22 nov 2020
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We Played AMONG US Zombie Mode! Download TIYA by clicking this link: allsha.re/a/tiyajelly
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  • Ok So I Need The Mode To Install That Mode

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  • That’s amazing

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  • yayy im on youtube

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  • I saw you in my game jelly I love your videos and you

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  • Jelly

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  • but how

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  • Facebook or apple or google

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  • I got in Among us tiya and now what

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  • How

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  • Ok ok ok ok

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  • Us lobby

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  • i eat jelly and it's delicious

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  • Hi jelly I have Tiya when you alive to play among us

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  • Hi

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  • This is how many hours times jelly said zombies. 👇🏻

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  • Hi Big Fan

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  • If jellies ever done anything for me it's cheering me up then

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  • Hey jelly I have a sweatshirt

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  • R9F

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  • Thanks for telling me about tiya I now have 28 followers

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  • dost

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  • Jelly. I mum. Kant. Bi. The. Jelly. Sht. Bekuz. Is. Spenv. 😭😭😭

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    • Jelly. My. Mum. Duzint. Bid. The. Jelly. Shert. Bikz. Is. Spensv

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  • Oh men why do you guys can play and i cant whyy😢

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  • Check cameras it's even more light

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  • Pls do a part two iblove the video

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  • :jelly he’s gonna eat us 🥺 : me he’s not gonna eat u finish ur task

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  • haha

    t3joSt3joS4 päeva tagasi
  • you should hide near the lava so that the zombies cant see you

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  • I have this game mode

    shahid quraishishahid quraishi4 päeva tagasi
  • How did you get Zombie mode

    GamerBoy11 KaosoniGamerBoy11 Kaosoni5 päeva tagasi
  • I know tyia but I just can’t find it danget

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  • Let me try # jelly yeah no

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  • Matthew Hi Jelly you're the best

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  • How do you put the map

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  • Thank you so much 💗

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  • jelly I love your videos so much I appreciate I appreciate your videos I want to know why you don't download that you can so you can get 10,000 yen I already know you have to do everything so I don't really do so much

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  • Lol u were on a add lol!

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  • Your on the tiya app

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  • Ive been WANTING to play with you, Jelly. I have a question. Is jelly your real name?

    Mohamed Baaqir SiddiqueMohamed Baaqir Siddique6 päeva tagasi
    • Of course everyone called him jelly

      James WilliamsJames Williams3 päeva tagasi
  • Ahahah bro your so funny < 3 love you

    AbidahAbidah6 päeva tagasi
  • How do you get zombie mode? Use discord or?

    Keyla Selvaria KrausKeyla Selvaria Kraus6 päeva tagasi
  • Jelly ay wana play you me an me en amang as

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  • Jelly your the best

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  • Play minecraft but your a zombie

    Rebekah CumminsRebekah Cummins7 päeva tagasi
  • I love jelly he is so nice!!!!!!!!!

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  • I love jelly he is so nice!!!!!!!!!

    Hayley YeoHayley Yeo7 päeva tagasi
  • play with preston

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  • Wow so cool I'm a boyyy

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  • I can’t get becuase I’m on apple ios

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  • # jelly

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  • Among us you never play?

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    • That

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  • # jelly

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  • Sosolsoso

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  • Zombie?

    Your Worst NightmareYour Worst Nightmare10 päeva tagasi
  • jelly you look like preston u know u guys should be brothers

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  • 내 좀비를 쫓아 내다

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    • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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  • 하 하하하

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    • Bruh whats this

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  • # jelly

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  • All jelly

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  • How do you do it??

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  • Good job jelly :)

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  • Me: * playing with my lego dragon i got for my birthday* Tablet: : *on youtube * This vid: * second down*

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  • Jelly i 6 age i can play tiya

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  • This is basically among us hide n seek but a zombie version

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  • I wanna meet you in real life I wanna meet you in real life

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  • I remember when jelly just hit 1 mil

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  • Jellys ping is literally at 500lol

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  • no

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  • XD hilarious vids but im still a fan! XD

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  • Do you know shut up Dora

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  • I just search that up And it didn’t work and I didn’t find it so that’s not real

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  • you dead in rell lafe jelly?

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  • i know how to get it

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  • Fun fact: 99 percent of the people who use tiya are 6 I downloaded the app trust me also it asks for stuff like your school and location

    Mixels And Sonic AdventuresMixels And Sonic Adventures15 päeva tagasi

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  • Can you make a new Video about slenderman

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  • Wtf 11:13 he literally went threw him like WHAT

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  • Hi

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  • Sorry it’s 12 plus I can’t have the app

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  • Jelly I love you

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  • loser

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  • Love jelly lol

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  • More among us

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  • Yeah

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  • # jelly

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  • I like the way he cried at the start

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  • You are a player

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  • What

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  • Jelly I am downloading tiya

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  • Sorry I don't have anything to play with me

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  • this work I know how to use TL I don't know how to use it

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  • Where Is Jumbo

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  • Jelly and crainer best friends anda slgo :)

  • Ya jelly bro your amazing love you

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  • Its call amongchat not tiya

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  • Do it again

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