BTS Reminisces on What They Were Like in High School

30 sept 2020
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BTS and Jimmy reminisce about their iconic performance in Grand Central and share what they were like before they were famous.
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BTS Reminisces on What They Were Like in High School

  • Am i actually watching the whole interview or just looking at v..?

    Maeesha MahmoodMaeesha Mahmood15 tundi tagasi
  • I love how Jk Hyungs are arguing about who raised him😂😂😭💀

    Rishika MajhiRishika Majhi17 tundi tagasi
  • BTS x BLACKPINK collab !!! To blow the World!!! 😜🤤🙀🙀🙀

    Jacqueline SajolJacqueline SajolPäev tagasi
  • 0:45 look at Tae and jimin petting Jin like a dog lmao

    「tani artzz」 uwu「tani artzz」 uwuPäev tagasi
  • Lol Namjoon be like i was a nerd ya a 148 iq And jk can't talk about his highschool life in peace cause his hyung can't stop exposing him lol Suga: you know there is always the student who is bad at studies Me:yup that's me And i AGREEEEEE

    Tae and KookiesTae and Kookies2 päeva tagasi
  • Jimmy: And I remember when I went up to JuNgKoO Me: No.

    Lola BlackLola Black2 päeva tagasi
  • seokjins english is so cute awh :(

    sadieieiisadieieii4 päeva tagasi
  • the boys: *breathe* jimmy: *claps*

    SALIMIMANSALIMIMAN4 päeva tagasi
  • Jin's cute smile at 0:41 when the oldest 2 maknaes tapped his chin 🥺

    YYYY4 päeva tagasi
  • I Love them they are so kind and they helped people who needed they are so kind 😇😇😇😇😄😃 thank you for being my number one inspiration

    mrudulaprasad kattamrudulaprasad katta4 päeva tagasi
  • watching this for the Nth time

    Margie DelovinoMargie Delovino4 päeva tagasi
  • Yeah Jimmy, thats why they are the biggest band. Not only effort but their attitude and character are also impressive. So are you, Jimmy :)

    Amy SjarifAmy Sjarif4 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook: Bts: i RAISED that boy

    Olivia NixonOlivia Nixon6 päeva tagasi
  • Jin : I advise to meet good people Me : -_-

    Bear XDBear XD6 päeva tagasi
  • RM 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🥰😘😘😘😘 my joooonniieeee 💜🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 BORAHAE 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🥰😘😘

    Noor HoorainNoor Hoorain6 päeva tagasi
  • Jk is again winner

    Badal sidhuBadal sidhu6 päeva tagasi
  • it annoys me how he says junkoo

    awsome editsawsome edits6 päeva tagasi
  • Woooww rm, 😳😳😳😳Eminem is one of d best that year👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊

    Mizzdee GranndeMizzdee Grannde6 päeva tagasi
  • I demand every show should have comfortable arm chairs for dis big babies😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉

    Mizzdee GranndeMizzdee Grannde6 päeva tagasi
  • V and jimin fighting over jungkook 🤦🏼‍♀️

    SanskritiSanskriti6 päeva tagasi
  • Ok but where can I meet good people?🙂

    Soumi SahaSoumi Saha7 päeva tagasi
  • 3:32 what was hobi doing tho?😂

    Soumi SahaSoumi Saha7 päeva tagasi
  • Suga: there is always that one kid bad at studies Jin: the one who goes to school only because it’s mandatory Suga & Me: yes. That was me.

