Jihita dies to cows in his 1 year Hardcore world

29 apr 2021
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  • All you had to do was switch what slot your hotbar was on

    JnichsJnichs4 minutit tagasi
  • Why did he keep holding the wheat?

    Jhob TeDJhob TeD16 minutit tagasi
  • Andhakupam

    Tran QuillTran Quill23 minutit tagasi
  • who the hell keeps running trough a massive cow pasture with wheat in his/her hand? and why on earth don't you just take your sword out? didn't even died due to entity cramming, so why try to fly the elytra if you're not holding rockets?

    jasper aersjasper aers23 minutit tagasi
  • This is actually pretty sad, you could see him really panicking at the end there. Akin to a drowner struggling to breathe in their last moments.

    Tess CrelliTess CrelliTund tagasi
  • That should fing so sad

    melanie holditchmelanie holditchTund tagasi
  • was that insta craming?

    Tias RannemTias RannemTund tagasi
  • You have no one to blame but yourself for this one

    EgoPanikEgoPanikTund tagasi
  • Dude why u dont use firework

    MINH A GAY CCMINH A GAY CC2 tundi tagasi
  • The fact he didn’t take the wheat out of his hand

    Quintin SpauldingQuintin Spaulding2 tundi tagasi
  • Stop holding wheat

    EskimoEskimo2 tundi tagasi
  • You can spawn back in your hardcore world if you want

    7ay Games7ay Games2 tundi tagasi
  • Why he didn't just switched the wheat in his to some other thing? The cows were coming towards him because of the wheat right?

    Tanishq BartakkeTanishq Bartakke3 tundi tagasi
  • Couldn't he just have switch to a different slot on his hotbar to stop cows from coming to him?

    Yoito LiveYoito Live4 tundi tagasi

    romeo pro gamingromeo pro gaming4 tundi tagasi
  • tbh why didnt u remove the wheat lmao

    im kai :0im kai :05 tundi tagasi
  • Dumb

    Елназ АлмасулыЕлназ Алмасулы5 tundi tagasi
  • I chait cows!

    Igor BienieckiIgor Bieniecki5 tundi tagasi
  • KAC (kill all cows)

    Kmonone robloxKmonone roblox5 tundi tagasi
  • entity cramming is funny

    Relentless_ ShotgunRelentless_ Shotgun6 tundi tagasi
  • Why didn’t he just.. put away the wheat??

    MatthewMatthew6 tundi tagasi
  • World copy: allow me to introduce myself

    SmexxSmexx6 tundi tagasi
  • rest in peace

    PeckyChicken GamingPeckyChicken Gaming7 tundi tagasi
  • He could even use elytra lol

    Kim JerhomeKim Jerhome7 tundi tagasi
  • Hes holding a wheat if he's not holding it the cow wont follow him he didnt even realize it

    Kim JerhomeKim Jerhome7 tundi tagasi
  • should've just stopped holding the wheat ._.

    CommonlyCommonly8 tundi tagasi
  • I didn't know that that was even possible

    Lemon grab69_420Lemon grab69_4209 tundi tagasi
  • How? Did you start flying with the elytra right after you got low from the entity cramming?

    Nugget the FloofNugget the Floof9 tundi tagasi
  • Jesus. Loves. U

    Yee TYee T9 tundi tagasi
  • he didnt think about not holding the wheat

    Vinny GamerVinny Gamer9 tundi tagasi
  • This is obviously just for the views because there were like 8 solutions to survive.

    CrimsasCrimsas10 tundi tagasi
    • What are does?

      Adriane JabelosaAdriane Jabelosa7 tundi tagasi

    Asher HillestadAsher Hillestad10 tundi tagasi
  • No prob he will just do open to lan

    baby villagerbaby villager10 tundi tagasi
  • Sounds fake

    URORONGURORONG10 tundi tagasi
  • why didn't he just switch out of the wheat slot and maybe just jump out with the elytra with the firework

    PetRussianPetRussian11 tundi tagasi
  • f

    Sev BruhSev Bruh11 tundi tagasi
  • Should've un selected the wheat :c

    GameDoggoGameDoggo11 tundi tagasi
  • He had so many chances to avoid this 😂

    Kitster 117Kitster 11711 tundi tagasi
  • Nooooo!

