wHy Im living on my oWn?

26 sept 2020
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  • Is this house in Lake Mathews too

    Kevin FraustoKevin Frausto21 tund tagasi
  • Can you do a tour

    Phyllis Van der RietPhyllis Van der RietPäev tagasi
  • Thank you for being the best EEworldr

    Scuff GamerzzScuff Gamerzz6 päeva tagasi
  • What happened to your corvette

    Hector SuarezHector Suarez6 päeva tagasi
  • Can we please get an updated house tour

    Brandon TrollopeBrandon Trollope15 päeva tagasi
  • Congrats Corey! Happy for you.

    Dave CloesDave Cloes18 päeva tagasi
  • Is Hanna going in with you in your house

    William HendryWilliam Hendry21 päev tagasi
  • Nice I love the house 🤗

    William HendryWilliam Hendry21 päev tagasi
  • You where in my city I saw my selfie at hope of the valley thrift store and then wimbys

    Wyatt CordovaWyatt Cordova25 päeva tagasi
  • 10:51 why?

    Lincoln PerryLincoln Perry26 päeva tagasi
  • Cap

    Rflx_Fusec _OGRflx_Fusec _OG28 päeva tagasi
  • I feel bad for ur girlfriend, u keep saying ur so excited to be living alone and shes just standing there like...

    Rachel RederRachel RederМісяць tagasi
  • Legit my dream house set up, shop with living quarters

    Alexander MinnasAlexander MinnasМісяць tagasi
  • Is Hanna staying with you or are you literally living AloNe in this house

    Luka bambooLuka bambooМісяць tagasi
  • You should have a pool table/ ping pong table but then u can use the ping pong side as a normal table

    Penguino The PenguinPenguino The PenguinМісяць tagasi
  • Ask Hannah to move in

    Chris Van LillChris Van LillМісяць tagasi
  • why im on my oWn

    JacksonPlayzYTJacksonPlayzYTМісяць tagasi
  • I am literally having the Same feeling! Moving out Very soon! And its unbelievable that I will be living outside my families house.

    Content watching Smith Creatives is the real oneContent watching Smith Creatives is the real oneМісяць tagasi
  • I miss your first season house

    jadog boiijadog boiiМісяць tagasi
  • Are their parents living with them?

    PubgsniperPubgsniperМісяць tagasi
  • Im so happy for you i hope you love your house

    A gamerA gamerМісяць tagasi
  • Put your girlfriend in there

    Seb ParkerSeb ParkerМісяць tagasi
  • When’s Hannah moving in?!

    Rylee UczenRylee UczenМісяць tagasi
  • Cater

    Lauren DaveyLauren DaveyМісяць tagasi

    LambonLambonМісяць tagasi
  • Bro I love cars and I think a lot of other people would too.It would be good content if you ran out of stuff to do for your channel.But that is my opinion you do you man keep up the good work!👍🏻

    DP Gamer 25DP Gamer 25Місяць tagasi
  • wait he lives alone but he has a room for each friend???????

    Quincy DavisQuincy DavisМісяць tagasi
  • Hannah and u should live together in ut little house

    Vanessa WebbVanessa WebbМісяць tagasi
  • Murphy bed look it up

    Brielle LenzBrielle LenzМісяць tagasi
  • It's the banana on your face for me

    Robert SpearsRobert SpearsМісяць tagasi
  • I would hat to move because I would have to leave all my animals (4 dogs 3 cats 7 or 8 cows maybe 9 13 chickens or 14 1 gunnie pig 1 hamster 3 hermit crabs and who knows how many fish)

    Pheobe BennettPheobe BennettМісяць tagasi
  • Corey do you support trump

    McMooseMcMooseМісяць tagasi
  • There drifting apart🤧

    Chris palaciosChris palaciosМісяць tagasi
  • I moved into my own place at the age of 18!

