12 sept 2020
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Whatever you eat ill pay for it. If you eat a gummy bear ill pay $1, if you eat a giant gummy bear or giant gummy worm ill pay you $10,000 cash money! Eat whatever giant gummy food you want and ill pay you for it. Comment #GiantGummyBear if you loved this video!
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • Jojo

    tash anderesontash anderesonTund tagasi
  • Hey hey hey I’m 9 too bring me all of the world biggest gummies and the snake and I will eat it in peace for like 4 minutes too lol

    YouTubeDark Jeff1YouTubeDark Jeff1Tund tagasi
  • Can I get one because I never had one before and I really want one I never had a baby big gummy bear before I really want it please I’ll pay six dollars that’s all the money I got pretty please please please I just need a Gummy Bear I live in church street where do you live in Florida please I love interest-rate is right by Huck’s by

    Tangela GuytonTangela GuytonTund tagasi
  • jojo win

    Ravens WayRavens Way2 tundi tagasi
  • #jojo,#stove

    Nhoy TumatomNhoy Tumatom2 tundi tagasi
  • Stove he ate so much and he got sick too and a kid I'll eat loads of candy

    Lexi NozanLexi Nozan2 tundi tagasi
  • Stove is the winer

    Pankan PerezPankan Perez3 tundi tagasi
  • Stove

    DJ TicaDJ Tica3 tundi tagasi
  • 🤑😎😎😎😎😎😯😯😯😯😯😎😎😎🤯

    Maria PonceMaria Ponce3 tundi tagasi
  • I made a mistake eating why’ll watching this

    Cristine GonzalezCristine Gonzalez3 tundi tagasi
  • Stove won he ate a lot of food and he deserved to win

    Leak SherrilLeak Sherril4 tundi tagasi
  • Stove

    Stephanie ThomasStephanie Thomas5 tundi tagasi
  • Rc studio fun

    Carl AndersonCarl Anderson5 tundi tagasi
  • I would eat those worms

    Tegan GrecoTegan Greco5 tundi tagasi
  • I love think it counts

    the crazy kids1235the crazy kids12355 tundi tagasi
  • stove because if they had an equal amount of that one of that candy then stove wins

    Hayden OrozcoHayden Orozco6 tundi tagasi
  • i love gummy

    Kris VelliquetteKris Velliquette6 tundi tagasi
  • put 2 fries in one mouth every time

    Kentavious LylesKentavious Lyles6 tundi tagasi
  • I would eat all the donuts bc there squishy

    Jordon JamiesonJordon Jamieson6 tundi tagasi
  • Jojo walk away

    Dina KishinevskyDina Kishinevsky6 tundi tagasi
  • I wish i was in the challenge becuse i love candy

    Rut Silvana De LeonRut Silvana De Leon7 tundi tagasi
  • If you gave me 20 mins i well eat 4 hot dogs and 1pizza

    Mariam DaaboulMariam Daaboul7 tundi tagasi
  • I am 10 years old and I can make more than 300 dollars like these challenges r easy and that free money dude give me five minutes and I can eat the hole candy there I am a king

  • Stove

    Shelly SuichShelly Suich8 tundi tagasi
  • Stove

    Amy husbynAmy husbyn8 tundi tagasi
  • I think stove

    GODETS LLCGODETS LLC8 tundi tagasi
  • I’ll eat a peas

    shareen corbettshareen corbett8 tundi tagasi
  • I don’t think stove won because carter said if you drop a peace of a gummy you lose

    Ana LopezAna Lopez9 tundi tagasi
  • # Stove won

    Excellent Nintendo GamerExcellent Nintendo Gamer9 tundi tagasi
  • Hey vat19 haves tos gummys

    Blade Spiner55Blade Spiner559 tundi tagasi
  • Ur rich

    Fortniteyoutuber9 AkawaylonFortniteyoutuber9 Akawaylon10 tundi tagasi
  • Stoves going to win

    Jen TammiJen Tammi10 tundi tagasi
  • Staff

    Jennifer NicolosiJennifer Nicolosi10 tundi tagasi
  • I love food

    Vicki GamezVicki Gamez11 tundi tagasi
  • Jojo

    Mike KobylanskiMike Kobylanski11 tundi tagasi
  • Can you give me one dollar bill

    Ashley and Christian CornettAshley and Christian Cornett12 tundi tagasi
  • I i the only one but this video mackrs me hugarry

    M0SON9 2M0SON9 213 tundi tagasi
  • Hi

    senter emmasenter emma13 tundi tagasi

    Calum SasmanCalum Sasman13 tundi tagasi
  • Both

    Rabadzija RabaRabadzija Raba13 tundi tagasi
  • Jojo won

    Ella Dover vlogsElla Dover vlogs13 tundi tagasi
  • Stosur walk away with that mone

    Savannah LawsonSavannah Lawson13 tundi tagasi
  • Stove should keep is winnings

    Lillian LombardoLillian Lombardo13 tundi tagasi
  • Stove

    chef Ianchef Ian14 tundi tagasi

    ezzy is fabezzy is fab14 tundi tagasi
  • Hi

    Kimberly MitchellKimberly Mitchell15 tundi tagasi
  • I love candy

    Luke & Rebecca VlogsLuke & Rebecca Vlogs16 tundi tagasi
  • Stove

    Bryan ChoiBryan Choi18 tundi tagasi
  • I say stove won

    Anwer OmerAnwer Omer18 tundi tagasi
  • Jojo

    bryan justin ongbryan justin ong21 tund tagasi
  • ❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙🦄🐥🐶🦊🐱🐻🐭🐼🐹🐻‍❄️🐰🐨🐷🐻‍❄️🐼

    bryan justin ongbryan justin ong21 tund tagasi
  • Team Stove!!!

