PLAYING PS5 FORTNITE! (Ultimate Gaming TV)

29 nov 2020
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New PS5 Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 gameplay with Typical Gamer! Thanks LG for sponsoring this video!
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  • What was the second skin that TG played with????

    PranellePranelle2 tundi tagasi
  • I paused it

    Little BrozLittle Broz2 tundi tagasi
  • When it was morning time I parked it exactly when the Bush was right in front of of the screen thing

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  • I have the ps5

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  • you heard me real talk son

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    walle fortnte.walle fortnte.18 tundi tagasi
  • For map press middle buton

    Sashaaas WayyySashaaas Wayyy19 tundi tagasi
  • Controller is easy

    Sashaaas WayyySashaaas Wayyy19 tundi tagasi
  • I” got the PS4 and ps5

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  • Aim assist 7:33

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  • hey if you give me that PS5 I will gift you all my op SKINS!!!

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  • What ps5 is this?

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  • why is your name pavonis

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  • Anyone else realize he was playing on his monitor with the ps5 plugged into it instead of the Lg Tv? If you look into his glasses you can the smaller screen proving he is playing on his monitor

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  • can you do a giveaway for the ps5 my birthday is in septeber

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  • a bro love you man

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  • Hey at 7.54 it was me!😂lol

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  • my like butten changes green *winky face*

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  • Are use your code

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  • Us Controller players do be grinding though

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  • u shold play keyboard and mouse on ps5 u will still have good graphics

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  • Can u post your settings on EEworld and I will like subscribe

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  • ,

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  • fortnite hellps you to write better

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  • How tf did LG sponsor a Sony's PS5 Fortnitr game play? 😂

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  • gg

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  • Can you do the exbox series

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  • Who's here that doesn't have it and is jealous

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    • Me

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  • Y did I get p5 like 9 days after him

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  • lol u always win

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  • I got the ps5 for Christmas I was so happy 😺

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  • your my favorite youtuber

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  • you the best

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  • Typical u should become a scientist cause he knows everything about the tv lol🙃

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  • he says playing fortnite for the first time on ps5 but his level is 308

    Arslan dudeArslan dude3 päeva tagasi
  • he says playing fortnite for the first time on ps5 but his level is 308

    Arslan dudeArslan dude3 päeva tagasi
  • I still don’t know how to edit

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  • Hi

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  • I’m not aloud

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  • i think you should've get the play statoin fan cooler and play station chager i have its going great

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  • i have a ps4 and its the same thing i custimize my controller and ps4 and its looking cool

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  • Hi I'm watching this in 2021 on January

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  • Yo how did you get it and i used your code :)

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  • Can we 1v1

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  • cool

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  • He should be a ps5 player

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    • Nah

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  • me on ps5 not winning for 39 game straight but andre just like few games and won

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  • Hrhrh

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  • But me a ps5😭😭😭😭

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  • Hi

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  • that was funny when the controller want dead

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  • Why is his name pavonis?

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  • controller ez

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  • Im a controller player

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  • looks the same to me

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  • It turn black

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  • I could not pre order it bcz of i was late :(

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  • I play on PS4

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  • tg I play on Nintendo now think how hard it would be for you

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  • The frame is nice

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  • I have Xbox x sires and ps5

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  • Can i please have a ps5

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  • No afence but he going crazy about his gun and the water

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  • Hi tg

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  • it turns blue for me

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  • I have ps4

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  • Got the PS5 in September, AMAZING graphics. So that’s the exact graphics as me.

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    • Lam

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  • Btw a play Fortnite on ps4

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  • hi

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  • I m playing on controller since 7 years..

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  • Xbox is so easy to play fortnite on

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  • Keyboard player : controller aim help me Controller player give me keyboard build

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  • hey andrea i am better then you on my ps4 you have ps5 still you losing lol

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  • I got a PS5 yesterday it’s awesome

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  • I thought you’re playing on tv when that’s you’re setup

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  • he just started playing and hes already better than me

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    • I see u everywhere

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    • @Addison Ratledge nah i meant on console in general

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    • You have a ps5

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  • Goooooooooooooooood

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  • When he realizes it looks the exact same on ps4 🌚➕🌝🔜🌓

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  • To sum this video up, aim assist is overpowered

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