Don't fall in love with KIM TAEHYUNG (뷔 BTS) Challenge!

17 sept 2018
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Don't fall in love with KIM TAEHYUNG (뷔 BTS) Challenge!
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Credit: Big Hit, Bangtan TV
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  • Hloo all are dear army's ...... May u plz tell me the song name at 9:12 by V oppa ...plzz

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  • I am literally a big fan because of his innocent, cuteness

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  • ''DONT FALL IN LOVE WITH KIM TAEHYUNG '' .. ME - It's already so late... 💜💜💜💜

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  • Which song was that when jhope waking up v?? B'coz I am new army

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  • 3:05

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  • 0:44 3

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  • Everyone - watching tae Me - watching in kookie's eyes 👁️👁️ 👅 So adorable 🥺🥺🥺

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  • Bidet pushes kindly God V what kind of king are you 😎

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  • V is a very beautiful Turkish child, every state is perfect 👍🇹🇷

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  • i like v 's sudden wiorred face its so funny whenever i see his wiorred face i cant control my smile

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  • You are the best medicine of the evenings that I never get tired of watching everything forgetting all the time, I always have another good V place BTS💙

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  • When someone says BTS members are ugly Me: 3:54

    Cup of Tae with Suga and KookieCup of Tae with Suga and KookieМісяць tagasi
  • “ don’t fall in love with kim taehyung “ Me read taehyung name then fall in love 🤡❤️

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  • Can someone plzz tell me what was the song in background at 1:15 plzzz....

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  • 5:32

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  • 2... 5 . 9 10

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  • fact:every one in love before After and forever

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  • "Don't fall in love with Kim Taehyung " Me, who has always been in love with him : Sooooo...ummm hmm yeah okay umm whatever let's watch, so let's see if I don't fall in love 👁👄👁 I know no one has understood what I said..

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  • Staff: what was the hardest thing we had to endure.. V: Not being able to play when I wanted to?. Jhope: u played a lot. 😅😅😅..I don't know I'm laughing hard

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  • I don't miss the 1:09 part

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  • Yall I failed miserably

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  • Taehyung: armyyyy.. Me: mummy... 😭😭

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  • حطولي ليك

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  • ᅩ모모모모

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  • Can someone let me know the song @ 1:21 ? Please

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  • Jukook suka tewati

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  • Sin duda v es único en el mundo

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  • I love u v ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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