2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship | Semifinals B9 | McBeth, Wysocki, McMahon, Heimburg | Jomez

18 okt 2020
180 665 Vaatamised

Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO Semifinal round at the 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. Our coverage is brought to you by our amazing community of Patreon Supporters, the DGPT and its Tour Championship partners.
Card: Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Eagle McMahon, Calvin Heimburg
Course: Hornet's Nest DGC | Charlotte, NC
Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling & Paul "Uli" Ulibarri
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  • My HS biology teacher told our class that seagulls are not real. The are named Gulls is what Mr Mushel said lol. However, still think Jerms comment about the yellow Ce Eagle that is Rick’s, is fantastic and hilarious

    T GT G8 päeva tagasi
  • Big Jermy better watch out. Those dad jokes are liable to get someone pregnant

    snowbjornesnowbjorne14 päeva tagasi
  • “So much can happen in the woods here in Charlotte” I agree for different reasons

    Pierce GormleyPierce Gormley18 päeva tagasi
  • no wander all these guys didn't play this tournament last year... this format SUCKS.

    ItsneightItsneight22 päeva tagasi
  • I know Eagle didn't do to hot. But he's still my fav. Go Eagle. You're the best.

    first lastfirst last29 päeva tagasi
  • Best players says you but I'm better a d I seen better. This league only lets the same people like Macbeth the looser

    My EmailMy Email29 päeva tagasi
  • It´s incredible that the Jomez-Team still finds things to improve! Thank you for your passionate work!

    miko foinmiko foin29 päeva tagasi
  • Love the high camera angles. Uli, I hear Jerm trying to react to good and bad shots while you're going on about something. Maybe wait for the tap outs to go down a rabbit hole Eg 3:38-4:15

    Derek AustinDerek Austin29 päeva tagasi
  • 05:21 Answer: Nikko Locastro. At least we would get some extra time before we go xD

    dolita windodolita windoМісяць tagasi
  • 37:36 what sorcery is this?

    Andrew HyderAndrew HyderМісяць tagasi
    • 9 in first but the graphic says tied for 3rd?

      miko foinmiko foin29 päeva tagasi
  • It would be greatly appreciated if Jomez would cease airing advertisements and minimizing the action during crucial putts during the round! Place the advertisements between holes not during, please.

    Gil ElhartGil ElhartМісяць tagasi
  • It´s incredible that the Jomez-Team still finds things to improve! Thank you for your passionate work!

    doire aintudoire aintuМісяць tagasi
    • 26:42 Calvin smiles. He didn’t even smile when he won this last year. Lol.

      dolita windodolita windoМісяць tagasi
  • rush. Also, that being said, Calvin absolutely wrecked them. Incredible play.

    sehhi vootysehhi vootyМісяць tagasi
    • Are steroids illegal in this sport?

      doire aintudoire aintuМісяць tagasi
  • Did Eagle Turbo putt that last one?

    Brad McClellandBrad McClellandМісяць tagasi
    • 26:42 Calvin smiles. He didn’t even smile when he won this last year. Lol.

      doire aintudoire aintuМісяць tagasi
  • It´s incredible that the Jomez-Team still finds things to improve! Thank you for your passionate work!

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuМісяць tagasi
    • Are steroids illegal in this sport?

      doire aintudoire aintuМісяць tagasi
  • So Dickerson went -5 on the back 9? I am pretty sure it said he was even after the front 9. Madness!

    Baysinger's Disc Golf ChannelBaysinger's Disc Golf ChannelМісяць tagasi
    • Like the disc golf...love the commentary.

      sehhi vootysehhi vootyМісяць tagasi
  • Shout out to the camera man on hole 15 who was up in the tree. That's next level right there.

    seeni gztyseeni gztyМісяць tagasi
    • : )

      doire aintudoire aintuМісяць tagasi
  • Eagle is pretty much the reason I watch disc golf. This round was really painful to watch.

    kwuganatorkwuganatorМісяць tagasi
    • I've been watching Jomez for 5 years (or more?) and the commentary on this video is definitely top 3, if not #1.

      bocoy noiubocoy noiuМісяць tagasi
  • How can I get the intro song as my ringtone?

