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17 okt 2020
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how 2 vent #amongus
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  • CORPSE🖤💀

  • 27:48

    Tundra FlowerTundra Flower23 minutit tagasi

    kabbuj babyekabbuj babye32 minutit tagasi
  • when your channel goes from scary things to among us

  • the disrespect tho

    AliciaAlicia52 minutit tagasi
  • i love how you casually say "heres some clips of me killing my friends" 😂

  • wtf his voice 😖

    poTaeto GgukpoTaeto GgukTund tagasi
  • yo that guy James eyebrows are on fleek

    Mr. ConservatarianMr. ConservatarianTund tagasi
  • I l o v e u j a c k Bro same 😇

    Mimineko101Mimineko101Tund tagasi
  • nice vid

    brandon cookbrandon cookTund tagasi
  • Moral of the story .... vote corpse everytime 🤣

    AvaAva2 tundi tagasi
  • (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ among us is bad ♥

    Neythan ReyesNeythan Reyes2 tundi tagasi
  • i loveeee and adoreeeee your voice

    389 Ultimate389 Ultimate2 tundi tagasi
  • why the hell is james licking his lips everytime he hears corpse voice

    rubsrubs2 tundi tagasi
  • Everyone: seriously discussing Poki: fixing✨ eye liner✨

    Jeanice SmothersJeanice Smothers2 tundi tagasi
  • You must one of the Anti christ supporters becuz you put 666 in your titles

    EdwxrrddEdwxrrdd2 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse's Impostor plays are actually OP

    Death LustDeath Lust2 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse's laugh tho omg i love it

    Zara MannZara Mann2 tundi tagasi
  • This is my alt

    Gabriel KilgoreGabriel Kilgore3 tundi tagasi
  • Why tf is boyinaband here

    SplashySplashy3 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse: I love you jack.

    EAN KRUPPEAN KRUPP3 tundi tagasi
  • lemme just give you a hug real fast

    Kylie HendersonKylie Henderson3 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse I recently found you through the lillypichu x CORPSE song and then got really into your music and then started to love your gameplay vids. I didn't come from pewds but I do watch him as well and the intro was super wholesome and I've seen your video explaining your medical stuff and I'm so happy for you to have found a massive wave of support and love and we are all here for you~ Now keep killing your friends >;3c

    Prism HeartPrism Heart3 tundi tagasi
  • ='D i love the being when you said "anyways here's clips of me killing my friends" ="D that's so funny.

    joker jkjoker jk3 tundi tagasi
  • I just realized- thats jacks first comment! Wholesome~🤗

    Beep BøøpBeep Bøøp3 tundi tagasi
  • y is ur voice so low

    CACTUSJACK StudioCACTUSJACK Studio4 tundi tagasi
  • I feel like James knew all along that it was Corpse lol

    LensssLensss4 tundi tagasi
  • Me hearing the first part of the video: Aww, Pewdiepie commented probably.. Jack: "I love you Corspe" Me: _GOD DANGIT_

    SatanSatan4 tundi tagasi
  • Can we just appreciate the effort Corpse goes to to edit all the other streams in so we can know what the others see? Great job man!

    Eleanor CookeEleanor Cooke4 tundi tagasi

    KoolxaidKoolxaid4 tundi tagasi
  • Petition to make corpse the next actor for batman

    Pusheen PlayzPusheen Playz4 tundi tagasi
  • Who wants to hear corpses voice on helium ♡・ᴗ・♡

    XxSad_vibesXx .-.XxSad_vibesXx .-.4 tundi tagasi
  • 40:28 I'm unsubscribing

    Caspar WenckCaspar Wenck4 tundi tagasi
  • More Among Us !

    Gaming With Rich KidsGaming With Rich Kids4 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse faking diwerted power and say : faking download 😂❤️

    HuGi BuGiHuGi BuGi4 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse: The Imposter Also Corpse: Talks Everyone: There's no way I'm accusing him.

