Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

16 okt 2020
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SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

  • 1 thing thats AWESOME about Tom & Nova, is that actually care about their fans and support them

    josh parrishjosh parrish2 minutit tagasi
  • This day 5 years ago I lost a best friend to cancer, I miss him everyday

    BrianBrian2 minutit tagasi
  • Not sure if he meant it but I lost my mom to cancer when I was 15 and when Tom is there screaming at the end but you just hear the chorus coming through regularly it's how those that are the ones from the outside looking in feel. Watching someone you love fade away or deteriorate in front of you and all you want to do is scream at everyone and everything but have to be calm and strong for them. For those going through it, Stay Strong and take it day by day. For those helping someone go through it, scream when you need to but every moment you have with them cherish it.

    Valek RaineValek Raine4 minutit tagasi
  • My sister got the most aggressive form of brain cancer when I was 6 or 7 she was 9 or 10 and I had to go place to place staying while my mom and sister were at the children’s hospital 2 hours away and it stayed like that for a while and she beat it but shortly it came back more aggressive and I’ll never forget that day when my whole family was over something felt off and it was like 12 at night and my aunt came into my room and said my sister was dying that was when I was 9 so two years had past and I’m now turning 17 the 20th of next month and it still feels like yesterday. This is a great video Tom it really will help a lot of people I wish this came out when my sister was still here

    Kurupt UpriseKurupt Uprise6 minutit tagasi
  • Rick Simpson Oil. The cure. EEworld it... There is literally a video of rick himself showing you step by step

    Mike WattzMike Wattz6 minutit tagasi
  • Thank you ! Colon cancer fighter and I approve this song to all those who fight beside me in this fight. Amazing I needed this !!!

    caregiver7751caregiver775110 minutit tagasi
  • My mom died when I was ten then my dad at twenty. I lost my dad to colon cancer and he was a smoker who kept his symptoms a secret for four months then was diagnosed for stage 3. When we went to see him in hospice he wasn't coherent but I felt his warm hands on my face and burned the feeling in my memory forever. I reme.ber before he went to hospice two days before hand, I told him he was the best father to me and he didn't hug me back. I think it was the emotions and he didn't want to confess he was weak to me.

    Nikie DecayNikie Decay14 minutit tagasi
  • Your awesome Tom! Thanks 🙏 for speaking the truth. -2 Geez

    2 Geez2 Geez19 minutit tagasi
  • My dad got b-cell lymphoma cancer 4 years ago, he was 80 years old, they said, "He's got a while to live, and I was working my butt off trying to save up the money to go visit him in the hospital, me and my wife were going through some money troubles, and we had just visited him and my mom at there house about 3-5 months before he had to go to the hospital, he went into a coma state, and my mom stayed with him the whole time, and I finally got to visit him with the help of friends and family helping us, and I got to see him, but not talk to him because of the coma, and then a week or two after we visited my mom said he was awake and I talked to him on the phone, I was wanting to get back to see him and couldn't right then and I think a week later she said that the doctors are saying he had like a couple days left, and I rushed to where they were, and my mom didn't tell me that he had already died before I got there, I didn't get to see him awake or tell him anything before it happened, I regret that everyday and I went to grief therapy and it helped so much, anyone that is going through something like this, no matter what you think about any kind of therapists, go to a grief one, it will make the world of difference, I promise you. Thank you Tom MacDonald for this, you get more and more respect from me every time I listen to your music!

    Goblin Tacos88Goblin Tacos8820 minutit tagasi
  • I just wanna say this; To everyone who's overcome cancer, has cancer, lost subscribe to cancer. You're brave!!! FUCK CANCER.

    Adaora OAdaora O21 minut tagasi
  • awesome

    stephen keanestephen keane23 minutit tagasi
  • Tom i love that you don't care about rapping about unpopular topics. I lost my son at 8 years old. His twin brother just turned 12 alone. #teamkiel

    Endlife606Endlife60623 minutit tagasi
  • This is fire Tom... Keep it up man

    Lee SportLee Sport24 minutit tagasi
  • I actually went through Stage 4 throat cancer 4 years ago. Cancer free since. A miracle! I have refused to watch or listen to it cause you said we would cry like a baby, WA WA WA, and I knew I would. Then that Pastor said he loved it and then posted again he was going to stay tuned. So, I just listened and I cried. Knew you were right. Been there done that! Best ever y'all thanks! Even better than People So Stupid. Thank you and please tell Nova thank you also. Y'all truthfully rock!

