MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Official Music Video]

15 sept 2020
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MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Official Music Video]
Bringing this music video to life has been such a special experience. I wanted it to feel as if Disney magically made a baby with Wes Anderson in the world of Colour Vision with every bit of our souls intertwined. Emily is my actual wife and she is really pregnant right now with our first child, so art imitates life in a fun way with this video. We studied and memorized all of the Korean lyrics to Suga’s incredible and romantic verse and all of the blueberries in the bathtub ended up being reused to create limited edition blueberry dyed blueberry eyes shirts. This video is a piece of our hearts and I hope it sparks the same magic in you viewing it as it did for us creating it. Thank you to Suga for being so brilliant on this song and more importantly for being a wonderful friend. Much love.
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Damn you look so good
Laying there wearing nothing but my t shirt
Your body’s a neighborhood
Wanna drive my lips all around it

Cause I’m holding my breath
Wondering when you’re gonna wake up in my arms
Head on my chest
My heart’s beating
I can’t wait to

Kiss you each morning
With strawberry skies
I get so lost in
Your blueberry eyes
I’m running through my dreams
To see you in the light
Cause I get so lost in
Your blueberry eyes

(Verse 2) SUGA
내 그림자를 가른 한줄기 빛
어둡기만한 내 삶을 뒤집어 놓은 너
나 어쩌면 아무것도 아니지
너를 만나기전엔 그저 보잘것 없던 나
보잘것 없던 나
그전 내 삶은 다
하루를 대충 때우기에 급급했었잖아 yeah
우리의 낮 우리의 밤 그래 우리의 삶
u AR e MY light 서롤 지탱하는 벗 서로의 닻
Kiss you each morning
With strawberry skies
I get so lost in
Your blueberry eyes
I’m running through my dreams
To see you in the light
Cause I get so lost in
Your blueberry eyes

Emily Schneider

Created & Directed By: Andy DeLuca, Sarah Eiseman, & MAX
Producer: Andrew Zenn
Associate Producer: Allie Stamler
Editor: Andy DeLuca
DP: JD Butler
1st AC: Christian Rose
Gaffer: Andy Chinn
Key Grip: Harris Smith
Grip Swing / Dolly Grip: Gonzalo Digenio
Electric: Orlando Ordonez
Styling: Emily Schneider
Props: Joel Shackleford
HMU: Shaina Paulson
Steady Cam Operator: Jose Espinoza

(P) 2020 Colour Vision Records, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

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  • I’m just saying but anyone that’s pregnant shouldn’t be wearing high heels. Super dangerous.

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  • conozco a una morra castrosa que diario se la pasa hablando de lo grandioso que es yoongi y que le llora todas las noches pero no les voy a decir quién soy.

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  • Plot Twist: The cat during suga's part is actually suga

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