The 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10 Is a Hilariously Bad Soviet Russian Car

11 veebr 2021
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The Volga GAZ 24-10 is a Soviet car -- and a poorly built, laughably outdated one. Today I'm reviewing the GAZ 24-10, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a Soviet car that lagged far behind what we had in North America. I'm also going to drive the Volga and show you what it's like on the road.
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  • Very modern for 1988 standards unlike the LS400 That came 2 years later

    car guy newbcar guy newb7 sekundit tagasi
  • Can you please tour this car to college campuses where students believe that communism works?

    Mike AningerMike Aninger8 minutit tagasi
  • Trust me, this was one of the best cars from Soviet auto industry.

    AluminumAluminum38 minutit tagasi
  • No traceable trace of tracing for this car trek... Computers ? Neah, gasoline is enough.

    Fada TeFada Te42 minutit tagasi
  • My father owned one with a MB diesel engine swap :)

    stm2stmstm2stmTund tagasi
  • Даёшь ещё обзоры на советский автопром! (Give me more reviews on the Soviet car industry!)

    Данил ГалкинДанил ГалкинTund tagasi
  • Go buhanka

    ArenfinArenfinTund tagasi
  • Why would anyone need rear seatbelts?

    Pierre DaliquePierre DaliqueTund tagasi
  • I used to watch Doug DeMuro videos quite a bit... these days, I can't stand the forced jokes on everything, actual misunderstandings of things of his and silly (almost retarded) laughter. Sorry, not my cut of tea anymore I guess. And no, I am not Russian ;)

    Stilg1301Stilg1301Tund tagasi
  • I have a 1990 Mercedes S class and has the same cupholders and only the passenger visor has mirror... BTW those black pills look like carbon pills, used to control diarrhea, that can be considered an emergency XD

    Lobo EsteparioLobo Estepario2 tundi tagasi
  • I see this type of Government Control in Envious Liberal\Leftist eyes,all permission flows from the Government, and you must beg the Government for Permission, this car should be a prized Possession for Authoritarians in your life of what could be when they are in Charge, great Video

    PyroDisco FlashPyroDisco Flash2 tundi tagasi
  • No way Doug reviewed my grandpas car in US! WTFFF!

    Ace InternationalAce International2 tundi tagasi
  • 14:22 Too much "hilarity" this is where I bailed.

    deltavee2deltavee22 tundi tagasi
  • If you loved the GAZ then you would love owning an old Holden LH Torana. If you love walking, this will break down often enough for you to appreciate nature, even when you do not want to.

    Jake PertuJake Pertu2 tundi tagasi
  • Stop laughing LOL!

    MrAntennaBallMrAntennaBall3 tundi tagasi
  • let’s just say she talked about it as if it had been produced in America at the time, compared to the competition.

    victor buruianvictor buruian3 tundi tagasi
  • This was an unfortunate video to start off on with this Doug guy... really seems like a jackass that couldn't be bothered to learn the simplest things about this car or another part of the world... just "lulz its old and different"

    DOSdazeDOSdaze3 tundi tagasi
  • The lada riva was worse. But not as bad as a zaprozhets.

    Armorer 94Armorer 943 tundi tagasi
  • I would love to have that car I don't need a bunch of bullshit in a car just the basics.

    Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson3 tundi tagasi
  • And that's what you get when you vote people who claim they can control nature... remind you something?

    1ce5oul1ce5oul3 tundi tagasi
  • Unwatchable, who is this breathless fool

    The000clash000The000clash0004 tundi tagasi
  • You forgot to mention the condoms in the first aid kit!

    blue bugabooblue bugaboo4 tundi tagasi
  • The same people making fun of this car make fun of the mainframe computer. Both did exactly what was asked of them.

    Pat LynchPat Lynch4 tundi tagasi
  • Yeah it’s all funny and all, just keep in mind that soviet automakers were constrained with the selling price of 9600rub which amounted to something around 5000$ for the new car. Lexus LS 400 that he mentioned was selling for 42000$ .

    Chichvarin IvanChichvarin Ivan4 tundi tagasi
  • There were two of them in my family , the old one was may favorite .

    armando cardenasarmando cardenas4 tundi tagasi
  • Car doesn't look that bad really. If you read about Russian engineering (cars and planes) you come to appreciate how easy they are to work on and they start in the cold.

    Pat LynchPat Lynch4 tundi tagasi
  • what is wrong with pills? only the problem is taht nobody cares to update them if they expire :) but maybe you need like what if htere is headache? you take a pill and go on :)

    NameName4 tundi tagasi
  • mirror for only passanger I have seen in many non soviet cars also.

