Unlocking IRON MAN in FORTNITE! (Season 4)

29 aug 2020
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New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 solos gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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  • R.I.P Chadwick Boseman not only a Avenger hero but a real hero in real life

    Tramon RosserTramon RosserTund tagasi
  • R.I.P

    valerie solisvalerie solis4 tundi tagasi
  • Rip Chadwick boseman

    Sharon Morgan-LevineSharon Morgan-LevinePäev tagasi
  • 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤

    Bradley RosserBradley RosserPäev tagasi
  • I already watch to plays and it’s insane

    E FE FPäev tagasi
  • The tac is going to get unvaulted in season 5

    E FE FPäev tagasi
  • I like charge and the pump

    E FE FPäev tagasi
  • Yes I got the season 4 battle pass

    E FE FPäev tagasi
  • R.I.P Chadwick Boseman god bless him he was mi favourite comic book character 😭😫😭⚰

    Emma WesleyEmma WesleyPäev tagasi
  • Rip pather

  • RIP we love you

    Gemma CarruthersGemma Carruthers3 päeva tagasi
  • Wakanda

    lakeisha butlerlakeisha butler3 päeva tagasi

    Reem Al-SalehReem Al-Saleh4 päeva tagasi
  • fell asleep to BasicallyIdowrk....woke up to Typical Gamer

    Clouted SpamzClouted Spamz8 päeva tagasi
  • Rip Chadwick, WAKANDA FOREVER

    Sohum MohanSohum Mohan8 päeva tagasi
  • Hi

    Billy RomeroBilly Romero9 päeva tagasi
  • Hi

    Billy RomeroBilly Romero9 päeva tagasi
  • Hi

    Billy RomeroBilly Romero9 päeva tagasi
  • R.I.P. CHADWICK Bozeman we well miss you you are the true goat👍👍👍😍😍😍🔥🔥

    mcpherson ghmcpherson gh9 päeva tagasi
  • R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

    SinzEuSinzEu9 päeva tagasi
  • Wakanda forever for black panther

    Stefani HigaStefani Higa10 päeva tagasi
  • Like yup amber love ❤️

    Big Jumpshot_Family BlogsBig Jumpshot_Family Blogs10 päeva tagasi
  • Rip black panther my friend miss you

    Tanvir Ahmad BhattiTanvir Ahmad Bhatti12 päeva tagasi
  • Im crying R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman

    Harina ClementHarina Clement13 päeva tagasi
  • R.I.P black panther he was my hero

    Axcel TorresAxcel Torres13 päeva tagasi
  • My favorite shotgun is the charge shotgun

    Emmanuel CookEmmanuel Cook14 päeva tagasi
  • Pump

    Rusty JunquersRusty Junquers14 päeva tagasi
  • R.I.P

    Tim CrichtonTim Crichton14 päeva tagasi
  • Rip Black path

    Emmanuel ChavezEmmanuel Chavez14 päeva tagasi
  • 😢😭😭😫😭😭😭😣😣😣

    Emmanuel ChavezEmmanuel Chavez14 päeva tagasi
  • rip blackpanther

    mirah thompasmirah thompas15 päeva tagasi
  • Chadwick boseman died the same day my grandma did

    Kaden LucasKaden Lucas16 päeva tagasi
  • Wakanda forever

    TekniqueTeknique16 päeva tagasi
  • R.I.P black panther I was really sad when he did die because I am a huge fan of marvel and black panther

    TekniqueTeknique16 päeva tagasi
  • Well at less last time you did better you came 6th this time you came 7th

    Nate CarrollNate Carroll17 päeva tagasi
  • Rip black panther / Chadwick bossman

    Nate CarrollNate Carroll17 päeva tagasi
  • Yeah I like it it makes me laugh as well

    Nate CarrollNate Carroll17 päeva tagasi
  • TG is Ready for everything

    Nate CarrollNate Carroll17 päeva tagasi
  • Black panther kept his secret of cancer for 4 years

    Elvin Ponce-RodriguezElvin Ponce-Rodriguez18 päeva tagasi
  • RIP Blackpanther:(😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Daniel ShipmanDaniel Shipman18 päeva tagasi
  • Ok

    Toi McdonaldToi Mcdonald19 päeva tagasi
  • I watch TG plays more than I watch typical gamer and it’s good

    Sword KidSword Kid20 päeva tagasi
  • R.I.P I didn't even know until now OMG!