    Jaden HelzerJaden HelzerМісяць tagasi
    • 26:42 Calvin smiles. He didn’t even smile when he won this last year. Lol.

      doire aintudoire aintuМісяць tagasi
  • Does anyone else think that Eagle's 4-putt was a product of karma after saying he was the best putter in the world on Simon's Channel a week or so ago?

    John MathewsJohn MathewsМісяць tagasi
    • Paul’s choke on 16 really hurts

      seeni gztyseeni gztyМісяць tagasi
  • Ricky is wearing Nike tennis shoes made in 2010 and is wondering why he keeps slipping lol... get this man some shoes

    Kooper KesslerKooper KesslerМісяць tagasi
  • " unfair advantage of skill"

  • Well that specific Eagle is an alien. Have you seen his arm bend when he throws forehands? Owie. Not human.

    Jay McMorrisJay McMorrisМісяць tagasi
  • Can someone help me? I'm wondering who threw the blowfly disc like a baseball and what round/tournament/hole it was? Please and thank you!

    Richard HummelRichard HummelМісяць tagasi
  • 0:42 what's up with the placement scores? I was confused on the front 9 that the individual graphic said everyone was farther back than they actually are... Calvin starts the front 9 in first but the graphic says tied for 3rd?

    David MillerDavid MillerМісяць tagasi
  • Spoiler: 2:10 Scramble King 👑 👑 👑

    Alex HAlex HМісяць tagasi
  • 26:42 Calvin smiles. He didn’t even smile when he won this last year. Lol.

    gogopossumgogopossumМісяць tagasi
  • Are steroids illegal in this sport?

    Griffin MehlhornGriffin MehlhornМісяць tagasi
  • Why was the mcbeth triple bogey on 16 edited to speed it up? I've never ever seen shots on jomez sped up before like that. Very disappointed we could not see mcbeths reaction.

    Jeremy JaneseJeremy JaneseМісяць tagasi
  • : )

    chapii winchapii winМісяць tagasi
  • Like the disc golf...love the commentary.

    Jordan RyanJordan RyanМісяць tagasi
  • What kind of throw did Eagle do on his second shot on hole 18? Looked pretty groovy

    Joe WarecJoe WarecМісяць tagasi
  • I've been watching Jomez for 5 years (or more?) and the commentary on this video is definitely top 3, if not #1.

    J sprechsJ sprechsМісяць tagasi
  • It's an interesting and cool touch for the viewer to see the basket from a tree. However, I think I might be a bit distracted if I was a pro and somebody was video taping me above my head. Looks like Paul was anyways.

    Christopher DexterChristopher DexterМісяць tagasi
  • Paul’s choke on 16 really hurts

    Anthony HowesAnthony HowesМісяць tagasi
  • When is espn2 broadcasting the tournament does anyone know?

    Carson JewettCarson JewettМісяць tagasi
  • What are you watching? A pro disc golf tournament, it’s the semi finals! “Are eagles aliens?” ...

    Alex JacoskiAlex JacoskiМісяць tagasi
  • t this point, hole 11, it looks like beer is on Calzone .

    fuzzylosophyfuzzylosophyМісяць tagasi
  • I wonder why anyone would give this the thumbs down. Thank you, as always, Jomez. The crew did an excellent job.

    Chris DaviesChris DaviesМісяць tagasi
  • "The Nantucket Incident" would be a great name for a thriller

    Stephen GefellStephen GefellМісяць tagasi
  • Hands down McBeth takes that putt to save the world. Ricky two years ago takes that putt in a close second with Eagle.

    Taint RipTaint RipМісяць tagasi
  • .... what kind of throw did eagle do for his approach on 18?

    ivxxdiesel36ivxxdiesel36Місяць tagasi
  • What hat is Uli wearing?

    Ben HaileyBen HaileyМісяць tagasi
  • When is the footage on ESPN?

    conor marshallconor marshallМісяць tagasi
  • McBeth’s drive on 15 is one of the prettiest shots I’ve ever seen!