    NameName4 tundi tagasi
  • I got a European car from the early 70s but everything is better in/on/about it.

    Dávid KallóDávid Kalló4 tundi tagasi
  • 24-10 actually makes sense, there is whole system for all Soviet cars, which is still in use, first digit means range of max weight of the car, other digits is type of the car and modifications, for example VAZ 2101, KAMAZ 4310

    adtforadtfor6 tundi tagasi
  • The pills are, if you going too drunk, it is activated carbon, also works for fake alcohol.

    Ivailo StoilovIvailo Stoilov6 tundi tagasi
  • even today, in 2021 i would love to drive this instead of newest mercedes benz.

    Alex KashitskyAlex Kashitsky6 tundi tagasi
  • Worth car presentation ever. Maybe start to shooting videos hoh to boil a water or making popcor, Stay out of cars

    Darko SrbisDarko Srbis6 tundi tagasi
  • In Soviet Russia, Car drives You.

    FarAboveDaCloudzFarAboveDaCloudz6 tundi tagasi
  • Man I want to watch this.....but 3 min in....I just cannot stand listening to this guy anymore. Clearly there are 3.93M people out there that know something that I don't.

    Davesnothere ManDavesnothere Man7 tundi tagasi
  • Sometimes I stop watching Doug. Am I a bad person?

    deefenbaker onedeefenbaker one7 tundi tagasi
  • I don’t see what’s so funny better than all the electronic crap on cars today that fucks up all the time.

    Craig KaschanCraig Kaschan7 tundi tagasi
  • I had the chance to ride in one of these cars. It was very basic and was not impressive at all. The majoraty of these cars that I saw in ukraine , only had half the door panels. I was there in 1991. At first I thougt it was an old 60s car, but was told it was only a few years old. It reminded me of the old 60s ford comet. About the first aid kit. In russia at the time every ambulance had a doctor in it capable of doing surgery. They did not always have all the supplies they needed and you would supply your own meds. Thus the doc could grab the first aid kit. Also I rarely saw one that ran on more than three cylinders. Hope thats some useful info.

    winfried kloeserwinfried kloeser8 tundi tagasi
    • What you've been doing in Ukraine?

      abdul abdanahibabdul abdanahib4 tundi tagasi
  • From now on only all dislikes for all your videos.... you just showed us all what a douch you are....

    Kate KKate K8 tundi tagasi
  • You are laughing doug every minute about it.... so dumb..... I bet you wouldn’t survive one year living back in Soviet Union..... be glad that you are in US and it’s 2020 not 1980s..... easy life for you.....

    Kate KKate K8 tundi tagasi
  • 18:12 "It never really got warm in communist Russia" I can't tell if he's being serious, but based on the obnoxious yet seemingly sincere tone of the video, I'll assume he really is. Despite the political party in power, it really did get warm in the country quite a lot you clown. Do at least a little research. This is a fascinating vehicle despite (Maybe even because of) its flaws, and there is much to say about it beyond idiotic giggles. Shame

    valiko valikovaliko valiko8 tundi tagasi
  • The reason the radio antenna went down is because people would steal them. It's also why you took your windshield wipers with you whenever you left your car. If I'm not mistaken it was the law in some Eastern European countries under Soviet control for cars to have emergency kits.

    Cher AmiCher Ami8 tundi tagasi
  • "Ha-ha, imagine, who would want a FREE FIRST AID KIT in Soviet Russia, where there were bad to literally no roads and extremely harsh climate conditions, it makes absolutely no sense am I right guys? Just how hilarious is it??? Ha-ha-ha"

    thirteen37thirteen378 tundi tagasi
  • That liquid is definitely vodka!!

    CHALK772CHALK7728 tundi tagasi
  • Yah. It suited USSR. It feels like the future US car in a green economy.

    Dushan MilinovichDushan Milinovich9 tundi tagasi
  • This guy seems to think that just because it's Russian it's stupid. Not every vehicle Russian or otherwise is like American vehicles. But this bozo seems to think that just because it's different it's garbage. Pretty narrow minded if you ask me.