    SimSim8 päeva tagasi
  • Suga: (They called Yoongi *BAD BOY* ) V: Me too *GOOD BOY* ) My mind: THE SAGA CONTINUES

    I Lost My Jams Not JiminI Lost My Jams Not Jimin8 päeva tagasi
  • kook: we all went together to the graduation ceremony yoongi and jin : *fighting over who bought him up* i just love these guys lmfao

    Tasnima MohoshinTasnima Mohoshin8 päeva tagasi
  • „I recommend to meet good people“ That’s actually not wrong . This is how things work out . You get in touch with the right contacts 🤷‍♀️

    Jessi .kJessi .k8 päeva tagasi

    Cristina TiamzonCristina Tiamzon8 päeva tagasi
  • 2:16 Namjoon: Thats my kid, I taught him that english

    Taylor BrookeTaylor Brooke9 päeva tagasi
  • v was secretly mad during this because rm copied his outfit (btw this is just a joke)

    Taylor BrookeTaylor Brooke9 päeva tagasi
  • You can tell they love Jimmy and are comfortable with him ❤

    S GS G9 päeva tagasi
  • I am in class 6

    JinKook BTSJinKook BTS9 päeva tagasi
  • Ok but like did anyone notice that V and RM are wear like almost the exact same outfit and sitting right next to each other😂

    Jamie KimbrellJamie Kimbrell9 päeva tagasi
  • I don't believe that Yoongi is bad at studies. Our lil meow meow hates the system but he's diligent in studying. He stores too much information. I'm always in awe every time he shares random facts about engineering, medical field, music, technology or science. That man solves calculus problems when he's bored hahaha

    MongAce !!MongAce !!10 päeva tagasi
  • Jimi Fallon need a razor urgent

    CelineCeline10 päeva tagasi
  • Jimmy is always so nice w the boys:´( thank you so much jimmy really

    Amra OmerdićAmra Omerdić10 päeva tagasi
  • Oh really? V and jimin were highschool friends!

    Tigris riverTigris river10 päeva tagasi
    • yes they went high school together

      Hhajara MarzuMHhajara MarzuM6 päeva tagasi

    Alaa A.Alaa A.11 päeva tagasi
  • 1:12 This is why I appreciate Jimmy, he truly respects every artist.

    Alaa A.Alaa A.11 päeva tagasi
  • 5:40 v:you can't live without ne Awwwwwwwwww so cute my fav part in this video💜💜💜

    manas_priya munimanas_priya muni11 päeva tagasi
  • Helppp why do Tae and Jin look like the divorced parents that fight over who raised the kid lollll ㅠㅠ

    Fayre LuxFayre Lux12 päeva tagasi
  • Rm I'm kinda nerd, you are smart.. Love you

    Almay TabernaAlmay Taberna12 päeva tagasi
  • Comment ur bias lol

    Gabriella ValdezGabriella Valdez12 päeva tagasi
  • I can't get over the when jin said I got 6 pack in which bts member are u

    Gabriella ValdezGabriella Valdez12 päeva tagasi
  • I live for Jimin's laugh after V said you cant live without me

    ANDY PunzalanANDY Punzalan12 päeva tagasi
  • This group has everyone included Nerd, hard worker, clown of the class, the cold one, always late, one who is good all round, one with lots of beautiful brothers. They all looks like minor God's on his graduation day.

    Kwon 2kimKwon 2kim13 päeva tagasi
  • No one Not even Jk's banana milk Jimmy: says about album BE and shows Map of the Soul 7 Me: wait..what?😐

    Bhoomi PriyadarshniBhoomi Priyadarshni13 päeva tagasi
  • Lets see how many ARMYs like me and came here again in 2021

    Ana RombaAna Romba13 päeva tagasi
  • Jimin’s laugh after Tae said you can’t leave without me to JK. Ahhhhh, warms my heart every single time. 💓

    D. DeckerD. Decker14 päeva tagasi
  • Army vote for bts @ mubeat app.CAN LOGIN at least 5 DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS And SMA @ 3OTH HIGH1 SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS APP And hallyulife awards the mistreatment of bts.

    Djvenom 67Djvenom 6714 päeva tagasi
  • Kinda like a nerrrrdd Ahem u mean top 1% of korea

    J JJ J14 päeva tagasi
  • BTS being exposed to us Americans so intensely is going to actually have them knowing English fluently.

