Steve Jobs at the D8 Conference 2010

11 jaan 2012
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Steve Jobs at the D8 Conference

  • Pardon me It´s 2019, He knows it all, he is smart and knowledgable about computers

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert2 aastat tagasi
  • It´s now 2018 as i write this, I still believe in Steve Jobs as a terrific engineer, he just knows it all

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert2 aastat tagasi
  • The 2 Jews opposite of Jobs seem to have a hostile bias against him. Why do they have to make an interview seem like an interrogation?

    sirmicrosirmicro2 aastat tagasi
  • that html5 thing will never replace flash!!1

    moofymoomoofymoo2 aastat tagasi
  • Like his personality or not.... Steve Jobs was a brilliant thinker and an incredibly smart man.

    Man-Bag DammitMan-Bag Dammit2 aastat tagasi
  • ... and now we're a nation of bloggers lol

    Michael Granberry IIMichael Granberry II2 aastat tagasi
  • I love the way Steve always thought for a moment before delivering an answer to a question, too many people just talk without thinking.

    Craig KnightCraig Knight2 aastat tagasi
  • These idiots defending Flash.

    johnnyBwilsonjohnnyBwilson2 aastat tagasi
  • Why would you ask a dieing person how how he sees his life in the next ten years. Insensitive

    no fear, no doubt, no disbelief!!!!!!!no fear, no doubt, no disbelief!!!!!!!2 aastat tagasi
  • HTML 5 was developed to replace Flash, on this front, Steve was not a genuis at all, we all knew HTML5 would replace Flash. Steve SINGLEHANDEDLY FORCED THE INTERNET to move from Flash to HTML5 by not putting it on iPhone, that was both a brave and bold move for a better world!

    thecarpythecarpy2 aastat tagasi
  • Does anyone hear what jobs is whispering at 1:16:49

    MPSESRAMPSESRA2 aastat tagasi
  • You were great.

    Tom ScTom Sc2 aastat tagasi
  • It amazed me how articulate he was in speaking especially for someone who only spent a couple of semesters in college.

    Captain PlanetCaptain Planet2 aastat tagasi
  • Steve hates the stylus so much and said if you need a stylus to use a tablet you have already failed. What about Apple Pencil?

    M4st3rm1ndM4st3rm1nd2 aastat tagasi
  • Was losing the headphone jack on phones also Jobs idea? People call Apple crazy for doing that too.

    M4st3rm1ndM4st3rm1nd2 aastat tagasi
  • @16:00 A debate whether it was left at the bar or stolen out of his bag. LOL

    p3tr0114p3tr01142 aastat tagasi
  • In hindsight that Flash discussion seems only grotesque right now. But I remember this -- back then many people really thought that putting Flash on a smartphone might be a good idea lol.

    multi iomulti io2 aastat tagasi
  • We know!!

    Dale MonsterDale Monster2 aastat tagasi
  • That was the power of Steve's Apple back then - not invention, as others (like Intel) invented hardware stuff, but the courage to say 'that's the future' - do we really cry after COM and LPT ports in our laptops? Do we really cry after floppy and optical drives, Flash? So many ideas stated in that interview are now 'an obvious' things...@44:40 - My wife uses laptop maybe once every 2-3 weeks - 99% of the time she is using ipad or a smartphone -and that's 'normal'...

    Dawid aka GrendelDawid aka Grendel2 aastat tagasi

    jimjim2 aastat tagasi
  • Excellent view on privacy @

    Dr. Ankit Barot EnglishDr. Ankit Barot English2 aastat tagasi
  • He was organic, vegan and lived on a anti cancer diet!!! The irony. Probably was poisoned!!!

    saif Maliksaif Malik2 aastat tagasi
  • 59:15 "they dont have that saying anymore", Who the ** is he to say they don't have that saying anymore? Discuss.

    RmaNRmaN2 aastat tagasi
  • ... they'll buy 'em and if the don't they won't. prophecy mister jobs prophecy. i wonder if apple is gonna be more than an empty luxury product 5 years from now.

    Robert idonotsharemyfullnameRobert idonotsharemyfullname2 aastat tagasi
  • "apple is a company that doesn't have the most resources in the world." hahaha funny to watch in 2018

    Robert idonotsharemyfullnameRobert idonotsharemyfullname2 aastat tagasi
  • Picking the future technology was a very emotional think for Steve.

    Geoffrey HodiesGeoffrey Hodies2 aastat tagasi
  • Can someone please make that movie about the iPhone left in the bar and release it in 2020.

