Outrageous Desserts You Have To Try

3 mai 2021
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43 Outrageous Desserts You Have To Try
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    Hala BukhamsinHala Bukhamsin12 minutit tagasi

    Hala BukhamsinHala Bukhamsin13 minutit tagasi
  • DID NOONE NOTICE THE "you can do it brucie" FROM MATILDA AT 9:09? BIG UP TOBI G

    Raiyaan ZafarRaiyaan ZafarTund tagasi
  • 5:46 - Music syncs up perfectly to when they say "Ooh".

    Samuel Stalder OSTSamuel Stalder OSTTund tagasi
  • did Ethan just come out as food sexual?

    Medioni AsllaniMedioni Asllani3 tundi tagasi
  • Jj talking about Craig David at the start of the video like he was lil kid

    Taco Bell’s BathroomTaco Bell’s Bathroom6 tundi tagasi
  • Seems like most of these desserts were the same... there's a whole world of food.

    Formless AvatarFormless Avatar9 tundi tagasi
  • Looking at half these foods make my stomach hurt lol

    Ethan McNattEthan McNatt9 tundi tagasi
  • Petition for a series of them trying these

    Cameron ModreskiCameron Modreski11 tundi tagasi
  • That cheesecake has bunda 🤣🤣

    Asia OsmanAsia Osman12 tundi tagasi
  • Once a fatty always a fatty, Ethan will never change

    Mind Of a MenaceMind Of a Menace14 tundi tagasi
  • Bola de berlim from Portugal is... god

    Duck PT 9Duck PT 916 tundi tagasi
  • lets go minnesota state fair sweet marthas cookies was in this sheesh

    Jay drinks waterJay drinks water18 tundi tagasi
  • Tobi : 'I haven't had lunch' Muslims across the world : 'I haven't had iftaar'

    Muhammad MadihMuhammad Madih18 tundi tagasi
  • Love JJ-s freedom of living way of living

    Anti ManniAnti Manni19 tundi tagasi
  • I had the 5LB Hershey Bar. My coworks got it for me for Christmas back in 2007 and told me it was my challenge and I could not share it. I still have the wrapper which I proudly display in my cubicle.

    Phil ArmellinoPhil Armellino20 tundi tagasi
  • Sidemen: This is making me hungry Me fasting 😂

    Lightning ShardLightning Shard20 tundi tagasi
  • 6:43 that laugh brings back many memories

    Kai HartKai Hart20 tundi tagasi
  • as soon as sidemen moved into Aussie, I gonna move to that's fasho, cuz Aussie is near my country rn

    DanyDany21 tund tagasi
  • Bangkok ya kno, bangin' the c*ck

    DanyDany21 tund tagasi
  • I never heard Ethan talk like this 😂😭he is sincerely turned on by dessert

    Christopher TuckerChristopher Tucker21 tund tagasi
  • Sheeeeeeeeesh

    SheeeeeeeeeshSheeeeeeeeesh21 tund tagasi
  • As a man from bang-kok, I am proud.

    Bruh MemeBruh Meme21 tund tagasi
  • 4:46 Tobi what was that?

    Mr. McMagicMr. McMagic22 tundi tagasi
  • People doing ramadan 😢😢😋

    Mohamed WehebaMohamed Weheba23 tundi tagasi
  • You can see the pain of not being able to eat any of it on their faces....

    DSoDragonDSoDragonPäev tagasi
  • 7:24 ksi's boob got me acting up

    WestintheWeapon 2889WestintheWeapon 2889Päev tagasi
  • Took me a while to clock why he said "purple waffle" loooool

    debrahamzdebrahamzPäev tagasi
  • Lol in the description the original video link is of pigs race.

    Amir MohammedAmir MohammedPäev tagasi
  • lk;l;

    NxtheNxthePäev tagasi
  • 2:11 I live right here in Honolulu, but Dole is quite a drive away; when my cousin visited, we went to the beach near Dole and got the pineapple soft serve, to be honest I wasn't the biggest fan but to each their own lol. Might as well give it a try when you visit here, tho!

    LuckyCaster24LuckyCaster24Päev tagasi
  • Tobi- "i havent have lunch guys ):" Me- "i am Fasting!!"

    Ayaan GodilAyaan GodilPäev tagasi

    Catherine AkotoCatherine AkotoPäev tagasi
  • Ate two dozen cookies while watching this...time to run for hours.

    Hemish SavaliyaHemish SavaliyaPäev tagasi
  • "Frozen Custard" fr just be ice cream no? 💀

    JeoqJeoqPäev tagasi
  • 2:20 *Character Development* 5:12

    JeoqJeoqPäev tagasi
  • 2:18 JJ: "Im the one that moves mad?" Tobi: "Allow it" Also them 4:47

    JeoqJeoqPäev tagasi
  • Thank god i live in NY

    liттlelosiтоliттlelosiтоPäev tagasi
  • These desserts will cost my whole high school tuition

    Carl EstepaCarl EstepaPäev tagasi
  • When tobi said jj has gone quiet it reminded me of the pro clubs where jj and i think ethan didn't talk much

    Michael GlezMichael GlezPäev tagasi
  • Watched this video with my parents in the room was not a good idea

    Angry bros Pranks and VlogsAngry bros Pranks and VlogsPäev tagasi
  • 6:43 💀

    SupaaSupaaPäev tagasi
  • “THAT cheese cake gonna need to calm down ey THAT cheese cake gonna make me act up“ -Ethan 2021 Sorry boys let me just laugh

