Fortnite YouTubers I can BEAT in a 1v1...

17 jaan 2021
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Today we rate Fortnite EEworldrs I could beat in a 1v1 in a tierlist!
Hope you enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about Epic just banned a big part of Fortnite! In todays video we rate fortnite youtubers in a tierlist... Including Fresh, Lazarbeam, Lachlan, Muselk, McCreamy, Ninja and more! It's basically Fortnite EEworldrs I can beat in a 1v1! Hope you enjoy!
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  • Who didn't I get right?

    SypherPKSypherPKМісяць tagasi
    • Fresh

      UnicornPlayzUnicornPlayz5 päeva tagasi
    • Mcreamy would step on you.

      Cameron_a_bCameron_a_b13 päeva tagasi
    • Remember when Nick Eh 30 killed you and hogman?

      THECHAMP0629 EhTHECHAMP0629 Eh21 päev tagasi
    • No

      Kyle GilchristKyle Gilchrist21 päev tagasi
    • Muselk

      RBL ECLIPSERBL ECLIPSE21 päev tagasi
  • In a snipe battle mccreamy would cream you hard

    Playz 090Playz 09048 sekundit tagasi
  • U got Lazarbeam a good

    funny fadefunny fade44 minutit tagasi
  • Next video title leaked: A bunch of mad youtubers 1v1ed me.

    Ethan ApplegateEthan ApplegateTund tagasi
  • This is not correct 😂

    The FuriousmaniacThe FuriousmaniacTund tagasi
  • Sypher forgot about me

    Rufina Martinez HernandezRufina Martinez HernandezTund tagasi
  • Why did you not put me in that list im cracked at fortnite

    MachiMachi2 tundi tagasi
  • 99/100 wrong

    Ali Eats kabobAli Eats kabob2 tundi tagasi
  • You think to high of yourself you are not that good

    Arun BanerjeeArun Banerjee3 tundi tagasi
  • I’m sorry fresh would destroy you.

    Levi LozadaLevi Lozada4 tundi tagasi
  • Bro fresh would start picaxing u full tryhard

    Chris LongChris Long4 tundi tagasi
  • What about JAAVIS YOUR INSANE BRUV and high skyn megga

    Hamza KhanHamza Khan5 tundi tagasi
  • you would get rolled with re4rless

    CD X2CD X25 tundi tagasi
  • I like how Sypher said Ollie-a instead of Ali-a

    Shl SharkShl Shark6 tundi tagasi
  • Tiki plz

    Levi CelisLevi Celis6 tundi tagasi
  • I think the Lachlan and MrFreshAsian ratings were a bit off, I think that they could definitely beat you.

    Cloudy RaiderCloudy Raider7 tundi tagasi
  • Bro I hate u for saying fresh MIGHT beat u he would destroy u

    Ralph HuntRalph Hunt7 tundi tagasi
  • Bru I am sooooooooooooooo MAD

    Helen VineHelen Vine7 tundi tagasi
  • Bruh most of these are wrong

    coldrainwatercoldrainwater8 tundi tagasi
  • Super

    Hayley MarquisHayley Marquis8 tundi tagasi
  • SypherPK sees noahsnoah’s name Noahsnoah:It’s a car

    Joshacool VlogsJoshacool Vlogs9 tundi tagasi
  • Fresh and mccreamy would beat u

    Ronan DonagheyRonan Donaghey9 tundi tagasi
  • Laserbeam : I’m down I’m gonna lose unless I bring in my secret weapon fresh I choose you!!!!!! Fresh: pickle.

    PJ ThompsonPJ Thompson10 tundi tagasi
  • I think so

    Suleman MohamedSuleman Mohamed10 tundi tagasi
  • Mccreamy would clap you and, when would are you going to 1v1 Tg I'm so excited, it's going to be the best 1v1 ever.

