The Biggest Cheating Scandal In Speedrunning History

31 dets 2020
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One of Minecraft's biggest youtubers Dream has been accused of cheating by the speedrunning community. Today I explain what went down and provide you with my conclusion based on my own investigation. Huge thanks to k4yfour for providing the Minecraft footage used in the run and also helping me understand more about the game. Thanks to the Minecraft speedrunners who answered some of my questions.
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    Karl JobstKarl Jobst2 місяці tagasi
    • @Cornlips 4 i did. edit: i think i am the 500th person to reply since i was gonna reply to them again saying thanks but it said it was on the max replies

      KrazyBoss YTKrazyBoss YT12 päeva tagasi
    • Ok son

      Z.R.SZ.R.SМісяць tagasi
    • Well I am pretty happy for u there are only 6k dislikes so seems like many Stans didn't watch this video I guess they don't want any source of information after dream's response

      『LIGHT』『LIGHT』Місяць tagasi
    • Pog

      Fattipotato79Fattipotato79Місяць tagasi
    • @Heavenburst why? Thats dumb why would you wait untill we know the answer to reveal the answer?? Is it a test?

      LiteThingLiteThingМісяць tagasi
  • The only part I had doubt on is when you investigated blaze rod droppings. That just about matches my rate.

    Dev DevDev DevTund tagasi
  • The evidence is pretty conclusive. Also... Comparing to normal people and comparing to speedrunners is equal properbility; if not less.

    Felix JancikFelix Jancik4 tundi tagasi
  • 11:29 haha he said sex

    san drosan dro7 tundi tagasi
    • U made me laugh i have to admit it

      Commander Bruh-Lox i have Real MustacheCommander Bruh-Lox i have Real Mustache2 tundi tagasi
  • I have seen a lot of players better than dream

    Edvard DoldererEdvard Dolderer8 tundi tagasi
    • i’ve seen a lot of people better than dream

      Counter TechCounter Tech2 minutit tagasi
  • Standup Maths did a very good video on this too

    Hassan SalmanHassan Salman15 tundi tagasi
  • Thank you for the thorough analysis!

    Michael BlountMichael Blount15 tundi tagasi
  • It's a damn shame how many speed runners there are these days, too much of the crystal out here these days, damn speed runners, hopefully they run to rehab

    Michael JordanMichael Jordan17 tundi tagasi
  • After all of these controversy, I still enjoy his manhunt because it's entertaining.

    DelaYDelaY21 tund tagasi
    • The speedruns however where submitted to the leaderboards but yes the manhunts are entertaining

      Squifflebat 4328Squifflebat 432813 tundi tagasi
  • I'm sorry... can someone explain to me why it matters that he cheated? like.. I can see why it would matter...but I can also see why it doesn't matter at all..... (in my opinion, of course)

    Larissa DawnLarissa Dawn21 tund tagasi
    • It's the same reason an athlete taking steroids in order to win at the Olympics matters. Because it gets in the way of people who legitimately got their skill and talent and medals.

      Jonah ClementsJonah Clements3 tundi tagasi
    • Speedrunning is pretty competitive and requires lots of time and effort, so it can be irritating when someone waltzes in, cheats, and then gets away with it.

      Fluffy White LlamaFluffy White Llama6 tundi tagasi
    • He also submitted the fake speedruns to a speedrun leaderboard thats why

      Squifflebat 4328Squifflebat 432813 tundi tagasi
    • It doesn't really matter that much, but the way he responded does. He used his stans & fans as a sheild to deflect the accusations & let his stans send the moderators death threats & he even called them clowns.

      just a guyjust a guy21 tund tagasi
  • Bruh

    Mr BirdyMr Birdy22 tundi tagasi
  • You really think this is the BIGGEST cheating scandal in speedrunning history?! Cheating only by changing probabilities, and only getting 4th place because of it? Really? There have been cheating scandals WAY bigger than this. Although, maybe you mean bigger as in most impactful and popular (or infamous, in this case). If that's what you mean by "biggest," then sure, that fits.

    Gaming GeckosGaming GeckosPäev tagasi
    • @Gaming Geckos definitely the most infamous event.

      morbideddiemorbideddie4 tundi tagasi
    • @morbideddie Yeah. If you define scale as popularity, then yes, this is very large scale. I more so go with the scale of how elaborate/major impact to the game it would be. But yeah, this is definitely the most infamous speedrunning cheating ever.

