kim seokjin's intelligence will blow your mind 💡

30 aug 2020
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hello 🌟
i think kim seokjin is really cool. not only he is witty, but he's also really smart which amazes me so much. therefore, i'd like to share this video with you to show how intelligent he really is! i admire jin a lot, and i hope through this video you'll love him a little more too :D

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- run bts ep 13-15, 41, 42, 47-48, 52, 61-62, 66-67, 79-80, 110-111
- season's greetings 2019
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thank you so much for watching!
- jinnieats 🥄

  • for easier navigation, here are the clips i used: (run bts) - ep 13-15 | spy 🔗 - ep 41 | americano, lagimolala 🔗 - ep 42 | money + pedalling 🔗 - ep 47-48 | blue village 🔗 & 🔗 - ep 52 | escape room 🔗 - ep 61 | quick riddle 🔗 - ep 67 | book acting 🔗 - ep 79-80 | operation 007 🔗 & 🔗 - ep 110-111 | treasure hunt 🔗 & 🔗 happy watching! ♡ ps. thank you for all the love on this video! i'll continue to make good content 😊 (update: a lil clarification here, the thumbnail was Not intended at all😭 i didn’t think it would spell jin’s bra oh my god!! but it’s kinda funny so i put it in anyway! i hope it made you laugh😆)

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    • I see Jin oppa I click Anyone else

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    • Thank you..!!

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    • That's what I just came in the commnt section 🤤💜 thank youuuuu

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    • Hi creator of this awesome video, did you know that the part of your thumbnail with 'Jin's Brain' has the numbers to how long the video is covering -in in "brain"? So I read Jin's bra.....XD

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    • dude thank u, you just gained a new sub

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  • Making anyone laugh is the most difficult thing . ❤️

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  • He is an INTP of course he is intelligent 😌✨

    Rafaella JerezRafaella Jerez14 tundi tagasi

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  • if he played Among Us Seokjin Oppa would be that bastard imposter type who earns your trust and who you would defend for all the game and then kill you from behind and make you curse

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  • The carbonara thing never goes from my mind

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  • That's why I love him so much, not just about his visual, but his brain, his heart, his kind, his wise, his hard work, his effort to his life. I'm never be a fan of artist, but when I saw Jin at the first time, I immediately fell in love with him. And more I know about him, more I love him. Im sorry for my bad english bit I hope u guys understand what I mean. Purple you Army:)

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  • 8:26 lovely to here them shout my name hihihi

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  • it's almost close! So let's do something memorable to celebrate our Idol's 28th birthday (international age) or 29 (Korean age) and 7 years old with Bangtan. If you are really an army, you have to share with other army ... If not it ok but try..So please share this, it will start on 28 November 2020! Exactly 1 week before Jin oppa's birthday. We will change our profile photo with Kim Seok Jin (Jin) 's photo with other members every day according to his fanchants November 28, 2020 - Jin + RM November 29, 2020 - Jin + Suga November 30, 2020 - Jin + J Hope December 1, 2020 - Jin + Jimin December 2, 2020 - Jin + Taehyung December 3, 2020 - Jin + Jungkook 4 December 2020 - Jin SPECIAL share as much as we will achieve it. Kuy what you want to do is share as much, you can make it viral! Let's surprise our lead vocals this year! credit; jeon somi

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  • 자기 정체 숨기고 있는 진난

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  • everyone is rlly smart its just that they dont show it like how Namjoon does, i believe even Yoongi is smart bc he is smart :p

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  • Jinnie Is a precious bean, we need to protect this fluff ball at all costs 😌✨

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  • I'm got so triggered how the teacher didn't reply jin 😂

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  • Now we know why team seokjin is always the first to win!

