The Life of a Speedrunner

23 okt 2020
6 350 827 Vaatamised

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  • Tomorrow at 1PM EST I'm gonna be LIVE streaming and opening up a crap load of expensive Pokemon card boxes, BE THERE OR BE... UH... NOT THERE

    CircleToonsHDCircleToonsHDМісяць tagasi
    • @iLikeNoodles just OK man are you a ok mi ok man who are you chating fuck NO SAYING OK NO SAYING IT

      Billie-Joe LewisBillie-Joe Lewis12 tundi tagasi
    • Copiador de merda

      D'LucaD'LucaPäev tagasi
    • Ok

      Omari LameyOmari Lamey3 päeva tagasi
    • sorry I was 1 month late

      TinaTina6 päeva tagasi
    • B E T H E R E O R B E S Q U A R E

      Adelph CharlesAdelph Charles6 päeva tagasi
  • The Angel he missed his personal best Let me see how many times he has tried to kill himself

    Landon AndreLandon Andre5 minutit tagasi
  • Dang he's even holding a choice scarf

    AzureAzure15 minutit tagasi
  • My dumbass really out here like "oh no peanut butter is dangerous for babies" lol

    Michael MeltonMichael Melton27 minutit tagasi
  • Life is a game you just respawn and try and speedrun frame perfect

    tlc83191tlc8319128 minutit tagasi
  • He didn’t Pb?!? Aw that’s sad, welp time for the next life, cmon Timmy

    wHy_.wHy_.40 minutit tagasi
  • The people that are born dead are the speedruners of life

    roberdash 407roberdash 40758 minutit tagasi
  • XD

    zNo0b GGzNo0b GGTund tagasi
  • Lol

    Tristan PogiTristan PogiTund tagasi
  • Fun fact:the world record is the digits queen elizabeth has

  • when kids be trying to be an adult

    brandon Kokichibrandon KokichiTund tagasi
  • Sorry but I'm a speedrunner

    Fast PepeFast Pepe2 tundi tagasi
  • HE could have very easily skipped that dialogue saving him much wasted time.

    theguynobodylikestheguynobodylikes2 tundi tagasi
  • Legends : watching at 2x speed

    Manoj SonkusareManoj Sonkusare2 tundi tagasi
  • He could have saved 24 secs if he just landed on his neck.

    xXMattxultimateXxxXMattxultimateXx2 tundi tagasi
  • He should've jumped head first off the bed to deal some extra damage speeding things up

    Jerry McbrideJerry Mcbride3 tundi tagasi
  • You should have Backwards Long Jumped off of the hospital bed post, it will teleport you directly to the peanut butter.

    Cobalt StormCobalt Storm4 tundi tagasi
  • Baby Sounds line Ian Hecox

    GarmGarm4 tundi tagasi
  • 0:30 Rookie mistake monologuing if you want to speedrun.

    Richard NelsonRichard Nelson4 tundi tagasi
  • This is dream was a baby

    It_ AllyIt_ Ally5 tundi tagasi
  • Speedrunning how fast you can end the game of life. By dying and wasting it?

    Zach da gaming legend 75Zach da gaming legend 756 tundi tagasi
  • what?

    JustPassingByJustPassingBy6 tundi tagasi
  • smh could've used the quite clear masks on the doctors and suffocate himself and saved so much time

    Dragonate_Dragonate_6 tundi tagasi
  • The real meaning to Life is a game

    ApolloApollo6 tundi tagasi
  • Why isn't he using version 1.07? Everyone knows that's the best version to get an optimal run.

    Ghost AssassinGhost Assassin6 tundi tagasi
  • If only he did start abuse, this is where save and constantly spam the exit and the enter buttons to skip the cutscene. He could have saved like 20 seconds

    Mr_Pinnapple64Mr_Pinnapple647 tundi tagasi
  • Man i was frame perfect spends :spends 15 seconds on. An intro

    NotCwafNotCwaf7 tundi tagasi
  • wtf this is so funny

    Mark RezkallaMark Rezkalla7 tundi tagasi
  • They forgot the abortion glitch. Ive seen better.

    K1ngK1ng8 tundi tagasi
    • Go back to roblox

      WhatisitCalled?WhatisitCalled?7 tundi tagasi
  • The baby: Me doing a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Speed run The doctors: My friends trying to stop me from playing Bowser because it’s “too unfair”

    Mediocre_MythMediocre_Myth8 tundi tagasi
  • Yess Aldi Christmas adverts it’s Christmas time 😊😊😊

    AJDoes AnimationAJDoes Animation8 tundi tagasi
  • I ve done at least 4 any percent life speed runs. Haven't gotten any record tho...

