Awkward Divorce Drinking Game

21 veebr 2021
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  • this convinced me that my nipples do need shaving :/

    Mel DembinskiMel Dembinski21 minut tagasi
  • Cody: Whats the words for it? Marriage partners... Husband or wife? Me: Spouse 🙄

    WhateverWhatever28 minutit tagasi
  • Did anyone else notice the new tatoo 👇

    DynoDyno42 minutit tagasi
  • dawg my dads name is gary

    Sterling BrownSterling BrownTund tagasi
  • the bashful tattoo might have been a snow white thing

    Brenden MooreBrenden MooreTund tagasi
  • LMAO “Ex-Babe”

    icky caticky catTund tagasi
  • you even burn bro ?

    HaydenflythathighguyHaydenflythathighguy2 tundi tagasi
  • *Bros before Hoes* *Games before Dames* *Dudes before Nudes* *Kicks before Chicks*

    pRoJect 45pRoJect 452 tundi tagasi
  • cut ur hair bro

    LetsMixItLetsMixIt2 tundi tagasi
  • Silly me always thought that being separated meant that you didn't live together.

    John IngramJohn Ingram2 tundi tagasi
  • ex babe

    alinaalina4 tundi tagasi
  • watch the intro at 0.25 hate me later

    Ramy LaqlachRamy Laqlach4 tundi tagasi
  • this is a new level of cringe

    CroatoanCroatoan4 tundi tagasi
  • Why do all of the top comments have the default profile pictures

    Griffen CampbellGriffen Campbell4 tundi tagasi
  • I thought Jerry Trainor was on the thumbnail smh talk about clickbait

    Mahina OsaiMahina Osai4 tundi tagasi
  • Oh my god I choked on beef stew on my lunch break watching this I can’t stop laughing wtf

    Karolyn RedillaKarolyn Redilla5 tundi tagasi
  • This was easily some of your funniest content in a while man

    Mitch EMitch E5 tundi tagasi
  • the divorced couples: taking about something else the guy recording : sex,sex,sex,sex

    Irene mikamiIrene mikami5 tundi tagasi

    giovanna maignardigiovanna maignardi5 tundi tagasi
  • i feel like the from canada or sum

    Irene mikamiIrene mikami5 tundi tagasi
  • Funny part is I’m divorced and you get so used to saying everything and anything going through divorce that this game already doesn’t work on concept 😂

    RachelRachel6 tundi tagasi
  • you remind me of Jerry Trainor.

    PsychedelicPsychedelic6 tundi tagasi
  • cody looks like Steve Herrington with his hair

    SlumpDawgBarsSlumpDawgBars6 tundi tagasi
  • Remember 80 + 26 = 96

    Mason MyersMason Myers6 tundi tagasi
  • I would watch a whole video of Cody doing the sleazy producer character

    Al DoesagoodAl Doesagood6 tundi tagasi
  • Your hair is more amazing every video. Keep that shit up. 👍🏼

    barelycalmbarelycalm7 tundi tagasi
  • missed opportunity: X Games sex = Sex games

    Caitlin BanksCaitlin Banks7 tundi tagasi
  • They would make a good show

    ricorico9 tundi tagasi
  • You should react to your first videos comments

    Laura HolmesLaura Holmes10 tundi tagasi
  • bruh he literally pulled the Dennis "because of the implications"

    Matthew RosenMatthew Rosen11 tundi tagasi
  • Did he THINK of cheating? Sounds like we have a Mr . Struggle here bois

    S R T HS R T H11 tundi tagasi
  • cody has just given me inspiration to get "bashful" tattooed on my forehead

    Sorry gSorry g11 tundi tagasi

    j.e.e.lindbergj.e.e.lindberg12 tundi tagasi
  • I love your divorce video content please make more 😂😍👍😊❤️❤️❤️🎈🎈

    sakura hoorasakura hoora12 tundi tagasi
  • missed the chance to say sex games instead of x games sex 💔

    claireclaire14 tundi tagasi
  • how do even apply for a video like this-

    n0n1s3n0n1s315 tundi tagasi
  • Do Guinness world records videos they’re weird

    Lucas OsborneLucas Osborne15 tundi tagasi
  • React to “a priest, a rabbi, and an atheist smoke weed” by cut pleaseeee

