Food Theory: What's SAFE To Eat After Nuclear Fallout?

17 sept 2020
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Loyal Theorists, nowadays I seem to be thinking a lot about the future of the world. Over on my other channel, Game Theory, I've talked a lot about the franchise of Fallout. Now that we've launched Food Theory, I think it's time to cover a topic I've always wondered about - what CAN you eat after a nuclear apocalypse? What food out there is safe from the radiation that would permeate pretty much everything? Today, we're going to find out what's on the menu after nuclear fallout!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • e/dance

    Brenda Liz CorreaBrenda Liz Correa7 tundi tagasi
  • What happen if you want out of drinks how you going to get drinks?

    cale cookcale cook8 tundi tagasi
  • I'm watching this because its 2021 and I'm paranoid

    Danielle BooneDanielle Boone11 tundi tagasi
  • ok but who's here from gaud?

    Ilinca FlacauIlinca Flacau11 tundi tagasi
  • remember kids... dont feed the yaougui! ' three dog from fallout three '

    Everette SmallEverette Small12 tundi tagasi
  • Sorry about your leg Chicken no problem

    Ali RabahAli Rabah12 tundi tagasi
  • An the intro made me laugh

    Alexandru RadutAlexandru Radut12 tundi tagasi
  • If you have radioactive particles on you make sure to take a shower

    Trisha PancioTrisha Pancio15 tundi tagasi
  • Is the crust of my pizza in brassicuss?

    Adam ZacharyAdam Zachary19 tundi tagasi
  • toyotasupra

    Liberty OlivasLiberty Olivas23 tundi tagasi
  • When radiation is not active radioinactive

    Ruby RondinaRuby RondinaPäev tagasi
  • But in 240 years radioactive Dust dont losse radiation?

    Alejandro OteroAlejandro OteroPäev tagasi
  • is it just me? or do i hear a train whistle in the intro

    Harris NinowHarris NinowPäev tagasi
  • The hilarious part is that the prewar food never spoils I get that it's a satirical take but it's hilarious.

    maximum man playsmaximum man playsPäev tagasi
  • Hay matpat question who is the person who voiced the chicken and can i hire him to read me bedtime stories

  • The giant caterpillar connolly live because okra ipsilaterally compete underneath a nimble fridge. pastoral, long-term touch

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    Gangsta Kermit.Gangsta Kermit.2 päeva tagasi
  • ....i thought this was going to be a knockoff channel, like "The anime theorists" or something. I did not expect Matpat to actually have started a goddamn FOOD THEORY

    SlackerSlacker2 päeva tagasi
  • So you can’t breed animals that have been contaminated?

    Not KnownNot Known2 päeva tagasi
  • If that happened i Will get my pet cow (which is not real) and take it to my bunker (which also doesn't exist)

    Bacon armyYTBacon armyYT2 päeva tagasi
  • Nah, none of this, according to an actual government document, we’d be slaves pretty much if a nuclear war broke out

    Captain RetroCaptain Retro3 päeva tagasi
  • MatPat keeps referring to us viewers as adults, but I am only 12. Is that ok?

    Fantasy FeverFantasy Fever3 päeva tagasi
  • Just farm things underground with pre-fallout soil.

    Anthony DuAnthony Du4 päeva tagasi
  • Naw, just take the lead belly perk and you can be immune to radiation in food at the last rank

    Jackie89000Jackie890004 päeva tagasi
  • 7:56 name four sayjins as food GO

    cartoon catcartoon cat4 päeva tagasi

    Kayden GameflixKayden Gameflix4 päeva tagasi
  • I know this might be a stupid but could you just grow crops to absorb the radiation until the soil is radiation free?

    Sebastian Molina RegilSebastian Molina Regil4 päeva tagasi
  • Chivken dangerous zipper eggngerous XD

    Jagadeesh AmarapuramJagadeesh Amarapuram4 päeva tagasi
  • In fallout new Vegas they sweep the soil. They 100% didn’t mean it but it makes sense.

    Heartworn FoxHeartworn Fox5 päeva tagasi
  • I mean you don’t even have to worry about radiation poisoning you just need to use like one rad away

    mabel torresmabel torres5 päeva tagasi
  • I Love The Intro Because Is Like Farm Life Minecraft Music :D

    AlexaPro250AlexaPro2505 päeva tagasi
  • As a farmer I can tell up it's going to be a little harder then just scrapping the top soil. And cannabis is a plant that is used at a lot of sites to remove radioactive materials from the soil. You probably shouldn't smoke it though. Lol

    jason higleyjason higley5 päeva tagasi

    CaluatahCaluatah5 päeva tagasi
  • people after the end of 2021: this didn't age well

    extra knowledgeextra knowledge5 päeva tagasi
  • Are those watermelon strawberries?

    Zachary YangZachary Yang5 päeva tagasi
  • If real life science has taught me anything it's if fallout does happen plant sunflowers before crops

    Reyoshi TakahashiReyoshi Takahashi5 päeva tagasi
  • Slightly irradiated steak If you know what im referencing i love u

    burnt sienna octaneburnt sienna octane5 päeva tagasi
  • Your channel definitely deserves my subs!

