Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fourth Year (Teaser #2) | Vanity Fair

19 nov 2020
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Vanity Fair has asked Billie Eilish the same questions each year since 2017. Billie is back with new answers on November 30th, 2020.

Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fourth Year coming 11/30.
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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fourth Year (Teaser #2) | Vanity Fair


  • Till 90, good, where's more of the other then? 😂

    Rage MaddRage Madd19 minutit tagasi
  • I've been coming here everyday since they posted the first teaser, this is not funny, it's annoying. Release the video now

    Eduardo VeraEduardo VeraTund tagasi
  • she looks happier every time, I'm so happy for her

    Valentina CantoValentina CantoTund tagasi

    lucy marielucy marieTund tagasi
  • omg im so excited for that 😳😳

    Nathália BNathália BTund tagasi
  • I can’t wait

    listenbefore I chokelistenbefore I choke2 tundi tagasi
  • Vanity Fair: "Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fourth Year (Teaser #2) Me: "yOu NaUgHtY nAuGhTy you TeAsInG mE?"

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu3 tundi tagasi
  • you a whole day late hurry up

    Rebeca MoraRebeca Mora4 tundi tagasi
  • hi izzy next year

    Isabella JensenIsabella Jensen4 tundi tagasi
  • Billie: im doing this till im 90. We be watching every year 😂 But she seems so happy

    Latoya HowardLatoya Howard4 tundi tagasi
    • @bodoti qwiu yeah aye

      Latoya HowardLatoya Howard2 tundi tagasi
    • I just imagined billie in 2030

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu3 tundi tagasi
  • November 30th✍🏻November 30th✍🏻November 30th✍🏻November 30th✍🏻November 30th✍🏻November 30th✍🏻November 30th✍🏻November 30th✍🏻

    Uh oh spaghetti o’sUh oh spaghetti o’s5 tundi tagasi
  • Annoying and sad Vanity Fair

    Jane DoeJane Doe5 tundi tagasi
  • I love you Billie Eilish

    Aubree HoffmanAubree Hoffman5 tundi tagasi
  • I don’t get how someone could hate on her like I just can’t

    Zara MalikZara Malik5 tundi tagasi

    Isabella AnthonyIsabella Anthony5 tundi tagasi
  • they really are milking the build up to this video aren’t they😏 like just release it already!😂

    RosieRosie5 tundi tagasi
  • This interview every year is like christmas gift.

    Martyna 김세이Martyna 김세이6 tundi tagasi
  • Am I the only one who tought she said 19 not 90....oof


    •SofiqBrqwn••SofiqBrqwn•8 tundi tagasi
  • Woooow today i was watching at the 3rd edition thinking if you are gonna make another ones, aaand here we are.

    SognoSogno8 tundi tagasi
  • “Teaser 2” bruh can you just post it

    Felipe LopezFelipe Lopez9 tundi tagasi
  • “I’m doing this till I’m 90” Editor : I’m alive but I’m dead

    Amariah Marie FernandoAmariah Marie Fernando9 tundi tagasi
    • It’s the Tik tok that goes in alive but I’m dead

      Amariah Marie FernandoAmariah Marie Fernando9 tundi tagasi
  • i literally wait 1 year 4 this

    Brisa Luana Ramirez FloresBrisa Luana Ramirez Flores10 tundi tagasi
  • This is never gonna come out

    Coconuthut 604Coconuthut 60410 tundi tagasi
    • lmao it’s in 5 days calm down jamal don’t pull out the 9

      Christin LChristin L10 tundi tagasi
  • I just imagined billie in 2030

    Maryah AyoubMaryah Ayoub11 tundi tagasi
  • Нууу ждемсссЪ ))))))) кто агрессивно ждал вместе со мной?

    neetttneettt11 tundi tagasi
  • Drop it already! 😑

    Jaden MonroeJaden Monroe11 tundi tagasi
  • post the full interview and stop teasing us!!!