    Declan TureskiDeclan Tureski4 tundi tagasi
  • I just realized said 666 IQ

    Bryan GonzalezBryan Gonzalez4 tundi tagasi
  • everyone: talking over each other Corpse talks: everyone goes silent

    Ariana MilczynAriana Milczyn4 tundi tagasi
  • CORPSE= Numero Uno best Among Us EEworldr in the world

    Deki VenDeki Ven5 tundi tagasi
  • Everyone: Its corpse Corpse: no its not... Everyone: ok thats legit

    B I R D B I R D SB I R D B I R D S5 tundi tagasi
  • He should do a face reveal

    Unicorn ZariUnicorn Zari5 tundi tagasi
  • That intro tho, “I love you jack ❤️ and now here’s clips of me killing my friends”

    Audrey YostAudrey Yost5 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse:gets imposter. Me: gets an ad about 2 people starting intensely at the camera

    baba tastickbaba tastick5 tundi tagasi
  • Fr why is everyone corpse plays with so attractive? My bisexuality cant take it!

    Yo faceYo face6 tundi tagasi
  • You should play with Mr.Fruit!!

    Jose ReyesJose Reyes6 tundi tagasi
  • I love jack wait so does that mean he loves m because I’m Irish?

    Noah CoghlanNoah Coghlan6 tundi tagasi
  • First report corps could have said: I came from medbay to do lights and then someone reported

    FrostFrost6 tundi tagasi
  • I wish I had your voice

    TRGoldenDragonYTTRGoldenDragonYT6 tundi tagasi
  • Love your voice!!!

    Tony AtraszTony Atrasz6 tundi tagasi
  • Bro why is ur voice soooooo deep

    lyndseyheyligerlyndseyheyliger6 tundi tagasi
  • Yo you know ju or evan

    Jacob MedinaJacob Medina6 tundi tagasi
    • Jj

      Jacob MedinaJacob Medina6 tundi tagasi
  • Toast was right. That was such a ninja kill done by Corpse that made the crews lose their buttons.

    chocolatenamchocolatenam6 tundi tagasi
  • The fact that I heard my sister saying “daddy” while watching your videos is traumatic- she’s 7

    [ᴘᴏᴄᴋʏ][ᴘᴏᴄᴋʏ]7 tundi tagasi
  • Dead by daylight, just once please 🥺

    Sonia LopezSonia Lopez7 tundi tagasi
  • Babe live I'm a corpse cat Mew. 🙂

    Purple MoonPurple Moon7 tundi tagasi
  • Sorry, but.., It’s spelled ‘Impostor’ not ‘imposter’.

    Commander HippoCommander Hippo7 tundi tagasi
  • Wtf is wrong with your voice bro you sound like your gaggiling nails

    Betyer 2k2Betyer 2k27 tundi tagasi
  • i did NOT like poki in this game

    ameans beansameans beans7 tundi tagasi
  • Everyone discussing who's the imposter mean while corpse : this summer one poki one toast 😂😂😂😂😂

    Ahsan AhmadAhsan Ahmad7 tundi tagasi
  • Ur insane at the game

    1on plex1on plex7 tundi tagasi
  • I’d like to see a corpse crewmate play

    Linus Hvid SøndergaardLinus Hvid Søndergaard7 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse I love your voice

    Xinyu MaXinyu Ma8 tundi tagasi
  • I love the way these are edited!

    Brodie TyrrellBrodie Tyrrell8 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse I love your personality

    Tabitha MckeeTabitha Mckee8 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse: sexy voice Game: ur voice is so good that I'll let u be impostor again

    T - 90T - 908 tundi tagasi
  • Don't thank us thank you

    Bec AwbBec Awb8 tundi tagasi
  • i promise i just searched for corpse on google to see if that is a thing cause i played with a million corpse and now it showed up for me with out me searching wow

    Nagham SalimNagham Salim8 tundi tagasi
  • You play with James charles

    Let’s game w RAFALet’s game w RAFA8 tundi tagasi
  • How did Corpse get away with all those kills-

    Funtime_ShadoWulf404Funtime_ShadoWulf4048 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse is the only one that makes a 50 minute video seem like 10 min, he's the best

    Celee FelipeCelee Felipe8 tundi tagasi
  • I love hearing him talk like it’s so amazing 🥰 likeeeee my earssssss

    Emma McGregorEmma McGregor9 tundi tagasi
  • I LOVE U CORPSE!!!😭😭♥️

    morrigan lunamorrigan luna10 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse can you play whith preston again