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  • If anybody goes to mystery island, there is no need to take lot of tricky things just take the smart jin period.😇

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  • Our Moon♡ 🌝💜🌌

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  • Jim's brain is full of *WORKDWIDE HANDSOME THINGZZ*

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  • Mi bebe hermoso

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  • i love how some armies make special videos about seokjin..he is not my bias be truthfull he has a way more special place in my heart than my bias...pls dont be offended .... but its true hes just something else...idk why i used to think of him lowly when i first saw happy that he has way more special place in my heart THAN my bias...i promise i swear i cried about hearing him going to military....i just pray for his good health and happiness and for his safe return...once again sweety i'd like to thank you from deep core of my heart for this beautiful video,BORAHAE(purple hearts)

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  • oh wow so impres-ed

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  • I think I heard Jin saying in a vlive that he got 4 on an 1 hour test😅

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  • 3:35 im jimin laughing

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  • Hehehe I'm watching all of your videos now because you've became my favorite you tuber

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  • He may act goofy and all but he is actually calculating to the point of being cunning.

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  • But Kim namjoon is the smartest man I know and the smartest man on earth and that’s a fact ☺️

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  • truely world wide hansome😍

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  • Jin is worldwide handsome.... 💜

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  • I am not surprised at all💜💜😏

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  • S - unshine E - arth O - bviously worldwide handsome K - ind J - oyfull I - nspiring N - OT USELESS He is a JINius, DUHH 🙄

  • Still deeping the fact that Jin sent a TEXT to his teacher saying he’ll miss class because he’s PERFORMING at Mnet MAMA in HONG KONG ........ imagine saying that to your teacher

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  • Kim SeokJin, ah, he's strategic, he's smart, he's goofy, he's talented..HE HAVE IT ALL😭💜

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  • AAAH we love a compilation highlighting Kim Seokjin's intelligence and wit

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  • Some info about JIN: He is the most praised vocalist of bts by critics, his bsides always have the most #1 itunes, moon is highest and longest charting bts solo song in 2020.he is the second artist with the most #1 itunes for a bside and third artist for the most no1 itunes for a solo song, moon is the 5th song in the world with most no1 itunes worldwide, moon was ranked 5 on the greatest boyband songs of all the times the highest bts song,he is the only member Grammy panel praised specifically praising his high notes, breath control, falsetto and his ability to change between head voice and chest voice easily, and called him silver voice,fake love won song of the year and they specifically mentioned jin's high note his high note in Dionysus was named the best moment of MOTS persona album, he was praised by KMA (its like korean Grammy), NME, and many more...Rob Sheffield even played moon during his podcast and praised it, Time praised jin vocals in let go ,even if u read his Wikipedia its mentioned in first paragraph and in artistry that he is an acclaimed vocalist. and there is more and more… More about Jin : Jin is always trending on korean websites, the korean general public loves him a lot. They always post how they want to see him ACT. Jin's merch always sells out first. Moon has 109 #1s on iTunes, Epiphany has 50 and Awake has around 40. Moon is the longest charting BTS MOTS7 SOLO on Melon music charts and one of the largest point-earners on Gaon! Stream moon

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  • Seokijin's strength is being able to solve word/pattern/puzzles or any issues quicky and then strategize accordingly. Some would say he's the type to have a high survival skill. He can solve issues and adapt quickly to change if need be. Very admirable!

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  • By far the most underrated member ♥️

    Z AZ A22 päeva tagasi
  • The mere fact that he is an INTP means he is extremely smart.

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  • I'm waiting for him to be a guest at The Braniacs

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  • point taken: the most potential yet very humble man alive. He jokes around, never seriously showing off his perfection. Its my words. Yes, you may disagree, but I love this man don't @ me.

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  • i love him so much :(

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  • we love an intelligent, talented, handsome, intellectual king!! thank you for making this

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  • I feel like subs don’t do him justice. I’ve noticed he’s a lot more popular w k army than I armys

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  • he's such a tiny baby for legit like tiny baby wwhc crackhead I don't wanna go to sleep namjin shares braincell but really smart smart altogether = Jinnie QwQ

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  • If I ever want to go to an escape room I should take Jin🙃

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  • What is the name of the show where they were in the water area and jin was the spy??

