HELLUVA BOSS - Spring Broken // S1: Episode 3

31 jaan 2021
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Happy 2021! Have episode 3!
When Blitzo's ex girlfriend steals his parking spot things sure do happen.
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    VivziepopVivziepopМісяць tagasi
    • Were is episode 4 ???

      Nataša NimčevićNataša Nimčević24 päeva tagasi
    • @Jimmeh Rulez aa

      yeetyt 1356yeetyt 135624 päeva tagasi
    • I love this episode keep up the good work, me, my sister and mom watch it together every time you make a new one. We all love your work

      XsmileslexXsmileslex29 päeva tagasi
    • A

      Idk AnymoreIdk AnymoreМісяць tagasi
    • @Dumpo ok ?

      FELIX INKINIFEE akya fanFELIX INKINIFEE akya fanМісяць tagasi
  • We need More of Verosika Mayday and Blitzo backstory

    Tsuna NatsukiTsuna Natsuki10 minutit tagasi
  • He mirado tantas veces el canal esperando el capítulo 4 de helluva boss para ver más del pasado de Blitzo que se torna muy muy interesante y además ver más de verosika, personajazo

    Tsuna NatsukiTsuna Natsuki15 minutit tagasi
  • YEO 6.03 LMAO

    Diane LamilaDiane Lamila41 minut tagasi
  • why

    iSuckChairsiSuckChairs47 minutit tagasi
  • Yo when the cops show up there’s a clown on the right look at him go

    Andrew RankinAndrew RankinTund tagasi
  • when you love a series but see that there's rule 34 of it 3:07

    Jonathan BrooksJonathan BrooksTund tagasi
  • *_Is she blind? Suffering some form of brain damage?_*

    TheSolidMidgetTheSolidMidgetTund tagasi
  • I had to say I’m loving the season

    Iron Tiger9000Iron Tiger9000Tund tagasi
  • What about mr death?

    Mr. Writer man 1Mr. Writer man 12 tundi tagasi
  • hazbin hotel ep 1 when

    SansSans2 tundi tagasi
  • I drool over food not demon edgy goth fox girl

    G BG B2 tundi tagasi
  • When's episode 2 of Hazbin Hotel?

    charlieboicharlieboi2 tundi tagasi
  • Please bring back drunk moxie in episode 4

    Mocoh LocoMocoh Loco2 tundi tagasi
  • Anyone else thinks Verosika sounds like Killua Zoldyck

    SecretFoxxSecretFoxx3 tundi tagasi
  • "My girlfriend throws a ton of crazy hound parties" MAN DOWN I REPEAT MAN DOWN!!!

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy3 tundi tagasi
  • no matter how many times I watch this, I always forget that this is all because of a fucking parking space xD

    Gretel HelfrichGretel Helfrich3 tundi tagasi
    • What does he mean our classes are expensive they’re literally $25.99

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy3 tundi tagasi
  • What even was that parking lot? I saw a tank and a boat in there.

    Owen KeggOwen Kegg3 tundi tagasi
  • Real quick, does anyone else know Moxxies voice actor from Skylanders? Because I had a minor panic the first time I heard it and it makes it so much funnier to hear his lines 😂

    Sparklepool101Sparklepool1013 tundi tagasi
  • Why did the bouncer put up his hands

    Isaiah kerrIsaiah kerr3 tundi tagasi
  • Love how filthy these characters are. Yay for pegging. And that 4th wall break was a master stroke. Pfft.

    Johnny OrabuenaJohnny Orabuena4 tundi tagasi
  • Luna sounds like raven from teen titans I ain’t gonna lie

    Genuinely TiredGenuinely Tired4 tundi tagasi
  • I so want a moxie t-shirt saying I am not a possum please make it so!!!

    Zj HomeZj Home4 tundi tagasi
  • *OH GOD ITS A FACKING POSSUM* *OH CRUMBS* well im dead now

    Soviet OnionSoviet Onion4 tundi tagasi
  • They did millie dirty

    Coby JohnsonCoby Johnson4 tundi tagasi
  • Vivzie ur doing amazing love ur videos 👁👄👁👍

    Tom PorterTom Porter4 tundi tagasi
  • Why didn’t you use your sniper

    M'li MillerM'li Miller4 tundi tagasi
  • Where is the new content?

