We could have died doing this......

1 juuli 2020
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  • I a you're cousin

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  • 2:35 all the people that were subscribed me mad because they sub

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  • dam kids bruh ur a teen

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  • I my knees enjoy the years old not like you to be video so you get a shadow my name is angel

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  • Cory is better than capron

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  • Aren’t catfish spikes poisonous?

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  • We want to see Hannah in more videos

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  • Emerson dope corey

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  • The dive what Charlie did it looked like he belly flopped

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  • Marley cory

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  • how did you guys get out of the water I love your guys vids keep up the good work

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  • Hi capron

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  • spoon first

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  • why did you delete the true funk bros I was your biggest fan I brought everything and now u deleted all of your best content we used to squash it and now its all lost please get funk bros back in business again and please shout me out

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  • You should act like you brack up with your girlfriend and then merry her

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  • best title ever

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  • What is going on in the back round.

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  • Who came here after Capron commented on his favorite EEworldrs video in his new vid?

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  • Corey I’m subscribed

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  • That’s how pepeol die 1:46

    We want A 104th battle packWe want A 104th battle pack3 місяці tagasi
  • Yeah why are you mad at me that I love I love the video that I’m watching I am you should go on a date with Hannah to Hawaii because Hawaii you guys can go on a date there it’s so fun I know I’ll be fine for you guys because of course you guys would be dating so go there for like two weeks I asked for a donkey from C3 want to comeAnd if you don’t see it how do you same thing that I have my sister pick up all right thank you bye Ella and Hannah 😂 liking more freedom, you keep cursing

    Samantha EscobarSamantha Escobar4 місяці tagasi
  • If you don’t take me to him I will if you’re not let me take them then that’s Javier’s video because I have a warrant for Fredy to be here how do you Mia doesn’t know so Apple Watch picture of your damn he’s a friend to be your court I am so mad and yeah the guy he almost beat you up so our restroom because he almost here I’ll talk with you so I want to Capcom because until Jake the guy that you were working with Patty mayo I know everything about a cop and I want to be a funny one I want to be a bounty Hunter

    Samantha EscobarSamantha Escobar4 місяці tagasi
  • Fun I am 12 and do you member the time with that guy had a blue Mustang now the last day of blue Honda in the kit that was like so stupid you’re stupid Tom ask him he’s asking to go to his address and then go knock him out because if he comes back you tell me your address so I can come over there do you have a warrant for failure to pay the court so he miss his court date so I have a one for his arrest so I’ll come to your address you take me and you take your taking for to me who don’t take me worried lives so I can get him to car city and called you and then tell Jake tell Patti mail my name is ben and aunt well I’m 15 years old instead of 12 because I just turned 15 today tell mama‘s biggest fan and I’m his biggest fan of patty mayo

    Samantha EscobarSamantha Escobar4 місяці tagasi
  • Too bad for a visit a racket question going Frank

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  • Call if you got a question I feel bad for you

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  • ,owen

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  • Love your vids keep up the good work please can I have a shoutout

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  • Were is that river at ? I want to go pleaee tell me and cliff jump I asked my mom we said yeah lol I really asked

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  • Oh hey capron

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  • He is the best EEworldr ever I watch the Same video like 3 times a day

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  • Corey is better Than carter

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  • Go to EEworld channel

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  • Check out lochso river that crazy I’ve raft bigger then your stuff

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  • i live in California hope i see you in riverside plaza # subscribe to Corey funk

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  • The intro is so fire

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  • I want to meet you but I live in water As 1162 s.steat🤑🤑🤑

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  • 3:52 한국 다람쥐

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  • My friend at school said you where his cousin and his name is Levi waker

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  • 3:04 what type of shorts/underwear are those. Those are sick but idk what they are called

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