    William SegerWilliam Seger25 minutit tagasi
  • Dude I love you and your music u and nova keep kicking ass man

    fiddlebiskits gamingfiddlebiskits gaming25 minutit tagasi
  • The 2.6k who thumbs down bitch made

    yammy motoguyyammy motoguy27 minutit tagasi
  • Wow made me tear up loved you since the beginning tom you've given me hope in these dire times much love man

    Gamer WorldGamer World27 minutit tagasi
  • Cancer does not discriminate.

    Gwendolyn ScottGwendolyn Scott28 minutit tagasi
  • I thought comments would be turned off cause there's a minor in the video.

    THE NORMAL KIDTHE NORMAL KID33 minutit tagasi
  • That was fucking beautiful Tom. Thank you. Thank you for being such wonderful a strong person. Thanks for being so giving of yourself and wanting nothing in return for it.

    filth 303filth 30339 minutit tagasi
  • I have been blessed to not have lossed someone to cancer but I feel for those who have I could not imagine what you go through. Family or the victim. And as stupid as it sounds all I can say is stay strong everyone here has your back family friends even stranger

    Brandon LebelBrandon Lebel42 minutit tagasi
  • I have tried to avoid this video since it came out... I lost my grandmother to breast cancer 2 months ago and just yesterday I got her last heartbeat shaved in to my head. I miss her, Thank you Tom -Edwin

    vap3 lyf3vap3 lyf347 minutit tagasi
  • My grandmother recently turned 70 and she's fighting breast and lung cancer, the hardest thing is explaining to my children why her hair is gone and why she looks so small now, she's a fighter and uses humor to get by, thank you for this song

    Brian StillBrian Still48 minutit tagasi
  • Heart felt in all ways I give it to all the people going thru cancer seriously... I lost my grandmother to it and it sucked.... I hope everyone going thru it can fight thru this shit it's a POS

    AjAj49 minutit tagasi
  • Love to you Tom Jesus is the afterlife!!! Love Love Love your Spirit!!!

    Gary PalmeriGary Palmeri50 minutit tagasi
  • This song hits home for me my wife and I just found out that she has ovarian cancer and it's been hard man but 😭😭 thank you man it's all I can say is thank you

    Vincent ValentineVincent Valentine53 minutit tagasi
  • 😭

    It’s BradIt’s Brad54 minutit tagasi
  • Thank you Tom McDonald

    xXryy nooXxxXryy nooXxTund tagasi
  • My wife's a 2 time cancer survivor. TOM IS SPITTING FACTS! 👏👍💪🙏✌🇺🇸

  • this song hits home from 2016-2019 i watched my mom(60) both my uncles(50's), my aunt(40's) and grandma (85)all died from cancer.

    BrianBrianTund tagasi
  • My husband was just diagnosed with myeloma a week ago. He has two years or less. He will never go into remissions. This song...just...😭

    ad asad asTund tagasi
  • It's so weird how the Universe works I swear I find Tom just a year ago became of my my favorites and I'm a 80s baby its his talent his message not many like this man and I have Cancer thank you for touching on this subject God Bless you Tom McDonald and thanks for being a voice of the voiceless the sick the weak the outcasts the Love you posses God is with you man and his light is bright with you as it is with us all if we let it shine no matter how sick I get my light won't ever dim

    Dominic Salas Sr.Dominic Salas Sr.Tund tagasi
  • My momma is facing this disease 😭 n now our family r facing a lot of problems 😭😭 Btw thanks for the song Tom❤️

    Max MibangMax MibangTund tagasi
  • Hey Tom, I am a up and coming Podcaster and I am creating a Pod cast called Passions Pay Profits; I am interested in using pieces of this song because I feel this is an AMAZING song for uplifting people. I believe life for many people can be considered cancerous and it is time we stand together and help one another to be the cure to this madness we call our lives! I would really appreciate the opportunity to use pieces of this song as a intro to my podcast. I am asking directly because of copy right infringement and plus I am a hug fan! Hopefully you will take a listen one day! One love Tom!

    Mike dillMike dillTund tagasi
  • Powerful

    Dan HastDan HastTund tagasi
  • All those who put a thumb down are so sick how could you.

    Emmax ximumEmmax ximumTund tagasi
  • Thank you so much for this. I lost 2 uncle's to cancer and my aunt battled breast cancer and beat it. This song is really heart felt

    Mystic NightsMystic NightsTund tagasi
  • The fucked up thing about this is that it caught me in the feels. My mom had cancer (even thought we didn't get along) and my GFs daughter had cancer to and she beat it. So this song is pretty personal and IM NOT CRYING!!! I have onion cutting ninjas hiding somewhere damnit!!!

