Customizing A $10,000,000 House

5 okt 2020
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I can't believe we painted a $10,000,000 house then paid for a ton of my subscribers rent lol
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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    • u are the greatest guy that i had watch

    • I hope i win for my mom😶 i came from philippines watching your youtube channel because its so cool

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    • hmmmm hoping to win a giveaway

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  • cant believe ZHC knew among us before me

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  • Damn ur hella rich

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  • Can I have a shoutout

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  • Michelle and you ... so Cute

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  • I want that house i can give you a 2000$ please

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  • I can’t get in to a give away because I can’t have Instagram:(

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  • =@%a

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  • I love you and this is cool

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  • ZHC at the begging: I brought a small team of artists to help me. ZHC at the end : If I wouldnt have brought this team of artist it would probably have taken me a whole year.

  • WAIT WHAT, Sorry I thought Michelle is her sis 😳

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  • It's not your house - _-

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  • I did all

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  • ZHC IN THE FUTURE: today i will be cuztomizing the white house

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  • Oh my gosh

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  • Oh my gosh I love it is awesome and amazing even super cool

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  • ZHD: ok so today I will be customizing my 10 million dollar house. Me: ok today I will customizing this pice of paper

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  • ZAch Your vids are cool as new ilove them

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  • Imagine when they 're old and look at those painting 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Mechele: I’m hot 🥵 ZCH: yeah in both ways

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  • I like it its so beutiful

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  • Oh my god how you do this house how tired out my God

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  • 4:43

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  • Are you a gold digger buying that house???

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  • its like 3d

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  • I love all the paintings im sure you worked very hard. Also its so funny when Michael drops the paint buket.

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  • Who else thought they were going to cover up the whole house inside out with doodles

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  • Michelle: “ how hot are you? ZHC: “Very hot” Me: uhmmmm😂😂

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  • Buleeeee man

  • 1:13 I know exactly how you feel lol

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  • I will freak out if i win a house, because i dream since 20 years to live in amerika !!!!

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  • Wait I did not know she was his girlfriend?!

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  • Where did you get the LED lights from

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  • Not to lie you guys did everything PERFECT 🤩 You got a rich house a very creative one

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  • Your panting is so cool . Goodlack

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  • wait what he gonna give a way a house hahahaa :-*

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  • Oh my God you are so hard working and hi i am from Nepal

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  • هههه

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  • I love

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  • ZHC in 2050: Customizing the solar system

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  • 3:18 his sleeves are oversized on his shirt

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  • I love your channel ones me and my freind played a game and I asked how do you know and she said zhc

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  • I suded and turn notifocations please help with our rent

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  • Love your channel👌 love your art you are doing great job love from India hats off to you you spend your money and your time love on ours so thank you God bless you

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  • i love watching these videos

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  • 9,9999999999999,999999999 $

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  • I can't believe this master house

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  • Can you plz customize the outside of the house

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  • Who calls this a house .... I call this a castle which has painting of their owners

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  • I really love this EEworld channel because they are helping those persons who really need what ever they are giving away

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  • Michelle is so cuteeee

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  • I didn't now that Michelle is Zhack's girlfriend

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  • For us it's just a 13 minute video For them it was a 30 day challenge

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  • weird flex but ok

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  • ZHC 2055: coustimising the whole city 😯

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  • A door

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  • I just watch just now.. I like the art he doing.. I love it.. nice job sir.. i appreciate your art skills.. it is the best 👍👍👍

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  • i would let u paint my room

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  • Zhc you are so good at drawing

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  • ZHC* And if we dont finish customizing this 10mill house we have to give away a house Me* Weird flex but ok

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  • ZHC is just the Mr beast of art

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  • i swear in like idk maybe around 3 yrs he is going to paint the white house or paint a museum

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  • Anyone kinda mad that he's painting that super nice home?

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  • I love you ❤😍 is it okay if I kiss you if it is a no it is okay if it is a no it Is okay so kiss me now And name is aubrianna

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