    Ella SchrommElla Schromm15 tundi tagasi
  • I love cut their content is cringe,creative and weird at the same time

    emrah karadağemrah karadağ16 tundi tagasi
  • i love u

    Sarah SchultzSarah Schultz16 tundi tagasi
  • Yikes that girl is so bitter. She agreed to this so she could make the guy look bad on the internet

    luckycharmmallowsluckycharmmallows16 tundi tagasi
  • Why every time I watch Cody Ko he gets a new tattoo, coincidence I think not

    Chase LazarianChase Lazarian17 tundi tagasi
  • cody has really been reminding me of schmidt from new girl recently lmao

    Jordan VellmureJordan Vellmure17 tundi tagasi
  • are u and noel done making vids together

    Benjamin CrossBenjamin Cross17 tundi tagasi
  • Cody you have to watch the cut video where it’s strangers decide who gets the 1000 dollars. It’s the one with a massive dislike to like ratio.

    mason Harrismason Harris17 tundi tagasi
  • bashful lmao

    Lucy DCLucy DC18 tundi tagasi
  • You have to do the bridesmaid drinking game cut videos they get MESSY

    Jessica MarieJessica Marie18 tundi tagasi
  • 9:57 Bro your face at the Warcraft bit was spot on lol.

    sammy davissammy davis18 tundi tagasi
  • Why does cody look like mega mind when he acts like the host💀

    saiki k cultsaiki k cult19 tundi tagasi
  • Can we get cody to do a Marriage Story reaction bc that shit is SAD

    Ellie PattersonEllie Patterson19 tundi tagasi
  • the cut directors have always been horny ngl lmao

    SahayedaSahayeda20 tundi tagasi
  • the cut put out a video about a mom guessing which kid in a lineup is high. just saying.

    Karlie MathiasKarlie Mathias20 tundi tagasi
  • the spa music at the beginning hahahhahh

    Chloe LorinChloe Lorin20 tundi tagasi
  • Has your forehead always been so big?

    Matt MarschnerMatt Marschner20 tundi tagasi
  • i feel like homeboy is in so much pain

    OttaLux Is the clapOttaLux Is the clap21 tund tagasi
  • I haven’t seen you in a while and the only thing uncomfortable I’m feeling is you with long hair. You can crop out your head and it will look like you have short hair. The rest looks fake

    Luke HathawayLuke Hathaway21 tund tagasi
  • 2:28 this shit from my nightmares

    River TurnbullRiver Turnbull21 tund tagasi
  • The interviewer has a kink for deteriorating relationships

    wolf805wolf80521 tund tagasi
  • do ppl actually buy ur merch? I love ur channel but who spends $60 on a hoodie that says “it’s okay” lolol

    Sam DeLoacheSam DeLoache21 tund tagasi
  • I’m new where is Noel

    Blackhawk 1Blackhawk 121 tund tagasi
  • Why do the people in these videos always look the same? Huuuh

    Nicolas GNicolas G21 tund tagasi
  • Cody can you react to the video ‘strangers decide who gets $1000 by Cut’, I’m curious as to what you got to say about it.

    CobraxCobrax22 tundi tagasi
  • Cody's exposing how vanilla he is in da bedroom

    Hannah RobinsonHannah Robinson22 tundi tagasi
  • They’re both such pieces of work I can’t

    Maggie PMaggie P22 tundi tagasi
  • Nice tattoo Cody looks sick

    Matthew EsserMatthew Esser22 tundi tagasi
  • Jenna was definitely the one dying inside, not the dude

    Jennifer RobloJennifer Roblo22 tundi tagasi

    John SmithJohn Smith22 tundi tagasi
  • How do we get Cody Ko to watch strangers decide who get $1000?

    Ernie OrihuelaErnie Orihuela22 tundi tagasi
  • been together digitally

    derekexplosionderekexplosion22 tundi tagasi
  • React to Are you the one On netflix shits hilarious

    Loulou AlalyanLoulou Alalyan23 tundi tagasi
  • Imagine that guy just going to get a glass of water in the night and he just turns around and his ex-wife’s ass just pops out of nowhere and just scares the shit outta him. Horror movie shit no wonder they’re getting a divorce.