    RA JADDOURA JADDOU11 tundi tagasi
  • Ferless😥😭😭😭

    Me__G GabrielMe__G Gabriel11 tundi tagasi
  • do a 1v1 syher pk v fe4rless vibeo

    Chase ThurikChase Thurik12 tundi tagasi
  • Creamy would destroy you

    Pcoltrane RPcoltrane R12 tundi tagasi
  • I respect B ninja and TG plays

    Bayanda NdokweniBayanda Ndokweni12 tundi tagasi
  • This seems like his favorite to worst

    scp explainedscp explained13 tundi tagasi
  • Noah is cracked bro

    XYXY13 tundi tagasi
  • Sypher stop lying!!!!!! Fresh would roll u and don't think I'm lying I dare u to 1v1 him in your next video do it u wanna see u get destroyed

    Lonewolf_567Lonewolf_56714 tundi tagasi
  • ok u have to watch nicks arena games

    The World Of NateThe World Of Nate14 tundi tagasi
  • Noah should be in id win

    Cheese doodleCheese doodle17 tundi tagasi

    hellohello17 tundi tagasi
  • What you saying about tg?

    olive gaming timeolive gaming time18 tundi tagasi
  • You would not destroy fearless he would beat you.just because he doesn’t upload

    Thurab SharifiThurab Sharifi18 tundi tagasi
  • Let’s see how many subs i ca Get from this 1 comment writing this at 160

    xGrazze lxGrazze l20 tundi tagasi
  • SypherPK VS faze sway

    OMR. LOLOMR. LOL20 tundi tagasi
  • Fe4RLess

    Russell WilsonRussell Wilson21 tund tagasi
  • Mcreamy

    Russell WilsonRussell Wilson21 tund tagasi
  • I’m sorry but Nick Eh 30 would roll you

    Kunai ClipzKunai Clipz22 tundi tagasi
  • stop the cap 🔕

    xd alandxd aland23 tundi tagasi
  • Fearless will beat you anyday

    Fortnitefam2000Fortnitefam2000Päev tagasi
  • Almost all of those "50/50" should be closer to "I'D lose"

    KvakKvakPäev tagasi
  • Fe4rless would destroy you boi

    Bobby McGeeBobby McGeePäev tagasi
  • Randumb will roll you

    lazarock 28lazarock 28Päev tagasi
  • u can't beat Ninja. Sorry. He would call Epic. ^_^

    Ali DaOGAli DaOGPäev tagasi
  • Do you mean hate to noah or he just bad bc he my favourite youtuber

    festival sitefestival sitePäev tagasi
  • Fresh would destroy u buddy

    zloxiezloxiePäev tagasi
  • You can’t kill Noah

    HyperHyperPäev tagasi
  • RATE faze martoz

    frostrfrostrPäev tagasi
  • Ssundee

    Mr.iconicMr.iconicPäev tagasi
  • For fresh he should be at the same level as x2 twins.

    Poopoo The_3rdPoopoo The_3rdPäev tagasi
  • I bet Fearless will win

    Zendrolink YTZendrolink YTPäev tagasi
  • Fearless has amazing aim and he has great builds and if he did not upload you think he would be in 50/50 because fearless is amazing

    ChuckBoom GamingChuckBoom GamingPäev tagasi
  • Sorry but lachy, nick and fresh would destroy you

    AviCrafterAviCrafterPäev tagasi
  • Noahsnoah what absolutely clap u

    Brendan AullsBrendan AullsPäev tagasi
  • Laserbeam is getting skin before you

    Sergio LozanoSergio LozanoPäev tagasi
  • Mr savage

    Thomas KaltveitThomas KaltveitPäev tagasi
  • They would all box you like a fish

    Thicc BoiThicc BoiPäev tagasi
  • And Typical gamer is crackd he Will win

    Mikkel E Gaming kanalMikkel E Gaming kanalPäev tagasi
  • Creamy and x2twins Will destroy you

    Mikkel E Gaming kanalMikkel E Gaming kanalPäev tagasi
  • Noah would destroy you on thanos glove

    Pascale AsmarPascale AsmarPäev tagasi
  • fe4rless is sooooo much better than you, you would get clapped

