The 10-Year Hunt for the Lost McDonald's DS Game

17 nov 2020
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Composed by Jennifer Walton:
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• and you, for sharing this video, downloading the ROM, and helping to preserve a piece of history :)
Lovren - Contraband
Czar Donic - Kebnekaise
Polar Nights - Beyond the Rainbow
Jo Wandrini - Puzzle Of Complexity
Niklas Johansson - One Last Mission
Thip Trong - Many Moons
Focality - Above and Beyond
Aaron Kenny - The New Order
Edgar Hopp - Phoenix Rising
Kikoru - Honesty Matters
Hampus Naeselius - Byrr
Dream Cave - Hydra
Hampus Naeselius - Hold on Tight
Hampus Naeselius - Close to the Edge
Flat Theory - Outer Circle
A P O L L O - Litty
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - String Quartet No. 19 In C Major, K. 465 I. Adagio Allegro
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Lacrimosa (Requiem)
Johannes Bornlof - Salvation
Peter Sandberg - Supine
mosu beats - black cherry
Jennifer Walton - McDonald's eCDP Main Menu (cover):
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    • Do a speedrun on this game no one could beat you

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    • You shared it because your not a selfish person that's so cool.

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    • What a great story

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    • In a cool way

      Judy WuJudy Wu8 päeva tagasi
  • Hearing "Coddy" all the time with my username "CC_Cody" and my friends on the internet calling me "Cody" just makes it feel weird

    CC_CodyCC_Cody6 minutit tagasi
  • Wow I was not expecting this to be such an edge of my seat thriller

    MarissaMarissa8 minutit tagasi
  • The pricey astronomy superficially exist because peripheral conversely notice barring a fanatical neck. defiant, illegal leaf

    david hiltdavid hiltTund tagasi
  • He had to one up on Cody and dump it lol

    reece brivittreece brivittTund tagasi
  • I don't think I've ever gotten this emotionally invested in something related to McDonald's before

    Orga ItsukaOrga ItsukaTund tagasi
  • Z if I come across other EEworldrs that have this game, can I tell them your password.

    Deadly BmanDeadly Bman2 tundi tagasi
  • Remember when Chick Hicks beated Lightning McQueen in the original Cars and nobody cared? It's the same here. Coddy may won the first place but Nick won our hearts.

    Toga SomenToga Somen3 tundi tagasi
  • Never let go of the dang thing, no matter how high somebody pays you to give it to them don’t do it, that thing is a piece of history and you need to keep it in your families name to pass down for generations

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  • You should’ve gave 1 of the ds’s to mark

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  • Spoiler alert: that person..... is me. My heart skipped a beat-

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  • there was an anime plot twist

    TheShadowChild [Idiot]TheShadowChild [Idiot]5 tundi tagasi
  • As long as the collector umped the ROM its fine

    PacomaticPacomatic6 tundi tagasi
  • Mate I have literally just watch this video and my god I was hooked till the end. Thanks for getting the ROM dumped. Now I need to figure out how to get this into my 3ds and have a go. Looks a lot of fun!

    Studley TravelsStudley Travels7 tundi tagasi
  • I'm getting a 3DS capture card too and am getting it from Loopy! It's already coming home soon and I'm super excited! :D

    LizumaLizuma7 tundi tagasi
  • Crazy Story.

    Sp1nks24Sp1nks247 tundi tagasi
  • game preservation never fails to make me tear up man. the history of gaming and the internet are very much intertwined, and i definitely miss the days companies were less tapped into our online communities. software engineers ripping and posting iso's so people of any class or culture could experience them, translators posting translations of foreign games online (or making translation subtitles/patches) so those experiences could be genuinely shared across cultures, detail-obsessed completionists who wrote up full game walkthroughs longer than any Hudson News shelf novel, modding communities fixing, upscaling and porting games to keep them healthy and alive... at its core, the gaming community has always been communal. and i'd give anything to be able to get that freedom to share back. thanks from the bottom of my old-gamer heart for being a true gamer and dumping this rare piece of history online.

    Bill's BeardBill's Beard8 tundi tagasi
  • Did you give the other guy who has the game the code

    BloodyWolf 3178BloodyWolf 31789 tundi tagasi
  • Totally want to buy one of those dsi’s

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  • 49 minutes of my life just to get a corny McDonalds joke? are you serious!

    Jett SingletonJett Singleton11 tundi tagasi

    jilly connjilly conn12 tundi tagasi
  • 0:22 “McDeez Nuts”

    Noah Rahal • 38 years agoNoah Rahal • 38 years ago12 tundi tagasi
  • So the guy who first got this game was given a numbered password, chose to just use the same numbers as his "chosen password" and still felt the need to stick both passwords on the DS. So he wouldnt forget. 😏

    Marlju SweetyMarlju Sweety12 tundi tagasi
  • congrats on taking your first dump!