    Hui CarmanHui Carman11 tundi tagasi
  • That date is my birthday

    Maj sandfeld ArnsbergMaj sandfeld Arnsberg11 tundi tagasi
  • Omg I’m not even subed but I cant wait

    PeronzePeronze11 tundi tagasi
  • Is it coming this year or not ?? 😑😔

    Pubg BoyPubg Boy11 tundi tagasi
    • @Pubg Boy truuu sadly 😔

      PeronzePeronze11 tundi tagasi
    • @Peronze 30 Nov is so faaaaaar 😔

      Pubg BoyPubg Boy11 tundi tagasi
    • Duh it said nov 30 it’s nov 26

      PeronzePeronze11 tundi tagasi
  • You guys are taking so much time just release it!!!

    Bro, WtfBro, Wtf12 tundi tagasi
  • I come back every year 😂

    Liam VaillancourtLiam Vaillancourt13 tundi tagasi
  • Onnnnly just realised they put Nov 30th at the end of this teaser 😂 Can’t wait!

    Emma RyanEmma Ryan13 tundi tagasi
  • omg i thought the video will some out on the 25th i am so disapointed right now i forgot we have to wait til the 30th😭😭😭❤️❤️💚💚

    Pia KPia K13 tundi tagasi
  • What is the soundtrack and the end of the Video?

    Nam Phan HaiNam Phan Hai14 tundi tagasi
  • Is this ever gonna come out

    Squishies OmgSquishies Omg14 tundi tagasi
  • dude post the video are we supposed to wait for an eternity? post it already we are waiting so desperately the 1st teaser was posted a month ago and when are we going to get the real video! it is almost the end of the year dude!

    zeba the awesomezeba the awesome14 tundi tagasi
  • I've been bamboozled once again

    Amanda ArgenteAmanda Argente14 tundi tagasi
  • 4 DAYS

    AdrusAdrus15 tundi tagasi
  • Today right?

    Danish SemDanish Sem15 tundi tagasi

    VibeVibe15 tundi tagasi
  • They’re rlly milking this aren’t they?

    SourCream VidsSourCream Vids15 tundi tagasi
  • Let’s be honest we all needed this

    Jazzy WJazzy W15 tundi tagasi
  • What do you mean teaser 2??

    Krity DangolKrity Dangol15 tundi tagasi
  • i love how this has become a yearly tradition

    Purva ShahPurva Shah17 tundi tagasi
  • Y’all really dragging this

    Hockey_Bacon DudeHockey_Bacon Dude17 tundi tagasi
  • Me: *waiting to watch the vid* The vid: *Ends* B R U H

    ItsAyshXDItsAyshXD17 tundi tagasi
  • Public what is that? Can we eat it?

    Ceren BaykalCeren Baykal17 tundi tagasi
  • 4 more days 3 more days

    h. farish. faris17 tundi tagasi
  • Your milking it at this point 😂

    M7md 17M7md 1717 tundi tagasi
  • Is this gonna end with teasers!! Drop the whole vid fast

    Ringyophi KhalengRingyophi Khaleng18 tundi tagasi
  • omg how many more teasers r u gonna make until u post the actual video

    Aimen Ali SyedAimen Ali Syed18 tundi tagasi

    DxrrianDxrrian18 tundi tagasi
  • Can u just post the whole thing?

    Amy LonerganAmy Lonergan18 tundi tagasi
  • It’s not an annual video if you don’t post it on the same date each year!!!!

    Coco CamisaCoco Camisa19 tundi tagasi
  • Get Ready to November29

    katr nicolrkatr nicolr19 tundi tagasi
  • why can't you just post the hole vid?

    Nora LokebergNora Lokeberg19 tundi tagasi
  • christmast tradition

    Nhật Linh NgôNhật Linh Ngô19 tundi tagasi
  • y’all are just dragging this out now c’mon

    Anahera HargreevesAnahera Hargreeves19 tundi tagasi
  • yall really milking this huh

    Logan HasbrouckLogan Hasbrouck20 tundi tagasi
  • wow i thought it was the real video until i opened it and saw teaser #2 🙄

    samantha boehsamantha boeh20 tundi tagasi
  • Probably was easier before she crushed it at the Grammys earlier this year...

