The Dream Burger...

30 apr 2021
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The Dream Burger...
Dream released his own burger with Mr Beast! Only in select locations around America and Canada for a limited time. Can order on any food delivery app!
definitely not a #ad (it is)

  • definitely not an ad... (it is)

    Dream ShortsDream Shorts6 päeva tagasi
    • Yo

      Ari ChernizerAri Chernizer6 päeva tagasi
    • ok I believe you

      Unnecessary User lolUnnecessary User lol6 päeva tagasi
    • Okay

      OllivyOllivy6 päeva tagasi
    • lmao I’m not surprised

      Karizma _Karizma _6 päeva tagasi
    • definitely not

      Rae RatRae Rat6 päeva tagasi
  • **happy American twerking**

    Prank MasterPrank MasterMinut tagasi
  • I want a Dream burger 🍔 🥺

    Green Tea KoiGreen Tea Koi19 minutit tagasi
  • There is an ad on ur ad dream

    Ishaan HarishIshaan Harish35 minutit tagasi
  • why is everyone twerking

    Smol Snow boiSmol Snow boi41 minut tagasi
  • I literally binged all of these shorts in one day I love this content ❤️

    Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein44 minutit tagasi
  • Why is everyone twerking?

    sx_cosplay_sx_cosplay_52 minutit tagasi
  • 🍔

    SONYANG'S HAROO소냥이의하루SONYANG'S HAROO소냥이의하루55 minutit tagasi
  • Why is here so many ”twerking” comments???

    BooBoo2 tundi tagasi
  • Ooh bad boy halo sellling some beaf ;)

    Wobbly TheHeroWobbly TheHero2 tundi tagasi
  • I Want My Burger :)

    DinomodeYTDinomodeYT2 tundi tagasi
  • **sad Burger twerking**

    Kemal GüvelKemal Güvel3 tundi tagasi
  • When your waiting for mr.beast to reply

    Deleon777Deleon7773 tundi tagasi
  • Video: *about dream burger* The entire comment be like: *sad twerking*

    Singapore MapperSingapore Mapper3 tundi tagasi
  • Sapnap probably asked karl to force mr beast into making him his own name's burger.

    Stopmo78 YTStopmo78 YT4 tundi tagasi
  • Man i really want to eat one i live in asia😢

    Quil animationQuil animation5 tundi tagasi
  • "Pee styled fries"

    just_a_random_pan ÙwÚjust_a_random_pan ÙwÚ7 tundi tagasi
  • Wow this is amazing!🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Tan THTan TH8 tundi tagasi
  • I didnt notice that was an ad bruh

    Danish the DuckyDanish the Ducky8 tundi tagasi
  • Rip im in switzerland so.... i cant

    Sheryl Cabusora Gines FloresSheryl Cabusora Gines Flores8 tundi tagasi
  • **sad malaysian twerking**

    HANHANHAN • 90 years agoHANHANHAN • 90 years ago9 tundi tagasi
  • Me: George wants an george burger Bbh: there's no george burger Dream: only dream Burger 🍔 Sapnap: i want some sapnap burger Bbh: sure George: what Me: george looks like why is there no george burger XD

    ZabreenaZabreena11 tundi tagasi
  • Sad martian twerking

    Bhavik YadavBhavik Yadav11 tundi tagasi
  • George burger :D

    MJ Dont own OyuMJ Dont own Oyu11 tundi tagasi
  • Is this actually dreams channel?

    Noob ErNoob Er11 tundi tagasi
  • Dream is secretly the Durr Burger

    ZeroVoiddZeroVoidd12 tundi tagasi
  • the sapnap burger

    AJ CipherAJ Cipher12 tundi tagasi
  • I cant the dream burger cause my mom will say “who the fuck is dream?” 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽

    Bella :]Bella :]13 tundi tagasi
  • **sad indonesia twerking**

    Akio Denwa - AAJAkio Denwa - AAJ14 tundi tagasi
  • A sap nap burger could be possible tho...

