29 sept 2020
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We built a hidden secret bunker inside of a GIANT haystack! This is definitely the best and coolest bunker we've ever built!
Apocalypse Tower Escape Challenge:
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  • I can’t subscribe because I’m at my grandmas house and I and I and I’m on her iPad so I really can’t subscribe because I’m not here a lot so I can’t subscribe to your channel but I can give you a thumbs up is that good enough please respond

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  • Good job keep it up I love your videos baby love it keep it up and you’ll get thousands of like likes likes likes everybody loves Z’s videos they are the best keep it up and you’ll get thousands of lives like I know it because your videos are really good buy

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  • Did they change to a new home I havent seen them In their normal home

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  • Protip m'dudes, you need some ventilation in there... Especially if you're going to spend hours on there with 3 people breathing.

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  • Rob: TAKE THIS!! Jeff: AHH!! Rob: TAKE THAT!! Chris: I WANNA YEET!! Rob: NO CHRIS!!!!!!!!

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  • wow cool

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  • This is the best video ever I like your videos too!

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  • This takes man caves to a whole new level

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  • A alien is watching this whole biuld 😃

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  • 9:03 why didn't you just glue or stick hay to hatch and make the handle 0.01% visible then you will always be hidden then you also don't have to remove at get hay back on

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  • I literally made a box fort bakery In my house 🏠 out of cardboard 📦

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    Jennifer FinchamJennifer Fincham6 päeva tagasi
  • I think they sell this video for morejstu

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  • POV:you ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends

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  • Jeff:u enter to NARNIAA

  • 9:37 is when they finish EEeEEee sub tO DaNGIe BRoS

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  • would you guys if somthing really bad happind like a dangeris person was arond were you were would you go in the bonker

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  • Gogo Hohoho Yoyoy

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  • What about air!

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  • Can you imagine getting a heart and pin from Dangie Bros that would be legit insane

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  • The danger Brose are showing this to the aliens so now they know where the bunker is see

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  • I hope your leg feels better

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  • I want to spend THE night in the fort

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  • You guys should do an overnight in this

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  • Are you brothers

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  • I don't know why but this is weird but I don't like this cuz I don't I don't like this cuz I don't this is a dumb video I hate it so much

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  • so cool

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  • wait wheres the other 100 needles-

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  • 😍🤑👌😇🥰

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  • Were the needles still in there ._.

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  • YT ToxicHypno

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  • some day they will find a needle in one of their hay bunkers

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  • Me I love these videos!!

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  • Lol

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  • Me when I hear a noise at night: 3:27

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  • Who wants them to make another secret way I I do

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  • He's Hut is he ok ? i hope he is

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  • Best videos

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  • A nuke

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  • I didnt think it took 1 day to lay an area rug. Lol

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  • I just got an ad with Shaquille O’Neil playing Tonka cars

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  • This is magnificent! I have watched them all day and I have not got bored And let me tell you this......... I COULD NOT BILD THAT NUBS # DB

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  • Bro........ I’m new to this Chanel And I’m all ready impressed! Like I can not make that # DB

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  • That is not hay that is straw

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  • Can your team come to my house dangle bro’s

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  • Anyone else here capron funk

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  • People driving by: that’s a weird hay stack

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  • You should add cameras

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  • Secret bunker! *1,7 million views*

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  • Who remembers when thare name was not danger bros

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  • does anyone else think this reminds them of riverdale like the bunker from riverdale🤣🤣

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  • lonely island

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  • R.I.P Chris’s leg

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  • I love hot fries

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  • Why is the bunker super hidden

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  • Do you have any horses

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  • Siri Forever

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  • Who the hell dislikes the video like it

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  • Camouflage the trap door

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  • Looking eat the hay made me sneeze

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  • You guys realy should have put plywood under the rug. Just putting the rug on the hay was a realy bad idea

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  • Omg

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  • Its not a secret bunker if you put it on the internet

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  • Pipe maze foot

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  • You should order concrete and built a fort out of it I’ll be the coolest EEworld show photo everybody in the world I know everybody else he saw how Tomba type in whatever the name is Anna

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  • Rob “Hay is for horses!” Me “Why the horsies wanna eat me?! 🥺😢”

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    • Oh, good joke!

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    • My mom died plus it's my birthday

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    • Lol i get it because you name is “Hay-den”

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    • What? You just said you hay. What does that mean?

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    • Respect👍

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