    WW23 tundi tagasi
  • I hope they're actors

    Pannekaga 1000Pannekaga 100023 tundi tagasi
  • Cody is definitely 5’3

    Samantha MSamantha MPäev tagasi
  • Wasn’t the first guy on the awkward dating show. The one who liked legos or something Nah. I just embarrassed myself

    The Annihilation092The Annihilation092Päev tagasi
  • Bro, your zoom-ins are killing me lmao

    Christian MedranoChristian MedranoPäev tagasi
  • They definitely faked the divorce to come on this show.😂

    Brandon CarrollBrandon CarrollPäev tagasi
  • yo do a reaction on NIK THAKKAR please just watch his views on vegan and do a video

    cheeriocheerioPäev tagasi
  • Please react to the millennials decide who gets $1000

    Landon PateLandon PatePäev tagasi
  • Cody, I'm russian and even I know the word "spouse". Great vid though, I haven't laughed at your vids in years and this one did it.

    Anhela AnhelaAnhela AnhelaPäev tagasi
  • Weird random question... Where did you get your computer chair? I'm looking for one and yours looks so comfortable!

    RalitzaRalitzaPäev tagasi
  • As soon as I heard him saying "spouse partner" I went into the comment section to see if the top comment is about him forgetting the word "spouse". I wasn't disappointed lol

    kumkurmukokumkurmukoPäev tagasi
  • Cody you NEED TO do 7 strangers decide which get $1000 it’s probs the worst so far 😂😂😂😂😂

    Shallom OlugbemiroShallom OlugbemiroPäev tagasi
  • i love u

    Valerie xoValerie xoPäev tagasi
  • 7:20 THE CANADIAN FINALLY COMES HAHAHAHAH ''i thought a boat cheating on her'' lmao

    Eli CarterEli CarterPäev tagasi
  • Couple: crying Host: Wow that's tough. Anyway, did you guys ever shit on each other's chests?

    Brandweerman VoorhoofdBrandweerman VoorhoofdPäev tagasi
  • "how do they find these people" cody have you ever been to seattle???????? these people are literally everywhere

    sam mariesam mariePäev tagasi
  • speaking of marriage.... when is Kelsey gonna get that rock

    Marisa PaquetMarisa PaquetPäev tagasi
  • I also love the covid wall when they live together lmao

    FxshleinFxshleinPäev tagasi
  • I am baffed by this. "Before we got married, I was considering cheating on you. Not even with someone specific, I was just going to go find someone!" Why the hell did they get married?

    Dave MCGDave MCGPäev tagasi
  • "Beta men are masters of complicating their lives, and justifying why they do it."

    Sassy BlumpkinSassy BlumpkinPäev tagasi
    • bro?

      saoirse oksaoirse okPäev tagasi
  • Was answering these stupid questions by myself about my ex.. This was awkward to see these two be intimately real about their issues and problems so much so that it took me back to reality instead of wacky youtube land

    DehOllieDehOlliePäev tagasi
  • She’s not over it and she’s still pissed. This was all her idea 😂😂

    Alissa DuranAlissa DuranPäev tagasi
  • Fursuit not furry head

    Drex Is hereDrex Is herePäev tagasi
  • Truthfully, I fail to laugh at pretty much everything I watch on TV or youtube... except fucking cody ko

    Mario CordianoMario CordianoPäev tagasi
  • I’m watching this to cope w the fact that my parents are currently in a divorce

    Raven BlakeRaven BlakePäev tagasi
  • no hes dying inside, i feel him

    Keith StewartKeith StewartPäev tagasi
  • Cody looking around as if there are people next to him is so me

    Maria BanaszakMaria BanaszakPäev tagasi
  • “There have been moments where you two have been together digitally that made me really uncomfortable “ bro fuck you 😂😂😂😂

    Nene LynnNene LynnPäev tagasi
  • Please talk about David Dobrik's abusive behavior towards Seth and Big Nik, please!

    Mmmiss MissMmmiss MissPäev tagasi
  • Why did it genuinely scare me when Cody went into Creepy Host Mode

    Parker FilmsParker FilmsPäev tagasi