    Rocket PenguinRocket Penguin8 tundi tagasi
  • It was this video that I realized made the advertisement for league of legends 😂

    TXBC 3000TXBC 30009 tundi tagasi
  • i want the last one minute of my life back please. i need to run back that speedrun time stolen from me

    DPE XXDPE XX9 tundi tagasi
  • fun fact: speed running life takes about as long as you live

    sage of six bowlssage of six bowls9 tundi tagasi
  • League sucks

    WaccPSWaccPS9 tundi tagasi
  • That RNG, goddammit!

    Jee JeeJee Jee9 tundi tagasi
  • No one gonna talk about the moms voice?

    ProDylan15ProDylan159 tundi tagasi
  • Such a traumatic time for the father that just gave birth :(

    Kyle ICKyle IC9 tundi tagasi
  • Now that went dark fast

    Some youtube comenter gaiSome youtube comenter gai9 tundi tagasi
  • Just don’t be born and die in the womb

    Goldenart 121Goldenart 12110 tundi tagasi
  • Are we ignoring the fact that the Women have male voice? *This is kinda weird* 😳

    iKnowNothingiKnowNothing10 tundi tagasi
  • "Lifes a speedrun"

    Cyprus GardinerCyprus Gardiner10 tundi tagasi
  • Someone needs to go for the 100%

    Carter BeeCarter Bee10 tundi tagasi
  • Nah mate, that’s not optimal - he would’ve saved them 6 seconds by doing lakitu skip 🙄

    GD EspicatEGD EspicatE10 tundi tagasi
  • Dream was born 3 months early he speed ran birth

    FolkscorpionFolkscorpion11 tundi tagasi
  • الحمد لله على نعمه العقل

    MORDRE _75_MORDRE _75_11 tundi tagasi
  • fake i didnt hear Trance Music for Racing Game - Bobby Cole

    SilccSilcc12 tundi tagasi
  • Thats not the turn i expected

    rocky linguini boirocky linguini boi12 tundi tagasi
  • Beginners mistake! He could have saved the 6 seconds by just throwing himself out of the bed headfirst and he maybe could have trimmed off a few 1.26 seconds if he did a W + A or D side run depending on the position he came out of his mother in. I'm also very sure that every in a 1 out of 20 chance you'll spawn facing headfirst so you can pull yourself out of your mother easily.

    MoonMaanMoonMaan12 tundi tagasi
  • Me and the boys at 2 am seepedruning

    t pinkt pink13 tundi tagasi
  • You see, the first mistake he made was the ability to talk, if he didn't learn to talk, then he would've saved 8 seconds.

    Derek LiDerek Li14 tundi tagasi
    • @Tomás Marengo that is very true I still need to watch the easter eggs walkthrough.

      Derek LiDerek Li5 tundi tagasi
    • Yea but if you don't learn it, there's an easter egg where an otorhinolaryngologist so you los 9 seconds instead of 8

      Tomás MarengoTomás Marengo13 tundi tagasi
  • You can just fall head first to the ground instead of jumping down and stuffing peanut butter

    LoL 881LoL 88114 tundi tagasi
  • XDDD

    Kamisiek!Kamisiek!14 tundi tagasi
  • omgg 😱

    creepercreeper16 tundi tagasi
  • "ham hamh hamgh ham ham ham ham" killed it

    Rival RebelRival Rebel16 tundi tagasi
  • wow he's such a bad speedrunner. he wasted 13 seconds by sitting there and then talking.

    czekolada^^czekolada^^18 tundi tagasi
  • cant wait for the TAS

    Hypernel 1Hypernel 118 tundi tagasi
  • aaaaaand TIME

    Rusted GearsRusted Gears18 tundi tagasi
  • Plot twist: its Dream

    ***lame hey ***jojo***lame hey ***jojo20 tundi tagasi
  • Dream

    Its BlekIts Blek20 tundi tagasi
  • all he has to do is be a female baby in China

    treytrey21 tund tagasi
  • He wasted 10 seconds doing nothing in the beginning, could've been faster smh

    TheAmazing SidneyTheAmazing Sidney21 tund tagasi
  • speedrun minecraft rn

    About:blankAbout:blank22 tundi tagasi
  • Dream

    URBAN_TTvURBAN_TTv22 tundi tagasi
  • Alternate Title: Man gives birth to a suicidal baby

    DruID GamESDruID GamES23 tundi tagasi
  • If he went for the bleach route, he would've easily saved about 9 seconds on that run.

    JmkapJmkap23 tundi tagasi
  • Why does ur pfp on EEworld look like baymax

    RetyraeRetyrae23 tundi tagasi
  • Spidrahn.

    Vincent ErskineVincent Erskine23 tundi tagasi
  • I would try to do this if I knew what this was

    Daunte HuynhDaunte Huynh23 tundi tagasi
  • Is this how Dream stans see Dream’s birth?

