidki10 päeva tagasi
  • If you think is the boss and the best fortnite gamer of the world and if this comment gets 💯,000 likes he is the undefeated fortnite steamer and gamer

    Lenny QuintunaLenny Quintuna10 päeva tagasi
  • I’m very surprised TG hasn’t got a skin yet I bet it would look cool thou

    Jax MathewJax Mathew11 päeva tagasi
  • Lol rewatching and now he has his own car

    Collin CampbellCollin Campbell11 päeva tagasi
  • He been playin dis game 4 years nd still aint got his own skin

    NSA MugyNSA Mugy11 päeva tagasi
  • We should actually get typical gamer a fortnite skin

    Colton Tracey DerrColton Tracey Derr11 päeva tagasi
  • Your skin is fade

    AgeingAgeing12 päeva tagasi
  • J

    Mary-Peter ScarrottMary-Peter Scarrott12 päeva tagasi
  • One team fishy and when he ate a flopper I shed a tear

    Pro PuppyPro Puppy12 päeva tagasi
    • Team fishy for TECO,!, BABY!

      Pro PuppyPro Puppy12 päeva tagasi
    • 😭

      Pro PuppyPro Puppy12 päeva tagasi
    • 😭

      Pro PuppyPro Puppy12 päeva tagasi
    • 😭

      Pro PuppyPro Puppy12 päeva tagasi
  • one gun only challenge

    Jaden BoodhooJaden Boodhoo13 päeva tagasi
  • Yes

    Jace WilliamsJace Williams13 päeva tagasi
  • He said lazerbeam green skins and not fresh

    GodcrafterGodcrafter13 päeva tagasi
  • TG player is the Best EEworld is he a good at fortnite banananananananaan and doctor doom and iron man and me are good at fortnite TG player I subscribe to you TG player

    Brielle OngBrielle Ong13 päeva tagasi
  • Lol he meant fresh

    Lou Lou JosephLou Lou Joseph13 päeva tagasi

    gizemli oyuncu Yiğitgizemli oyuncu Yiğit14 päeva tagasi
  • lol i spotted that

    Sarah ButcherSarah Butcher15 päeva tagasi
    • poo

      Sarah ButcherSarah Butcher15 päeva tagasi
    • k

      Sarah ButcherSarah Butcher15 päeva tagasi
  • Why doesn't Typical Gamer have his own skin is the best fortnite EEworldr I know

    T GordonT Gordon15 päeva tagasi
  • potato salad

    Archit Verma 9AArchit Verma 9A16 päeva tagasi
  • I forgot this was even Lachlan’s skin since now there’s an official Lachlan icon series skin

    Youssef WagdyYoussef Wagdy16 päeva tagasi
  • I gust used your code in the idem shop today

    Blair HornBlair Horn16 päeva tagasi
  • Tg sweard

    Slawek WojciechowskiSlawek Wojciechowski16 päeva tagasi
  • He called fresh lazar beam

    Native Wish BoneNative Wish Bone17 päeva tagasi
  • i hope you get you skin tg

    Shelton AlstonShelton Alston17 päeva tagasi
  • Love u

    Steve ManriqueSteve Manrique17 päeva tagasi
  • you said that you got a win with lazarbeam which is mythic but you said green

    bryc5490 bryc5490bryc5490 bryc549017 päeva tagasi
  • You are the best EEworld

    Aeryca AuckAeryca Auck17 päeva tagasi
  • I killed you in ninja skin

    Sushila MaharjanSushila Maharjan18 päeva tagasi
  • Potato salad

    Kai RinabergerKai Rinaberger19 päeva tagasi
  • Yes, it’s fresh witch means you have to like my comment it turns black,blue,and white! Try it out

    Jett YarbroughJett Yarbrough19 päeva tagasi
  • Blue guns only

    Ashley MerriamAshley Merriam19 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh skin was supposed to be blue

    Ashley MerriamAshley Merriam19 päeva tagasi
  • Imagine fresh is bad its just the skin (kidding)

    Toby McMillanToby McMillan19 päeva tagasi
  • Weapon's only from non exotic bosses

    funny chanelfunny chanel19 päeva tagasi
  • *potato salad*

    IDOLITIDOLIT19 päeva tagasi
  • This is when ur girlfriend annoyed u lol

    Syed Faizan AhmadSyed Faizan Ahmad19 päeva tagasi
  • Toss bots at fortnite 😂

    Play4saysPlay4says19 päeva tagasi
  • if the skin is legendary use legendary guns

    MaKs MTDMaKs MTD20 päeva tagasi
  • Do rare skins only and random the combos

    Little PLittle P20 päeva tagasi
  • Me hitting every shot I littarly bodyed that kid I hit every shot Andre hitting every shot I'm so trash I couldn't hit a single shot

    mega block haulsmega block hauls20 päeva tagasi
  • I started a EEworld channel and it's thanks to you thank you so much man you inspire me all the time

    mega block haulsmega block hauls20 päeva tagasi
  • 5:39 lol he hit him 69

    TombzVoidTombzVoid20 päeva tagasi
  • im saving my money up for when the tg plays skinn comes out

    Major DriskelMajor Driskel20 päeva tagasi
  • y u kill peeley he was going to people house that didnt sub and like now he cant delete there fortnite account

    solomon cooksolomon cook21 päev tagasi

    Fort nite Bro’sFort nite Bro’s21 päev tagasi
  • He can upgrade

    Ibaad AhmedIbaad Ahmed21 päev tagasi
  • 18:02 not lazarbeam its fresh

    Mahdi ChoudhuryMahdi Choudhury21 päev tagasi
  • TG: pick your favorite youtuber(pick me) Me: My Favorite youtuber is McCreamy

    Jay WayJay Way21 päev tagasi
  • Wen I am sad I also come to the play and each a video or anything that I mis and I subscribe to him so I don’t mis a video

    Brody. CBrody. C21 päev tagasi
  • It always has to be the man

    Daniel BrendleDaniel Brendle21 päev tagasi
  • You could upgrade TG

    DrippDripp21 päev tagasi
  • Thumbnail is wrong where Fresh at instead he put himself lmao

    Bellatina 142Bellatina 14221 päev tagasi
  • omg guess what guys

    Shye BrollyShye Brolly21 päev tagasi
  • Hogue said that she had been to me since the first week that he has a new one

    Eden PerryEden Perry22 päeva tagasi
  • Potato Salad!!

    Kids MetzelKids Metzel22 päeva tagasi
  • Did anyone realize he said lazerbeam Instead of fresh

    Daniel J GamingDaniel J Gaming22 päeva tagasi
  • whats your fav skin that you rock a lot

    79nainai79nainai22 päeva tagasi
  • The caring hawk accordingly rot because wave jelly delight through a silly test. knowledgeable, forgetful south africa

    Aurelia BudreckytAurelia Budreckyt22 päeva tagasi
  • TG pls.. Like this comment and if you do comment it

    Mr BeastMr Beast22 päeva tagasi
  • Lazarbeam Pls like this comment

    Mr BeastMr Beast22 päeva tagasi