We Built a Tiny Skyscraper Home!

6 okt 2020
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We built a fully live-able MICRO skyscraper house! 4 different levels! 1) lobby, 2) food, water, and entertainment! 3) Bedroom and on top 4) a lovely patio!
Surviving OVERNIGHT in Hidden Bunker!:
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  • Is Rob actually 43

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  • Chris: Jeff’s not here today He drink coffee right before bed Me: ohhhhhhh whoopsie

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  • Show us

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  • What happened to his leg

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  • you just reveald how old robie is

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  • sory why the carpes look so daingy

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  • How old is rob

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  • Other people: if rob was born in 1977 he must be in his 40’s Me: I think there just calling rob old XD

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  • This video was made on my birthday

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  • Huh, Ryan and I were born in the same day and month. Nice

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  • who just found the dangie bros and is watching them ever since

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  • Chris what happened to your leg?

  • 👏👏👏👏👏good gob Jeff.

  • Who agrees with me they are one of the best youtubers click here 👇🏻

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  • Rob is 43

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  • How dare the Dangie Bros call The Baby Dragon fat charizard. I love Clas Royale.

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    • *Clash Royale

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  • ~claps for Jeff~

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  • Dangie bros where is the second video to this

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  • Also when they said Ryan died it said 1977 too soooooo They same age

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    • If it real

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  • 1:39 Ryans not the stud Jeff is Like if you think so also 👇

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  • make a big secret base video

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  • You guys should build a tiny house tree house

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  • how is rob 43

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  • I like your videos I'm the number one fan in the whole wide world

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    • I like your videos I am the biggest fan in the whole wide world

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  • 10:00 you mean 1997 Rob is 23

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  • You guys should do a toilet paper fort in Walmart overnight

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  • Rob-Sorry exuse me just passing through. Cris-uumm i’m kind of naki

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  • This is how many times Chris banged/whacked his head 👇🏻

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  • No more coffee for him And also that was a very silly thing for him to do at night before.

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  • Mario fan 1111

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  • Robert should’ve been the voice actor for jeff from clarence. 3:33

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  • rob was not born in 1977 he is 24 and jeff is 22 and chris is 24

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  • Where is the over night for this?

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  • This is how many times Chris hit his head 👇👇👇👇👇👇for real

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  • Do over night in tiny skyscrapers

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  • Me to it would be so cool but they have no where to go to the bathroom💩💩

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  • Only if the skyscraper was close to the pool then you could jump into the pool off the top or would that be to dange~

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  • RIP ROB 1977-2020 wouldn’t that make Rob 43..

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  • WHY DID JEFF DRINK COFFE BEFORE BED HES MY FAVORITE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • After watching this. Who think to make it😂😂

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  • Title: We built a tiny skyscraper home Chris: Dude there’s ants in our hotel Rob:our nice new apartment PICK ONE

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  • Can u guys do a 24 hour challenge in here pls🙏

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  • Im waiting for part 2 overnight

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  • I asked Siri how long ago 1977 was and it said 43 years ago does that mean robs 43 😂(he looks more 23 to me)

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  • you sereyis gurnek like wtf

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  • WOW. Jef why did you drink that muck coffee

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  • you guys should be tiny house builders and that's no joke. i would toyally come to guys to build me a tiny house

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