    LunaLuna13 tundi tagasi
  • I KNEW YOU HAD IT as you said that they wouldn’t tell you I said no way anime plot twist and the as you said you had It I said you had it it I FREAKED OMG

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  • GREAT STUFF and a cool adventure! Also, that lovely sparkly particle cut-scene at 38:58 - how's that made?

    Aquina MediaAquina Media14 tundi tagasi
    • Tetris Effect!

      Nick RobinsonNick Robinson13 tundi tagasi
  • u did a good job

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  • i can now work at mcdonalds pog

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  • If you think this guy went to extreme lengths to document this rare ds cart, You should start modifying JDM cars and bikes...lool Nice video man.

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  • I've never been so emotional for a game 👁👄👁

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  • This is one of the most entertaining videos I have ever watched. Thank you. 50 minutes flew by!

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  • I came across this by accident and it has been a JOURNEY Yay for video game preservation. As a history major and a nerd, this makes me happy.

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  • Dude I had no clue of this until now and that story was amazing

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  • Reminds me of one of cooking/baking games, the papa's pizzeria, from coolmath-games.

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  • Wow, all that trouble, complications, work... And getting beaten by a mere few weeks. The most important question, though: Did he also have an original McDonalds DS?

    RaenaeceRaenaece20 tundi tagasi
  • Well, Cody may have beat you to it but he has 38k view over 3 years while you have almost 3.8m views in 3 months. You also kindly shared the dump while he is being an arsehole about it. So we can see clearly who the winner is. A winner is you!

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  • He put the ds in hold luggage?!? there is a huge chance that it would have been stolen!

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  • Normally, I hate the whole Capitalist brain part that makes us seek such rewards at such high risks. I wish the community hadn't had to go through such hoops to seek this (despite the allure being drawn to such a magnitude as it has) (Edit: YES, INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST FRUIT RIGHT HERE. Excellent, thank you Comrade)

    Ricky TavixRicky TavixPäev tagasi
    • But I enjoyed the video 🤠

      Ricky TavixRicky TavixPäev tagasi
  • I had this game but I sold it for a few thousand dollars

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  • When you revealed who won the auction, I literally began screaming “NIIIIIICK” at the top of my lungs

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  • The editing on this video. I didnt care about this game at all when the video started but god damn the whole story got me.

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  • Great video. I really liked it! Good job.

    Shyanne WillettsShyanne WillettsPäev tagasi
  • why was he looking for a nintendo device when he payed 3gs for the mcdonalds special edition one

    TK KirklandTK KirklandPäev tagasi
  • Honestly I feel sad that the collectors that had the fir a while that collected it because it was not anywhere but in a few games copies and then this guy comes along and gives it to the world. Yeah there are not very many physical copies but there must have been the feeling that not very many people have it and now anyone can have it.

    crazyninjapig 59crazyninjapig 59Päev tagasi
    • @Xeinafa yeah but I do feel that the people that had the game before were not giving it out for a reason and that would be to keep it special to the people that actually do own it

      crazyninjapig 59crazyninjapig 59Päev tagasi
    • you do in fact realize that this is a good thing? preserving games like these is a VERY good thing!

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  • nice story, but isn't it very punishable to copy and distribute proprietary content?

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  • 12:10 - 12:20 truly one of the greatest plot twists of the century

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  • Man after watching this video it would be cool if you made a long video about ds capture cards. You can not believe how hard I’ve been trying to play my new 3ds xl on a big screen, I would stream it to a pc with snickerstream but it would have lag, I would also try to stream through my phone by recording the screen of the ds but that wouldn’t work perfectly either. I feel that the only real way to play my ds on the big screen is with a capture card but no matter how hard I try it’s close to impossible to find affordable capture cards for ds systems especially the newer models. Now that I think about it I don’t know why I’m typing this(your probably not gonna read it) but I just really wanna full fill my life long dream of play my new 3ds xl games on a tv, and for some reason after seeing this video I really think you can be able to help me and the ds community achieve that dream.

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  • Awesome video! Loved the twist and turns.

    John S.John S.Päev tagasi
  • LOL these are rare? My uncle used to manage a McDonalds in Tokyo and he gave me a box full of these DS cartridges. It's sitting in my garage.

    Commander KeenCommander KeenPäev tagasi
    • i gotta say i’m a bit skeptical - they only sent 1 cartridge to each location, so there’s no reason a manager would have more than one :^)

      Nick RobinsonNick RobinsonPäev tagasi
  • I’ve never felt as much adrenaline in EEworld video before. How you orchestrate your tension I feel I am going through the journey with you! Awesome vid and story. Especially the part where you reveal your the person who bought it!

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  • ブロ私はあなたが最初のものではなかったとは信じられません、そしてあなたは素晴らしく、すべてのROMを共有しました。素敵なビデオも私は下塗りし、好きで、すべての通知をオンにしました。

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  • What an adventure nonetheless.

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    -Kakao- Katze-Kakao- KatzePäev tagasi
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