MatPat + The Game Theorists Discuss Game Theory | St. Jude Inspired Questions

7 jaan 2020
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MatPat & wife Stephanie Patrick, from The Game Theorists, theorize why their visit to St. Jude inspired them to make a difference. Some other fun theories they share are: Why do their baby’s pictures get more likes than their own? How are their fans different around the world (some still ask for a Witcher theory…)? If they weren’t Game Theorists, what would they be? And intriguingly, which Game Theory episode would they make for St. Jude patient Miguel?
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How do video games help sick kids through hard times? 0:44
Why do Instagram photos with your son get more likes than of just you guys? 2:03
Has your time here sparked interest in returning to your roots (cancer research)? 2:46
Are fans different around the world? 3:26
How do you balance work and regular life? 4:30
What should a hospital for kids be like? 5:14
Can you describe St. Jude in one word? 5:40
How did the patients you met today inspire you? 6:24
If you could play games with any person, alive or dead, it would be____. 8:05
Pineapple or no pineapple on pizza? 8:48
Lion King: animated or live action? 9:01
Karaoke or dance party? 9:24
If I wasn’t a game theorist, I would be____. 9:35
If any game could have a sequel, what would it be? 9:47
What would you want an episode of Game Theory, dedicated to St. Jude, to be on? 10:04
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  • i dont like anything and if i see a face I think gay or you're wierd

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  • Wow! I wish more people stopped by on this!

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  • Matt Pat "Regular Life" *strange face* in head (whats that...)

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  • when they did rock paper scissors at the beginning to work out who talked first! OMG there adorable!

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  • The charity livestream Matt and Steph did that raised 1.3 million dollars with all the guest EEworldrs was amazing, last time I checked an extra $32,367 was raised even after the stream ended.

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  • I want matpat to be my teacher

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  • i meant you not youy

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  • Who's behind the st.judes EEworld channel, TIME FOR A THEORY

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  • heheheee oh matpat i am your was your bigesst fan but not anymore oh poor littel kids i was BORN WITH A TEMPER AND kids:your not a poor rat me:yeah youy just poor HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

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    • @katrine kjær "oh matpat i am your was your bigesst fan " -crakie 2020

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  • 10/10

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