    ZP_SheepyZP_Sheepy14 tundi tagasi
  • *cries in europe*

    Atsuko KagariAtsuko Kagari14 tundi tagasi
  • sad pineapple twerking

    c.vvers_c.vvers_16 tundi tagasi
  • *sad Macedonian/European (not twerking at all)

    VacatedGamer143VacatedGamer14316 tundi tagasi
  • *sad asian twerking*

    xie jasonxie jason16 tundi tagasi
  • plot twist: dream made this video because george not found beat dream in a manhunt

    Richard LiangRichard Liang16 tundi tagasi
  • Can i get a HarmfulSpider burger?

    HarmfulSpiderHarmfulSpider17 tundi tagasi
  • Sapnap is next to get his own burger I’m calling it

    Angel LopezAngel Lopez18 tundi tagasi
  • 0:24 BurgerNotFound.

    ArotArot19 tundi tagasi
  • why is everyone twirking boldly

    Kyle LKyle L19 tundi tagasi
  • **sad michigan twerking**

    BrianTheSixthBrianTheSixth20 tundi tagasi
  • ¿⊥N∀ɯɯoɔ sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ oʇ ǝlqɐ noʎ ǝɹ∀

    CommANTCommANT20 tundi tagasi
  • EEworld algorithm loves you

    CommANTCommANT20 tundi tagasi
  • *sad danish twerking*

    VilloVillo20 tundi tagasi
  • “I’ll take a Georgeburger.”

    Duck DuckersonDuck Duckerson23 tundi tagasi
  • can i have the sapnap burger

    Melatonin ShowMelatonin Show23 tundi tagasi
  • Dream borgor

    Ma. Lorena MaquilingMa. Lorena Maquiling23 tundi tagasi
  • Pewdiepie:pewds burger

    陳 CHEN柏兆 PAK SIU陳 CHEN柏兆 PAK SIUPäev tagasi
  • Wait is there a sapnap burger?

    gachagamershadegachagamershadePäev tagasi
  • **sad youtuber twerking**

    KoekieKatjeKoekieKatjePäev tagasi
  • Sapnap burger LMAFAOOO

    DreamXD Team Jr.DreamXD Team Jr.Päev tagasi
  • Too bad they don’t sell it in the 🇵🇭

    plubborritoplubborritoPäev tagasi
    • @Omar Baba yes

      plubborritoplubborrito9 tundi tagasi
    • Wish it was in places other than america

      Omar BabaOmar Baba15 tundi tagasi
  • This maybe foreshadowing a sapnap burger..

    Rithisak HangsothRithisak HangsothPäev tagasi
  • There's no George Burger because MrBeast Burger has no branches in the UK.

    Queen ArtemisQueen ArtemisPäev tagasi
  • **why is everyone twerking**

    yTrEwQ animatesyTrEwQ animatesPäev tagasi
  • Sapnao burger ? Thats new XD

    BlobBlobPäev tagasi
  • **sad dutch twerking**

    Chicken NuggetChicken NuggetPäev tagasi
  • he rlly said les goo?

    mr.aravinmr.aravinPäev tagasi
  • What does the dream burger do to you? It makes you speed run minecraft with mlgs and if you beat the game The effects will wear off

    AsherJanYT Plays GamesAsherJanYT Plays GamesPäev tagasi
  • *sad Indian twerking*

    Fake MrBeastFake MrBeastPäev tagasi
  • Hey uhhh.... can I have a Sapnap Burger Sure..... Dream & George: *Physical Confusion*

    Mr. Cheese Pocket EditionMr. Cheese Pocket EditionPäev tagasi

  • *emotional twerking* why's everyone twerking- 🤡

    Mie RimasMie RimasPäev tagasi
  • **Sad non-americans Twerking**

    Prajwal 911Prajwal 911Päev tagasi
  • *Minecraft ad commericals be like* :