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  • Me before seeing kim seokjin: No one is perfect in this world!! After seeing kim seokjin: (my mind) paboya definition of perfection is KIM SEOKJIN ya!! 💜💜

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  • Mom: my kids don’t lie Shakira: my hips don’t lie Jin: my ears don’t lie 😂

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  • if joon is a book smart, jungkook is the absolute street smart, Jin falls between the book and street smart

    Maudy YuliaMaudy Yulia26 päeva tagasi
  • Hello everyone, did you know that ‘ Kim SeAOn’...😂

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  • Jin's Professor said that he is really smart and intelligence and really really good at stories and solving problems

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  • Thank You for making this video..Many people don't know that Jin is the second smartest in BTS..💜💜💜

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  • I’m sorry, but I saw ‘Take a look inside JIN’S BRA’

    Bailey GreeningBailey Greening28 päeva tagasi
  • I'm totally OT7 but I honestly felt like strangling everyone except seokjin in that blue village episode...I love em all...but Jin totally did not deserve that kinda treatment

    Abiya BijuAbiya Biju28 päeva tagasi
  • People in america.... *Don't speak korean.*

    Nawira ZamanNawira Zaman29 päeva tagasi
  • But the carebonara Tony motana will be epic forever I died laughing when I saw that run bts episode 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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  • Amo a este hombre ,tan único!!! super amable ,atento,educado ,cariñoso ,inteligente !!!

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  • 3:22 "the c in namjoon stands for confused" wait where is the C?NOW IM CONFUSED.

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  • everybody's paying attention to Namjoon..... *MEANWHILE KIM SEOKJIN OUT HERE SPOTTING CLUES IN 0.00000000001 SECONDS* *AND IT TOOK Namjoon LIKE 3425678909876543213456789076654321456789.0 HOURS TO FIND CLUES* *KIM SEOKJIN'S IQ???*

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  • He is gorgeous but they all are in their own way! Perfection!!

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  • IS VERY CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • EEworld: TAKE A LOOK INSIDE JIN'S BRA 14:56 What it actually said: TAKE A LOOK INSIDE JIN'S BRAIN

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  • Thank you 🌻

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  • "the c in namjoon stands for confused" ... what

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  • He resembles captain jack sparrow Thinks smart Acts funny😂

    James RajJames RajМісяць tagasi
  • Honestly the way he guessed the last one is how I pass most exams lmao

    92 Moonie92 MoonieМісяць tagasi
  • He's super clever and talented but he's so low-key and cares only about making others around him happy so you wouldn't notice. Having 400+ dad jokes stored in your head that you can use in almost any situation takes a lot of wit idk if people realize it. Lmao. He's a King✨

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  • Her IQ is 150+ normal people IQ 100 to 110

    Shyam JadhavShyam JadhavМісяць tagasi
  • I love Jin most ❤️ Jin is the best ❤️My Bais Jin is the best 😭❤️

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  • Jin is the Topper Student of Korean University ❤️

    Shyam JadhavShyam JadhavМісяць tagasi
  • Worldwide Jeanus Person ❤️Jin❤️🎉

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  • remember when Moonbyul said 92 liners like escape rooms?

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  • my Jinnie not just handsome he is so smart he is hyung big brother Jin is so talented young man💜

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  • Jin was the first member who caught my attention. Even when I change my bias.. Jin will always stay as my ultimate stan. I want to protect him from those who belittle and don’t appreciate him. Oh Seokjinnie, I am not kidding when I say you’re perfect. From the looks to the personality to the talent to the wit, you got it all. leJINdary. JINius. Kim SeokJIN.

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  • 14:34 only you have to know how hard you work. Damn that hit me. I don't think some ARMYs notice how hard he works and just how brilliant he is at whatever he does. His goofy, funny side makes people think that he's a bit 'stupid' but he's really, really smart.

