30 apr 2021
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Hey dudes,
I had a really bad flare up last week so unfortunately, this is the most I can do. I spent Saturday through Tuesday scratching, itching, tossing and turning so I'm sorry that this is all you're getting. I'll be back next week with a proper video.
Lots of love,
Jennefer of Cengerberg

  • Excuse me ma’am, not to be disrespectful or rude but could you please take post down. That is my sister who was killed by a metra train. And it this post is very disrespectful. Idk who you are or if you even know her but I need you to take this down please.

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    • ok boomer

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    • Please have a nice day

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    • "I hope you have a good day I really do " 😂😂😂 she said that in the end remember

    • Baby this is keke palmer

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    • Baby that’s Keke Palmer

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  • what's the creepiest thing you could whisper in someones ear? I'd think it'd be "I found your onlyfans" but im not quite sure. -Sincerely ur exmophibilia

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  • Sea iff uo camn reed tihs Guchi annd loi viton fittsz youe weli

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  • Salut Jojo Clavicule, un jour j’aimerais te voir faire une peinture de Claude Monet ou d’un autre peintre impressionniste. Prends soin de toi. Bisous

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  • I'm PRETTY SURE it's eggsalmonella, thanks. I studied it at medical school. Yes, I am a doctor. (:

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  • are you still swimming? ı didnt follow so regularly

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  • she supports dniym. 💔

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  • Just met this guy Only to be the love of my life Happy and sad times together Never ganna leave you ever Cat in my house even purrs at him End is too far to be seen Now its time for you to know who he is Eh baby just read the first letters

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  • This video is my spirit animal or a red panda

    give me your dino nuggets plsgive me your dino nuggets pls6 tundi tagasi


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  • *twerking respectfully*

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  • *eskimo twerking*

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  • she on exghema mode

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  • i hope this badaids wishy-washys your eggs away :)

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  • god i hate iridocyclitis

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  • Have you tried CeraVe? 😊

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  • Pp

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  • thos video made me laugh more than the time i snorted a cheese it

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  • I'm dyingggggggg, send help. Last time I laughed like this was when Kelly tried to blackmail you

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  • Jojo....I like Dino nUgfies 🤠

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  • i hope your eggsemen gets better

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  • **respectful twerking**

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  • Imagine historians trying to dissect this video 100 years in the future LMAO

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  • Ah yes, the holy excimea (I still do not not how to smell I hope your #hurt clears up soon I genuinely mean that)

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  • I hope your esjakameowmwofnwoememememenenen gets cured soon even though it killed my milky mouse club house minaj sister so mmmmmm yeah hope it clears excexampleofthelifetimeofthequailsisconductedbytheformationofdinosaursema is very bad so I hope it is healed soon! Sincerely, delicioso

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    t h e a p o c a l y p s e i s n e a rt h e a p o c a l y p s e i s n e a r13 tundi tagasi
  • egesimloc is quite the dirty dancer 💃 and i hope it goes awaya my guy u cant do it even if u tried😁

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  • I was wondering why you weren't using fire to kill eczema😌

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  • Eczema

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  • i have eggsemen again 😩

    doyoung’s scented candlesdoyoung’s scented candles14 tundi tagasi
  • I’m truly sorry about ur exehemamamamaammamama

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  • I deal with eggzeeemmayyymah, it sucks/ not a joke SEnDiNg PRAAAyErrRsS

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  • It’s your world and we’re just living in it

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  • *Librayle twerking*

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  • eggsugma

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  • * dies of twerking *

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  • i feel like i love you

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  • silent nose hairs

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  • guys don't be disrespectful to Missis Ceddhia. I`m aware the video is gahrgabe, but keep in mind she has asthma... ( do you have diarrhea due to your egg ?)

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  • all jokes aside, it's actually spelled egzimoima

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  • 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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  • Igzimæ

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  • Hey Johana, hope you have had a great shower any of these days. Mmmm I’m here with my fourth commente saying I Will Comment till your back here in the platform. So here i go.... Day 4: could you make a Spotify playlist for us, your pancranceous followers, i knoWwwW you have godo muSiK tastE. This a very respectful petition. Anyway gloO0b have a good twrweeeeekday

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  • respectful twerking

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  • "I-" is literally the best way to describe my emotions

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  • Hey joana, you doing good? I hope you are!

    stoopidstoopid20 tundi tagasi
    • Remember when your dad devoured my pizza when i was eating it atop the funeral home. Still very mad.

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu20 tundi tagasi
  • Existma

    Zᴀɴ RᴀιZᴀɴ Rᴀι20 tundi tagasi
  • seggsymama must be so hrad :( hope you recover johna!

    LemynLemyn22 tundi tagasi
  • Hey Joana, what really works for my eczema is a spray with hypochlorous acid that takes care of the bacteria. My dermatitis is on my hand and I spray it as often as I can and it relieves the itch and really helps with healing. The one I use is from skinsmart eczema therapy. Really cheap too. Hope this helps

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  • holy shit, i'm crying right now hoooooooo 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

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  • Ur ugly.

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  • Breast milk soap? 💀

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  • E

    Lilja GudmundsonLilja GudmundsonPäev tagasi
  • "Nikey minjos" is my favorite new name

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  • i love you!