      Gaming GeckosGaming Geckos4 tundi tagasi
    • @Gaming Geckos like you say this is far from the most shocking, elaborate or crazy cheating story, but it is the biggest. Dream is probably the most popular and viewed speed runner in the world and him cheating has gotten a lot of attention, even outside the community.

      morbideddiemorbideddie4 tundi tagasi
    • @potato I'm not a Dream stan. Did you see the part where I was saying that this was a scam? Seriously, all I was saying was that this isn't the BIGGEST scam. Dream definitely cheated. HOWEVER, others have cheated with much more elaborate and high stakes methods and situations. I haven't even watched a Dream video in months.

      Gaming GeckosGaming Geckos19 tundi tagasi
    • dream stans be like

      potatopotato20 tundi tagasi
  • Joan Ginther was a woman who won 4 scratch lottery tickets in her lifetime. The probability is comparable to Dream's maximum luck calculated, the sextillions. However, I realized there's a difference between distributed physical paper over a span of months, if not years, and a PC game's RNG over a span of less than a week. Outside of world generation, does such RNG capacity even exist in Minecraft?

    Melissa FinleyMelissa FinleyPäev tagasi
    • @Jonah Clements Since the situation isn't of similar context, I have no scenario comparison of comparable luck happening to an individual. This and the coding anomaly leads me to believe that Dream cheated.

      Melissa FinleyMelissa Finley2 tundi tagasi
    • She won 4 scratch tickets in her lifetime. But each and every attempt in a period of 6 streams, Dream had that luck consistently. So it's not the same.

      Jonah ClementsJonah Clements3 tundi tagasi
    • Yeah, the raw odds are similar but there are significant differences. The first is the number of people playing the lottery is massive, in the 100’s of millions vs the maybe 1000 active players in the mc 1.16 community. Then you have to consider that most of those players will buy more tickets than runners will do 24 hours worth of streaming. Then you have to consider that Joan likely bought thousands of tickets to get those 4 and dream only did 2 runs of streams and his second run of 6 got that level of luck. Overall the chances of getting a lottery winner with these odds is a lot more likely than Dream pulling off his run.

      morbideddiemorbideddie4 tundi tagasi
    • The luck capacity probably doesn't exist

      Adityard LimeAdityard LimePäev tagasi
  • The maths YT guy said if 10 billion humans do this speedrun every second for 100 years. It wouldn't have had Dreams luck.

    DJ OakeyDoakeyDJ OakeyDoakeyPäev tagasi
  • Don't see how you could be on his side besides fanboyism. Even if the luck was in fact a once in a blue moon chance which while infinitesimally small has the possibility of happening, it happened over and over again. That's all you need to see. Getting that sort of luck is possible, but happening over 24 hours isn't

    grit1grit1Päev tagasi
  • 16:17 "They vheat to get a time, faster" So.. I'm just finished stardew valley in 2 days because my luck is absolutely garbage. And yes, this theory was right.

    Kevin AvelinoKevin AvelinoPäev tagasi
    • *vheat*

      zxcvbnmzxcvbnmPäev tagasi
  • Shame. Though I'm still not sure. Matjimatically impossible and completely impossible are different. The evidence said he cheated though. I wish I knew more about this sort of thing to form a solid opinion.

    Jimbrial InnocentJimbrial InnocentPäev tagasi
    • His odds are 1 in 20 sextillion, which is so absurdly small that it's really the only evidence you need to say that he cheated. I'd recommend Stand up Maths video if you haven't watched it already since it goes into great detail about everything.

      Fluffy White LlamaFluffy White LlamaPäev tagasi
  • Dream posts videos featuring hacked Minecraft clients all the time. For example, He knew he was cheating in that speed run. He augmented the drop rates in the game, and, more importantly, he "coded it himself." He can't be trusted for legitimate speed runs if he has a history of hacking the game. His "dumb luck" in that run is actually MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, and for Dream to claim it was legit and "he had no idea he was playing an edited version of Minecraft" is just utter bullshit.

    MrOvergryphMrOvergryph2 päeva tagasi
  • Honestly still fuck Dream. He gave us the goddamned Glowsquid instead of one of the cooler/more useful mobs.

    Demo_the _manDemo_the _man2 päeva tagasi
    • @Lu_ne I just wanted a more colorful Minecraft with the moobloom

      BlankBlank16 tundi tagasi
    • give me the flower cow :(

      Lu_neLu_nePäev tagasi
  • The really shitty thing is, it's still possible that it's legit. But it isn't.

