Game Theory: Minecraft Has A Zombie Virus INFECTING the Overworld!

28 nov 2020
3 274 822 Vaatamised

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Minecraft zombies - by now we know everything about them, right? WRONG! They are the omen to something bigger, something scarier, something INVISIBLE! The Minecraft Overworld is being infected by a Zombie VIRUS! Steve needs to wash his hand and start watching his back! Where did this zombie outbreak start? Theorists, get ready to find out something about Minecraft you've never seen before!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • 3 mil dude!

    UNT4M3D N1CKUNT4M3D N1CK2 tundi tagasi
  • Theory: How df does gravity work? All mobs( excluding the ones that can fly) fall down to the ground just like the player which is pretty normal. But then we have the blocks which except all can float in the air without any care and defy our gravity ( with some exceptions like gravel or sand). How does this work. Why does this happen?

    DbossdlmDbossdlm2 tundi tagasi
  • Cold war:*is there* The actual storyline:"That's is buddy your going in the trash."

    Creepy GirlCreepy Girl4 tundi tagasi
  • Theory: Time is different in the nether, If 1 block in the nether is 8 block in the overworld that explains that 1 second just to walk to another block is 8 seconds in the overworld to walk 8 blocks, Clock doesn't work in the nether so that might be a prove that this is right

    Deo LakshmanaDeo Lakshmana4 tundi tagasi
  • Well, the infection looks like the most accurate hypothesis. I mean, the nether wastes exists, and the mobs that spawn there are zombified piglin, and the warped forest only spawns endermen. Also consider blue fire scaring piglins and piglins fighting wither skeletons and warped fungus scaring hoglins. They must be afraid or angry for some reason, like those things don't belong in the nether.

    Adriel QuirogaAdriel Quiroga5 tundi tagasi
  • 11:53 gamemode normal has 50% chance But consider even easy and hard has a infection % of 0 and 100% respectively. So, according to that in easy difficulty all villager are immune and in hard none???

    Neymar Da silva Jr.Neymar Da silva Jr.6 tundi tagasi
  • MatPat: Does a full series on minecraft and the lore The creators who just wanted some easter eggs and just a fun game: -_-

    urridkXDurridkXD10 tundi tagasi
  • I always thought that the zombies were once humans that inhabited the overworld (like the villagers) but due to a tragic event were infected and turned into zombies.

    taylor Gropptaylor Gropp10 tundi tagasi
  • well, I didn't know the colonizers killed so many indigenous Americans when they came. School biases and all.

    Vivbadartgorl _Vivbadartgorl _12 tundi tagasi
  • Matpat, you need to talk about ghasts

    The Lets Play-ersThe Lets Play-ers12 tundi tagasi
  • 0:20 of course Also WHAT HAPPEND TO- EEworld:shhhhh don't say it DONT SAY IT Fine but why can-I mean cuncer yea cuncer! Stop bc what about *C O V I D* Also also great now I have to live in H-E double hockey sticks

    Bleta YmeriBleta Ymeri14 tundi tagasi
  • Idk if anyone else considered the theory that like i saw in the video of the disks that we are the only human right? And the zombies look like us? what if the other people like us become zombies?

    Starflight3934Starflight393414 tundi tagasi
  • just a side theoryof mine. hasnt much to do with how the world of Minecraft actually works, just more about the player, and the players jurney. okay so before I start explaining the theory, I want to note how we as humans learn and therefor most likely how Steve learns to... before you know something, you cant recognise it, it most likely glances over you, and you never think about it. its like it doesnt exist, and in your brain it doesnt. BUT the second you registers it, think about it, and make a note about it (in your brain) its suddenly everywhere! you find it more easely, and you can learn more about it. so. what if all the uppdates Minecraft gets is kind of a story about Steve's jurney? that all we have in Minecraft today, has always been in Minecrafts world? its just, Steve traveling further, finding more biomes, finding new things to craft, learning new ways to travel, finding new species of animals and new enemies, digging deeper into the gruond, swimming deeper in the ocean, goin further into Nether, Exploring more of the End and how the End Portal works and discovering so much more of the worlds, whilst revelutionising his technology!