    FR19 H0riz0nFR19 H0riz0n11 tundi tagasi
  • Ouch

    NoArtisticLimitationNoArtisticLimitation12 tundi tagasi
  • Lmfao

    FridgeFridge12 tundi tagasi
  • Fun fact: He's Hardcore world is in flat world

    DarkFire967DarkFire96713 tundi tagasi
  • Rip

    5elfishs5cheme5elfishs5cheme14 tundi tagasi
  • This feels painfully staged. You have all these cows with a random 2x2 hole and you didn't think ‘maybe I should stop holding wheat.’, a lot of easily weird and avoidable things had to have laliend up. Also, 431 xp witch is just stupid, and no durability gone on the items not even a sliver along with no other items like gaps or potions or even an axe or shovel in your hot bar?

    subetesubete15 tundi tagasi
    • This is just flat out fake. Philza had a 5 year hardcore world and had 761k for a score, its impossible for you too have only played a year and have over a million points. You just want a viral video.

      subetesubete15 tundi tagasi
  • Y did he not just swing his sword

    Hurricane 101Hurricane 10115 tundi tagasi
  • You could have switched to the rockets and fly..

    XnessXness15 tundi tagasi
    • Nope, same thing would have happened. the whole reason he died was because when he got in flight mode the cows pushed him at hyperspeed into the wall.

      MinimimikMinimimik13 tundi tagasi
  • He isn’t too smart it seems

    MicrowaveMicrowave15 tundi tagasi
    • @Microwave not really, he's trying to get onto a block to get up, idiot

      MinimimikMinimimik11 tundi tagasi
    • @Minimimik but you can clearly tell he notices that he’s in there and doesn’t try anything to get out

      MicrowaveMicrowave13 tundi tagasi
    • he was breeding cows for 9 and a half hours already, he isn't going to pay attention every second.

      MinimimikMinimimik13 tundi tagasi
  • he could have elytra'd out, he had rockets

    Spine AppleSpine Apple15 tundi tagasi
    • Same thing would have happened, he died because when he got into flight to do exactly what you said the cows pushed him into the wall.

      MinimimikMinimimik13 tundi tagasi
  • Lol sadly u lost ur life to 🐄 cows

    Techno CrafterTechno Crafter16 tundi tagasi
  • Could've fireworked out

    FoondGodFoondGod16 tundi tagasi
    • @FoondGod by the time he noticed there were already too many cows in the hole, he would still be panicking anyway because of entity cramming and his first escape would be elytra (which he tried in this clip), same thing would have have happened

      MinimimikMinimimik11 tundi tagasi
    • @Minimimik Also could've switched to any other inventory slot

      FoondGodFoondGod12 tundi tagasi
    • Same thing would have happened, he died because when he got into flight to do exactly what you said the cows pushed him into the wall.

      MinimimikMinimimik13 tundi tagasi
  • We call that Entity Craming sir

    VerzideJRVerzideJR16 tundi tagasi
  • This is painful to watch

    Sam GSam G16 tundi tagasi
  • F

    ScrambledScrambled16 tundi tagasi
  • i've done this before too, it was on a realm so i could respawn but rip my 50 lvls

    TropiKTropiK17 tundi tagasi
  • Why can’t he just kill the cows?

    Lentini JamesLentini James17 tundi tagasi
  • Elytra?

    GalaxyGladiator GroupGalaxyGladiator Group17 tundi tagasi
    • Yes, thats why he died. When he got in flight the cows pushed him into the wall

      MinimimikMinimimik13 tundi tagasi
  • death by cows the greatest death possible ima make a vid on this

    ShiftedShifted18 tundi tagasi
  • *the next time he made a world he made sure to slaughter every cow he saw*

    THOT SlayerTHOT Slayer18 tundi tagasi
  • F

    ChILOKenChILOKen19 tundi tagasi

    David C.David C.19 tundi tagasi
  • can we get a f in chat

    aa19 tundi tagasi
  • lmao

    lolman533lolman53319 tundi tagasi
  • you could’ve just switched to rockets, maybe switch to nothing in your hotbar, or even sword but man i feel so bad

    GeorgeGeorge19 tundi tagasi
  • xDDDDD

    Vikingo CalvoVikingo Calvo20 tundi tagasi
  • I’m confused how did he die?