    Jude _Jude _Päev tagasi
  • I dare you to sub to me

    Hockeykid119Hockeykid119Päev tagasi
  • McCreamy would destroy sypher

    Harvey BarnesHarvey BarnesPäev tagasi
  • Next time do Ausie Antics

    Jonah ColonJonah ColonPäev tagasi
  • you got fe4r wrong

    King Ryder JacksonKing Ryder JacksonPäev tagasi
  • Fresh would absolutely smash you bot I would

    Red Devil10Red Devil10Päev tagasi
  • Replays would smash you

    Red Devil10Red Devil10Päev tagasi
  • and lachlan

    Nikko DehazaNikko DehazaPäev tagasi
  • i know your sipher but creamy and fresh can detroy you

    Nikko DehazaNikko DehazaPäev tagasi
  • Every single teen is better than adults

    Benedict Aidan BerliantoBenedict Aidan BerliantoPäev tagasi
  • Fresh would wreck pk

    Daniel MarshallDaniel MarshallPäev tagasi
  • No Tiko 😢

    dillpickle071dillpickle071Päev tagasi
  • Ninja is good it is I would get rolled

    Sean Anthony JimenezSean Anthony JimenezPäev tagasi
  • Sypher: Did I get any wrong? Me: Looks at... McCreamy, Fresh, Tg, Fe4rless, Nick Eh, Lachlan, Resplayz, Tfue, Nickmercs, Ninja... Yes, you were on almost everything.

    Micah BrowneMicah BrownePäev tagasi
  • Fresh would clap him sorry

    IIXCII 17IIXCII 17Päev tagasi
  • I think that noahsnoah will destroy u.

    Patrick uityPatrick uityPäev tagasi
  • I'd say sypher is very confident that he'd win lachlan. An sypher is never gonna win lachlan or fresh

    Rohan GreeffRohan GreeffPäev tagasi
  • Who would lose to Bugha the world champion of fornite

    Valtplays GamingValtplays GamingPäev tagasi
  • Not to be rude but when you said “Fresh would slightly beat me” I was like UMmMmMmmMm Fresh full sweat would beat you

    Serena - RobloxSerena - RobloxPäev tagasi
  • Noahsnoah would summon 100 defaults to pickaxe you

    michael bridgesmichael bridges2 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh would clap u so ez

    Emmett McEachrenEmmett McEachren2 päeva tagasi
  • You are not that good they all would dog on you

    Mason JardotMason Jardot2 päeva tagasi
  • Lazar gets knocked also lazarbeam fresh I choose you at the end of the battle lazarbeam got to catch them aal

    Jhony RomeroJhony Romero2 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh and creamy would demolish you

    Ian BaiIan Bai2 päeva tagasi
  • Not to hate or anything but fresh would DESTROY you in a 1v1 but you are still a really good player don't forget that

    Hamza IqbalHamza Iqbal2 päeva tagasi
  • these ranks are messed up

    Mr CloudyMr Cloudy2 päeva tagasi
  • Fe4rless would shit on youuu

    ClipzClipz2 päeva tagasi
  • Creamy and x2 would clap you sypher

    ClipzClipz2 päeva tagasi
  • Creamy, X2, Fresh, NoahNoah ell absolutely clap you Big PK

    Marcos RodriguezMarcos Rodriguez2 päeva tagasi
  • Sypher would get destroyed by Fresh, Mccreamy and he would 50/50 Lachlan. Sypher I love ur vids but I think you are a bit too confident. Like if you agree.

    Tobias MøllerTobias Møller2 päeva tagasi
  • Noah can roll you ez

    rousshs 69rousshs 692 päeva tagasi
  • dude typical gamer and frwsj would roll you out

    xd jilywibxd jilywib2 päeva tagasi
  • Eh 30 would rolllll u

    Cole LewisCole Lewis2 päeva tagasi
  • Fearless would destroy you

    MR. H2OMR. H2O2 päeva tagasi
  • I say fearless is a 50/50.

    PancakezPancakez2 päeva tagasi
  • Mcreamy would easily win against Pk

    MagentaSwayMagentaSway2 päeva tagasi