    Ben GraveBen GraveМісяць tagasi
  • 37:32 how the h*ll does Eagle throw that shot?

    1andonlyMiro1andonlyMiroМісяць tagasi
  • Looks like Jomez forgot to take the final scores off the player names in the beginning...spoiler alert

    Korey EicheKorey EicheМісяць tagasi
  • The camera angles and the guys in the trees are actually insane! You can see the cameraman in the tree on hole 15!

    Joshua WalkerJoshua WalkerМісяць tagasi
  • Rickys putts are somehow slower than usually. Kinda less push and more glide? Somethings different, he doesn't even seem to start his putts from as close to his ankles as before. Can't quite put my finger on it. EDIT. It almost looks like he's trying to make the disc lift like Calvin Heimburg does instead of using his own original putting style

    1andonlyMiro1andonlyMiroМісяць tagasi
  • Huge shout out to JomezPro for literally camping out in a tree to get us a better camera angle. Ya'll are insane.

    MoifMoifМісяць tagasi
  • Not many rounds you'll see Paul, Ricky, and Eagle fall short. This one was rough. Amazing round by Calvin though.

    Joey BordersJoey BordersМісяць tagasi
  • not gonna lie, I clicked on this just to see paul mcbeth lose

    Michael HouchinMichael HouchinМісяць tagasi
  • It's official. Calvin is definitely a robot.

    feelthepayne88feelthepayne88Місяць tagasi
  • Are the elevated catch camera angles like on hole 15 really people in trees? I figured it was a drone.

    Tyler WarnalisTyler WarnalisМісяць tagasi
  • Be warned, spoilers for USDGC at the end of hole 18. Amazing coverage as always though! Thank you to all who makes this possible, you are appreciated!!

    Jeff LoperJeff LoperМісяць tagasi
  • McBeth on 16 was a gut punch.

    Daniel KauffmanDaniel KauffmanМісяць tagasi
  • For next year's event, I would love to see the scoreboard after each hole due tot he unique nature of this format.

    Jacob McMichaelJacob McMichaelМісяць tagasi
  • Crazy that the 3 best players in the world won’t be playing in the finals...

    Millionaren00bMillionaren00bМісяць tagasi
  • Slippy Wysocki 😭

    Austin BachAustin BachМісяць tagasi
  • I loved the reference with cloud breaker / lawn breaker... lol

    CaptivateitmediaCaptivateitmediaМісяць tagasi
  • 2:00 when in North Carolina, it is pronounced “Ate up”

    ZNPZNPМісяць tagasi
  • Lets gooooo

    BunabBunabМісяць tagasi
  • I was very surprised by the results! Surprised certain people played the way they did. Very unusual

    BaconManBaconManМісяць tagasi
  • I thought the green numbers on the graphic was placement but now im really confused? Why does Calvin say T2?

    TriconTriconМісяць tagasi
  • Can somebody explain to me why the scores seem so weird on all the rounds? For example, when they showed the score after the front 9 ist said that Calvin was leading and then it immediately turned to tied 4th before hole 10. THe other thing is that I thought that ties are impossible due to the tourpoints?

    Mike H.Mike H.Місяць tagasi
  • what type of throw did eagle make on 18?

    B JefB JefМісяць tagasi
  • Way too many ad interruptions. Brand is tarnished.

    loopedmessloopedmessМісяць tagasi
  • Congrats on the 250k subs guys! Keep it up!

    Sonic JohnSonic JohnМісяць tagasi
  • Props to Jeremy for knowing everyone's scores at every hole, it definitely helps to understand the pressure

    robert wallacerobert wallaceМісяць tagasi
  • Thrilling competition on this one

    Florian SchwabFlorian SchwabМісяць tagasi
  • Eagle with the Pterodactyl claw! Can't believe Jerm didn't comment on it

    Luke MurrayLuke MurrayМісяць tagasi
  • Lol, Calvin being marked tied for 2nd on the final score screen. He scored better than 2 and 3 combined.

    WreqtWreqtМісяць tagasi
  • Schooled by Napoleon Dynamite 🤕

    MonanzaFTWMonanzaFTWМісяць tagasi
  • When's the Lawn Mower 2 coming out?