    ZOMBIminerZOMBIminer15 tundi tagasi
  • I can prove it it is true because zombies can pick up blocks

    Snake 18Snake 1817 tundi tagasi
  • "You owe me money!" - Zombie, 2020

    Redstone chipped SemmyRedstone chipped Semmy18 tundi tagasi
  • More!

    CaptainRexCaptainRex18 tundi tagasi
  • Sooooo they all become deferent thing some of them endermans and drowned

    Awatsada SirawanAwatsada Sirawan21 tund tagasi
  • But, Minecraft zombies were made in 2010.

    Pingu P. Nootson IVPingu P. Nootson IV22 tundi tagasi
  • timhawkins

    Steph PSteph PPäev tagasi
  • Mat:Who is this blob Also mat:With minecraft d=Dream

    Gabriel AnswerGabriel AnswerPäev tagasi

    king zaydking zaydPäev tagasi
  • But zombie piglins also spawn naturally in the nether wastes biome.

    Conner DuncanConner DuncanPäev tagasi
  • I have seen a whole zombie outbreak in minecraft

    Alex MasonAlex MasonPäev tagasi
  • Make a theory on why mobs die in sunlight but not moonlight

    Chad VaughnChad VaughnPäev tagasi
  • What I don’t get if ender men are created by a virus how come we don’t see anyone turn into a endermen why don’t the piglins turn into endermen

    Tyrell LiddellTyrell LiddellPäev tagasi
  • Influenza in Minecraft confirmed

    Socko JrSocko JrPäev tagasi
  • Could herobrine be a resurrection test zombie that went wrong

    Nadine PollerdNadine PollerdPäev tagasi
  • With this information, how can we explain a mob spawner?

    BurntBreadBurntBreadPäev tagasi
  • Knowing I’m one of the few surviving humans makes me feel reeeal bad about dying so many times in hardcore....

    Cody GartonCody GartonPäev tagasi
  • Wait... so the cleanest place of minecraft is in the hell??

  • MatPat: the livestream will contain poki- Simps: *im going*

    LukeTVLukeTVPäev tagasi
  • What does this mean for the theory that zombies were made by the illigers

    DioDioPäev tagasi
  • But and about the "phantom" why he appear after exactly 3 days without sleep and a phantom is not suposed to go through the walls and why a phantom have fear of cats

    Yan LegocraftYan LegocraftPäev tagasi
  • Okay, so if the Villagers and us, the Player, are immune to this virus ... how did we get immune? We just got to the overworld, which means our immune system should not succeed. What is more likely is that we are created by the Builders with an already stable immune system. Edit: It is also obvious that we aren't born from Builders. Something must be protecting us from the disease. In addition, mobs already in the overworld are immune because they've been there before. It's the direct contact with zombies that change Villagers. But ... why are we immune; why are Pillagers immune? It's safe to assume that we are fully immune from the virus, while the Pillagers found a cure through magic.

    Resolve GamingResolve GamingPäev tagasi
  • I loved Minecraft the island it's my favorite book!

    Inverted_editsInverted_editsPäev tagasi
  • My theory: every time a player dies in the overworld, a normal zombie spawns, when a player dies in the nether a piglin or a zombified piglin spawns, but when the player dies in the end, an enderman spawns

    StammerHeadStammerHeadPäev tagasi
  • So why do we still have zombified piglin in the nether

    Sam BagherzadeSam BagherzadePäev tagasi
  • What about zombie piglins in nether

    Jake ElliottJake ElliottPäev tagasi
  • Wither Skeltons are just zombie Endermen

    NiENiE2 päeva tagasi
  • Ë

    DemonHunter120DemonHunter1202 päeva tagasi
  • Big Problem with this theory matpat... Why are there living zombified piglins in the nether normally?

    Lord SkarraLord Skarra2 päeva tagasi
    • could the wither effect be somehow the cause of the zombie virus existingish also?

      Lord SkarraLord Skarra2 päeva tagasi
  • If the nether is too hot for the virus, explain why zombified piglins still spawn there

    Shining GamesShining Games2 päeva tagasi
  • Can you be my history teacher?