    HWR ATJHWR ATJ2 päeva tagasi
  • I mean math says he cheated but why ,as you said will probably never be addressed but i see why a lot of hes fans think he didn't cheat because hes speed run didn't give him recognition to be worth it

    the DOOMthe DOOM2 päeva tagasi
  • Dream: If you disagree with me, argue with the math Also Dream when someone argued with the math: *SHADOWBANNED SHADOWBANNED SHADOWBANNED*

    The KevinThe Kevin2 päeva tagasi
    • @Muhammad Soleh lol yeah

      C.I.A.C.I.A.19 tundi tagasi
    • Also Dream when Stans Hunter duplicated themselves: *Imma private my response*

      Muhammad SolehMuhammad SolehPäev tagasi
    • Tiananmen square all over again

      Never out pizza the hutNever out pizza the hut2 päeva tagasi
  • Not defending dream here I do think he cheated, but I just want to share something. I found 3 spinda in Pokémon x with the exact same pattern in a hoard with another one (not same pattern) being shiny so you know, it was great.

    Zack LepplinZack Lepplin2 päeva tagasi
    • @Muhammad Soleh thanks

      Zack LepplinZack Lepplin12 tundi tagasi
    • @Zack Lepplin cool

      Muhammad SolehMuhammad Soleh20 tundi tagasi
    • @Muhammad Soleh I found three and shiny one

      Zack LepplinZack LepplinPäev tagasi
    • @Muhammad Solehthe chance of finding two spinda alone is over 4 billion

      Zack LepplinZack LepplinPäev tagasi
    • @Muhammad Soleh I did the math it’s 3.24519 to the 32cd power

      Zack LepplinZack LepplinPäev tagasi
  • *14:13** "Now, we are going to look at simulations" then I get 2 ads lol*

    IfarmplasmaIfarmplasma2 päeva tagasi
  • *69% "Nice"* *1 in 20 sextillion "Nice"*

    IfarmplasmaIfarmplasma2 päeva tagasi
  • Me clicking on this video not knowing if it is a joke or not.

    kinyt3kinyt32 päeva tagasi
    • Nope dream cheated

      C.I.A.C.I.A.2 päeva tagasi
  • dream actually admitted it and apologized vastly for it.

    BlankLitBlankLit2 päeva tagasi
    • where

      Muhammad SolehMuhammad SolehPäev tagasi
    • Where

      Squifflebat 4328Squifflebat 4328Päev tagasi
    • really? where? I can't find it anywhere.

      sense122sense1222 päeva tagasi
    • what video ?

      Riko VladimirRiko Vladimir2 päeva tagasi
  • 11:29 nice

    Big SmokeBig Smoke3 päeva tagasi
  • 11:08 nice

    Big SmokeBig Smoke3 päeva tagasi
  • I don't really care if dream cheats. I just like watching him prank his friends on 1 Vs 4 Hunters

    Owen StuartOwen Stuart3 päeva tagasi
  • Idk. Games are weird. Looks at dark souls 3. There is a item in it called proof of concord kept that has an abysmal drop rate. Like 3%. You need to collect 30 of them and I only had to kill 157 knights to get all 30. Thats like a 20% drop rate. No altering to my game. I know some people who have been farming that item for weeks or even months. I got super super lucky

    Wyatt EasterlyWyatt Easterly3 päeva tagasi
    • @september but yeah. I know dreams odd are ridiculous and understand that. I was just sharing an experience where I had insane luck where I had a 20% drop rate on 3% drop rate item.

      Wyatt EasterlyWyatt Easterly2 päeva tagasi
    • @september yes. Even with my item discovery symbol of avarice, rusted coins and the ring the drop rate is like 3%. Normally its like 1%. I know people who farmed POCK for literally weeks and with the same set up and only got like 5 of that covenant item

      Wyatt EasterlyWyatt Easterly2 päeva tagasi
    • were you wearing any rings/mimic helmet that might’ve improved your odds? but this is more like if you played dark souls 11 times and got those results as an average across all those playthroughs if dream just had 1 run where he got an exceptional amount of pearl trades, no one would accuse him of cheating. the reason the odds are so low is because it happened over the course of many runs.

      septemberseptember2 päeva tagasi
  • itsss calllledd do you know the word "luck"

    Switch & MusicSwitch & Music3 päeva tagasi
    • someone didn’t watch the video 👀 fucking dream stan

      Counter TechCounter Tech14 sekundit tagasi
    • I got 11 blaze rods out of 12 blazes "Its just luck" -Dream 2020

      BlankBlank16 tundi tagasi
    • let me put the "luck" into perspective, Let's say there are 10 billion humans on earth, each on of them completed the sequence of 6 streams within a second, without sleeping without breaks just every single second they'd bang out these 6 streams, they'd need to do that for 100 thousand years such that one of them got a sequence of runs as lucky or luckier than dream. ok? this isn't "luck" those are astronomical odds.