    Prajwal 911Prajwal 911Päev tagasi
  • Sapnap burger??? 😱

    Van MuelVan MuelPäev tagasi
  • i try the dream burger it was good

    4rarsr Twitch4rarsr TwitchPäev tagasi
  • Maybe the ending is a hint to an upcoming Sapnap burger 🍔

    RJ VRRJ VRPäev tagasi

    Joseph HernandezJoseph HernandezPäev tagasi
  • I think Karl said make a sapnap burger cuase there good friends

    so whatso whatPäev tagasi
  • I hope they add a sapnap Burger Anna George burger PLZ

    Max TuMax TuPäev tagasi
  • **big Latino twerking**

    NickA74NickA74Päev tagasi
  • Literally everyone in the comments is revealing their country

    Arnel FerriolArnel FerriolPäev tagasi
  • *sad Brazilian twerking*

    Smiley :]Smiley :]Päev tagasi
  • Heart this and ill buy your burger and will record it and put it on EEworld but only if you hear it.

    Justice ChavezJustice ChavezPäev tagasi
  • **happy american twerking**

    Austin V. TVAustin V. TVPäev tagasi
  • *sad George twerking*

    Adrian CAdrian CPäev tagasi
  • When you eat the dream burger then become dream then beat all of your friends in speedruns pvp battles

    Anthony WongAnthony WongPäev tagasi
  • A sapnao burger? Oh poor Sapnap. I mean, atleast we do have a Sapnap burger. We can do the same to George tho....

    Someone _Someone _Päev tagasi
  • I have personally tried the dream burger. It made me have the urge to play Minecraft all of a sudden

    Simple InfernoSimple InfernoPäev tagasi
  • ngl the burger looks nasty

    tylrertylrerPäev tagasi
  • Pepole in America lets go. Eu pepole it not fair

    boss veronboss veronPäev tagasi
  • sapnap isn't ordering a sapnap burger he is ordering a Snapchat burger (the snapchat thing is a joke don't put me on a fight)

    HMZGamingHMZGamingPäev tagasi
  • *sad animal twerking*

    Oh OkayOh OkayPäev tagasi
  • *sad animal twerking*

    Oh OkayOh OkayPäev tagasi
  • Sapnap gets special treatment and I love it

    Rose uwuRose uwuPäev tagasi
  • The George burger eat it you go color blind

    Jacob OrtegaJacob OrtegaPäev tagasi
  • Dream really advertised in a dream shorts video... /s

    Flower GirlFlower GirlPäev tagasi
  • Smooth

  • This is the best piece of self promotion I’ve ever seen

    Casual WoomyCasual WoomyPäev tagasi
  • Me eating the dream burger just to see if I can play just like him

    Sysz ???Sysz ???Päev tagasi
  • "Happy American twerking"

    Heavy Is dedHeavy Is ded2 päeva tagasi
  • Sir this is a McDonald’s

    Ultimate KipperUltimate Kipper2 päeva tagasi
  • Ok can i have a “MOSES BURGER?”

    Moses PlayzMoses Playz2 päeva tagasi
  • George burgers are not found in the menu

    rociogoingtowinrociogoingtowin2 päeva tagasi
  • Imagine dream going to a mr beast burger And ordering his own burger and nobody knows it's dream

    この世界をファックこの世界をファック2 päeva tagasi
  • Lol

    Spider-Punk GamerSpider-Punk Gamer2 päeva tagasi
  • *sad Australian twerking*

    green I guessgreen I guess2 päeva tagasi
  • Guys I ate it 2 weeks ago it is amazing 👏 the beast burger Tomorrow I will get the dream burger 🍔😋

    AspectAspect2 päeva tagasi
  • Is there a badboyhalo burger

    The Brave Cat :3The Brave Cat :32 päeva tagasi
  • *Sad Hispanic Twerking*

    Not DreamNot Dream2 päeva tagasi