    Cameron HolladayCameron Holladay20 tundi tagasi
  • She said she will be doing this till 90 When she’s 90 she’ll remember COVID because of these interviews

    Ruhi PatelRuhi Patel20 tundi tagasi
  • YO

    h ih i20 tundi tagasi
  • me: aight, i swear this is the last time ill watch the trailer Also Me: dang its only my 138th time, im good

    EllieC MusicEllieC Music20 tundi tagasi
  • This will literally be a tradition now 😂

    Taehyung’s BagTaehyung’s Bag20 tundi tagasi
  • Which is the bgm used in background???

    Jareer JerryJareer Jerry20 tundi tagasi
  • I never related to something so much. “Public? What’s that!” Hahah

    India 113India 11320 tundi tagasi
  • “I’m doing this until I’m 90” Me: Alright everyone buckle up!

    Unity UnicornzUnity Unicornz20 tundi tagasi
  • hi guys i love billie and she’s my favorite person it’s not fair she’s so pretty i’m soooooooo jealous she’s the best person everrrr

    Anya BackerAnya Backer21 tund tagasi
  • Waiting on november 20💚

    Johndel NatanauanJohndel Natanauan21 tund tagasi
  • Each year I’m looking forward this interview more than Christmas

    Pineapple juicePineapple juice21 tund tagasi
  • I'm dyyyyinnngggg to watch it...

    Miyoki IzumiMiyoki Izumi21 tund tagasi
  • can y’all mf just post it already

    Rose GoldRose Gold22 tundi tagasi
  • “I also tried Costco” Girl you really think you’ll be safe at Costco? Out of all places? 😭😂

    Tali JTali J22 tundi tagasi
  • Why did I get this in recommendations 6 days ago when I’ve already see this? Made my heart race for no reason I thought the interview was out

    Tali JTali J22 tundi tagasi

    SaturnPlayzSaturnPlayz22 tundi tagasi

      vliduu zeebvliduu zeeb22 tundi tagasi
  • quiero la nariz de billie jaja

    kamila dayan Lara mendozakamila dayan Lara mendoza22 tundi tagasi
    • So when is this coming out...

      vliduu zeebvliduu zeeb22 tundi tagasi
  • Come on is it going to really take you another month to post the f video

    Denise MontoyaDenise Montoya23 tundi tagasi

    ryan russellryan russellPäev tagasi
  • 5 more days...

    cykoo4cykoo4Päev tagasi
  • Its been 84 years and this video has still not been posted 😢

    Jannette NunezJannette NunezPäev tagasi
  • My fking god i literally gasped so hard because i thought it's finally come out then I realized this is a teaser god dammit fooled again 😡 I really thought it will come out this week aaaaaaaa

    SnowynxxSnowynxxPäev tagasi
  • I clicked fast asf

    Kay LawsheaKay LawsheaPäev tagasi
  • can you just release this NOW, speaking for everyone

    Meriam YunusMeriam YunusPäev tagasi

    Aislynn RoldanAislynn RoldanPäev tagasi
  • Come on dying to see it

    Sharni’s Bennett Makeup Artistry & BeautySharni’s Bennett Makeup Artistry & BeautyPäev tagasi
  • I am LITERALLY marking this in my calendar. I’ve been waiting for this!!!! November 30th thank god!!!!!!!!

    Eddie EdEddie EdPäev tagasi
  • if fool me we can’t get fooled again: gets fooled again 😐🤑

    Hailey KatherineHailey KatherinePäev tagasi
  • I really wanna see the comment Who is here after the interview was finally released?

    Sneha SinghSneha SinghPäev tagasi

    Nicole FuNicole FuPäev tagasi
  • So when is this coming out...

    Eden ElliottEden ElliottPäev tagasi
    • 30th Nov It's in the description

      SnowynxxSnowynxxPäev tagasi

    Grecia YipGrecia YipPäev tagasi
  • Just post it already pls

    Qaanitah PetersenQaanitah PetersenPäev tagasi
  • Ummm it is almost December so post it

    Kaelynn BrionesKaelynn BrionesPäev tagasi
  • Omg I love these

    Summer YallopSummer YallopPäev tagasi
  • Why have they not just put this out already

    leanne roostleanne roostPäev tagasi

      Hëÿ mamasHëÿ mamasPäev tagasi
  • I wish she change her hair already

    QQPäev tagasi