Who is BTS?: The Seven Members of Bangtan (INTRODUCTION)

23 mai 2018
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A serious introduction to BTS. Learn the names of the 3 rappers and 4 vocalists of BTS: RM (Namjoon), JIN (Seokjin), SUGA / Agust D (Yoongi), J-HOPE (Hoseok), JIMIN, V (Taehyung), and JUNGKOOK.
As seen on NPR Tiny Desk Concert, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, Jimmy Fallon, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, KISS FM Jingle Ball, Britain’s Got Talent, Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, SNL (Saturday Night Live) with Emma Stone, Grammys, CBS Sunday Morning Report, People’s Choice Awards, BBC News, Graham Norton, Good Morning America, America’s Got Talent (AGT), Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), American Music Awards (AMAs), MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, X-factor.
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- Dynamite
- Map of the Soul: 7 with lead single “ON”
0:42 RM (Namjoon)
4:34 JIN (Seokjin)
7:54 SUGA, aka AGUST D (Yoongi)
11:43 J-HOPE (Hoseok)
15:12 JIMIN
9:11 V (Taehyung)
Guide to BTS / BTS for dummies / Why is BTS popular / BTS discography / BTS introduction
Bangtan Sonyeondan
Beyond the Scene
Bulletproof Boyscouts

  • *Names:* 0:42 Kim Namjoon (RM) 4:34 Kim Seokjin (JIN) 7:54 Min Yoongi (SUGA aka AGUST D) 11:43 Jung Hoseok (J-HOPE) 15:12 Park Jimin (JIMIN) 19:11 Kim Taehyung (V) 22:53 Jeon Jungkook (JUNGKOOK) 27:07 BTS! *Corrections:* - 11:43 I also meant to list J-Hope as a producer - 16:55 Jimin tends to bring and decorate the birthday cakes, but he does not bake cakes - 28:06 This was a typo at the time of making this video because their album Love Yourself:Tear was #1 in iTunes in 80+ countries (not 100), but is no longer a mistake because Map of the Soul:7 did in fact reach #1 in 100 countries! *Per request, this is the list of BTS (& BTS-related) songs featured in this video.* 0:00 Rise of Bangtan / Attack on Bangtan 0:41 / 2:04 Joke (RM) 0:58 Throw it / 버려 (RM) 1:48 Do You (RM) 4:33 Untold Truth 4:40 / 23:05 DNA 4:54 Don't Leave Me 7:14 Awake (JIN) 7:27 Boy in Luv, acoustic ver. 7:55 Agust D (AGUST D) 8:21 Cypher 2, Triptych 9:57 Wine / If I get drunk today (SURAN) 10:38 The Last (AGUST D) 11:10 Nevermind 11:45 Baseline (J-HOPE) 12:13 Boy Meets Evil (J-HOPE) 14:42 Airplane, pt 1 (J-HOPE) 15:12 Blood Sweat Tears 15:49 Perfect Man (cover, original song by SHINHWA) 16:47 Serendipity (JIMIN) 17:07 Spring Day 18:51 Let Me Know 19:11 Singularity (V) 20:19 / 22:21 It's Definitely You (V & JIN) 21:42 4 O'Clock (RM & V) 22:52 Fake Love 23:19 Mic Drop (MAMA remix) 23:33 / 25:51 Begin (JUNGKOOK) 23:51 Dope 27:07 Outro: Wings

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    • Also plzz tell the name for 25:35

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    • Please make stray kids ver.

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    • @Sahelian Pirate fick das

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    • @Sahelian Pirate damnnnnnn that’s nasty u is definitely not an army fan shameless language shocking to say the least terrible worst comment ever read! Get over it! 🤮🤢🤬👎😡😩😤😱

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    • @SUGA & spice hi, um...i wanted to know if you perhaps would be able to update this video, coz i've seen there's a lot of new information that's not included, V and jk for example, they have more personal info now , pretty pleaseeee :3

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  • Well I send this video to one of my friend. Because she asked me who is BTS and I just replied with a long long long .....................................paragraph . She told me she couldn't read it all. So this was the only way to tell her what is BTS😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Jimin

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  • Wow. Bts. 🙁🌈

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  • I had a dream about V, I am writing this here so I can remember it as I dreamt as it was special. My ex boyfriend cheated on me and I've been down and depressed lately. V was in my dream and deliberately visited me for 1 day, we walked around the supermarket or the mall, we had a lovely time. He telling me "soon, I will see you soon", we started to dance to Life goes on.. Time flew by, he had to leave. But he wouldn't tell me why he came such a long way to see me and why did he kept saying "I will see you soon". Anyways, thank you for this dream.