    T Mil-79T Mil-79Tund tagasi
  • This was raw. It's hard to listen to in 1 sitting.

    Petros KostianisPetros KostianisTund tagasi
  • No words

    Alex SchlaferAlex SchlaferTund tagasi
  • this song cuts me deep on a emotional level since today is the day i lost someone who i love to cancer. it's hard to sit at work and try to be strong after being told that the person is gone when you just want to sit in a corner and just fucking cry

    TheKalliousTheKalliousTund tagasi
  • Thax it’s good they have but it’s covid19 is not real

    Donald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plzDonald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plzTund tagasi
  • We just found out my dad has pancreatic cancer 2 days before this came out. Thank you tom hard times right now. My dads my hero!!!! Life changed in the blink of an eye.

    Andrew HuotAndrew HuotTund tagasi
  • Lost my dad to cancer just wanna say thank you im not much of a cryer but I'm not ashamed to say I am wiping my face dont think I've had a song hit this close to home in a long time thanks man much love keep doing your thing this is what it looks like when an artist is not controlled by the machine

    Matthew JamiesonMatthew JamiesonTund tagasi
  • My Dad was just diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. I felt numb hearing him tell me over the phone. He is on opposite ends of the country, I cant see him, only hear the fear and sorrow in his voice. I clicked on this, expecting another gem, but 30 seconds into it i broke down in tears. I love all Tom's songs, but this one really made a difference. It helped me process this news, and provided a bit of hope against this future. Thanks man.

    Seth HaskellSeth HaskellTund tagasi
  • Tom you are a beautiful soul my man keep making music fuck the haters

    Alexios EllisAlexios EllisTund tagasi
  • Still grieving the loss of my baby brother, he died years ago from stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer, right before his third birthday when we had the make a wish foundation set up for him, Rip Greyson Tavaris Cardinal🙏

    Emroy CardinalEmroy CardinalTund tagasi
  • exactly

    Isreal LoganIsreal LoganTund tagasi
  • I was in tears the first 15 seconds and im not that type. My wife has been fighting cancer for 2.5 years. She is a fighter. Great song. 100% true

    GreasemonkeyTV PeekGreasemonkeyTV PeekTund tagasi
  • Just lost my mom 2weeks ago form stage 4 Brain cancer...I wasn't ready for this one Tom..Damn that hit hArd. Shouldn't have watched this at work, lol

    Aaron CAaron CTund tagasi
  • Pretty based, still disagree that scientists and stuff aren't trying.

    Livid StrugglerLivid StrugglerTund tagasi
  • My condolences to those who are fighting this disease hope you all recover.

    Harshdeep singhHarshdeep singhTund tagasi
  • Thanks Tom McDonald was amazing

    Matthew TrowbridgeMatthew TrowbridgeTund tagasi
  • I miss my Mom & Grandma.... It's been 12 years and it still seems like yesterday. #FuckCancer

    Jay DubbJay DubbTund tagasi
  • The song name is his career in a nutshell

    Lil BurgerLil BurgerTund tagasi
  • We beat cancer and overcome death with believing in Jesus Christ! God bless Tom MacDonald!

    Jordan MooreJordan MooreTund tagasi
  • Love the video my moms boyfriend is going threw all the dr bs fighting cancer right now your songs bring people hope and bring back the faith everyone needs thanks Tom your the man

    Travis SouthTravis SouthTund tagasi
  • Lukimia took my cousin when I was 5... His birthday is next Friday. Well I guess its time again to drive 3 hours to visit him.

    Xxlil_lonelyxXXxlil_lonelyxXTund tagasi
  • Fuck bro made me cry have lost some good people in my life to cancer

    Gregory DillardGregory DillardTund tagasi
  • Fighting cáncer right now and isnt being a good Day, thanks Tom, from the bottom of my heart.

    Guillermo Coto MartinezGuillermo Coto MartinezTund tagasi
  • Good job you two. Definitely a tear jerker.👍 👍

    Mike StonezMike StonezTund tagasi
  • Another Beautifully Meaningful song From Tom MacDonald ❤️

    Jessica HennyJessica HennyTund tagasi
  • A Meaningful Rap song, once again, Tom, you knock it out of the park!!!!!

