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20 nov 2020
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I try and make my sponsorships/ads as funny as I can so I hope this video could make you laugh even if it's really short. Like I said in the video I'm working on another video right now as we speak. It will be done in a couple weeks for sure. It's one I wanted to do for a while because it has some of the more interesting stories in it.
Check out my shorts channel in the mean time. I think I might even upload something there later today. Or maybe I'll play minecraft. Anything is possible.

have a good one ❤️

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  • check it out here! ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨

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    • I am gonna be so sad if I don't get my youtooz

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    • You are welcome! Thank You for making this video! :D!

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  • Done. Now what

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  • It sucks that I can never afford these things and or they are already gone by the time I watch a EEworld

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  • Man, if I ever became a EEworldr and partnered with Youtooz, I'd made sure you could get it whenever. I absolutely hate "limited time" bullshit.

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    • I'm pretty sure they don't let you do it indefinitely.

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  • I didnt wanna But i did And i dont regret it

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  • Missed it. :l

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  • 9:18 Eh(eyeless jack): DID SOMEONE SAY KIDNEYS?! only 2003 people will understand

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  • *ok*

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  • I just came back to this video and checking the shipping date. I never gotten mine. I do have a history to spending 32.00 on it in December.

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    • I emailed them because same, and they said there's a delay with some the product.

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  • Thumbs down for the video that was itself an ad.

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  • What if I’m a devil, can I make a deal with myself?

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  • Someone should make a 1hr loop of ice cream sandwich just rattling his head lmao

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  • Love the part where he spins the image.

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  • do i get a cheese one??

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  • EEworlds gettin' real confirmable with the adds.

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  • 0:08 ...

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  • I thought it was a rick roll

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  • Ok

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  • I thought it was a duck

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  • 0:35 ok tell me this doesnt look like odd1sout

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  • aww K.K. Bossa

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  • Your wish is my command

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  • You are welcome! Thank You for making these videos! :D!

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  • Darn it i missed it.

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  • 0:03 When i go to roll the dice in monopoly

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  • how to give yourself chills to buy the godly figurine: step one: go to 0:08 step two: change speed to 0.25 and lastly: go to bed, turn off the lights, wear earphones ( for a more 3d like experience ) and expect a wiggly Ice Cream Sandwich next to you saying " bbBBUUUYYYYY!!! "

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  • hey umm its 2021 now and i sold my kidney for the yootooz but its been 1 month now and iam still yet to recieve a yootooz

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    • disclaimer: i didnt actualy sell my kidney its a joke

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