Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #4

26 okt 2020
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Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #4
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

  • Hi I just became a member

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    • @Towsifur Rishad your Not a member

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    • Congrate👍

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    • How

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    • @Gacha Rose_wolf no

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  • In the Camara trick, even an imposter can watch cams.

    Shair's PK XD AdventureShair's PK XD Adventure13 tundi tagasi
  • When a imposter finishes you and you have the dog pet then his eyes turn big

    Liliana SolakLiliana Solak21 tund tagasi
  • Myth: when you are about to do a task, you can also touch the task

    francine grace mesiasfrancine grace mesias2 päeva tagasi
  • Are u naruto fan clash?

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  • hi how do i come in your video

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  • I can't join

  • Pubg please

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  • Me not a meber

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  • I knew the first trik

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  • how do you change ur date

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  • The weather nodes are actually from the Henry Stickmin Collection Fleeing the Complex (FtC) CA is Convict Allies. GI is Ghost Inmate. IRO is International Rescue Operative. TB is The Betrayed and PD is Presumed Dead.

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  • thank you bro it's a good tips and tricks

  • Like ure tips I have tried them

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  • Who all don't remeber while playing😂😂

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  • Random comment 12

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  • These tricks make you sus

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  • The first one I figured out by myself...

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  • How to change date in among us

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  • 07:32 where do I change that?

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  • someone tried the "name an innocent as the second impostor" on me only problem is i did a visual task in front of 90% of the alive players

    GamerDude4987GamerDude498711 päeva tagasi
  • This happens to me to the hosts colour was red he asked me if I liked the map

    Shiraj Islam ChowdhuryShiraj Islam Chowdhury11 päeva tagasi
  • 4:33 I normally just leave the game if I get caughtkilling someone so they can’t vote me out

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  • How to Change the system date?

    shree nidhishree nidhi12 päeva tagasi
  • Anyone teach me how to change the calendar to April 1?

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  • Sasuke again

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  • There is also another way to see for people are in cams. Close your tasks and look over on the corner where the camera is. Then see if it’s blinking. If it is then a player must be in there. Thank you so much! Your videos are awesome!!

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  • I wanna use the last one lol

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  • 😬😬😬😬😬itachi😬😬😬😬😬 my brother

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  • 4:02 it didn't blink

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  • Here's another trick to see if someone is in security if they're watching the cams. Just keep a closer look at the cam outside security. Of course of they're not seen if they're watching the cams, but still. Your method is better tho.

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  • I like these tricks and tips

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  • *cry*

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  • Watch my drills video clash universe is my Inspiration

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  • How did you change the map of skulled I’m really confused

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  • in minute 4:4 it didnt work but i now it is real

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  • How do you get April 1

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  • How do you get April fools

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  • Wow, you've got so many 1000IQ plays, it's insane.

  • 0:45 bruh if he is watching other part then he could not catch imposter

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  • I always point an innocent person when I'm bustedthe other imposter is like FT* all the time

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  • The skeld who rotated is called Dleks

    Wee HongWee Hong17 päeva tagasi
  • I really know the nodes have the Henry stickmin collection fleeing the complex endings, the betrayed(TB) ghost inmate(GI) convict allies(CA) international rescue operative(IRO) and presume dead(PD)

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  • I know the first trick i know it by myself i swear and no 2 and everyone was super sus at me coz i was there so long but i made an ascuse that i was fixing cams No 4 i know that trick even allmost everyone know that trick

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  • I like the tricks

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  • I subscribed how do I join

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  • I am very happy today because I be imposter and win and in next time people say that I am a pro because i killed all people by running not stopping and then kill. I didn't know what is the meaning of pro they all said the meaning of pro is the best and i was very happy that people say me a pro i didn't watch any video related to pro and i am very that I be a pro

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  • I cant join the member i dont have that money

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  • ftty

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  • Your the best

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  • Can someone please tell me how to change the system's date?

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  • How do I become a member

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  • How do u change the map?!?!

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  • :0

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  • Plot twice: Clash Universe says finish instead of kill.

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  • Didn't worked 😭....

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  • How to change date to april 1st?

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  • 02:58 I do that

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  • Every one does not have the kea whole task

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  • I know the 1st trick and i told him to add it in his video

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  • Thanks fro tip

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  • When rector meltdown finish the imporster wins

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  • 2021

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  • Wait I don't understand how we change the system to 1ist of April

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  • Can someone please answer? If I play, the keyholes from polus won’t match... is it because people died and they move to bottom places?

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  • these help so much!

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  • I have a tip of my own. If theres a crowd of 5 people on a task but the bar goes up for 4. The impostor was in that group and those are the people to investigate.

    Owen TaylorOwen Taylor23 päeva tagasi
  • . .

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  • How do you change systems to April 1st 2021

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  • U can also see the security room CAMMS will be blinking

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  • mm ok so what if he faked downloads lol

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  • Once my imposter friend was doing card swipe but we didn’t have it 1 crewmate was watching so I killed him an.d saved my friend

    Jack BalJack Bal24 päeva tagasi
  • Fake Sirmeme V2Fake Sirmeme V224 päeva tagasi
  • i have a "myth" if there is 2 or 3 imposters then,if your curious when they kill someone just keep an eye on the kill button then when they finish someone the kill button will blink quickly and have a 1 quickly

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  • Or u can pay attention to the light

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  • Your video

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  • Love you 😍

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  • Now I can be a pro at Among Us

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  • How do you newcomers a member? Please replay🥺

    • Me too I don't know

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  • How did you become a member I can’t may you show do it

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  • I actually used the 2nd trick I always use it I did not even know you put in this video lol

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  • For the key hole one, what about finished players? Because they move to the bottom when they have been finished, so one of the finished players may have, say, keyhole 1 but then they are finished, then the person who is at the top left in the meeting wouldn’t have had the first keyhole

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  • Lol thanks

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  • Hey Clash i was playing Among Us and when the game started then the LOBBY CREATES WERE STILL THERE!

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    • In the skeld map and we could only stay in the cafe

      sana shaikhsana shaikh29 päeva tagasi
  • I’m not positive but most of the time and crewmates Stach is against something not in the middle of a room so I will keep that in mind

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  • It will not let me come a member

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  • He says You’ll always win with these tips, but he forgot the power of... R E D S U S

  • sus

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  • Nah, your wire task can start at admin. But the rest of the tricks are awesome.

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  • Wow a legendary guy

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  • Good video

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  • How do you change the date?

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  • Lol the download guy is just named itachi

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  • pls make pubg kr myths.plsssssssssssssssssss

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  • Cool

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  • How to become imposter always

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  • I dont have money

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  • 1:08 white is my boyfriend btw

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