    Efren VillaflorEfren Villaflor10 tundi tagasi
  • Hey corpse I am a really big fan of you I'm so impressed by your voice you are a legend

    Hrishi 10Hrishi 1010 tundi tagasi
  • I love how poki at 2:10 she was doing her make up

    Zoe SteenvoordenZoe Steenvoorden10 tundi tagasi
  • 42:48 music starts when he speaks 😍 I shiiiippp so fckng hard

    Sevil GözübüyükSevil Gözübüyük10 tundi tagasi
  • Farket is corpse jr

    KelvinKelvin10 tundi tagasi
  • Hes fucking voice !!! Dude say am Batman!!!!

    M3RCENARIESM3RCENARIES10 tundi tagasi
  • hey corpse idk why but i feel like u and poki would make a good couple

    emmanuel suarezemmanuel suarez11 tundi tagasi
  • OK I just finished playing Among us today (27 November) and suddenly I saw Corpse on the screen just last round earlier and I couldn't be more happier because I was playing as "Oof" OMG even if he left the game.(My day is brighter now.)(I don't know really if it's true but they where all Uppercases and the horns too but I didn't payed attention to that I didn't even saw him.OOF meh. 😔)

    Anamaria Iuliana BozokiAnamaria Iuliana Bozoki11 tundi tagasi
  • I don’t really like rae... she’s so mean:(((

    Kora MoralesKora Morales11 tundi tagasi
    • How?

      NephtalieNephtalie10 minutit tagasi
  • Rae is panicking like crazy 😭😭

    SayakaSayaka11 tundi tagasi
  • I feel like if I didn’t know who the imposter was I would just vote Corpse for the sheer fact 9 times out of 10 he is the imposter 😂

    kelly xxkelly xx12 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse Husband: “I love you Jack.” Sykkuno: Punching the air

    Darnell BaldwinDarnell Baldwin12 tundi tagasi
  • I’m useless at any kind of game but Corpse’s videos make me really want to play as an imposter 😂 also Corpse can you please sign a deal with audible as a narrator i just want to listen to you talk 24/7

    kelly xxkelly xx12 tundi tagasi
  • Pokimain should be good at this game cause she’s an emotional manipulator

    MicrowaveMicrowave12 tundi tagasi
  • Will you ever show your face?just asking not to be rude

    Family QueenFamily Queen12 tundi tagasi
  • Wait I’m so confused are poki and spoopi the same pp? Cuz they look VERY similar ;

    Nugget p-qNugget p-q13 tundi tagasi
  • rae at the end map in the starting room looks so sad

    Scott martinScott martin13 tundi tagasi
  • hi corpse , how are you ? hope you are ok .I m new to your channel and i just wanted to say that you videos are so cool and i love them .Have a good day.

    Melissa ÇOBANMelissa ÇOBAN13 tundi tagasi
  • I swear i have never heard poki swear until this game

    core nixcore nix13 tundi tagasi
  • I need to get corpse tips if im imposter

    Euri278Euri27813 tundi tagasi
  • Everyone is CORPSE this and CORPSE that but allow me to mention Valkyrae yelling “I PUSHED THE BUTTON SO I GET TO SPEAK” cracked me up

    justReykojustReyko13 tundi tagasi
  • Valkyrae. Please. Marry me. For God's sake.

    Classy MusicClassy Music14 tundi tagasi
    • What

      Sandhya ChaudharySandhya Chaudhary14 tundi tagasi
  • I love you corpse♥️

    Luana HaitterLuana Haitter14 tundi tagasi
  • How did nobody see him vent into Admin, kill, and then vent out again? When he took out Pewds

    Classy MusicClassy Music14 tundi tagasi
    • Light was off!!!

      Sandhya ChaudharySandhya Chaudhary14 tundi tagasi

    TheNobodyGuyTheNobodyGuy14 tundi tagasi
  • hey corpse

    mariana sapatuamariana sapatua14 tundi tagasi
  • now i realized that voice in toast´s intro is your voice

    Róbert HalászRóbert Halász14 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse: The Imposter Also Corpse: Talks Everyone: There's no way I'm accusing him.

    Sopiha GraceSopiha Grace15 tundi tagasi