    Casey HurstCasey Hurst21 päev tagasi
  • How was your day doing

    Elijah ballElijah ball22 päeva tagasi
  • he did 5 movies with cancer

    RED SUSRED SUS22 päeva tagasi
  • i like him so much i call him Chadwick Bossman

    RED SUSRED SUS22 päeva tagasi
  • Will you do tac shotgun

    Yazmin PalframanYazmin Palframan22 päeva tagasi
  • RIP Chad 😓

    thcoffeeSinga fortnightthcoffeeSinga fortnight23 päeva tagasi
  • rip black Panther i love him he Was Cool to me

    Jerycho JohnsonJerycho Johnson24 päeva tagasi
  • Rip black bnanther

    A AlsitriA Alsitri24 päeva tagasi
  • Rip black panther

    Diego RamosDiego Ramos25 päeva tagasi
  • Out

    moniquem2jonesmoniquem2jones25 päeva tagasi
  • R.I.p

    Eli O FlenerEli O Flener26 päeva tagasi
  • Whoop flash is is Iron Man’s car

    Eli O FlenerEli O Flener26 päeva tagasi

    Juan EscobarJuan Escobar28 päeva tagasi

    Shadow Gamz jrShadow Gamz jr28 päeva tagasi
  • Rip black banther

    Priya OsmanPriya Osman28 päeva tagasi
  • Rip Black Panther

    Vaughn KrausherVaughn Krausher29 päeva tagasi
  • Rip😭

    Google UserGoogle User29 päeva tagasi
  • Pump

    DanMonster 9830DanMonster 9830Місяць tagasi
  • He was my favorite hreo

    Jayden ShearsJayden ShearsМісяць tagasi
  • R.I.P Black Panther 😭

    Jashawn CheathamJashawn CheathamМісяць tagasi
  • Rip

    Landon CarterLandon CarterМісяць tagasi
  • Who’s watching in season 5

    Ali AbbasAli AbbasМісяць tagasi
  • I want season 4 back I pliked oron man and doctor doom

    Samer cool dude SSamer cool dude SМісяць tagasi
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    Daisy DahlstromDaisy DahlstromМісяць tagasi
  • I used your code

    larenasitilarenasitiМісяць tagasi
  • R . I . P black panther 🐆

    larenasitilarenasitiМісяць tagasi
  • R.i.p black panther

    Jaiden RareJaiden RareМісяць tagasi
  • Black Panther versus

    Jaiden RareJaiden RareМісяць tagasi
  • Ha gghhggihoup😉😉😉❤️😭

    Jaiden RareJaiden RareМісяць tagasi
  • appel

    Dominic ForinDominic ForinМісяць tagasi
  • POV its December

    the goatthe goatМісяць tagasi
  • Wakanda Forever

    fahim Ibrahimfahim IbrahimМісяць tagasi
  • Sup my goodest youtuber

    Miguel CruzMiguel CruzМісяць tagasi
  • Hi

    Gina MorrissetteGina MorrissetteМісяць tagasi
  • Who’s here in fortnite season 5 oh and btw he’s about to hit 11m

    AppleAppleМісяць tagasi
  • He must of been so tired doing this about like 3 mouths ago

    Cookie GachaErikaCookie GachaErikaМісяць tagasi
  • I’m getting bullied today I need you guises help tomorrow

    Carter TifftCarter TifftМісяць tagasi

    Witty Kidz ChannelWitty Kidz ChannelМісяць tagasi
  • Rip its so sad

    Sir Yoda SquadSir Yoda SquadМісяць tagasi
  • R.i.p Black panther

    Gray NicholsonGray NicholsonМісяць tagasi
  • pump

    Kylie AylettKylie AylettМісяць tagasi
  • “In my culture, death is not the end” RIP King Tachalla, we will never forget you.

    LMA 1304LMA 1304Місяць tagasi
  • U are the best player I know I have just started at chapter 2 seoson 4 at the start

    kingbill 1234kingbill 1234Місяць tagasi
  • Am bored

    kingbill 1234kingbill 1234Місяць tagasi
  • My name is Dimondox07

    kingbill 1234kingbill 1234Місяць tagasi
  • Can u get me a win I have wins but I haven't won with u

    kingbill 1234kingbill 1234Місяць tagasi
  • Do u know me?

    kingbill 1234kingbill 1234Місяць tagasi
  • Hi

    kingbill 1234kingbill 1234Місяць tagasi
  • typical its ok if your colered blind

    Gaven ButeraGaven ButeraМісяць tagasi
  • A Sharck

    Quantez GentryQuantez GentryМісяць tagasi
  • Wolverine

    Quantez GentryQuantez GentryМісяць tagasi
  • Rip❤️🙏💕

    YouTube ZloYouTube ZloМісяць tagasi
  • tg

    Samantha RyanSamantha RyanМісяць tagasi
  • Typical gamer You are my favorite EEworldr I’m still a default I always wanted season five battle pass is live please send me season five battle pass my name is banana man 6743 please send me the season five battle pass if you see this please send me it I’ll do anything or is a ginger renegade raider

    Kendalynn StevensKendalynn StevensМісяць tagasi
  • R.I.p chad we miss you 😣😭😢😩

    Zachai OrtizZachai OrtizМісяць tagasi
  • What’s your two cats mean

    William MaloneWilliam MaloneМісяць tagasi
  • Hi I watch your videos and there is somebody right behind you I saw it with the corner of my eye he’s about to say might be still

    William MaloneWilliam MaloneМісяць tagasi
  • Wacnda for ever

    Morris MorrisMorris MorrisМісяць tagasi