    Ricky SolorioRicky Solorio2 aastat tagasi
  • I feel horrible that one of our greatest visionaries and human beings that ever walked the earth had to sit through this shiz when his time was so short. Imagine spending your last moments listening to this worthless biznatch drone on with horribly formed questions and statements!!! BAAAH! 57:20 (Woman) "well isn't the government investigating into that?" (Steve) ???..."Not that we know". (Woman) "Oh..that's something else...we'll get into that later"...AND NEVER DOES because she realized she's full of s&#% and started talking about something she doesn't know shiz about. B$%^^$ GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! Man...I try to grace people as much as I can....but some people are really .......inept...shall we say. If I've learned one thing in life it's that JUST because people are in the public eye...or famous...or even rich...or have more letters after their name than you on paper DOES NOT mean they aren't incompetent or stupid. Some doctors are idiots..and obviously so are some reporters/bloggers. Just look at 49:45....Even here Steve was using visual comments in the way he expressed himself....showing you something not just telling you, while she was talking about non visual things..or things that are limited...time. Like trying to tell a color blind person what green is. That's the difference in a great thinker. Then 54:30 "determined by you" NO BEOTCH!! As determined by some little fairy that works overtime in the iphone for free itunes songs and pops out to say hello everyday while getting his coffee. Dumb Slut.

    MrMemyselfandi415MrMemyselfandi4152 aastat tagasi
  • Oh he was heartbreakingly thin QAQ

    Yilong LiYilong Li2 aastat tagasi
  • How right he was about Flash, look how ubiquitous html5 video is now and the JavaScript revolution that took off after the death of Flash. Don’t agree with them on the ports on the latest Mac books, this hasn’t gone the way of usb yet. Not really Steve’s doing though obviously.

    Richard DaleRichard Dale2 aastat tagasi
  • Conventional education is indoctrination. Most schools are designed to churn out obedient employees rather than entrepreneurs.

    Micah BuzanMicah Buzan2 aastat tagasi
  • Steve knew... his voice changed whenever questions about the past or future came up. He truly just wanted to talk tech here.

    adamr94adamr942 aastat tagasi
  • Some perhaps don't know Steve but he is a eager worker and knows what he talks about, his invention should be his subject to talk about perhaps.

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert2 aastat tagasi

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert2 aastat tagasi
  • Jobs' concern about privacy - personal data and location data rings so more true now...

    cjhcjh2 aastat tagasi
  • He was right web development doesn’t use flash is obsolete and super slow while html5 is king

    harold ramosharold ramos2 aastat tagasi
  • Steve Jobs was correct about Flash. It's discontinued now

    Johnny YashJohnny Yash2 aastat tagasi
  • It's amazing how much he aged between 2003 and this video. RIP.

    DisappearingBoyDisappearingBoy2 aastat tagasi
  • Just curious, why are these two so disrespectful?

    Preston TaylorPreston Taylor2 aastat tagasi
    • Preston Taylor Jobs made a lot of bold decisions which, in the short term, seemed to negatively impact consumers and shelter Apple in a dome of exclusivity. Jobs didn't do many interviews and when he did, his responses were vague and rarely seemed to directly address people's concerns. The interviewers were trying their best to get real answers to those questions. Nothing disrespectful about it.

      kgeyedockgeyedoc2 aastat tagasi
  • 8 years later and he was pretty spot on about a lot of things, with the one exception being that tablets would overtake computers. I feel like tablets have been staying where they are, and phones are actually taking over computers.

    johnnybikesalotjohnnybikesalot2 aastat tagasi
    • Tablets killing off computers is still a very real thing, I can totally see tablets becoming strong enough to get rid of computers entirely Not sure when, but yeah

      Kevin FrancisKevin Francis2 aastat tagasi
  • 1:02:30 - "What do you imagine the next ten years of your life is going to be about?" Jobs was dead a year later. That question hit me like a brick as he knew he was going to die. T.T

    Tyler HTyler H4 aastat tagasi
    • Damn, totally agree with you, @Kimila Gordon. I've seen few of these D conferences (eg. with Elon Musk), and the woman annoys me every time. But the guy is ok, why do you see disdain in his behaviour?

      Tobiasz BTobiasz B2 aastat tagasi
    • You clearly have no idea about their relationship. Mossberg, Swisher and Jobs have been incredibly close friends for decades. Mossberg himself is the only person outside of Apple Jobs showed prototype of iPhone to, to get his opinion, which were written in many places before.

      Ilyas YurdaonIlyas Yurdaon2 aastat tagasi
    • It was cruel for her to ask that question. Anyone could tell he was very ill. In 2016 this woman announced that she's running for Mayor of San Francisco in 2023. Her name is Kara Swisher. I don't even live in California but I'll do everything I can to make sure she doesn't win. All her opponent needs to do is run clips of this interview. Swisher inserted herself into technology clearly with little to no knowledge of the field. She gives women in tech a bad name and a harder road to travel. She gives journalists a bad name as well and that's saying a lot. Walt Mossberg is almost as bad with his pushiness and disdain. However Kara Swisher asked such inane questions, you almost can understand him being frustrated with her. When she asked, "You just like to email now...?" it was honestly so incredibly awkward... What kind of question was that? She callously told Steve Jobs that people were laughing at him in this interview... this is a man who was dying of cancer. Regardless of how he is said to have treated people in the past, Swisher comes across as positively inhumane with absolutely no redeeming sense of humor or charm. I'm in awe of Steve Jobs' grace and composure in this situation especially given the pain he must have been in. He deserved so much more respect than this.