    C.D.WolfC.D.Wolf9 tundi tagasi
  • If you had that car in the USSR you were filthy rich. Oddly it was also used as a taxi.

    georgianboratgeorgianborat9 tundi tagasi
  • Cars in the USSR were built for rough conditions, ie unpaved roads, weather, etc. Simplicity of design helps driver keep car maintained. USSR didn't have services (hospitals etc) in abundance like in the USA. This car will probably be around for a very long time.

    baaraibaarai9 tundi tagasi
  • Чёрные таблетки это ремни безопасности для задних пассажиров

    Чёрный ПлащЧёрный Плащ9 tundi tagasi
  • When you consider that back in the 80's most Soviet roads were little more than dirt tracks except in towns and cities, this car would be quite adequate for daily transport.

    Neil FosterNeil Foster9 tundi tagasi
  • I love soviet era cars

    John DixJohn Dix9 tundi tagasi
  • These cars along with ladas and moscovitch keep running in cuba.

    Xavier ContrerasXavier Contreras9 tundi tagasi
  • Pompous fool

    tkeus991tkeus9919 tundi tagasi
  • very arrogant....

    Srdjan VujosevicSrdjan Vujosevic9 tundi tagasi
  • Many times, especially concerning cars and me,, less is better.

    Arrhur DunlapArrhur Dunlap9 tundi tagasi
  • liquified polonium included in the first aid kits......just in case needed to flavor a hot cup of tea!

    Kumar IyerKumar Iyer10 tundi tagasi
  • The equivalent to this car would be one of the k cars, like the Dodge Aries. Want to guess how much horsepower that made? Anywhere between 65-100 horsepower. 0-60 in about 15 seconds, carbureted of course. Comparing this car to an ls400 is disingenuous at best. Similarly, cassette decks were relatively uncommon until the 80's anywhere, and rear seatbelts weren't compulsory equipment until roughly this period anywhere. The UK didn't mandate them until 1986. India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many other developing nations still don't mandate rear seatbelts or package them outside of luxury cars. Similarly, the aries had no door storage and had an even worse interior. Also I don't see the hilarity of including acetaminophen and iodine in an 80's first aid kit. Also, about the build and driving experience, the lack of power steering, the high ride height and soft suspension are all due to necessity. Many of the roads in russia and eastern europe are still underdeveloped to this day. You need a simple, rugged, reliable and easily repairable vehicle for those conditions

    thedog556thedog55610 tundi tagasi
  • In soviet russia, cars prescribe pills to you.

    Samuel DuvalSamuel Duval10 tundi tagasi
  • There's nothing wrong with this car, and a lot of western cars made at the same year were much worse. But Doug is not a real journalist, he just regurgitates stereotypes to get attention.

    KyleKyle11 tundi tagasi
  • all i see with that car medkit is ... Welcome to Tarkov. @pestily @aquafps @deadlyslob

    Dustin AndersonDustin Anderson11 tundi tagasi
  • These Volgas are amazing, bulletproof, they were used as taxis well into 00's. They could be fixed anywhere (even has a little light under the hood, no other car does) and you could help others in case of an accident (that little first aid kit has everything). What a know-nothing bozo!

    musicper550musicper55011 tundi tagasi
    • My 78 chevy had a light under the hood as most cars back then.

      joe crachemontangejoe crachemontange2 minutit tagasi
  • They couldn't even get the name right, it's spelled Vulgar, not Volga.

    kik Urasskik Urass11 tundi tagasi
  • Yeah, I kinda agree with other critiques of your review of this car. Western lux it isn’t, it never was expected to be compared that way. It’s construction is likely way below western manufacture standards too. So ok, fine it’s a poor cousin to western cars of the same era. But that first aid kit, comes in mighty handy when the nearest EMT services are over an hour away, if at all. That switched light under the hood, nice to have. The ‘cloth’ strap, looks more like a woven copper or steel grounding strap, perhaps that’s a single wire hot lead to that light? The lack of a tach? If you drive a stick, you know when to shift; it’s not necessary like it seems to be in Fast&Furious. The other gauges, easily read, and understood. They’re not info hogs. That battery gauge is more likely showing you the generator status, is it charging the system or discharging. And those air control knobs, simple fresh/hot mixing controls. There’s not a part on that car that you couldn’t put a wrench on yourself and fix. That’s a dying art with today’s cars. I’d say it compares to a late production year VW Beetle than a Lexus.

    Mike StuttMike Stutt11 tundi tagasi
  • In ussr, you had one priority and one priority only ... not to improve anything, but rather to keep yourself, your supervisor, and your work group THE HELL out of trouble with The Party. Period. That’s it; and it’s all that matters. The modern capitalist mind has great difficulty understanding the economic realities of the communist system of the cold-war soviet union ... it was this way most of my life, until Reagan and Thatcher used the “arms race” to cause the Soviets to spend themselves into bankruptcy and oblivion, culminating in the fall of the Berlin wall, and the ultimate dissolution of the USSR. I doubt this is even taught in modern U.S. public schools.