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  • Jimin u did mess up in C.P. indeed...

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  • Even though I know bts very well I'm still watching this. IDK why

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  • 25:35 Can someone plzz tell me the name of song?

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    • given up by linkin park

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  • This is my favourite BTS guide 💜 you did great Job!

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  • Does anyone know what were jhope and jimin were singing at 12:26? Thanks!!

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  • I’m so new to kpop and I’m the past couple months I’ve absolutely fallen in love with BTS and other groups it’s amazing. The talent they have is incredible and I’m always nearly speechless every time I see a performance of theirs or a music video. Watching this I don’t think I ever stopped smiling and I can tell because my cheeks now hurt. Hopefully (with a lot of help lol) I can become a part of the army!

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  • This video is magical.

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  • RM is the most handsome boy 💜

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  • You all are my favorite person but suga ,Jin ,RM and are my favorite person

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  • at the end i cried

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  • I need to be honest. I became a fan because of Jimin. I love his tone so much! It's really unique and he is so hot! I love V's tone too. So good!

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  • so basically jimin is the perfect boyfriend

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  • I can't believe RM was regarded as ugly. I am from an European country and If I had to choose the most handsome guy from BTS (according to my taste), I would go for RM! Tall, interesting face features and intelligent eyes makes him attractive for our European standards :)

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  • The most handsome man in the world award goes to KIM NAMJOON

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  • I’ve been stanning them for more than 6 months now and I still got a lot of new info from this vid💀💀

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  • Well I think we have not choice but to Stan hard those boys and yeah I’m late to the party

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  • RM is being called ugly?!?! I think he’s the most attractive one lol

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  • Jimin thinks he doesn't have a great voice? I happen to think he's an incredible singer beautiful soprano 😍👌

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    • @MB Motsoeneng Exactly, his voice is beautiful

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    • Good to hear 😊 he should be cause he's an amazing vocalist 👌

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    • He’s much more confident now!

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  • im a blink and i just wanted to know who they are.. now i think i wanna be an army too

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  • hi hi hiiiii i'm new to the fandom and was just wondering who everyone's bias is..? :D i dunno why actually lol

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    • @cheggieee my bias is Jimin, but i love all of them💜

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    • @varsha sahu well i know that everyone has different biases hahah. i was just saying if anyone wanted to reply with their bias they could. I dunno why still lol.

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    • Everyone has different biases according to their taste. You can be OT7 too, meaning you dont have bias and you all love them equally💜💜

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  • What's the song at 7:43? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, I'm a new army :)

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    • Boy in luv, guitar version

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  • Saranghamnida! BTS the best!

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  • love jimin singing too

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  • love jin singing

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  • kim namjoon is very beautiful and the rest of bts is very beautiful too all of them and the army will agree with me

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  • Whats the song they're singing in 12:32 ? Please help it sounds so goood 😍😍

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  • Who is an army but is still watching this

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  • You know, we all started being Army from "I just wanna know who they are" lol

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  • Weirded out by the fact that Jungkook is only a year older than me.

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  • who are BTS то this is le genda

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  • is it possible not to have a bias? i love them all equally huhu yyyy??

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    • Obviously it is fine to not have bias💜 You are OT7😀

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  • BTS' New Album "BE" out on November 20 at 2PM KST/12AM ET. The Title track is called "Life Goes On" will be released at the same time on Bighit labels channel. ARMY stream like you life depends on it as cause we have a lot of records to break. 😁 eeworld.info

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  • This was soooo good! Thank you so much for creating & sharing it. It makes me love BTS even more! 💜 Borahae!