      Kimila GordonKimila Gordon2 aastat tagasi
  • that women is really stupid. You can send me an email about it, and steve is like facepalm, email about what???? :D

    VideoTutorialVideoTutorial4 aastat tagasi
  • It was excellent! thank you.

    Cleonilde Soares NobreCleonilde Soares Nobre4 aastat tagasi
  • crazy to see him in this state, completely different person from the steve jobs 1985, just google it ! ......

    Walkman007Walkman0074 aastat tagasi
  • Steve jobs was a mastermind

    S6OOLS6OOL5 aastat tagasi
  • Love how he gives straight forward answers she says "whit if they don't fix it by then" Steve replies "well they won't"

    Daniel EspinozaDaniel Espinoza5 aastat tagasi
    • He wants to kill that woman, this entire interview. She adds NOTHING to this. Should just be Walt interviewing.

      Mitch FarkasMitch Farkas4 aastat tagasi
  • I can't believe he saw HTML5 replacing Flash back then. I remember the problems iPhones had with not being able to play Flash but I had no idea that it was because he saw HTML5 becoming what it's becoming 5 years later. Incredible.

    Nicholas HNicholas H5 aastat tagasi
    • I think steve was very clear that HTML5 was much better than flash and it will replace it in the long.

      GameronPCGameronPC4 aastat tagasi
    • Yes it easily would have even if he didn't see it coming, I just suspect it will have taken a million years longer, that's what Apple's good at, exploiting its mass influence to pioneer unpopular but necessary technologies, this time round it seems to be headphone jscks aha.

      Kim Jong UnKim Jong Un4 aastat tagasi
    • He forced it for sure, but killing flash only created a seven year dark age where the internet suffered as a result. Nowadays, however, it's far better than during the Flash days of roaring processor fans and non-evergreen third party updates.

      Tyler HTyler H4 aastat tagasi
    • Makes sense :)

      Ali SalehAli Saleh4 aastat tagasi
    • +Nicholas H The question is, would HTML5 replaced Flash if he hadn't seen it coming? Predicting the future or making the future.

      Stuart CarrisonStuart Carrison5 aastat tagasi
  • omg major ios 6 foreshadowing at 27:41

    Aditya SundaramAditya Sundaram5 aastat tagasi
    • Aditya Sundaram He clearly knew they were gonna remove Maps lol, that hesitsnt "" Kinda cool how iOS 6 was in the works back in 2010

      Joey PepperoniJoey Pepperoni2 aastat tagasi
  • The irony is that years ago Adobe and Apple were big bed buddies. Flash is still widely used and I think not supporting flash was more a push to gain advantage with IOS specific apps. IOS apps today use swift and guess who controls swift. Not really genius here. More being a smart business person trying to gain advantage.

    stockjonebillsstockjonebills5 aastat tagasi
  • rest in peace

    Toprak SahinToprak Sahin5 aastat tagasi
  • Steve Jobs is totally brilliant in this interview! When you consider how much pain he was in and how sick he was at the time. He is without a doubt the greatest CEO of a company that ever lived! He also had one of the brightest minds in the world at the time of this video!

    SETIat1420MHzSETIat1420MHz6 aastat tagasi
    • Very nice that you don't deny his knowledge, what I like everything, what is somehow technical and I am crazy about computers.

      Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert2 aastat tagasi
    • He still lives, especially by his knowledge, I like his programms and love to work with those. Give me that chance again like I had in 1995 at ECS part of AE Industries.

      Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert2 aastat tagasi
  • These may be the two worst interviewers I've ever seen. Steve was famous for his rages, and I think it is nothing short of a miracle of self-control that he held himself together during this.

    Matt7895Matt78956 aastat tagasi
    • Matt7895 funny because these are just about the only two interviewers he would ever agree to sit down with... In spite of their difficult questions.

      kgeyedockgeyedoc2 aastat tagasi
  • Somebody take that women away lol

    tristan whitneytristan whitney6 aastat tagasi
  • Great Interview, it surprise me the low number of views, only 13,000 (the same video is published in another youtube link and it has 8,000). Is amazing how clear is his thinking and how clear he express his ideas.

    Miguel MontesMiguel Montes6 aastat tagasi
  • 1:02 Why the hell would she ask such a stupid question ....

    Liam HodnettLiam Hodnett7 aastat tagasi
  • Having lost my dad to cancer, it deeply saddens me to see him obviously in pain here... RIP Mr. Jobs

    ryan1the8grateryan1the8grate7 aastat tagasi
  • One of the best talks !!!!

    Karthik VarmaKarthik Varma8 aastat tagasi