The *RANDOM* SPOOKY BOSS Challenge in Fortnite!

29 okt 2020
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Fortnite random new Halloween boss skin challenge with Typical Gamer!
Music by Epidemic Sound:

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  • The starting of season 4 me at the start lvl32 tip gamer lvl at the start 100

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  • Why did he come 67th place? I need answers!

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  • I am a gamer!

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  • Reverse upgrade would be a smart idea bc look if you have a green pump and you use reverse upgrade you get 50 mats🤷🏾‍♂️

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  • When you're doing a random colour challenge you can upgrade it and just turn it into the colour what your post to be on

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    • Ok

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  • Typical gamer always gets a pistol in a blue weapon challenge

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  • that last part was so wholesome

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  • Typical my grandson like's ur video and he wants a skin he says and he said his epic is CoreyDGipson like this and he luvs ur videos

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  • I just noticed that in his icon series challenge when he was ninja his first weapon was a blue pistol and Same with this

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  • When he says the combat sucks in the iconic chanlge thats how he won 👁👄👁

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  • This video was posted on my birthday!

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  • Hi can you give me a Wolverine skin and this is my fortnight name is a free hand squish4

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  • Typical gamer can you please get online and play with me and can you give me an what’s called a ghost rider skin his back being done with the card is back playing his glider glider and that’s it

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  • People say that video games cause violence, to which I ask them to watch 13:54 to 15:14 in this video... so wholesome...

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  • TG Plays: Nooooooooo! Ghost: Byeeeeeeeeeeee TG Plays sets a grave for him... TG Plays Don't gooooooo! Ghost: Seriously I have to go, my mom says... TG Plays: .....

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  • Can you 1v1 ninja

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  • Random person shots rocket Typical gamer this man is a absolute psychopath Edit plz like my comment for a free win on fortnite

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