    Kenneth VaughanKenneth Vaughan11 tundi tagasi
  • Those blank switches at 9:45 might be for additional equipment (police, KGB etc) idk if this particular model was used by them, but the factory made other cars for them with beefed up engines.

    Paweł PiłatPaweł Piłat11 tundi tagasi
  • This is no different from many cheap cars sold all over europe in that time. This looks like a good experience, with good engineering. Like a luxury Skoda from the same era

    KyleKyle11 tundi tagasi
  • Wanted to know more about this neat car, but yer too frikkin annoying in your panning it. Couldn't continue watching.

    Felipe CardozaFelipe Cardoza12 tundi tagasi
  • Communism is so progressive. Progressivism is so commie.

    RocheRoche12 tundi tagasi
  • I like it.It reminds me of my 1983 Mercedes Benz 240-D. Nice,simple and clean design.

    Steve ArmstrongSteve Armstrong12 tundi tagasi
  • We get it, Doug: you think it's funny to mock the financial hardship of other people because "communism bad! >:( ". Pinpointing every perceived flaw you can and using that to make snooty jokes about poverty is low-hanging fruit, but nevertheless shameful. It's painfully obvious that you took no time to look up anything about this car and instead decided to bash it even though most of what you said is either incorrect or heavily opinionated (which means next to nothing because, again, you were biased from the start). The Soviet Union was struggling in the 80's because of cruel US sanctions designed to cripple the Soviet economy (and, by consequence, hurt innocent people), so they didn't exactly have money to waste on R&D for their automotive industry. Not everyone cares about how many stitches there are in their Alcantara seats or where the clock in their dash was assembled. The average Soviet citizen in the market for a car just wanted reliable transportation with a little bit of personality, so that's that manufactures produced. They cared about reliability and longevity rather than planned obsolescence and extravagance. So, maybe "commie" cars look a bit outdated given their release date, but they still fulfilled the role they need to fill. Let us remember: the best selling car in the US in 1988 was the Ford Escort. It had early throttle body injection which was _barely_ better than carburation, it was a pile of junk like almost every Ford of that era because their QC was almost non-existent, and most of the things you complain about that the GAZ 24-10 lacks weren't standard on the Escort either. I challenge you to find me 5 '88 Escorts that aren't rusted in half AND still running with minimal issues. You can find countless Soviet cars driving around today in Russia as people continue to use them as their daily drivers. I know you'll probably never read this comment, or you'll probably just ignore it if you do, but I just wanted to let you know how much of an smug, arrogant douchebag you come off as.

    frechieguyfrechieguy12 tundi tagasi
  • Dude you are so annoying criticizing every small thing and laughing like an idiot every second.The car is pretty much ok for 1988. You analyze this car through the view of recent new cars.Completely unfair and unprofessional.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    nicolas8344nicolas834412 tundi tagasi
  • When you look at the Mercedes 240 series, there are some similarities in the body style. Plate [C]

    Plate [C]Plate [C]12 tundi tagasi
  • Even though this particular Volga was manufactured in 1988, the same model has been in production since the 1970s, so you are technically comparing cars with 20 years of difference, which is not a fair comparison at all.

    Alex MalniataAlex Malniata12 tundi tagasi
  • You may surely laugh, Doug, but it's also you, who is comparing this wonderful car from the 70's with the iconic automobiles like Mercedes, Bentley and Rolce Royce. I like that 😎 being proud Volga owner.

    Andron AndronovAndron Andronov12 tundi tagasi
  • That whole interior is stolen 60/70s mercedes

    maxxkwmaxxkw12 tundi tagasi
  • The speedo goes up to 200 kmh bc some of these had modified 5.5 L V8’s (mostly government vehicles, still 200kmh is a far stretch ).This car is notable for its reliability, a lot of them went over 1 mil kilometers and with the Soviet Union taking up half of the world at the time, comfort wasn’t the top priority - it was reliability/accessibility and affordability. You could’ve done better research.

    mcrozoomcrozoo13 tundi tagasi
  • "iN SoViEt rUsSiA"..proceeds to slap knees for 22 minutes.