    Sandra LaneSandra Lane2 tundi tagasi
  • Loving Tom MacDonald more and more with every track he drops keep doing you Tom❤️ I feel like the best is still yet to come 🔥🔥🔥

    Martin Hayes KellyMartin Hayes Kelly2 tundi tagasi
  • Love it

    Sandra LaneSandra Lane2 tundi tagasi
  • Absolutely amazing,I love your music man 💯💯💯

    Peter BondarenkoPeter Bondarenko2 tundi tagasi
  • I've got three kidsI get them to listen to this stuff my youngest which is 6 years old loves this dude's music

    Terry SmithTerry Smith2 tundi tagasi
  • This hitting home my grandpa just got done with radiation

    Justice NobleJustice Noble2 tundi tagasi
  • This is the one thing that amazes me about this guy right here Tom McDonald this man takes things that are actually happening in our lives and he makes a positive song about it only if a lot of the other rappers did with him in a very few others do Tom your the greatest of all dude my hat's off to you bud.

    Terry SmithTerry Smith2 tundi tagasi
  • The doctor, the actor from White Boy, is awesome please keep bringing him back. Great video!

    Magical TrevorMagical Trevor2 tundi tagasi
  • This hits different 🥺😔😭

    Bryce McBroomBryce McBroom2 tundi tagasi
  • I’m not going to lie I cry every time I listen to this song. To the people who dislike this song they probably don’t know or haven’t gone through the struggle. Thank you to Tom and Nova for doing this.

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  • Great song plus video as always! Also anyone wanna sub? Would help me a lot and if not just check me out please💙

    WPFraGsWPFraGs2 tundi tagasi

    Jussmanbaby BarbosaJussmanbaby Barbosa2 tundi tagasi
  • 😭😢🥰😢😭

    Christina DaleyChristina Daley2 tundi tagasi
  • I'm not the dude who cries, ever....but I tell ya I just watched this for the first time and am crying like the day cancer took my grandfather.

    John HodgeJohn Hodge2 tundi tagasi
  • This song hits home with my wife having two surgeries for her thyroid cancer. Thought they got it all the first time and it came back. She is cancer free at the moment

    vikingsfan32890vikingsfan328902 tundi tagasi
  • 😭 please pray for my dad.

    Lymn BrawnerLymn Brawner2 tundi tagasi
  • I lost my dad 2 years ago to cancer and I miss him terribly every single day. I would do anything to tell him I love him just one more time.

    Kyle MillerKyle Miller2 tundi tagasi
  • My dad died of liver cancer when he was 59. I had to deliver the news to him that they denied him for the liver transplant. My heart shattered looking him in the eyes having to give him his death sentence.

    Heather HesterHeather Hester2 tundi tagasi
  • Keep up the good work 👍🤙

    Cory WilfordCory Wilford2 tundi tagasi
  • You out did yourself with this one tom. Goosebumps throughout my whole body everytime I listen Iisten to it and ugly tears when the chorus begins.

    Brandi DanserBrandi Danser2 tundi tagasi
  • The guilt I carry is heavy. The doctors told me the type of cancer I have skips a generation. So 12 years later I had to sit and listen that not only one of my daughter's but the second oldest has the same type of cancer and had to have the same surgery as me.

    Reinaldo FieldsReinaldo Fields2 tundi tagasi
  • How do 2.6k people dislike this song?.. y’all must’ve never lost anyone.

    Brett ButlerBrett Butler2 tundi tagasi
  • I had a friend that just died from cancer he was 77 years old. I pray God is kind too him.

    Tom ForestTom Forest2 tundi tagasi
  • Good job my friend 😢🥰put a tear to my eye❤️❤️lost my grandmother who raised me she died from lung cancer 😢

    Jennifer DanielsonJennifer Danielson2 tundi tagasi
  • my girl heard the first bar and literally broke down crying. couldn't even finish the song.

    benwhabballs : lbenwhabballs : l2 tundi tagasi
  • Wow this hit hard lost my aunt to stage 4 cancer and seen her husband drink himself to death cause he couldnt deal with her gone.

    FacePaint GamesFacePaint Games2 tundi tagasi
  • Food grade hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. My dad did it after his second cancer surgery. The doctor told him if he didn't do chemotherapy he would be dead in 2 yrs. My dad went to see that dr 3 yrs to the day. The dr said there were no signs he had cancer at all and gave my dad a hug. Also I eat cilantro, also a cancer fighter.

    Stephanie SStephanie S2 tundi tagasi
  • Nice job tom you made me cry🥺😭

    Kaileb HeroldKaileb Herold2 tundi tagasi
  • Love the video Tom, My mom went through stage3 breast cancer and by the grace of God she has beat it. It was the most horrible thing to watch someone that you love go through. Thanks for the video.

    Gary WarnerGary Warner2 tundi tagasi
  • Covid,cancer,religion all a money making sham. Its a joke all created by the government

    Bo Farm vlogBo Farm vlog2 tundi tagasi
  • Last blast of chemo as we speak.. 4 weeks left of radiation tongue and throat cancer same shit as eddie van halen . Fuck cancer everyone keep fighting you're stronger then you think.