    Daniel WoodDaniel Wood2 päeva tagasi
  • This is real story

    The bigkid 12The bigkid 122 päeva tagasi
  • The ender Drogen

    The bigkid 12The bigkid 122 päeva tagasi
  • The Steve was real human he was coma he dream by new world and he not dead but he kill him

    The bigkid 12The bigkid 122 päeva tagasi
  • Now I know the game let me tell you

    The bigkid 12The bigkid 122 päeva tagasi
  • rosslore

  • Seeing a Polish city in a Matpat video is certainly a suprise I didn't expect. I guess it's what you get when you search for European cities. The city in question is the city of Gdańsk at 9:00 which is a Polish city near the Baltic Sea.

    Luna AkumaLuna Akuma2 päeva tagasi
  • good luck on the donation and can you make a theory about what is under the shy guys mask

    Jaymez GibsonJaymez Gibson2 päeva tagasi
  • Then how are there zombie pigman in the nether think about it isn't there another second virus?

    Deon van ZylDeon van Zyl2 päeva tagasi
  • For those who say zombies spawn in the nether, there is a reason (Idk if it’s still a thing in the current versions). On hard mode, zombies have a small chance when hit to spawn another zombie, in like a reinforcement kind of way. Zombified piglins by process, who can also break down doors like zombies, also have this ability. But the catch is that instead is spawning another zombified piglin, it spawns a normal zombie, or even a zombie villager. I don’t know if this is still a thing on the newer versions but back then that was the case.

    VshaanVshaan2 päeva tagasi
  • but there are zombie piglins in the nether?

    Twits - Music and ChoreographyTwits - Music and Choreography2 päeva tagasi
  • My lord you do charity too- ur a great guy

    Tom RiderTom Rider2 päeva tagasi
  • When is the next minecraft lore video cominb out

    LeoTLDLeoTLD2 päeva tagasi
  • Umm isee in minecraft zombie if they in water they transform to drowned first pot the hust in water den the hust make theme zombie and thene the zombie transform to drownd thats true

    RJ NOVORJ NOVO3 päeva tagasi
  • but what about the zombified piglins that spawn in the nether? if the virus cannot exist there why are there zombified piglins?

    Saladdin AyubSaladdin Ayub3 päeva tagasi
  • your not gonna see this game theory but why is there windows on the stronghold where the portal is.

    BOP CATBOP CAT3 päeva tagasi
  • Dr. Xander EEZYCRAFT episode 9

    King ShinobiKing Shinobi3 päeva tagasi
  • They could probably also get into the nether from standing in portals.

    Wandering StarWandering Star3 päeva tagasi
  • You need to write a complete mincraft lore book

    RitzafitRitzafit3 päeva tagasi
  • I sad cuz u don't do that AMAZING intro anymore 😭

    MasterBlock PlayzMasterBlock Playz3 päeva tagasi
  • Why isnt steve turning?

    Oxford Orpington lllOxford Orpington lll3 päeva tagasi
  • If your a block head then what am i

    Galaxyz35Galaxyz353 päeva tagasi
  • What happens if the air in the nether is different but put together with normal air makes infected air

    dream teamdream team3 päeva tagasi
  • dying light 2 isnt out yet

    Nick OlsonNick Olson3 päeva tagasi
  • What if the warden was made by the illager to try and counter act the force of the iron golem so they could raid places easier but things went wrong and the warden was blind so they abondoned the warden leaving it the one place where it could find skulk and never be found a cave. and when this creature found the skulk it became something powerful. so now with no illagers to commad it it wander around the caves aimlessly.

    mr.mascotmr.mascot3 päeva tagasi
  • i love that book!