    J HJ H4 tundi tagasi
  • all =i have to say is ew tjis wierd no offense'

    General BeanGeneral Bean4 tundi tagasi
  • You should make a knew character name moon stone she is a wolf with Galaxy hair and her mom is a female stols name queen Galaxyria and stols is moon stone uncle and she can turn into a female blink and I said of a heart she has a diamond skull thing. And blizo loves her and moon stone loves him .

    desi smithdesi smith5 tundi tagasi
    • Plz do it

      desi smithdesi smith5 tundi tagasi
  • Wish this episodes soundtrack was on youtube its awesome 🎶 music😝💞😝💞

    Kawaii BunnyKawaii Bunny5 tundi tagasi
  • more...MORE

    Antonio RenziAntonio Renzi5 tundi tagasi
  • What does he mean our classes are expensive they’re literally $25.99

    Ghosty_ YTGhosty_ YT5 tundi tagasi
  • being honest moxxie sounds like zim

    Beastzilla AnimationsBeastzilla Animations5 tundi tagasi
  • Dammit they found out about loona

    EarRape StudiosEarRape Studios5 tundi tagasi
  • 15:51 Anyone else think he was going to say "Boyfriend"

    Jayman493Jayman4936 tundi tagasi
  • Well at least we know blizto is only bold when loonas. In human form. Dog form blizto folds quickly

    Skikxa XylahniclesSkikxa Xylahnicles6 tundi tagasi
  • Hey umm... vivziepop on Instagram people share your work and their fan art...so then I uhhh... saw that someone made art about if the imps have disguises...and well then in the comments their was like a whole war about the skin color the characters should be and people calling each other racists. I was just gonna say this just in case you want to not give them any so that people won't argue or so that uhhh people dont stip watching because of their inconvenience. But whatever you do just know I suppprt... I am huge fan...always reference your shows with my friends. And yeah...oh and do you have a instagram and if so is it ok if you show me.

    Nathan SelfNathan Self6 tundi tagasi
    • @SOOKIE XO Right, I barely comment knowing someone is gonna try starting stuff. But sometimes I like to reach out. I don't think people are gonna stop but I try what I can. After trying to end the situation people got mad at me like I did something wrong. To be honest I'm glad there is at least some people out there that's not annoying and constantly trying to ruin everything.

      Nathan SelfNathan Self4 tundi tagasi
    • @Nathan Self Aw Thankyou! I try to be honestly. Also same lol! I just wish there were less fights on the internet but what can you do 😂

      SOOKIE XOSOOKIE XO4 tundi tagasi
    • @SOOKIE XO thanks, you seem like a reasonable person, and honestly I could go either way. But people are not really seeing them in a different light as they want to see them.

      Nathan SelfNathan Self4 tundi tagasi
    • So sad, people shouldn’t argue about what skin color a character should be. It’s a cartoon like- Hopefully Vivzie sees this. Good on you for bringing the issue to light btw

      SOOKIE XOSOOKIE XO5 tundi tagasi
  • I huffed 5 cans of paint and I see hallucinations of my dad in jail for tax evasion and coach from left 4 dead turning into a cheeseburger.

    ColdhazColdhaz6 tundi tagasi
  • I just searched up “animation meme“ and this was there 💀 this is so weird um not watching this-

    Hannah HigginsHannah Higgins6 tundi tagasi
  • The fact that Vivziepop can make these videos on a lower budget with such high quality every 2 months is just amazing.

    Bizzare TurtleBizzare Turtle6 tundi tagasi
  • That's Joe Biden's presidency in a nutshell.

    Jaques StudlyJaques Studly7 tundi tagasi
  • Ah yes. Finally a version of Loona even the non-furries can drool over

    CyberphonixCyberphonix7 tundi tagasi
  • Human luna < furry luna

    YoshomayYoshomay7 tundi tagasi
  • .....why were they staring at me so hard? Didn't stop me from drooling over her😊

    Gill wolfbatGill wolfbat7 tundi tagasi
  • Everyone, Please check out the chanel TytoCat with this AMAZING song about Octavia "silhouette in the eclipse": eeworld.info/chat/mIWbeKifZo3bt50/video

    Seagull SatelitSeagull Satelit8 tundi tagasi
  • Are we ever gonna see more Hazbin hotel cause I'm dying to see more of the story

    Ember NicholsEmber Nichols8 tundi tagasi
    • Yes actually. Hazbin Hotel was picked up by A24, a privately owned production company. Vivziepop has stated on her Twitter that she simply can't give any updates, likely due to Non Disclosure Agreements. We do not know when and where it'll air, but it's nice knowing it's becoming real eventually.