    TheGameTrainz HDTheGameTrainz HD14 päeva tagasi
  • Jin English omg❤️❤️

    អ៊ួង គីមអុីអ៊ួង គីមអុី14 päeva tagasi
    • And RM really proud

      អ៊ួង គីមអុីអ៊ួង គីមអុី14 päeva tagasi
  • Does jomin understands korean

    Shravya GuptaShravya Gupta14 päeva tagasi
  • Jin's English is so adorable

    Kushi GobinKushi Gobin15 päeva tagasi
  • Can that guy understand korean?

    ᅩ묘ᄃ녜ᅢᅢᅡᅭᅩ묘ᄃ녜ᅢᅢᅡᅭ15 päeva tagasi
  • watching them just makes me smile :)

    kee mkee m15 päeva tagasi
  • Jimmy's so right... These guys are incredibly hard working and talented and humble! It's impossible not to like them or their songs. I'm in my thirties... Always being a fan of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber... But Bts is really something! I admire Jungkook as a singer and dancer

    Jesica ArgañarazJesica Argañaraz16 päeva tagasi
  • ‘Meet good people’... so true.

    moonchild97moonchild9716 päeva tagasi
  • I always admire Jimin's drive and hard work. His success is not luck y'all he worked hard for it.

    Camille Ailene ParicoCamille Ailene Parico16 päeva tagasi
    • So true..

      Kwon 2kimKwon 2kim13 päeva tagasi
  • I honestly love RM's English accent ❤️😍 Jin sounds so cute while speaking English 🥺🥺... And I'm exactly the student like Jin😂😂

    Glory Kezia V. KarraGlory Kezia V. Karra16 päeva tagasi
  • *0:44** I legit thought Jimmy said ‘Oh my Gosh’ in Korean first (aigoo) followed by the English translation, but then I realised he said “I go” not “aigoo”.*

    Rhileyn AndrewsRhileyn Andrews17 päeva tagasi
  • 0:51 I felt that on another level tho

    Malak AtatrahMalak Atatrah18 päeva tagasi
  • A good friend has more influence on u than ur parents, teacher and siblings together

    Ranam Rafeeque AhmedRanam Rafeeque Ahmed18 päeva tagasi
  • 1:18 when RM call Jimmy and jimin thought that he is calling his name lol 😅😁

    7 diamonds7 diamonds18 päeva tagasi
  • I love suga so much, my bias 💝 *mood* Don't worry I love all of them there all so cuteee💕

    Xx Anime_Lover XxXx Anime_Lover Xx19 päeva tagasi
  • 5:37 - 5:41 i keep repeating this part if there were views for it alone, you would get from these it'll probably reach 5m

    BRUHH STOPPBRUHH STOPP19 päeva tagasi
  • Looks like Mr. Fallon wants to cry in the whole interview with ‘em, but who can blame him ? Pandemic sucks, if I’m being brutally honest.

    Kyle HearnsbergerKyle Hearnsberger20 päeva tagasi
  • 2020 was bizarre... but BTS gave us hope and joy in such ways... Thanks Jimmy for loving and appreciating and loving them. Purple you! PD You are a doll ^_^

    Angie NavarroAngie Navarro20 päeva tagasi
  • The Kim brothers dressing like triplets like um who is who

    Offical_la28 LAOffical_la28 LA20 päeva tagasi
  • I cannot stop looking at RM, V, and Jin’s couple fits... :D

    JKsOneAndOnlyJKsOneAndOnly20 päeva tagasi

    Kostya IncredibleKostya Incredible21 päev tagasi
  • Don't get me wrong, I love Jimmy Fallon, but BTS is my heart and this just felt forced from Fallon's side. It seemed as if he ain't understanding anything, just answering with some practiced arbitrary phrases which just so happen to match up with an okay response. I mean, dude! No one's expecting you to start understanding Korean at the snap of you fingers, but the least you can do is own up to it, right? I know the studio and set supervisors must have done something to make things better, still, it seems, I don't know, kinda hurtful for BTS, especially seeing the issues they were talking about. Again, I really do love Fallon, but this just needed to be said.