    Mr. SquidMr. Squid3 päeva tagasi
  • He should do one about herobrine

    BrineyBriney3 päeva tagasi
  • didnt expect my city to appear in this vid yet here we are

    SzrimpSzrimp3 päeva tagasi
  • accurate video, but how can you explain that zombified Piglins are also in the nether? i would like a video on that

    Hamster-THamster-T4 päeva tagasi
  • Well I thought zombies are evokers falt because they tried to make another Steve but they made zombies

    wither boywither boy4 päeva tagasi
  • alex cries in a corner

    Bostier PlayZBostier PlayZ4 päeva tagasi
  • But why are there zombie piglins in the nether

    JMLSnailJMLSnail4 päeva tagasi
  • My theory for Minecraft's entire story. It starts with 3 factions: The Piglins, the Villagers, and the Ancient Builders. The Piglins are the bullies of the 3, picking on those smaller than them. The Villagers are the calm of the 3, simply surviving in their world. The Ancient Builders are the biggest of the 3, not only surviving, but making the most of their lives, creating architecture, exploring around, and getting creative with the world around them. It starts with the Piglins bullying the Villagers, while not wanting to anger the Ancient Builders. The Ancient Builders create the first nether portals and go in to explore the nether. They establish the bastions as their first home in the nether, hiding the gold they mined in secure vaults that the Piglins would not be able to break into unless given enough time, which the builders would not let them have the time. The Villagers then have an internal conflict, the Illagers toying with life and death, creating the Ravagers with over-experimentation, and disrupting the simplicity of the Villager's lives. The Villagers kick them out for disrupting the simplicity of their lives, and the Pillagers specifically create the outposts from which they would conduct raids to get revenge on the Villagers who kicked them out of their home, while the Evokers and witches and such construct new homes for themselves, where they can continue their experiments. The Ancient Builders now start to bury their dead in the Nether, creating the Wither Skeletons. They were sad over the loss of their friends and eventually, the feeling of sadness breaks them into bargaining. They harvest the soul sand which contained the souls of their dead friends and pick apart the Wither Skeletons which were the bodies of their dead friends. They go into bargaining with the Illagers and witches, who helped them experiment. They eventually create the structure for the Wither on accident while trying to ressurect their friends, and it activates, its essence ready to punish them for failing to realise that there is sin in what they do. The Wither destroys as much of the Ancient Builder's civilization as it can, driving them deep underground where they constructed the Strongholds. They knew that the Wither was after them, so they experiment with different portals and eventually end up creating a portal to the End. They hop in, while some realize the beauty of their home, and hope that the Wither eventually withered itself away. Those who hopped in find no way out and were not prepared to fight with the Ender Dragon. They reach harmony with it, and feed only on the Chorus fruit for a long time, eventually turning them into the Endermen, filled with jealousy of those who were luckier than they were and didn't get stuck in a void dimension. Meanwhile, the Ancient Builders in the nether construct the fortresses, leaving the bastions behind for a more secure place and a place where they would not die to the Wither, and eventually all die, those who were buried turning into the Wither Skeletons that now roam the fortresses. The Wither eventually disappears in some way, and those in the strongholds exhaust their food supply, driving them to leave the strongholds and realize that the Wither is gone. They re-settle, however the Piglins were now the biggest faction of the 3, and start picking on the Illagers, the Villagers, and the Ancient Builders. The Piglins eventually become so big of a problem for these groups that they join up to get rid of the Piglins. The zombie virus is engineered specifically to infect the Piglins and drive them out of the overworld, and the experiment launches, however it goes wrong. The Ancient Builders are infected easily by it, and so are the Piglins. The Piglins desperately construct the now ruined portals and retreat to the nether, ending up in the abandoned bastion remnants. The Ancient Builders fail to escape to the nether, and are all infected by the virus. The Villagers and Illagers continue their rivalry, and Steve, the only builder which developed immunity to the virus and didn't become an enderman or die in the nether, goes on his adventures. But hey, that's just a theory! A GAME theory!

    pissboy80 thotpissboy80 thot4 päeva tagasi
  • Can I update my ps3 minecraft ? If so how? I haven't even got the new villagers

    The GongoozlerThe Gongoozler4 päeva tagasi
  • This actually explains why piglins run away from zombified piglins, because they don’t want to get infected

    Faceless_WitherFaceless_Wither4 päeva tagasi
  • This is a theory of the discs I think 11 was given by a endermen who recorded the 11th disc

    Pikmin ProductionsPikmin Productions4 päeva tagasi
  • Mojang added a face mask for minecraft bedrock 😷

    Noel VillanuevaNoel Villanueva4 päeva tagasi
  • I think the zombie vires got to the air is because of the illigers

    Samuel ReedSamuel Reed4 päeva tagasi
  • is int the nether a voacno

    Gladys ArchardGladys Archard4 päeva tagasi
  • My brothers had an idea on Minecraft - why are the Drowned's faces similar to Creepers? Their mouths especially seem to be similar.