    Eric ThompsonEric ThompsonМісяць tagasi
  • its called a cloud breaker not a lawn breaker HAHA

    Sam HoefertSam HoefertМісяць tagasi
  • I would have never guessed that ending in 1000 years

    Creative ConcreteCreative ConcreteМісяць tagasi
  • Orale Paul, triple bogey

    Oblivion LeftyOblivion LeftyМісяць tagasi
  • A 590' roller from Ricky on 12 is the Same distance that Calvin had on 12 in the finals but with an airshot

    killerman666killerman666Місяць tagasi
  • Jeez..... No captions, i guess i can't enjoy this video as other people. Please think about Deaf Disc Golfers!

    Tyrel WildingTyrel WildingМісяць tagasi
  • The play dynamic of McBeth, McMahon and Wysocki. We have watched them so often, the amount of times you can feel them feeding off each other is just like a small adrenaline rush. Also, that being said, Calvin absolutely wrecked them. Incredible play.

    Joe KerrJoe KerrМісяць tagasi
  • Kind of a shame this is going to be on ESPN with only 2 of the actual best on the card. I kind of like the format they're using for this but kind of don't

    Chris SadberryChris SadberryМісяць tagasi
  • Awesome line preview graphics when you do the drone shot!

    Forrest WilmsForrest WilmsМісяць tagasi
  • Need a video series where Jerm goes and re-labels all the incorrect hole distances at each tour stop next year

    Brian AtlasBrian AtlasМісяць tagasi
  • Actually shocked at paul, ricky and eagles rounds just really crazy format, totally mind fuck for those guys

    Justin KlewiecJustin KlewiecМісяць tagasi
  • Where's Nate?

    Michael BoyleMichael BoyleМісяць tagasi
  • What am I missing is there no world's this year because of corona or what?

    Maddox HammerstromMaddox HammerstromМісяць tagasi
  • Rickys 590 foot roller on hole 12 LOL what!!! These guys are insane

    HaikesXOHaikesXOМісяць tagasi
  • Absolutely exceptional coverage from Jomez!👍 Worthy of being broadcast on ESPN 2 with no further editing. Can't wait to watch what happens next!!

    Sam RoeberSam RoeberМісяць tagasi
  • THANK YOU for announcing the discs that they’re throwing!

    Poster NutbagPoster NutbagМісяць tagasi
  • Calvin the killer I love the way he keeps calm Eagle and Ricky are too hard on the self expresly Paul keep your head up you guys don't be so hard on yourself Every holl is like a new day don't dwell on old shit lol

    David BargasDavid BargasМісяць tagasi
  • I hate this format with all my heart

    Andy PeifferAndy PeifferМісяць tagasi
  • Is that a big fake rock under hole 17 pin? Why ffs...

    Ryan JohnsonRyan JohnsonМісяць tagasi
  • What kind of layup shot did eagle throw there on 18 at the end lol?

    cody stokescody stokesМісяць tagasi
  • Kind of a shame that the sport is gonna be represented on ESPN without McBeth, Wysocki, or McMahon. Shout-out to Calvin though

    samxyxsamxyxМісяць tagasi
    • You think there is alot of commercials on these vids now, watch out

      loopedmessloopedmessМісяць tagasi
  • What is Jerm writing in his journal?

    Dylan BrunenkantDylan BrunenkantМісяць tagasi
  • "Who would you put on a 33 foot putt to save the World?" Famous quote from Big Jerm for 2020

    John GrindJohn GrindМісяць tagasi
  • I’m having chest pains!

    Renee MortonRenee MortonМісяць tagasi
  • This shit is intense. Best disc golf footage by far. All we need now is a super jomez cut with the other cards. I know y’all can make it happen!

    JeremyJeremyМісяць tagasi
  • -10 that's amazing!! What is that rated? Rating has something to do with who you are playing with right? The course and weather too. Well done Calvin 💪💪🔥🔥

    critters and morecritters and moreМісяць tagasi
  • whats wrong with pauls ankle

    David DavidsonDavid DavidsonМісяць tagasi