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  • 3:25 he was calming V after an argument with I think it was Jin

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  • Bu best friend loves BTS and she plays their songs all the time she has so many shirts and backpacks from B21 so now I love them and I am trying to know all their names they are such good singers and performers I remember at some music award the were a nominee and I was like who are they and now I feel so dumb cause they are so amazing at everything and also JungKook is my bias

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  • i can tell them apart by their kneecaps by now but eh whatever

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  • Vous est un bon groupe de 7 chanteurs je vous souhaite de très belle choses dans votre futur et une bonne continuation avec toute ma tendresse

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  • They are all hardworkers but I feel like Yoongi deserves a special shout out. This man is a genius when it comes to music. His place is where he is rn and he had do go through so much to earn that position! Yoongi you deserve everything you have and much much more. You are AMAZING

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  • I’ve watched this like 6 times now😔✌️

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  • the yoongi part 😭😭😭 why why why why why

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  • "We will show you everything" He got some jams😏

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  • Once you jimin this fandom you can't jimin out it! Ask me im experienced in this since 3 yrs😌

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  • These young people are all individually so talented that its no wonder that together they are a supergroup! Very hardworking and dedicated to being the best.

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  • My boys 😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜

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  • I'm crying so much watching this video!!! I love them so much!!!

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  • At beginning I just want to know their names. But now I can't live without them, not even single moment .They were only there to make me happy whenever I am sad or deppressed. But I haven't met them in my life and now I am 16 .If I have a goal in my life that is to go to seoul and meet BTS. Purple u BTS and ARMY'S thanks for being with me always... Forever together💜

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  • May I know the name of episode at 3:00

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  • I can't believe there's people who originally think hobi's sense of humor is "over the top".... he's the reason I'm into BTS. I love him and his bright personality. some interviews would be so awkward without hobi easing the tension due to language barriers. especially during 2017-2018 before they improved their english more.

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  • I've been an army for 3 years why am i here?

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  • Suga is my “bias wrecker” I’d say. He is just amazing! He had a rough past but plans on making everyone else happy because he doesn’t want them to see that his past can define him as a person! I honestly love bts. I got into them a week ago and I have no regrets whatsoever! BTS isn’t just a boy band, they are each others family. And they are my inspirations! ❤️

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  • I’m happy to announce that I just sent this guide to my not-Kpop-stan-until-BTS-released-Dynamite cousin 🥰 She still doesn’t have an idea of what she’s getting into.

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  • go vote on mama for bts if you want another daesang sweep; link: ( mama.mwave.me/en/vote ) bts are nominated for (i) artist of the year (ii) song of the year (iii) worldwide fans' choice (iv) best male group (v) best dance performance male group (vi) best collaboration (vote for eight by iu ft. suga for this category). we're currently losing so if u can please like this comment more people will know about the voting

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  • I know everything about them , i'am an old Army and still watching this😂💜 anyone else ?

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  • Acctully i don't no what is bts acctually I am army since COVID -19 and i am very badly fan of k dramas cdramas and bts also its just an accident but my favourite now

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  • Min yoongi and jeon jungkook

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  • RM speaks perfect english wTF

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  • My parents: You can't learn a language from watching that chinese cartoon!! Me: Well you see here, (shares RM's story)... You can. And it's called anime. Made in Japan.

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  • 27:48 I cried here😭

    تاي ستان ما ابدله بأي انسانتاي ستان ما ابدله بأي انسان16 päeva tagasi
  • The Seven Kings

    تاي ستان ما ابدله بأي انسانتاي ستان ما ابدله بأي انسان16 päeva tagasi
  • Anyone who ever told namjoon is not fiitting Korean Beauty standard Your Eyes are suck ;

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  • RM not fitting Korean beauty standards..i think his beautiful..inside and outside 💗

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  • Nombre de la canción en el minuto 7:39 me pueden decir??

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  • 7-1=0

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  • jimin is a main dancer too, and there are other ways to introduce him without mentioning his insecurities :)

    bri freirebri freire17 päeva tagasi
    • they didn't mention jhope as main dancer either though

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  • I love BTS but am biased for Jin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️18 päeva tagasi
  • Where is the interview at 1:39 from???

    JcstoyJcstoy19 päeva tagasi
    • here's the link : eeworld.info/chat/omtgoaqojpLYqqo/video

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  • 자랑 스럽습니다^^~~~♡♡♡대한민국 국민의로서^^여러분를 존경 합니다^^~~~♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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  • No hate but RM rocks. He just rocks

    28 Maitreya Gupta28 Maitreya Gupta19 päeva tagasi
  • if rm doesnt fit korean beauty standards then i dont fit this worlds standards

    ZP - 03RR 866182 Champlain Trail PSZP - 03RR 866182 Champlain Trail PS19 päeva tagasi
  • im becoming addicted to them so i really like to learn more! i just am having the worst time trying to tell them apart T^T

    kiley zoldyckkiley zoldyck20 päeva tagasi
    • Don’t stress about it. You’ll slowly be able to do it. Just enjoy their stuff for now