      GeekyTheArtistGeekyTheArtistTund tagasi
  • Bloody filing bath is my thing bitch

    Elias SaadElias Saad8 tundi tagasi
  • Have to admit, All of the music vivzie made, is a bop

    Rose DrawzRose Drawz8 tundi tagasi
  • I'll call H.R XD

    Bonnie MartinezBonnie Martinez8 tundi tagasi
  • Kkkkk o "toca aqui"

    TAFTAF8 tundi tagasi
  • 3:08 that weeeeee though XD I love drunk Moxie

    Zym the cute dragonZym the cute dragon8 tundi tagasi
    • sorry I meant 13:08 lol

      Zym the cute dragonZym the cute dragon8 tundi tagasi
  • hazbon hotel reference when

    Someone named JohnSomeone named John8 tundi tagasi
  • wAiT tHiS iSn’T vIvZiPoP cLuB

    Alan LinAlan Lin8 tundi tagasi
  • Verosika is so hot, and I’m super curious about her and Blitzo’s back stories....Does anyone have a good guesstimate on when the next episode is coming out?❤️

    CD MPCD MP8 tundi tagasi
  • Lik you t wen he. Hiv give his wife that's sales it

  • How fizzroll a ailve

    Jessica RodriguezJessica Rodriguez9 tundi tagasi
  • Moxxies voice reminds me of invader zim

    morgan Hodgsonmorgan Hodgson9 tundi tagasi
    • It’s the same voice actor

      Angel300AAngel300A9 tundi tagasi
  • Boys you know what time it is 1 month ago means next episode any day

    El RubioEl Rubio9 tundi tagasi
  • 15:09 is my favorite part

    Emely MuroEmely Muro9 tundi tagasi
  • Cringe but interesting.

    bob bobbob bob9 tundi tagasi

    eli PEEPSeli PEEPS9 tundi tagasi
  • I literally spend years tryna find out where I recognized verosikas voice from but I’ve now discovered verosika is also the voice of marionette/ladybug from miraculous ladybug and sailor mars from sailormoon and monaca from danganronpas despair girls, just wow.

    Tippy ToesTippy Toes10 tundi tagasi
  • why is there a tank in the parking lot? at 2:35 its in the back ground but way is there a tank? they break the 4th wall... :O

    DGK DABDGK DAB10 tundi tagasi
  • "she totally pegs you doesn't she?" Millie's eyes at 15.22 ... Just saying 😂

    Jord_2wJord_2w10 tundi tagasi
    • Hol up

      Angel300AAngel300A9 tundi tagasi
  • Here marks the day i discover something i didn't know about myself

    LoonaLoona10 tundi tagasi
    • Yes that too

      Jolna 1ZJolna 1Z5 tundi tagasi
    • @Jolna 1Z no that I have a human form

      LoonaLoona5 tundi tagasi
    • Yes. that you are adopted 🤣

      Jolna 1ZJolna 1Z7 tundi tagasi
  • 9:35 is it bad i want this mans number like fr he cute 16:21 need i say more

    Zoey ChambersZoey Chambers10 tundi tagasi
  • I like the part when moxxie is drunk

    Engineer gamingEngineer gaming10 tundi tagasi
    • Demoman gaming:

      Jolna 1ZJolna 1Z7 tundi tagasi
  • Luna took an L at the end

    R. OBR. OB10 tundi tagasi
    • For real tho 😬

      burn 590burn 590Tund tagasi
  • What app did you use

    Re ERe E10 tundi tagasi
  • I can see Verosika and Valentino having some history.... with the heart shaped sunglasses and the fact she's a pop star... she def would have had some "help" to get there.

    houndsofroseshoundsofroses11 tundi tagasi
  • The wolfgirl is like me😅😍

    Maru B.Maru B.11 tundi tagasi
  • But in this scene she was sniped7:54

    Annarita MastrogiacomoAnnarita Mastrogiacomo11 tundi tagasi
    • How is it possible that she survived in this scene 8:07

      Annarita MastrogiacomoAnnarita Mastrogiacomo11 tundi tagasi
  • me encanto la parte cuando moxi bolo

    Yadira BarrionuevoYadira Barrionuevo11 tundi tagasi
  • 10:49 made me sooo uncomfortable. It's wild that I even like this show. I guess the execution makes up the the premise being one that I usually shouldn't be interested in.

  • we always say when is Hazbin hotel episode 2 we never say where the hell is episode 2

    DrystiDrysti11 tundi tagasi
  • "I LOVE THAT WOMAN.." -Oh, she totally pegs you.

    Debreczeni ÁrpádDebreczeni Árpád11 tundi tagasi
  • Can you poste episode 2 of hazbin hotel in French please ?