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  • He is jinius. Get it. Jin ius hahaha. Do you get it jinius

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  • 1 Fact about him is that He once said that his IQ is 107

    Hamnah ChaudharyHamnah ChaudharyМісяць tagasi
  • 진짜 인성도 최고지만 석지니는 똑똑해 순발력도 타고났고 멋지다 석지니💜👍

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  • This is so lovely and joyful to watch

    CK SamCK SamМісяць tagasi

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  • He is really smart💜our WWH💜💜💜💜

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  • I always admire his intellegence, I see him that way. the kind of intellegence that I wish I have too. he will be great detective if he choose that passion,, idk remind me of sherlock holmes.

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  • What I saw in the thumbnail - "JIN''S BRA"

    VismayA Mohan KumarVismayA Mohan KumarМісяць tagasi
  • 똑똑한 달나라 왕자님일세 ~~~~석진아 많이 응원하고 사랑해

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  • Yeah! beauty with brain...😘😋💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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  • Jin being an intellectual is my new favourite saga

    SailizaSailizaМісяць tagasi
  • You have always been my idol and always gonna be.

    BTS bossBTS bossМісяць tagasi
  • He's intelligent, witty, smart and of course handsome

    Anne NepomucenoAnne NepomucenoМісяць tagasi
  • The best example of doing SMART WORK!! Kim Seok is all everyone needs!

    Kumar SravanKumar SravanМісяць tagasi
  • The fact that he decided to guess rather than looking for the last clue shows how strategic his mind works. If I was there I would have definitely stressed and looked for the last one.

    Swaa SreeSwaa SreeМісяць tagasi
  • thats why tae tae picked him in the team for his brain ... personally i think he also has big wisdom as well

    Kittiepanda JinKittiepanda JinМісяць tagasi
  • Honestly the blue village run episode for me personally was hard to watch because no one listened to him and everyone suspected him then again he was almost always the mafia in other runs ...but still....I’m sure everyone learnt a lesson 😂

    Serenity SunsetSerenity SunsetМісяць tagasi
  • When I heard “Americano” I immediately straying thinking of Hyunjin going 🎵American choa choa choa🎶(sorry I don’t know how to spell the last part, but you know if you know😂)

    Bts_ Infires manBts_ Infires manМісяць tagasi
  • he often corrects when other members make blunders in interviews, he always got the right action to cover up the blunders, a diplomatic and sometimes silly act to distract the audience. When he does something silly he knows it. Jin knows what he's doing. Apart from being a talented member, I think Jin should also be paid for being a good PR for BTS 😂

    Fajar RumentangFajar RumentangМісяць tagasi
  • he often corrects when other members make blunders in interviews, he always got the right action to cover up the blunders, a diplomatic and sometimes silly act to distract the audience. When he does something silly he knows it. Jin knows what he's doing. Apart from being a talented member, I think Jin should also be paid for being a good PR for BTS 😂

    Fajar RumentangFajar RumentangМісяць tagasi
  • Jin would be so good in a crime drama as a lawyer or prosecutor tho

    Raeneir RubianRaeneir RubianМісяць tagasi
  • Its still a mystery how Jin got Carbonara from Lachimolala, they made a history

    C SC SМісяць tagasi
  • It's so weird but in find him extremely hot after knowing how smart he is. Like that ep at the water park. I legit felt so attracted to Jin when they reveal him as the spy. Him being smart AND cheeky/ mischievous?? My kink

    anh minhanh minhМісяць tagasi
  • JIN ..💜💜con muchas cualidades y destrezas , un hombre fuera de serie , único 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜muy inteligente a parte de ser muy hermoso .💜💜💜💜🇪🇨🇪🇨Ecuador con JIN ,BTS👍

    Epiphany _BTSEpiphany _BTSМісяць tagasi