      MilitantPacifistMilitantPacifistPäev tagasi
    • @KingChicken shit

      william82007william820072 päeva tagasi
    • Congratulations, it seems the entire video has gone straight over your head.

      KingChickenKingChicken2 päeva tagasi
  • his manhunt vids are fake af too and its sooo obvious

    Aaron LoeschAaron Loesch3 päeva tagasi
    • You got evidence for that?

      Outcastsage9033Outcastsage903348 minutit tagasi
  • The best luck in minecraft I’ve ever managed to get is 64/1,000,000,000. Or 64 in a trillion, hopefully I wrote that number of zeros right. I traded 4 ingots with 4 piglins and got 4 ender pearls each time, giving me 16 ender pearls and no other items as I only did 4 trades. The luck might be even more than I determined, as I just determined the probability of getting 2-4 ender pearls, and I got 4 each time which is an extra RNG roll which I didn’t use in my calculations as I don’t know the details. It’s crazy that dream achieved such immense luck and it seems clear that he cheated, if he didn’t then his stream was the luckiest moment in human history. It’s a real shame that Dream didn’t just admit to it and apologise. Speedrunning officially or not, he has a good EEworld career by now from his SMP and other videos, and even if he lost some fans for cheating he’d probably still he set for years and could maybe even rebuild his speedrunning trust. But looking at the way he responded, it seems like he’s gonna be in a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people seem to think he didn’t cheat, partially due to youtubers who benefit from him don’t want to admit it.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel4 päeva tagasi
    • Abhigyan Dutta True. If I was trying to prove something I’d need much more data.

      Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel3 päeva tagasi
    • That is not the correct way though. You can't really use such a small sample size

      Abhigyan DuttaAbhigyan Dutta3 päeva tagasi
  • if he had changed the odds there would have been more pearls in the portal there is a 10% chance of them spawning in there and only 1 spawned and if the other odds we increased by about 15% then that men’s 1 in 4 of the pearls would have spawned meaning atleast 3 pearls would have spawned therefore he was lucky but he couldn’t have cheated because while increasing one odd you increase the rng in the rest of the game

    Jake HeltonJake Helton4 päeva tagasi
    • You do know that the amount of eyes of ender in the portal is based off the seed itself, right?

      Adam HennessyAdam Hennessy3 päeva tagasi
    • dude go to school goddamn

      Aaron LoeschAaron Loesch3 päeva tagasi
    • That’s not how that works, that’s not how any of this works.

      morbideddiemorbideddie3 päeva tagasi
    • There are several different factors in the game though, and a lot of what you described happens in different parts of the games code. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure eyes of ender in the portal frames are based off the world's seed, so I don't think he would actually have control over that.

      Fluffy White LlamaFluffy White Llama3 päeva tagasi
  • any allegations against dream is just fucking ineffective, his stans will just defend him in any way possible. even if dream recorded himself murdering a guy his fans will still not believe it

    • Fact

      C.I.A.C.I.A.4 päeva tagasi
  • Minecraft is the only game i have ever seen where i simply don't get the big deal

    Sean O'ReillySean O'Reilly4 päeva tagasi
  • I love things got so serious! 15:20 And thanks to Karl for explaining how Minecraft works (no sarcasm here, never played this game :))

    Sir TroglodyteSir Troglodyte5 päeva tagasi
    • @S𒈙𒐪C𒈙𒐪A𒈙𒐪𒈙𒐪R𒈙L𒐪E𒈙T𒈙K𒐪I𒈙N𒐪G𒈙W𒐪I𒈙L𒐪L𒈙R𒐪I𒈙S𒐪E𒈙!𒐪! another unverified user I don’t know

      Zendrive -Zendrive -Päev tagasi
    • Another verified EEworldr I don't know

      S𒈙𒐪C𒈙𒐪A𒈙𒐪𒈙𒐪R𒈙L𒐪E𒈙T𒈙K𒐪I𒈙N𒐪G𒈙W𒐪I𒈙L𒐪L𒈙R𒐪I𒈙S𒐪E𒈙!𒐪!S𒈙𒐪C𒈙𒐪A𒈙𒐪𒈙𒐪R𒈙L𒐪E𒈙T𒈙K𒐪I𒈙N𒐪G𒈙W𒐪I𒈙L𒐪L𒈙R𒐪I𒈙S𒐪E𒈙!𒐪!4 päeva tagasi
    • Yessir

      AtheoGaming07AtheoGaming075 päeva tagasi
  • pro tip: sort the comments by new to find all the stans lmao

    Arlo - Resident Ad FarmerArlo - Resident Ad Farmer5 päeva tagasi
    • I sorted the comment to newest first to find your comment

      ksksksks4 päeva tagasi
  • How lil I give for a fuck about it all

    jaz dashtijaz dashti5 päeva tagasi
    • Then why are you here?