    savanna and stuffsavanna and stuffPäev tagasi
  • Tie

    Cruz LeonCruz LeonPäev tagasi
  • Stove

    Cayden DillardCayden DillardPäev tagasi
  • jojo

    Tom Matthew SharkeyTom Matthew SharkeyPäev tagasi
  • Jojo

    Fabiola Hernandez VelezFabiola Hernandez VelezPäev tagasi
  • Stove

    Julia ButlerJulia ButlerPäev tagasi
  • JoJo

    Aiden ZereyAiden ZereyPäev tagasi
  • I think it should go to stove and I love ricargcddez1

    Lauren TurnerLauren TurnerPäev tagasi
  • STOVE Should

    Larenzo WilliamsLarenzo WilliamsPäev tagasi
  • Stove

    Wayne MooreWayne MoorePäev tagasi
  • I think stove

    Cindy LlansoCindy LlansoPäev tagasi
  • Stove

    Michelle MendozaMichelle MendozaPäev tagasi
  • N

    Rafael BorelaRafael BorelaPäev tagasi
  • Stove because he ate soo much

    Torri ClaytonTorri ClaytonPäev tagasi
  • Stove

    Tonia BerryTonia BerryPäev tagasi
  • I wish I could be in that challenge

    ricangoddez1ricangoddez1Päev tagasi
  • stove

    Cristian BonillaCristian BonillaPäev tagasi
  • I'm 9 years old.bring on the candy!You could give me 5 minutes and I could eat 3 slices of gummy pizza. I love candy. 🍬🍭🍬🍭

    ricangoddez1ricangoddez1Päev tagasi
    • Same

      YouTubeDark Jeff1YouTubeDark Jeff1Tund tagasi
    • give me an minute I can eat 15 large gummy bears (true)

      *axtumn**axtumn*9 tundi tagasi
    • Same age and if I did that I should be the one paying lol ps I love candy I can eat that whole pizza in 5 min

      Rabadzija RabaRabadzija Raba13 tundi tagasi
    • Same

      gina lupogina lupo14 tundi tagasi
  • That’s easy

    Mike KeefeMike KeefePäev tagasi
  • This is how many people subscribed

    Randolph BarnesRandolph BarnesPäev tagasi
  • Oath

    Mishton WalshMishton WalshPäev tagasi
  • Stoveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjjh

    Maria ZavalaMaria ZavalaPäev tagasi
  • Stove

    Dawid PDawid PPäev tagasi
  • Like stove

    Maria RojasMaria RojasPäev tagasi
  • jojo

    Elliott Lewis (Student)Elliott Lewis (Student)Päev tagasi
  • stove you need to wim

    Paul GoodwinPaul GoodwinPäev tagasi
  • Stov is the winer

    Mila MiranMila MiranPäev tagasi
  • I think stov that's a lot of effort & I well eat the hotdog & the sawer worms

    Parwin SaiedParwin SaiedPäev tagasi
  • Gog. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.

    Adelso RodasAdelso RodasPäev tagasi
  • Stove should win

    Trey Baby blizzleTrey Baby blizzlePäev tagasi
  • stave

    Tiffany DuPreTiffany DuPrePäev tagasi
  • stove

    Dana McKinneyDana McKinneyPäev tagasi
  • No

    J WickedJ WickedPäev tagasi
  • Faze is better than rar

    Quinn JeunenQuinn JeunenPäev tagasi
  • Stove

    Quan QuanQuan QuanPäev tagasi
  • I think stove should win because he eat all of the pizza

    Mason HughesMason HughesPäev tagasi
  • JOJO

    aaronlopez6754aaronlopez6754Päev tagasi
  • Stove 😀😀😆😆

    Amber HendricksAmber HendricksPäev tagasi
  • Stove win

    Dessi BeautyDessi BeautyPäev tagasi
  • 999999999999999999999999

    Abdallah LaloAbdallah LaloPäev tagasi
  • 👇

    Mishton WalshMishton WalshPäev tagasi
  • Like my video for cookie

    Mishton WalshMishton WalshPäev tagasi
  • You guys are getting paid?

    April KokesApril KokesPäev tagasi
  • Stove

    Sultan AljassemSultan Aljassem2 päeva tagasi
  • JOJO deserves to win cuz stove dropped a piece on the ground and ate it off the floor

    shana simonshana simon2 päeva tagasi
    • But he had more in the mold

      Rabadzija RabaRabadzija Raba13 tundi tagasi
  • stove

    Cohen Le MercierCohen Le Mercier2 päeva tagasi
  • Both

    Bryanna HamiltonBryanna Hamilton2 päeva tagasi
  • Lizz you should of took the burger apart

    Bryanna HamiltonBryanna Hamilton2 päeva tagasi
  • Stove

    Marco AndradeMarco Andrade2 päeva tagasi