    Bear17 KBear17 KМісяць tagasi
  • Hey you need to get a golden retriever for a new dog and surprise Hannah

    Evan HayesEvan HayesМісяць tagasi
  • Make a quarter pipe in the garage spot

    Hearty DreeHearty DreeМісяць tagasi
  • (Corey I might make a little base (Siri) I didn't here that one (Corey)shut up Siri I wasn't talking to you

    danger brosdanger brosМісяць tagasi
  • when are u doing shopping for ur new house

    MalWatchesMalWatchesМісяць tagasi
  • When you set up your house you should film a room check

    Angus MooreAngus MooreМісяць tagasi
  • @corey.funk so excited for you! What an amazing place.

    Lori BarnettLori BarnettМісяць tagasi
  • A chilling place

    Kim WillisKim WillisМісяць tagasi
  • Let you girl hanna move I n wit u

    killer58 aidenkiller58 aidenМісяць tagasi
  • U can tell he's excited cause he said like allot

    SDC Techniqq [xbox]SDC Techniqq [xbox]Місяць tagasi
  • What's happening to Jason

    NOTAIDEN _69NOTAIDEN _69Місяць tagasi
  • Yo been squashing the like button sense he lived in his mom's and dad's house Like if your an OG

    VixyVixyМісяць tagasi
  • Dude you're house is like my dream house a small place to life but an huuuuuge place to build on cars and stuff

    tXmoX 2004tXmoX 2004Місяць tagasi
  • so u u only own the shop

    Joel Preston PlayzJoel Preston PlayzМісяць tagasi
  • I just moved and I live downstairs so it’s like my little apartment

    LaTrell WilsonLaTrell WilsonМісяць tagasi
  • I thot you wher livening on your own

    Brooklin KuhnBrooklin KuhnМісяць tagasi
  • wait is corey and hannah dating i never hear corey call hannah bby . is hannah movng in with corey i want that to happen

    Chenille JarrettChenille JarrettМісяць tagasi
  • Why isn't Hanna with you

    Cody PiperCody PiperМісяць tagasi
  • oh ya that would be awesome

    Eden PEden PМісяць tagasi
  • Sofa bed

    Erratic HypazxErratic HypazxМісяць tagasi
  • You should build a HUMMER from the ground up but be able to camp for road trips so you can sleep and have like a mini fridge or something that would be cool also get put tinted windows in it also I have been gone for awhile you need a nickname for your subscribers

    panfish Godpanfish GodМісяць tagasi
  • Congratulations 🎉 🎉 on your new home Corey

    lando Camlando CamМісяць tagasi
  • You need to start a car channel

    TrevorTrevorМісяць tagasi
  • i have some ideas! you should use some bit in the second floor of the garage for a room where you can just watch down and look what you have there, and you should hang up some scooter thing on the work bench!

    VincenzoVincenzoМісяць tagasi
  • Man that’s crazy cus my family was like you cus from me and my family living in a garage to a rv to a big home

    Cory UchihaCory UchihaМісяць tagasi
  • 6:20 doe "like like like ya know like like"

    123lucyb123123lucyb123Місяць tagasi
  • A table that turn into a pool table that turns into a Ping pong table my dad had it

    oLeekzoLeekzМісяць tagasi
  • If I had that garage space because I’m not into cars I’d make it a mini basketball court

    Salty futbolSalty futbolМісяць tagasi
  • can ibuy one of your scoots

    Dominic SwansonDominic SwansonМісяць tagasi
  • youshould get a huge fish tank

    Dominic SwansonDominic SwansonМісяць tagasi
  • Corey I love you man, but it seems like your distancing your self from capron- nvm im proud just stay safe and love you man

    SyticSyticМісяць tagasi
  • Yooo I'm so happy for u

    Dylan ChastainDylan ChastainМісяць tagasi
  • Is there gonna be a pool

    Daylyn GullettDaylyn GullettМісяць tagasi
  • Is nova staying with yall

    Daylyn GullettDaylyn GullettМісяць tagasi
  • That spot in the garage should be a big fort