      Wii RemoteWii Remote3 päeva tagasi
  • Dream cheated for self preservation. The anonymous report was pre meditated as he no doubt knew it would come out one day - hence why it was so full of mistakes. It was rushed, chopped together thinking that they would baffle to problem with confusion in numbers and the problem would go away. He was too concerned on getting the perfect run online - to get that title, that recognition - that when his cover blew, his explanation was torn to shreds by actual professionals. The facts here are compliant with all regulatory bodies involved. 100% sound, because the channel demands it - anyone that believes that this is legitimate RNG, is as ignorant as Dream himself for thinking ghat he would get away with it.

    The VanguardThe Vanguard5 päeva tagasi
  • This is just sad. At first I tried to find a way to ignore this issue, but I can´t anymore. I thought he made entertaining videos, and he is very talented, and the Dream SMP is wonderful, but he just ruined his career.

    LENA JONESLENA JONES5 päeva tagasi
  • I tried to run minecraft. I accidentally closed it.

    Cruz CoronadoCruz Coronado5 päeva tagasi
  • New wr

    RaymondRaymond5 päeva tagasi
  • did he delete his response video? 😅

    Valerie ScarlettValerie Scarlett5 päeva tagasi
    • @LiteThing he got bertayed by his own astro lol

      C.I.A.C.I.A.4 päeva tagasi
    • Yes the math matician changed his mind and redid his math. So dream didnt want to spread false info i assume

      LiteThingLiteThing5 päeva tagasi
    • Yes

      C.I.A.C.I.A.5 päeva tagasi
  • I mean, its all luck based. Odds can be low but never zero.

    TrustedSoulTrustedSoul6 päeva tagasi
    • I don’t know about it being impossible, but it’s ridiculously unlikely. Are you saying that he actually got a 1/7.5 trillion chance legitimately? Even dream himself says that if the odds are 1/7.5 trillion then he definitely cheated. He only argues that the math is wrong, when it’s not. Dream mathematician calculated 1/100 million odds, and still says that that provides very strong evidence that dream cheated. Dream also says that with 1/100 mil odds that the most reasonable conclusion was that he cheated. Anyway, if you want to argue with dream and his PhD man, despite trying to be on their side, then consider this. “The odds are low but never zero” you say. There’s an old joke that “the odds of Shaquille O’Neal hunting you down are low... but never zero”. Do you ever check behind you for Shaq? No of course not, but there’s a chance. There’s also a chance that the next time you go outside a 10 mile wide meteor hits you. Again there’s a chance but do you ever even think about that. Maybe your parents are evil robot spies sent from another galaxy. There’s a chance. No one legitimately considers these things, just like no logical person considers that dream legitimately got his odds. He cheated.

      DackpackDackpack5 päeva tagasi
    • His luck is impossible in the game codes.

      just a guyjust a guy5 päeva tagasi
  • Green blob can't beat the game without cheats xd

    BlankBlank6 päeva tagasi
  • That computer does kwik matches

    LJ GLJ G6 päeva tagasi
  • When it was 11:09 you said nice to like the youtuber 69?

    AndrewAndrew6 päeva tagasi
  • mathematically impossible is the most wrong thing you said, other then that good points

    Omiko LomsadzeOmiko Lomsadze6 päeva tagasi
    • He never actually said that it was mathematically impossible.