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  • jhonzema please you need help now

    TedqvTedqvPäev tagasi
  • eggsemain is hard i hope you are doing well jhone cena

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  • Dear Jeeennefer Cerbancer, it is I the two headed horse and I had eczeshiman like you. I want to tell you that eczemanaman usually comes from a brain cancer so you should really take good care of your head. When you feel like itching you should put some Mad Dog Skullcap (this plant actually exists) and put it in your ears. Love, The eczeman horse

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  • okie bet you don’t have to go to sleep at night night lol lol i is going to sleep in the sun and i didn’t sleep well and she was asleep so i woke up and woke up crying and crying so bad she woke up crying crying and crying crying lol she said she’d like to me lol lol oh lord oh hell no eew no no idea what i’m is doing it lol lol oh lord oh yes yes sir yes yes no no sense no no idea what i’m is doing

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  • Remember when your dad devoured my pizza when i was eating it atop the funeral home. Still very mad.

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  • echma bad

  • Man, I can't believe all these people don't know how to spell ecscemeceh

    Shannon BShannon BPäev tagasi
  • I didn't find your email or anything, so it's here. I've suffered from eczema for over 14 years, and now it's gone. So if anything I write, helps you... Our skin it's the largest organ and its constantly in connection with our environment and social group. Whenever something was bothering me, a conversation, situation, anything- I would get in the same state with the itching. I was in hospital for this, I met all the professors and all possible doctors- it's always the same, here have some steroid cream. Because of the creams, my skin became thin and more fragile, and the cycle never stopped. So I really now how you feel. Taking shower is painful, putting clothes, moving, anything is constant reminder of the pain on the face, arms, legs, etc. And then all the insecurities kicked in, like going to the beach or just wearing clothes, I couldn't make a fist, because of cracks in my hands, driving was painful, sweating, even holding something. So, what helped me. Therapy. Being honest with my self regarding about what I wasn't happy (no need to change immediately something, just to acknowledge to myself that the path I chose, was not for me, or my beliefs wasn't true for me anymore or just acknowledging that I'm angry). Meditation. And I took antidepressants during my therapy for 2 years, and the side effect was the that I was more relaxed and didn't get eczema outbursts. Now I'm off for 3 years, and still no outbreak. I'm continuing with self-reflection, meditation, I'm not taking anything,no medication, no ointments-nothing, just regular moisture once in while. Your body is signaling you, that he is not happy. Doctors don't have the answers, simply because its just the symptom, not the real issue. The root is inside you, in you heart. Something is really bothering you, and just start by giving it its place, thats it. I know how it sounds, but I was in same condition for years, really, and if anything I wrote helps, it'll will be great. I really know how you feel and hop you'll tackle it. Love.

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  • who needs comedians when there’s john cena

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  • so ufnny weh she rads it

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  • i heart jesu wait no yeahhhhh i love

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  • this is pitiful i've been watching your videos before you chopped your hair and i've just now subscribed

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  • John, fank you. i just got done crying for 3 hours straight and i came to youtoob. after watching this video i feel better. fanks again mr. ceda.

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  • I hope you get better from this shit, i dont even know what egzchristmas is

    Yasmin ZimmermannYasmin ZimmermannPäev tagasi
  • Jonah and the whalekzima

    Jesse OrtegaJesse OrtegaPäev tagasi
  • It took me 15 minutes to finish Bc I kept going back. Nicki minojo. Omgggg😂😂😂

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  • try egg water instead of water it slaps eghma in the face

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  • Did you know that Joanna doesn’t exist?

    • Sleepless •• Sleepless •Päev tagasi
  • I don’t know how she would be able to do this without laughing the whole time

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  • My dad left. Also cheese isn't real. It's just moldy milk.

    Adriana marshallAdriana marshallPäev tagasi
  • I’m glad we met

    Emma BlaineyEmma BlaineyPäev tagasi
  • i LiKe ChIcKeN nUgGeTs FrOm A pLaCe In HeAvEn ThEhEhEhEhEh

    WierdForLifeWierdForLifePäev tagasi
  • Eczema is the right spelling @ Joana Ceddia

    Fathimath shaya ZahirFathimath shaya ZahirPäev tagasi
  • Guys exemmaq is a very serious condition you should know how to spell it correctly

    Kaiya HemannKaiya HemannPäev tagasi
  • Where are the quails

    Evan the LemonEvan the LemonPäev tagasi
  • Guys it’s spelt ecgzahmah.

    Machara MMachara MPäev tagasi
  • rheumatic twerking

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnonPäev tagasi
  • onglonmegzga is a fraud fabricated by joe biden

    Liam MLiam MPäev tagasi
  • your hair gives me hedhoge idk how to spell it but I love it

    Charlotte stewartCharlotte stewartPäev tagasi
    • So I suffer from psorias a distant cousin to ezema (spl).... may I suggest selsun blue to help... its the only thing keeping my psoriasis in check.

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnonPäev tagasi
  • why is this in my notifs anyways lesbian twerking

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  • Exma?.

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  • hi im a person who hates avocados and i saw a baby avocado in the store today along with baby tortillas. I tried an avocado tortilla.... idk how and why i liked it, what have you done to me john cena.

    KateKatePäev tagasi
  • I’ve never seen someone’s life go so down hill in 2 years in my life, jk love you joanaaaaaa

    Bradley CovinoBradley CovinoPäev tagasi
  • lol whats eggzeemama

    ArrogantLucyArrogantLucyPäev tagasi
  • your ackseemam is very bad. why would you do that

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  • Showed this to my friend while at her house. Her mom walked in without us knowing and all I hear is her mom wheezing behind us

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  • I cant believe someone would make sokmetihing like this ecsaema

    灰Päev tagasi
  • qaloies

    灰Päev tagasi
  • eegsllainszum is super not joknig about, how. Ould you.........

    灰Päev tagasi
  • I have xma i know how it feels i hope u never get these comments again .

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  • *scared quil noises*..

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  • *insert disrespectful comment*

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  • piss (respectfully)

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