    Joe BarkowskiJoe Barkowski2 tundi tagasi
  • Same guy from Whiteboy lol (black dude)

    Za MonolithZa Monolith2 tundi tagasi
  • I’m speechless Nova and Tom!!!!! Just speechless.........I just lost my hero since birth, my wonderful daddy, to colon cancer with metastasis to his lungs. They found the cancer early in his colon and he had surgery to remove it and the doctors told him he was good and never had him follow up - they said he didn’t need it. Two years later he was having back and shoulder pain so he went to the hospital and they treated him for kidney stones and sent him home. Again, no follow up. Finally, I made him go request an x-ray because he was still having those sharp pains. He wasn’t one to tell the doctors how to do their jobs and he trusted them - but I was determined! So, he had the x-ray and they told him he had stage 4 cancer in his lungs and said he should get his final affairs in order in the next 3 months because it was that bad! This is the big strong invincible man who raised me and my brother as a single father and the man who protected me from harm my whole life - the man who would die for me!! Now we were gonna have to fight that invisible, minuscule, creature (too small for the eyes to see), yet ravenous and savagely it broke my daddy’s body down slowly until it took him all the way away from us completely!! Everyone should meet a man like my daddy who lived every day taking the opportunity to bring people to God - even while this demon was devouring his mind body and soul and NOT ONE TIME did I ever hear him complain or question God and told us we shouldn’t either!! My daddy was a good man, he was the pastor of our church, never smoked or drank or did ANYTHING to harm his body!! He was not yet 60 years old. He worked his whole life to provide (by himself) for us and to buy things like a camper so he could travel and enjoy his retirement only he never got to use it and ended up having to sell it to help pay for his treatments! Even though he worked for the same company for 30 years, he had to not only continue to work to pay what the insurance (that he payed into for decades) didn’t cover, but he had to start selling things little by little like you said, Tom: JUST TO BE HERE A LITTLE LONGER!!!! Okay, I have to stop now because I’m crying like a baby, but (if you hear NOTHING else I say) NOVA, TOM, You guys are incredible!!!!!! I don’t give a damn what ANYONE thinks about it!!!! That’s why I defend ya’ll so much even though it gets me destroyed on social media!! Lol 😜I really hope you guys know how much your music and videos - and your relationship with each other - inspire us daily and I don’t know what you do or don’t believe in but I believe with all my heart that ya’ll were blessed with your platform for a beautiful reason and I thank God for that!! #hangovergang biiiittttcccchhhhheeeeessssss 🥰😍😘😜😝😎

    Tori MitchellTori Mitchell2 tundi tagasi
  • Stage4 throat cancer survivor,radiation,chemo,but I'm alive,than you JESUS CHRIST!!!!

    The Last RebelThe Last Rebel3 tundi tagasi
  • This song is amazing..i have leukemia and this song had me in tears and im a 45 yr old man....thank you for the voice and keep up the amazing and nova are what content kids need to be watching and its obviously showing in your numbers that your message is getting across...enjoy the spoils of doing the right thing...let everyone else fight for the wrong things

  • #Aaliyahstrong ❤️🎗❤️🎗❤️🎗🙏

    Todd CarballoTodd Carballo3 tundi tagasi
  • In the course of 3 years I lost 3 grandparents to cancer. Things happened so quickly I didn’t even really get to process everything going on, I was in high school trying to just get past the extremely awkward teen years we all experience and didn’t realize how serious things were. It’s weird looking back now that it’s been 6 years since I lost my last grandparent and seeing how negatively the treatment impacted them, but when you are so close life has a way of blinding you to what’s right in front of you. Looking back I wish I had been present more, I was so caught up in teenage things that didn’t matter. I didn’t realize that one day I’d give a year of my life just to have one last conversation with them, to tell them how much has changed, get advice, and ask the questions I wish I had asked. Fuck cancer and fuck the doctors that push torture as treatment. None of my grandparents cancer were curable, and they knew it but they insisted the treatment would give them the best shot at an extended life. I have no doubt it cut their lives short and lined the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. They use our fear of mortality to make a deal with the devil. The fucked up part is if I get cancer I’m sure I’ll also opt for treatment hoping I’m the exception. The cycle repeats.

    Colton OmegaColton Omega3 tundi tagasi
  • A brother in law of mine, just passed from massive cancer, it was everywhere in his body. Within a month of his diagnosis, he passed away. It kills quick

    The Crazy VaperThe Crazy Vaper3 tundi tagasi