    Teetas Sinha MahapatraTeetas Sinha Mahapatra21 päev tagasi
  • Jin’s english has improved so much~

    Ananta GurungAnanta Gurung21 päev tagasi
  • 👌👌👌

    Love YourselfLove Yourself21 päev tagasi
  • Jimmy: jimin good boy Taetae: im good boy too Jin : you bad boy

    Alexis ThompsonAlexis Thompson21 päev tagasi
  • I'll be back in 2 years

    jazz bunnyjazz bunny22 päeva tagasi
  • Jin’s life : 0:47

    Yvonne QYvonne Q22 päeva tagasi
  • When jimmy said what advice would u give the kids who wants to be the next bts Me: oh right age... me: cries a whole ocean

    Tressa LiTressa Li22 päeva tagasi
  • Im kinda like a mix of suga & jin in school-

    Fmb_.07Fmb_.0723 päeva tagasi
  • They are so damn cute i cannot. 🥵

    Nhe ryNhe ry25 päeva tagasi
  • So no one's gonna talk about 2:58 when V said " Taehyung ah, wake up" UwU

    Novia ChanNovia Chan25 päeva tagasi
  • jimmy hugged kookie JEALOUSY LEVEL 💯

    Mahriati hmarMahriati hmar26 päeva tagasi
  • Yoongi, Jin and Tae fighting over who raised Jungkook. He is so loved.

    MoArmy EngeneMoArmy Engene26 päeva tagasi
  • BTS fighting to find out who raises jungkook 😂😂

    Purple YouPurple You27 päeva tagasi
  • does jimmy understand korean ??

    keerthana rkeerthana r27 päeva tagasi
  • jungkook is so shy🥺♥️

    • b e e k i m c h i •• b e e k i m c h i •27 päeva tagasi
  • Yall talking about the video and here’s me enjoying the comments 🤣

    ARMY loves BTSARMY loves BTS28 päeva tagasi
  • Suga: I raised him Jin: Naw bish, I raised him V: You can't live without me Jin: I brought him food V: I was in charge of his meals Jin: .... ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT? Jungkook: F*** you all, I raised myself

    》ThePsycho _Wolf《》ThePsycho _Wolf《28 päeva tagasi
  • Jimmy is sooo correct.... we know these guys are very famous, millionaires, hardworking then again very very down to earth and real.. that could be the reason why their armies are so attached and crazy about them

    AsH MAsH M28 päeva tagasi
  • No body. Literally not a single soul. My brain 🧠 "that was great buddy"

    Fortune AkonwaFortune Akonwa28 päeva tagasi
  • Dominika się nie zna na muzyce

    Ewa SiewkowskaEwa Siewkowska28 päeva tagasi
  • Thx Jimmy u asked about it. That what would u say the kid dreaming to be the next bts . Ur show and u r the best and love u bts too

    bts worldbts world29 päeva tagasi
  • Jin: I bought him food. Taehyung: I was in charge of his meals. Jin: **TriGgEreD** 5:49

    Vanessa LuVanessa Lu29 päeva tagasi
  • 5:50 Yeah Jin and Tae were good parents 😂😂

    Xiomi DallasXiomi DallasМісяць tagasi
  • 5:42 Jimin's smile is so cutee 💜💜✨

    Xiomi DallasXiomi DallasМісяць tagasi
  • bts arguing about who raised JK lmao

    SailorMoonSailorMoonМісяць tagasi
  • Member fighting over junkooks guardianship

    Gang OrcaGang OrcaМісяць tagasi
  • While Jungkook's talking in his highschool life: Jin: I bought him food V: I was in charge with his food Hmmmm Taehyung

    Krystylle NicoleKrystylle NicoleМісяць tagasi
  • V was exactly what I thought of him... Loving him more

    Gomnu MardeGomnu MardeМісяць tagasi
  • I feel you Kookie...✊😌.

    Panda WandaPanda WandaМісяць tagasi