    BloodlinBloodlinPäev tagasi
  • Why why its Ramadan

    Zainab KhanZainab KhanPäev tagasi
  • Felt like a religious experience

    Mohammed AlhammadiMohammed AlhammadiPäev tagasi
  • I hate Ethan so annoying

    Emil 118Emil 118Päev tagasi
  • Moral of this vid: allow it fam

    Mr Slice84Mr Slice84Päev tagasi
  • Why do you bully me on Ramadan

    Cofee !Cofee !Päev tagasi
  • I can vouch for most of the nyc ones

    Apl ManApl ManPäev tagasi
  • POV: ur fasting

    Seif ZakiSeif ZakiPäev tagasi
  • So funny how black Ethan becomes when these three are all together

    Baxter ThomasBaxter ThomasPäev tagasi
  • ngl, i hate myself for watching this, I am hungry now

    Eric StroberEric StroberPäev tagasi
  • im fasttinnnggg

    InvisxbleInvisxblePäev tagasi
  • 0:55 JJ was so happy loool

    Joel AJoel APäev tagasi
    • 6:04 “it’s car wash”

      Joel AJoel APäev tagasi
  • Fat Ethan is still in him 2:18

    MateoCuhhMateoCuhhPäev tagasi
  • you should make a video of you guys going different places trying different desserts

    LilBilly06_LilBilly06_Päev tagasi
  • Ethan trying not to go back to his old ways like “😅”

    JocsocoolJocsocoolPäev tagasi
  • Sorry to everyone who's fasting

    Iffy BiffyIffy BiffyPäev tagasi
  • Me rn eating a creme egg

    YozyYozyPäev tagasi
  • I get bullied so this makes my day a little better

    Ben SampsonBen SampsonPäev tagasi
  • 1:18 Tobi do be actin sus......

    TwigsTwigsPäev tagasi
  • ayyyyye who's watching this while fasting :(

  • #VoteNiko NDL

    Frododoggy MusicFrododoggy MusicPäev tagasi
  • imagine watching this while fasting but nah nobody cares as long as behz and jj are making those jokes😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    TraeggerQ8TraeggerQ8Päev tagasi
  • I should not have watched this right after eating

  • Lmao almost all of them are in America

    Big Balls EnergyBig Balls EnergyPäev tagasi
  • "If I wasn't in the gym, I'd be massive." Yeah, Ethan, we remember.

    TheMovieSequelDude49TheMovieSequelDude49Päev tagasi
  • JJ: bulking season starting soon

    Dio BrandoDio BrandoPäev tagasi
  • poor tobi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Guepardo HalconGuepardo HalconPäev tagasi
  • Number 21 is muslim food not indian

    Sahib RahmanSahib RahmanPäev tagasi
  • Ethan: I love food, Me: *_*fasting in the background watching a video about crazy desserts_**

    【Target Acquired】【Target Acquired】Päev tagasi
  • I like how jj and ethan are getting turned on by a cheese cake

    Eternal GamingEternal GamingPäev tagasi
  • Ethan isn't African

    Emiel De wildeEmiel De wildePäev tagasi
  • JJ asking for a digital lettuce that tastes like a burger as if he's asking for someone to draw him eating a burger.

    SsprinklesSsprinklesPäev tagasi
  • Ethan inside is still fat lol

    Hans VeerapatrenHans VeerapatrenPäev tagasi
  • Watching this while fasting lol

    ItzFlukezItzFlukezPäev tagasi
  • When Elon puts computer chips into our brains, he should add a feature to them, where you can switch your taste buds around so when you are eating healthy food, your brain changes your taste buds to make you think you’re eating junk food. Not sure if that’s how the brain works, but hey, we are all here for a good time ayeee.

    That Guy TvThat Guy TvPäev tagasi
  • Ramadan -_-

    Kitoo_ooKitoo_ooPäev tagasi
  • 5 ads in a 12 min video thats the only outrageous thing in this video

    Kitoo_ooKitoo_ooPäev tagasi
  • the craig david thing at the start gave me nostalgia of aww friends from the inbetweeners

    Adam SticklandAdam SticklandPäev tagasi
  • This video has given me diabetes

    TorinMKTorinMKPäev tagasi
  • This hits different when ur fasting

    RazeSmokezRazeSmokezPäev tagasi
  • The 2 fat boys and the walking glucose

    James StewartJames StewartPäev tagasi
  • Ramadan Kareem

    Danial MuhammadDanial MuhammadPäev tagasi
  • ethan is nigerian?

    JbandzJbandzPäev tagasi
  • Congrats on 69k likes

    bklobus kbklobus kPäev tagasi
  • Who’s here at 69k likes 😂

    Cameron LintinCameron LintinPäev tagasi
  • 9:05 that chocolate cake so good i didn't notice the girl except after rewinding twice

    OK8OK8Päev tagasi
  • whos fasting?

    カルマカルマPäev tagasi
  • They really had to do this vid during Ramadan 😂😂

    Mg SyMg SyPäev tagasi
  • 4:47 Tobi is a bit sus

    OK8OK8Päev tagasi
  • New vid name: diabetes

    I don't Post vidsI don't Post vidsPäev tagasi
  • me watching this while fasting

    sause boysause boyPäev tagasi
  • Ethan and JJ: *OH YEAAAA* Tobi: 😳

    derpderp2 päeva tagasi
  • In 8 months this channel has already gotten a total of 500million views🥴

    jokerjoker2 päeva tagasi
  • this is not how I expected this video to go

    Kennedy HannahKennedy Hannah2 päeva tagasi
  • None of them said a pun relating to creampie? I'm dissapointed

    WolfWolf2 päeva tagasi
  • The desert pizzas are banging 😍 they did Easter ones in April

    Maddie IzziMaddie Izzi2 päeva tagasi
  • Close your eyes at 5:01 and listen to a madness

    unkown qurbanunkown qurban2 päeva tagasi
  • It makes me feel weird that they cant see each other

    Mobyn MhmdyMobyn Mhmdy2 päeva tagasi