    Stella NawynStella Nawyn20 tundi tagasi
  • Fun fact he could have not died if he was just a bit more smart

    a gibus vision tf2 playera gibus vision tf2 player20 tundi tagasi
    • @a gibus vision tf2 player too many cows by the time he noticed, he would have used his elytra and the same thing would have happened

      MinimimikMinimimik8 tundi tagasi
    • @Minimimik he could have still move to something in his off hand and main hand

      a gibus vision tf2 playera gibus vision tf2 player10 tundi tagasi
    • "smart" boy what do you think the timer is for? He had been breeding cows for 9 and a half hours already for a video. You do literally ANYTHING for 9 and a half hours straight and not be bored.

      MinimimikMinimimik13 tundi tagasi
  • The real question is, why is there a hole there

    Trash MixTrash Mix20 tundi tagasi
    • its clearly a creeper hole

      MinimimikMinimimik13 tundi tagasi
  • So anyways I started slashing

    zackery Coutinhozackery Coutinho21 tund tagasi
  • See i dont feel bad for him bc there is so much he could have done to save himself

    Lessons with BryceLessons with Bryce21 tund tagasi
  • I still don't understand what actually killed him, is it entity cramming ? could someone explain please ?

    thomas Dantonelthomas Dantonel21 tund tagasi
  • NDL

    Rick pastryRick pastry22 tundi tagasi
  • That could of been so easily avoided

    Wyatt LaChanceWyatt LaChance22 tundi tagasi
  • Haha noob

    Noyamesha BSNoyamesha BS22 tundi tagasi
  • for the first time in history person dies from crush of cows

    GiraffaGiraffa22 tundi tagasi
  • eeworld.info/chat/x6mIhaaboqiXmZ0/video

    hypergamerhypergamer23 tundi tagasi
  • seemed pretty Scripted...........

    Assassin 4Lif3Assassin 4Lif323 tundi tagasi
  • Hey you can get your world back click spectate then you are putted in spectator mode then switch to survival Edit:i dont know if it works i saw it somewhere

    Fantastic Gamer 35Fantastic Gamer 3523 tundi tagasi
  • when you realise you could have just switched ur hand off of the wheat or onto the sword to kill them* but seriously that is sad :(

    BD2 GamingBD2 GamingPäev tagasi
  • We need the rage moment cuz of entity cram

    Anatidaephobia DaeAnatidaephobia DaePäev tagasi
  • Lie in title

    Илья КочетковИлья КочетковPäev tagasi
  • top 10 anime deaths

    iForrgotiForrgotPäev tagasi
  • Fun Fact: He could have killed those cows

    Not RealNot RealPäev tagasi
  • Lol this is the dumbest death I’ve ever seen unequip the wheat no kill the cows no use rockets no like lmfao

    NJBeastNJBeastPäev tagasi
  • I‘m sorry 😔

    WeißbrotWeißbrotPäev tagasi
  • He could killed the cows with his sword

    Neuron GenesisNeuron GenesisPäev tagasi
  • ,😣😣😱😱

    Vansh ThakurVansh ThakurPäev tagasi
  • What an absolute idiot. Sry not sry, but that's one of the dumbest ways to die n lose a hard-core world.

    Dr. KevorkianDr. KevorkianPäev tagasi
    • maybe your the idiot. First of all, he was breeding cows for 9 and a half hours and he very clearly wasn't paying attention, and was numbed from boredom. He tried to elytra out but when he got in flight the cows shot him into the wall.

      MinimimikMinimimik13 tundi tagasi
  • "Experienced kinetic energy" Man they should programmed Minecart damage when we've got hitted

    Muhammad RidhoMuhammad RidhoPäev tagasi
  • pay respect

    ZEY PDZEY PDPäev tagasi
  • all he had to do was de-select the wheat. rip.

    CameronCameronPäev tagasi
  • He couldve just not held wheat

    Alexander GreigAlexander GreigPäev tagasi
  • bruh

    techno bludtechno bludPäev tagasi
  • This is just one of those things that needed to happen to *somebody* at some point.

    Isaak van DaalenIsaak van DaalenPäev tagasi
  • Why he was in 3rd person?

    Csanád TóthCsanád TóthPäev tagasi
  • rip hardcore

    Rafelandroid2Rafelandroid2Päev tagasi
  • you could have killed the freaking cows

    Vincent WaterVincent WaterPäev tagasi
  • this reminds me of enumclaw

    Vesle von JuiceVesle von JuicePäev tagasi
  • i could say that he hates cows by now

    ThelatestbannerThelatestbannerPäev tagasi
  • sed

    izyan zuberiizyan zuberiPäev tagasi