    Otto Von BismarckOtto Von BismarckPäev tagasi
  • can relate

    FourphotoFourphotoPäev tagasi
  • Just be stillborn and you will have the record

    GinothegamerGinothegamerPäev tagasi
  • He should’ve been in hell for suicide

    A Zealous BoyA Zealous BoyPäev tagasi
  • Not very long

    The Fidget SpinnerThe Fidget SpinnerPäev tagasi
  • fun fact: the fastest world record holder doesn't exist

    AsianPersuasionAsianPersuasionPäev tagasi
  • Wasted 12:353 seconds sitting and explaining, so unprofessional smh

    ElnStalElnStalPäev tagasi
  • God dam it lol

    Jack DanielsJack DanielsPäev tagasi
  • Its been a while since i saw this, but now that i'm back, heres a walkthrough for a Real Life %100 run. Now, for the basics, regardless of wether or not you're speedrunning this category, there is in fact a time limit. Unfortunately for you, the time limit has a tendency to vary greatly depending on a vast number of variables, most of which likely don't seem to have anything to do with you in any way at all, until suddenly they do and you're dead. Because of this, many players have developed a thing called common sense, but said common sense really only gets rid of about a fifth of these possible circumstances. Now, onto the run. First step: Right after you're born you need to get prepared for the long days ahead of you. First things first, get up on your own feet, by yourself. This is of course assuming you have two feet, since this is the most efficient, and is a requirement to get %100 within an average allotted time. If you fail or have already failed to achieve this in the first day, you need to reset since save files dont exactly exist yet, damn the devs. (resetting this hellish game is not recommended and is in fact heavily argued against by my colleagues and i. These runs are already dangerous enough with a whopping %99.999999999999999999999 chance of death) Nobody has past the first step on record, so im going to stop here for the time being. Good luck!

    NekrowgaNekrowgaPäev tagasi
  • I see where he went wrong. He waited until he was in his mom's lap when he could have gotten a head-start by mashing right while in the assistant's arms the moment he entered the frame. Then, as soon as the assistant let go, he'd instantly go to the peanut butter. He also could have shaved a few more milliseconds by not chewing the peanut butter and instead swallowing, thereby dying from either the allergy or choking.

    MitoAdamMitoAdamPäev tagasi
  • Every death is end of game, so any% is just death at first second.

    SlavNotSkilledSlavNotSkilledPäev tagasi
  • He should’ve done the floor-clip glitch, everybody knows doing that kills you instantly, could’ve saved 11 seconds

    Bee defenders Official channelBee defenders Official channelPäev tagasi
  • Love how the mom is just hearing what the doctors are saying and is watching her son kill himself and still doesn't understand why their asking about peanut allergies

    alec Fernandoalec FernandoPäev tagasi
  • Is that Jay from the kubz scouts voicing the baby?😂😂😂

  • If he was born in Afrika he could have used the Malaria skip for a new personal best but there was No perfect RNG maybe next run

    KartoffelmanKartoffelmanPäev tagasi
  • Sad part is that miscarriages still beat him.

    EstusiEstusiPäev tagasi
  • What a fucking noob he could have just put his head in the peanut butter jar saves him I believe a few frames but still every frame is worth it

    EcuadorianFlagEcuadorianFlagPäev tagasi
  • Untrue Never skidded the starting cutscreen

    AlucardAlucardPäev tagasi
  • SET SEED!! He went strait for the peanut butter without looking around!

    - NightFlame -- NightFlame -Päev tagasi
  • Smh, world record is 0.01 seconds and the record holder is XxMommyMilkers42069xX using the miscarriage glitch, shame that their strat was banned in 2013

    Double 896Double 896Päev tagasi
  • lol the timer thou speed running since 2007

    Frank AlviraFrank AlviraPäev tagasi
  • COPY

    vinicetwvinicetwPäev tagasi
  • Man's could a shaved some time off of his brown if he just came out of the womb dead

    h1Bryd ath1Bryd atPäev tagasi
  • Any%? What would 100% even be?

    EartherEartherPäev tagasi
  • SpeedRun Any% "How to learn to walk and then die"😎 New Best Record: 00:00:28;784

    Juan VillalobosJuan VillalobosPäev tagasi
  • The death% run

    Liam milkLiam milkPäev tagasi
  • The only thing that tells me thats a she is her eyebrows

    PVP PantherPVP PantherPäev tagasi
  • Dark and funny

    69Pootis69PootisPäev tagasi
  • He had good rng with the peanut butter allergy setup. Threw the run by not skipping the cutscene though.

    Wreth CoversWreth CoversPäev tagasi
  • If he just jumped on head first then skipped the introduction he could've been 9 seconds in life

    Marshyy TVMarshyy TVPäev tagasi