I Bet My Friends $100,000 I Could Beat Them In Mario Kart

26 märts 2021
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HI SISTERS! I bet my friends $100K that I could beat them in Mario Kart so we filmed a gaming competition! The races were absolutely insane. Watch to find out who ends up taking home the first place prize. Enjoy!
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  • Oh? You think your good? I've been playing Mario Kart since I was 5.

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    • @Nick Gurr sorry it was auto correct

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  • James can you do emoji make up challenge specifically these;🦋🌸🌈🔥

    NylaNyla2 päeva tagasi
  • James can you do emoji make up challenge specifically these;🦋🌸🌈🔥

    NylaNyla2 päeva tagasi
  • James can you do emoji make up challenge specifically these;🦋🌸🌈🔥

    NylaNyla2 päeva tagasi
  • James can you do emoji make up challenge specifically these;🦋🌸🌈🔥

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