    First LastFirst Last13 tundi tagasi
  • Even if I am interested, I could never watch his videos for longer than 2 minutes. He Is so annoying

    Kateřina RážováKateřina Rážová13 tundi tagasi
  • I used to think you're a smart guy. But man when you're promoting your American Capitalism your become so stupid. Your Car knowledge just goes outside the room, no objectivity just mocking Soviet Union car.

    raul sekwatiraul sekwati13 tundi tagasi
  • It could have been an interesting video with an interesting car from a different part of the world from a different time era, If Doug would not act and giggle like a 9 year old girl the entire video.

    JohnVanDerDoeJohnVanDerDoe13 tundi tagasi
  • Your sense of humor has real issues !

    zizo 246zizo 24613 tundi tagasi
  • Because idiots like you don't understand Russia is bigger then USA and lots of places where is no people, city's, then any on can fix car by himself not like unless Americans not be able to even hanging a tyre. And people in Russia the are not so fat like us people. Simple car any on can fix with basic tools, duck tape and peace of wire. This is nice car for drivers not idiots like you. How will be able to fix lexus on a middle syberia, yeti with computer. This car have no sense only to you.

    Adrian FaldaAdrian Falda14 tundi tagasi
  • Did you mention it was made in 1988 I didn't quite catch the way my first car had a shovel for a first aid kit

    Rudi TheDogRudi TheDog14 tundi tagasi
  • i really hope this is a joke because this is the most american review ever lmaoo, most euro cars looked like this and had these features in the 80s, also idk about the whole europe but in my country you dont need to wear a seatbelt in the back seats

    MikeyyMikeyy14 tundi tagasi
  • you laughed so much for that first aid kit only because veh is from USSR...that med kit saved are totally not professional and you either apologize or be dumb ass...ofc veh is bad no comunist country ever made good car...if you educate your self about comunism it will be clear why...

    Aleksandar VidicAleksandar Vidic14 tundi tagasi
  • americans started with keyless entry in the 80s, they also first started with automatic transmissions, very lazy nation

    MikeyyMikeyy14 tundi tagasi
  • The whole Soviet Union wasn’t cold Doug . Georgia and Kazakstan get pretty hot in the summer.

    John QuillJohn Quill14 tundi tagasi

    XxTravdamanxX !XxTravdamanxX !14 tundi tagasi
  • Словесный понос

    TheWinwin4allTheWinwin4all14 tundi tagasi
  • It’s not that hilarious 🤷‍♂️

    John QuillJohn Quill14 tundi tagasi
  • Сколько снобизма :) Это классический автомобиль, уже. Контекст нужно учитывать :)

    mr_bin_ssmr_bin_ss14 tundi tagasi
  • But it gets 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene

    Mitch ReillyMitch Reilly14 tundi tagasi
  • I think Doug is mocking this car way too much. There are lots of other European cars similar to this Volga. Actually American cars in the 70s and 80s were of such poor quality they lost a huge market share to both Japan and Germany. The K Car was a ugly gutless wonder. My friend had a Lada (Fiat based) in the 80's a four door orange with beige interior. He drove the livin' snot out of it and it took it! What I thought was terrible on it was the upholstery completely disintegrated from UV on the top of the back seat. More important today's is that Russian fighters are couldn't be more deadly.

    Dave KeelerDave Keeler15 tundi tagasi
  • When you take the 🍭 out of your mouth DOUG

    Piet VerkampenPiet Verkampen15 tundi tagasi
  • SEHR arrogant..... aber lustig

    M HM H15 tundi tagasi
  • I'm from the former Eastern Block - Bulgaria to be precise, and I can tell you, that if you had a Volga back in the day, you were the bomb! :D It's true that it ain't perfect, but it was the top vehicle round here...

    A. AtanasovA. Atanasov15 tundi tagasi
  • And I thought Opals were bad...🤦🏻‍♂️

    King LouisVKing LouisV15 tundi tagasi
  • kinda neat car actually.

    David MuenchowDavid Muenchow15 tundi tagasi
  • the first video ever of Doug where I question his knowledge of old cars ..... as many things are typical features and of course if it was designed in the 60s/70s, it would still have them in the 80s. And why not translating the liquid contents and inform us of their way of thinking whats necessary after crashes or for genereal first aid? I love the GAZ before the 24 and they e.g. copied a lot of design from mercedes... you can really see it on the older models. That would be more informative than an classic american capitalist bashing of ussr products where they really had to fight for every piece of metal and upgrade in the jungle of bureaucracy and shortage of materials.... anyways. nice that someone has fun :D

    Ga NGa N15 tundi tagasi
  • Awsome review, Sir!

    TygaTheOneTygaTheOne15 tundi tagasi