    Thaumas_ UnUThaumas_ UnU12 tundi tagasi
    • I don't think she can post any episodes of Hazbin Hotel, regardless of language or if they're even finished. On a tweet she described how she really wanted to but "simply couldn't", which probably means she's under some sort of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements, they basically prevent her from saying anything until A24, the company that picked it up, gives her permission to say anything)

      GeekyTheArtistGeekyTheArtist11 tundi tagasi
  • joe mamma gae

    Iced Out BearIced Out Bear12 tundi tagasi
  • human versions of the characters: exist Rule 34 artists: I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move

    squidmansquidman12 tundi tagasi
  • 8:09 This is your final boarding call. All aboard. Pack your bags Sun's out Take a vacay, bae Take it straight to Bonetown V-time, free time, baby relax Self care, no hair, Brazilian wax Hornt up succu-bus to the beach Catch some rays while catching some D Pack your bags Sun's out Take a Vacay babe Take it straight to Bonetown Hot dog, hot bod, sausage and buns Threesome, fivesome, having some fun Back to my place, welcome to Hell Souls out, hormones out, how does it smell? Pack your bags Sun's out Take a Vacay babe Take it straight to Bonetown

    KP BennettKP Bennett12 tundi tagasi
  • This series is bad

    edgelord loledgelord lol12 tundi tagasi
    • You're bad

      323 Noir323 Noir12 tundi tagasi
  • I like the Wolf dude

    micah jonesmicah jones13 tundi tagasi
  • that 4th wall break

    protonightingaleprotonightingale13 tundi tagasi
  • Viziepop inspired me to make animations seeing them get better over time and watching them grow. It’s amazing how detailed these episodes are so I’m making a somewhat series. It won’t be good nor detailed. It would just be for fun.

    ArmypUg639ArmypUg63913 tundi tagasi
  • Why did I wait to watch this why did I wait to watch this *why did I wait to watch this??????*

    MayaConnollyMayaConnolly13 tundi tagasi
  • 6:08

    Lovasx KælebLovasx Kæleb13 tundi tagasi
  • Honestly I feel like Blitzø's human form would look really similar to what his voice actor (Brandon Rogers) looks like.

    Leanna AlvaradoLeanna Alvarado13 tundi tagasi
  • Best episode ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Salvador Jr GutierrezSalvador Jr Gutierrez14 tundi tagasi

    JL gacha studiosJL gacha studios14 tundi tagasi
  • Breaking the fourth wall there... And why are you looking at us?

    Paul ParkesPaul Parkes14 tundi tagasi
  • The music at 14:07 is Symphony by Clean Bandits, for whoever's wondering, but I can't find the remix

    Mohy yhmOMohy yhmO14 tundi tagasi
  • where can we watch the uncensored version? i live in Germany so I don't like censoring.

    LemonsausageLemonsausage14 tundi tagasi
    • All they really censored was a few words, most likely to keep the video from being age restricted or demonetized. I don't think there's anyway to view them uncensored.

      GeekyTheArtistGeekyTheArtist11 tundi tagasi
  • Keep posting

    komiiro yuikokomiiro yuiko14 tundi tagasi
  • "why don't you take an art class?" "why don't *you* see how expensive the are!?" damn

    PurplePurple14 tundi tagasi
  • 6:08 rule 34 artist they know about u guys so watch out

    Mr. ZozikillMr. Zozikill14 tundi tagasi
  • moxy wihout millie=millie blitzo with out his child=wheres my baby!??!?

    Reel YTReel YT15 tundi tagasi
  • Plis Hazbin Hotel :c

    FranVaDeFranVaDe15 tundi tagasi
    • Hazbin Hotel got picked up by A24 and they are working on the series. I think what's preventing the release of episodes for a while is Non Disclosure Agreement that's likely on Viv judging by a tweet where she described how she wants to give updates but "simply can't"

      GeekyTheArtistGeekyTheArtist11 tundi tagasi
    • Their Only Working On Hellva Boss Please Wait :/

      Jevil ChaosJevil Chaos12 tundi tagasi
  • when you wake up and to exited because its yr birthday 13:44

    ZeSilver_wolf :3ZeSilver_wolf :315 tundi tagasi
    • Excited *

      Jevil ChaosJevil Chaos12 tundi tagasi
  • Oh my stolas, I was so excited and I cannot wait for this episode! It’s piece of good work! Episodes are coming so fast! Great work guys! You’re all such an inspiration! I’m trying to subscribe everyone that working on this amazing series. And the songs..damn! They’re better and better! I would love to listen to them on repeat (Actually I do- LMAO) If I’ll make some money I swear, I’ll just buy some stuffs from your shop, I love them too :) I’m also trying to do an animated series but I’m pretty bad at it, I hope in some years I’ll get that good as you guys! Cya!~ father possum

    Ba_vvyBa_vvy17 tundi tagasi