The Eerie Vanishing Of The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers

16 okt 2020
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What happened to the three lighthouse keepers of Flannan Isles?
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  • I'm curious why there was no mention of perhaps a rogue wave especially with regard to theory 1? It's possible for them to occur without a storm after being generated a long distance away, and the keepers would get very little warning. I'm also wondering if there were records of them perhaps going fishing or if there was a boat that might have been missing?

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  • Postmortem: What about shared delusional disorder? It was just the three of them they all imagined a storm? Maybe they all went into this psychosis and died trying to escape the island

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  • #Postmortem I do think the most likley theory out of the 4 is that an accident happend and one of them fell in the water, the others threw down the lifebuoy to try and save him, and they were either suprised by a huge wave and/or strong winds. If Guinness says its the most windy place in the UK, and the place is known for possibly having 300ft waves, I see no reason why this couldn't have happend. Even if you say its strange that three experienced men would be taken by the sea like that, its not strange that nature is unpredictable and wayyy beyond what we can predict. Against nature we are pretty much powerless lol.

    Hedvig HaugenHedvig Haugen2 tundi tagasi
  • I think they were all just swept out to sea by either heavy waves or wind.

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  • #postmortem Did the Board ever check in with any of their families?? Usually in situations of disappearances like this I prefer to think people just up and left, and maybe they could have gone home if they were feeling bad. To explain how they could have left: perhaps they hopped a boat of a passerby or if the distance isn't too bad to some outcropping and further to mainland.

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  • 24:00 that's not Scotland, that's wastwater in the lake district, England

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