      OO11 päeva tagasi
    • @Neb its so difficult 😭

      kiley zoldyckkiley zoldyck17 päeva tagasi
    • You will learn :D

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  • Con Yoongi ahora que tambien sabe tocar la guitarra no estaría nada mal un duo entre Jin y el >w

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  • Person: So you like BTS Me: Yeah Person: i didnt know you liked listening to shit Me: Well, i am listening to you, so

  • Roses are red Violets are blue You hate BTS? Than screw Now i hate you

  • Me 3 years ago: BTS is stupid 🥱 Me after I woke TF up: 😍🥰💜

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  • All I wanted to do was learn their names dude. But I got roped in. Its gonna be a year since I became an ARMY in Feb. I just can't believe it. These dudes took over life😆😆😆😆😆🥰🥰🥰😇💜

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  • 43 yr old from America, glad to see a lot of people from every age and nation feeling ARMY. Love this video! I wish it had been around when I started. I watched interesting videos, and Blood Sweat Tears / Black Swan made my jaw drop. One day I may see them live. I love their music, and they are a positive light our world needs.

    Peter SmileyPeter Smiley20 päeva tagasi
    • Exactly! The guys are something unique

      YourlocalhomeboyYourlocalhomeboy20 päeva tagasi
  • Yup yup it’s officially I’m staning BTS

    I’m ItaliaaI’m Italiaa21 päev tagasi
    • Welcome💜

      Prashansa KandirPrashansa Kandir11 päeva tagasi
  • I used to not like kpop especially bts (for no reason sry I was a dumbass) and then one day Bts acting extra af in America vid came on recommend and I was curious and saw the vid and they were so goofy and all that I had to watch another and another and another more 1000 vids like that and now I am an Armyyyyy. But I still don't like kpop I only like Bts and their songs.

    Amanda14 ***Amanda14 ***21 päev tagasi
  • Me emocionei só com 3 minutos , ou seja , com a história do nam , mano , eu queria poder abraçar ele agr e dizer o quanto ele é importante pra gente , pra mim , ele é maravilhoso vey

    maria elisa farias arnaudmaria elisa farias arnaud21 päev tagasi
  • It's been 4 years since I'm army But damm when I see them first I didn't even find any members ugly ?? Are u serious... RM... U**ly .... How ?? He's the one amazed me in 3 sec.😳 He's fit western standard more. Funfact :- he's the most popular in America, Canada and other English speaking country.

    r3n10r3n1021 päev tagasi
  • RM is NOT UGLY! He is a very good looking young man. LOVE THOSE DIMPLES!

    Joyce AndersondeJoyce Andersonde22 päeva tagasi
  • When V’s glasses comes off at 00:21 and he becomes a total badass. That was magic🤩

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  • 快去投票!2020全球百大帥哥投票!要選BTS!

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  • Let’s vote BTS for the most handsome faces of 2020. by TC Candlers. (not ad).

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  • I don’t blame anyone who says they all look alike. With the way they change their hair, and the difference between their on and off stage behavior, it can be hard to pin them down. And honestly? It just takes time. This was seriously the only video that really helped me get up to speed on who’s who, where they come from, and their individual skills.

    Jessica LJessica L23 päeva tagasi
    • Cross cultural may be a part of it, but I have trouble with 1D too, not that I really care about 1D anyways.

      Jessica LJessica L10 päeva tagasi
    • I’m Indian that’s why

      OO11 päeva tagasi
    • I think it’s a cross cultural thing actually. For me it was difficult to tell apart the 1D members too....

      OO11 päeva tagasi
  • Haha ito ata 2nd na pg popoyatan ko,,,yong tiktok ko lng sila nkikita hanggat sa gusto kona sila mkilala,,, Bigbang kc una kong pinagpopoyatan

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  • Looks like I have fallen down the rabbit hole of BTS... not complaining though

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  • RM talks exactly like ricegum eew

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  • Thank you BTS for fighting for the world to become

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  • Hi! I'm new to BTS and after watching this video I really want to be part of the army. Can someone guide me and help me get to know them better? Thanks 😊

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  • RM is NOT UGLY! He is a very good looking young man. LOVE THOSE DIMPLES!

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