    Larc BoysLarc BoysМісяць tagasi
  • U and hannah r so cute together id love to go driftin or build a car with u bro and chill eith u and the mob god speed bud

    J GJ GМісяць tagasi
  • You have to do car videos you got your own garage now

    Mikey GrayMikey GrayМісяць tagasi
  • congrats man hope there is a ton of great and scary content in this house and love every one that replies on this comment and everyone else as well

    Tabatha De LangeTabatha De LangeМісяць tagasi
  • Please ask Hannah to move in with you

    Viperx GamingViperx GamingМісяць tagasi
  • you should do your house how you want

    Slayer_FruitSlayer_FruitМісяць tagasi
  • Waiting for the new vid title : My New Dog

    Brandon SutherlandBrandon SutherlandМісяць tagasi
  • Corey u should move in with Hannah

    Jaime McGrathJaime McGrathМісяць tagasi
  • Audio in cory house is azz

    Parker AslaksonParker AslaksonМісяць tagasi
  • Were is your corvette

    Ekell10 On tiktokEkell10 On tiktokМісяць tagasi
  • corey you shud let hannah move in with you

    erin clarkerin clarkМісяць tagasi
  • It’s called content 😂

    Nicholas MinterNicholas MinterМісяць tagasi
  • Put small balls in 1 of the romms or make a skate park one the roof

    Hamza AlqudaimiHamza AlqudaimiМісяць tagasi
  • You should get a dirt bike

    Noah BrendenNoah BrendenМісяць tagasi
  • so we literally live right next to each other

    justintheskeletonjustintheskeletonМісяць tagasi
  • God it's crazy watching them grow from living with their parents puting crazy stuff in a trampoline and making scooter videos to getting this its been an amazing journey

    Montana Bmx BoiiiMontana Bmx BoiiiМісяць tagasi
  • Bro only ogs can like Buy lots of cereal

    Skeleton_lordSkeleton_lordМісяць tagasi
  • 8:20....i am gonna miss the old house a little bit

    Hanky spankyHanky spankyМісяць tagasi
  • Hey now....my mom's place was $176 thousand.....but in your case your house will be making you money...😂😂😂

    Hanky spankyHanky spankyМісяць tagasi
  • Wait 138,000? Oof I didnt know I have a expensive house 600000

    Bazzy YtBazzy YtМісяць tagasi
  • Is hanna going to be living with you in your own little house🏠?

    Dakota HydeDakota HydeМісяць tagasi
  • you should live with Hannah

    quornay bensonquornay bensonМісяць tagasi
  • oh my god

    Baily BoyBaily BoyМісяць tagasi
  • Corey you should get a ute

    F0RREST3F0RREST3Місяць tagasi
  • Is hanna going to be living with you

    thanedavy 2020thanedavy 2020Місяць tagasi
  • My own place I get to live in X100

    Waldo Miranda jrWaldo Miranda jrМісяць tagasi
  • build a vaydor g35 you will probably have fun wit dat and its cheap if you build it yourself btw its a car.

    Assault_ThunderAssault_ThunderМісяць tagasi
  • He should make the little place above his bedroom a fort not with blankets but like a fort that works and stuff. That he can use for multiple purposes. That can be like his second bedroom. That would be awesome!!!! 😃

    Kayla MillanKayla MillanМісяць tagasi
  • Corey you should ask her to move in with you!!!! Pls

    Crazysisters 24Crazysisters 24Місяць tagasi
  • Yes finaly car corey!!

    CerealHorse 9415CerealHorse 9415Місяць tagasi
  • Sweet

    IsaacGehrettIsaacGehrettМісяць tagasi
  • What about Hannah????

    EL ChavezEL ChavezМісяць tagasi
  • Why isn't Hannah living with you?

    burnamonburnamonМісяць tagasi