    Anastasia EricsonAnastasia Ericson4 päeva tagasi
  • Hello matpat, probably won't see this but there's a game nobody can figure out! It has an incredible life even I can't understand, and Im wishing you could figure out! It's in roblox called : de pride isle sanitarium, if you want to see if it's actually good here's a video of the trailer!:

    Angelina ValdAngelina Vald4 päeva tagasi
  • what your saying is coat my nether portal in lava and watch my piglin stay as a piglin

    Ham FishHam Fish4 päeva tagasi
  • Left 4 ded geng who whant left 4 ded ok just me welp oof

    Intan TarmiziIntan Tarmizi4 päeva tagasi
  • hey can you do a theory about Herobrine?

    Evelynn AlbrightEvelynn Albright4 päeva tagasi
  • the achievement for bringing a ghast into the overworld is "return to sender" implying maybe they originated from the overworld?

    No AhNo Ah4 päeva tagasi
    • wrong, "return to sender" is when you kill a ghast with it's own fireball, bringing a ghast to the overworld and killing it is called "uneasy alliance"

      Hamster-THamster-T4 päeva tagasi
  • I don’t know why I’m mad about the intro... but I am...

    EquesEques5 päeva tagasi
  • Game theory:Mr.Beast,Marques Brownlee,Jaiden Animation,Poki- Me:Pokiman?I hate this 1000000$ challenge because there is a stupid Pokimane

    Zeratoss ChannelZeratoss Channel5 päeva tagasi
  • Wait, so why do the players not get infected by any viruses in the nether?

    BG Zanders06BG Zanders065 päeva tagasi
    • his theory says that the virus dies in the nether cause of the heat

      spearmintspearmint4 päeva tagasi
  • They sometimes spawn as zombie pigmen reinforcements thats why they are in the nether

    ItsADreamItsADream5 päeva tagasi
  • Hat says king of fnaf Markiplier: Wait THATS FING ILLEGAL

    Josiah playz MaldonadoJosiah playz Maldonado5 päeva tagasi
    • FING

      QwertQwert4 päeva tagasi
  • I always see piglins as anime women

    Jayzel allen SaycoJayzel allen Sayco5 päeva tagasi
  • Him: *puts “king of FNaF” on person* Mark: “That’s funny” *stares*

    Chloe HewettChloe Hewett5 päeva tagasi
  • Ok, This means that animals other then Piglin (what do they even classify) are not turning into Zombies animals. Therefore (like COVID) animals can not carry this virus, but the reason Piglin can is because they are a mix of humans and pig (plus artificial creation that was not made to happen). That human part is the reason they are effected.

    Elias NutterElias Nutter5 päeva tagasi
    • ...does that make sense..?

      Elias NutterElias Nutter5 päeva tagasi
  • corretion of the versin who added the zombies is the 0.24 survival test

    Edivaldo Neto DanielEdivaldo Neto Daniel5 päeva tagasi
  • The donation of 1,000,000 dollar's: a me who live in brazil and are very rich the dollar in the brazil: this is in the moment 5,43 reals

    Edivaldo Neto DanielEdivaldo Neto Daniel5 päeva tagasi
  • Do a yume nikki theory

    hman0987hman09875 päeva tagasi
  • Play mine craft story mode right now pleas it will help you so much!!!!listen to every word

    Sarah FreySarah Frey5 päeva tagasi
    • Season two

      Sarah FreySarah Frey5 päeva tagasi
  • and people of the ancient builders tried to find a medicine see the igloo as an evidence

    salah mostafa salahsalah mostafa salah5 päeva tagasi