I Survived 800 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

1 mai 2021
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700 DAYS HARDCORE VIDEO: eeworld.info/chat/mpyWd3WPqmnPzbY/video
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In this Minecraft video I survive 800 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.
100 Days Video Playlist: eeworld.info/soft/PLWJikipm2MTbf7lS_Ncd7W-Y88KOSKAof
Wither Rose Farm: eeworld.info/chat/2JuiY6VofKGmla4/video
Wither Killing Machine: eeworld.info/chat/o3iAqoygoJ2bt9w/video
Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! eeworld.info
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    • @ItsAlex YT hOw?!.

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    • I swear I’ve been watching since you’ve had 300k subs=I

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    • @Pyi Myat YES YES 900 DAYD

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    • thank u

  • I can say your next 900 days 50% of thumbnail

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  • You are amazing you make my day every time you do another one hundred days thank you so much you make me so happy

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  • Guys help sb737 reach 2 mil

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  • Finish your tresure room

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  • You cheated on this world

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  • I maded a server for everyone java

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  • I died at my 1129 day in hardcore... the only person who i can blame is my mouse because i have buttons on it to change the sensitivity bruh But thanks for inspiring me to make my second hardcore world

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  • U make a netherite scrap beacon! Y don't you "Scrap it" and make a netherite one!

  • SB love these vids!!!

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  • Plz 900 days to 1000 days

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  • C How long are you doing this series because I love this series

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  • Hello

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  • "the ancient de-breacon"

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  • Imagine if the skeleton shot him and he say oi I am trying to make a vid

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  • I have day idea for you connect MI all mobile

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  • Your mobile number please

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  • 13:41 im dying, he has such a big spazm to that creeper

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  • Has any one wached the 50ways to die if wached all of them

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  • Tommorow best

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  • ok.....ur wish is my command!!!!lol

    • (da reason i say did cos u asked me n ur fan toclick da bell)

  • 900 days of minecraft

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  • In the thumbnail you look more op on day 700 than 800

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  • 2 more days till 900!!!

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  • You do so well keep it up been here since 200k

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  • Can you survived 900 days in Minecraft Hardcore?

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  • Do a 900

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  • Before he started the harcore series he was barely gaining subs but from when he started this series his channel is going gas gas gas lol

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    • Veiws

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  • Best Minecraft hardcore series I have ever seen

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  • Hi I love you so much sb737

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  • Him: survives almost 1000 days in hardcore and has lots of machines and massive builds Me: dies on the first day because of a skeleton

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    • That's why i became a house builder and i don't regret it

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  • On Saturday I think you need to just focus on draining the temple

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  • I am watch this series from last week and I came to this 800 days video so far from 100 days... It's very fun to see your videos... And I can't wait for 900 days video.. Love from India ❤❤

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  • Name the baby dog bobby

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  • Can you please release the seed please

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  • I love you sb all my dream was to play some bedwars

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  • Bedwars

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  • My name is Os2013 on hipixel join on Friday at 4 Alcock lobby 35

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  • Villagers are anoying

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  • Also I'm logged in as my dad

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  • Hi sb

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  • Veiws

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  • And built a house for them

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  • Plz convert village very op

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  • Can you do behind the scens

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  • This guy has all the achivments in minecrafte

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  • Building a rail farm

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  • This man's dedication is unreal, what next, 2000 days?

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  • You are the best EEworldr # 4 life

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  • You can do an automatical sand farm in the end to mine more ainciend debris

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  • 900 days plisssss

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  • Sb u can use poppies for bonemeal

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  • This is why penguins are my favorite animal, this and they are so adorable in there tuxedos

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  • Hi SB I am a 10 year old boy I love your hardcore series and can you please please please applode day 900

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  • I am watching this man since I was a kid. From the beginning ❤️ Edit: I remember your old Minecraft world with your mortal enemy forgot his name.

  • Duplicate netherite on 1.17

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  • This video is so cool

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  • Everyone F's in the comment for respect for this Legend

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  • SB: puts hot magma block around the dolphin aquariam Also SB: You should never die again............

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  • He takes 17 days to drain an ocean temple.... and he still has LOADS to go.

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  • Fun Fact - he never wears helmet on thumbnail....

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    • bro you are op

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  • Please make 900 days hardcore minecraft

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  • Fun fact : every 100 day video same shirt full video

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  • sb in 2022 I Survived 10000 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

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  • He takes 17 days to drain an ocean temple.... and he still has LOADS to go.

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  • Sb can you send you world download if you survive 1000 so we can also play

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  • Using a bow guarantees a trident to drop from a drowned

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  • Hey SB, instead of using your own gold to make golden carrots, you can fully level up a farmer and he should sell 3 golden carrots for 1 emerald. Pretty good trade considering how rich you are lol

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  • Making an oxygen farm because breathing takes too long

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