    Make Money NowMake Money Now5 päeva tagasi
  • Once u scrape the soil you can plant some sunflowers to soak up the leftover radiation and the sunflowers won't let the Radiation out so it's 100% clean soil

    Lethal LiquidatorLethal Liquidator5 päeva tagasi
  • Assffhjjhgdsfgjk

    Pelle P Fischer DichmannPelle P Fischer Dichmann6 päeva tagasi
  • According to what you said in the video, (it is oinly poisonous if it is emitting raidiation or glowing in movies), The intro matpat is dead

    PromazingPromazing6 päeva tagasi
  • I #blamebrassicas

    Y A YY A Y6 päeva tagasi
  • Will of course can't eat everything on the surface that idea is take home to animals in the garden down below

    Ruger VaughnRuger Vaughn6 päeva tagasi
  • #blamebrasicis

    Charles HaglerCharles Hagler6 päeva tagasi
  • No, no it’s not. I don’t care what you say I’m not eating anything after nuclear fallout.

    AlexTGB THE GAMER BOYAlexTGB THE GAMER BOY7 päeva tagasi
  • Or underground and safe to eat mushrooms

    Something Random52Something Random527 päeva tagasi
  • #afraidofoodforlife

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  • Itation

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  • 2020 feels like the end of days *Here's 2021!* \_( )_/

    Albert LemieszkoAlbert Lemieszko7 päeva tagasi
  • I'm not in 2020 Im in 2021 :)

    tawny weebtawny weeb7 päeva tagasi
  • ok but hear me theory

    TerrorbellTerrorbell7 päeva tagasi
  • 9:12 | eats radoactive does not care* blows up* "I dont care X_X ughhh

    Luca DraganLuca Dragan7 päeva tagasi
  • So basically the best things to store when doomsday prepping is soil , fertilizers and seeds

    Zed. IZed. I8 päeva tagasi
  • 1:47 its already 2021

    michael.jovan 181901012michael.jovan 1819010128 päeva tagasi
  • I learned more from matpat than 6 years of school

    MaxTheMSIMaxTheMSI8 päeva tagasi
  • you said radiation a lot in this video

    Mohommed AbdunabiMohommed Abdunabi8 päeva tagasi

    izuku midoriyaizuku midoriya9 päeva tagasi
  • Guy from 2021 we lived

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  • Jan 06,2021-(USA capitol gets stormed) Jan 07,2021-(me watching this video as a reviewer)

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  • All this video taught me was hoard dirt

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  • Evergreen topic.

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  • a food theory bonapite your the best matpat

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  • 0:29 oh no koolaid is now thanos he has the gahntlet

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  • 0:24 there s a bendys reseraunt beside matdonalds to the left just like in a animation sins episode of now hirering at freddys

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    • over the lolipop at 0:23 - 0:24 tere is a game theory version of star bucks to the right over the lilipop

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    • also at 0:23 a peanut butter jellytime shawdow over freddies

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    • 0:23 and a bobs burgers and krusty crab to the right of matdonalds

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    • 0:23 nyan cat in the air

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    • also a freddys beside bendys to the left again visable during 0:23 over the bush with purple berries

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  • I have a friend named jonny so I got to be careful

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  • Your not going to be growing a third limb Me: I am of the sadness

    Micah KauffmanMicah Kauffman11 päeva tagasi

    Micah KauffmanMicah Kauffman11 päeva tagasi
  • Kinda disappointed in you Matt. Ionizing electromagnetic radiation and particle radiation are 2 very different things, even though many people mistakenly lump them together. Explainer made a good article explaining the difference:

    Scud422Scud42212 päeva tagasi
  • When a nuke is airbursted the radioactive isotopes tend to linger in the upper atmosphere for so long its no longer radioactive or at least has very little radioactivity left before it returns to earth... comparing nuclear power plant disasters to nuclear war isn't isn't good comparison... still love the video though😁

    Damian PulidoDamian Pulido12 päeva tagasi
  • Is nobody gonna talk about how the auto generated subtitles are in Dutch?

    Snapfire !Snapfire !12 päeva tagasi
  • Instead of trying to survive I would just get vaporized

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  • f***ing KALE.

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  • This intro its pretty cool

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  • Hey what bout virus apocalypse

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  • Pootatatoes: allow us to introduce ourselves

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  • 1:17 insert vsauce music

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    Consuelo MagoConsuelo Mago14 päeva tagasi
  • If there was an apocalyptic event I would of went to Greenland if I can survive meteors it can survive nukes and a Zombie apocalypse

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  • In Chernobyl your still not allowed to walk around like you used to yes you can walk outaide still but with restrictions

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  • Food

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  • The intro makes me drool because I have a stomach flu

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  • Fish

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    • and use fish poop to plant plants and use the plants to feed the fish

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    • all u need is water

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  • blamebrassicas

    Themeatly2 -Themeatly2 -15 päeva tagasi

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  • This will definitely help me in a Nuclear fall out and a zombie apocalypse and an alien invasion. I will win them all

    The Main CharacterThe Main Character15 päeva tagasi
  • Remember, Soup cans be stored for up to 737 years!

    YerisuoYerisuo15 päeva tagasi
  • I would say I would go to a large city in a zombie, but only after the initial surge of the infected. To survive the initial surge i would try an open field with multiple people. The city will have loads of resources and possibly ammo, and after the first wave it should have been cleared out of people. Ask in comments if you have questions.

    demoknight tf2demoknight tf215 päeva tagasi
  • That opening joke tho... Like, it was /actually/ good...

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  • the chicken is cousin vinny

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  • what is your name matt pat?

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  • me: * watching this theory * * hears plane over head * me: *oh no*

    Ginger GalaxyGinger Galaxy16 päeva tagasi
  • But how do you get a non radioactive animal to eat your non radioactive crops? Will a offspring of a radioactive animal be born without being radioactive? If so, then that's good news for reproducing animals for food in the future. Asking for a friend, thanks

    Armando GtzArmando Gtz16 päeva tagasi
  • 0:19 eh don’t worry about it he has plenty Oh god HE HAS MORE LEGS?!?!

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