      Jason Hydrea・10 years agoJason Hydrea・10 years ago5 päeva tagasi
    • @Omiko Lomsadze "for all intents and purposes mathematically impossible" so he didnt say the rates were mathematically impossible... whats your problem here? Sure if you strip away all context he would be wrong but listening to the clip everything Karl said is correct, Dreams luck was for all intents and purposes mathematically impossible.

      morbideddiemorbideddie5 päeva tagasi
    • @morbideddie 20:25 and im not trying to be controversial here, im just mad at the words "mathematically impossible" when it comes to rates and such

      Omiko LomsadzeOmiko Lomsadze5 päeva tagasi
    • When did he say that the drop rates were mathematically impossible?

      morbideddiemorbideddie5 päeva tagasi
    • @JustCole there are some who don't know, so hopefully they'll realize when they see my comment.

      just a guyjust a guy6 päeva tagasi
  • Tbh I don’t care if dream cheated or not I just don’t like him

    The Scream GuyThe Scream Guy6 päeva tagasi
  • I don’t trust the internet

    PhrogPhrog7 päeva tagasi
  • I’m back hi to the people who insaulted me just because I like minecraft

    Mueller gamesMueller games7 päeva tagasi
  • nah he just has a rlly good gaming chair

    RenewingsRenewings7 päeva tagasi
    • Wow this is the funniest most original comment I’ve ever heard

      FishTacoFishTaco4 päeva tagasi
    • Source: just trust me bro

      Aiden CulbertAiden Culbert6 päeva tagasi
    • not funny anymore

      Hi there I am MarkHi there I am Mark7 päeva tagasi
  • One thing I can't stand that has risen in light of this recent scandal, all the boot licking apologists.

    Grey AreaGrey Area8 päeva tagasi
  • To be fair, I don't think luck is really a good metric of skill... being lucky or not, or having to grind 100's of hours just to get a certain drop isn't any presentation of skill. Just patience.

    PlanetdunePlanetdune8 päeva tagasi
  • Its still possible for it to happen, regardless if you can replicate or not

    Buttery PeanutButtery Peanut8 päeva tagasi
    • @Squifflebat 4328 false statement

      Buttery PeanutButtery Peanut9 tundi tagasi
    • @Buttery Peanut meaning it isn’t possible

      Squifflebat 4328Squifflebat 432812 tundi tagasi
    • @Squifflebat 4328 thanks for telling us what we already know

      Buttery PeanutButtery Peanut4 päeva tagasi
    • @Buttery Peanut 1 in 20 sextillion is waaaaaaay two little to even get multiple times. 1 sextillion is already 21 zeros

      Squifflebat 4328Squifflebat 43285 päeva tagasi
    • @Buttery Peanut again possible =/= feasible

      Squifflebat 4328Squifflebat 43285 päeva tagasi
  • The most depressing thing is that after this scandal I can no longer enjoy his Manhunt videos. They always seemed to me a bit too conveniently entertaining, even considering they are usually cut, but I was willing to believe they weren't staged. Now, though... The sad thing is, if Dream clearly stated that these Manhunt videos were staged to some degree, I'd still watch them.

    Riccardo OrlandoRiccardo Orlando8 päeva tagasi
    • I hate the fact that he tries to debunk anyone that says they're fake and then ends up getting that person sent tons of hate, and then there's all those videos about it that are something along the lines of "Dream just DESTROYED Manhunt Accusations..." even though they're obviously fake.

      Jellytinn RollerJellytinn Roller6 päeva tagasi
    • @Eiennai / I know. I wish Dream didn't have to keep claiming they are magically spontaneous. I remember watching some rando's analysis of the manhunt videos to see if they're staged, and Dream's "response" video where he "owned" the first guy. Distasteful.

      Riccardo OrlandoRiccardo Orlando8 päeva tagasi
    • Of course they are, but that's no biggie, most entertainment is staged, you would need to have some god tier entertainment skills to spontaneously make amazing streams/videos every single time. Not even the best entertainers in the world can do that.

      Eiennai /Eiennai /8 päeva tagasi
  • Plot twist: he's actually just lucky. 1 in a Million there's still 1 in that million means it's not impossible

    J Heil H UertaJ Heil H Uerta8 päeva tagasi
    • @J Heil H Uerta well dream deleted his response cause it got debunked on reddit so hard But if i say that stans will probably be scarred

      Lil HitlerLil Hitler5 päeva tagasi
    • Then why would he have deleted his response

      LarsLars6 päeva tagasi
    • @J Heil H Uerta Technically nothing is impossible, but that’s not a very good defense when your speed run is being investigated. There’s such a thing as “statistically impossible;” the chances aren’t 0, but it’s so incredibly unlikely that for all intents and purposes it’s impossible. Have you heard of Occam’s Razor? What’s more plausible of an answer: Dream beat a 1 in 7.5 TRILLION odds or he cheated to get a better time?

      Skeet XeeterSkeet Xeeter6 päeva tagasi
    • @J Heil H Uerta It's proven impossible in the game codes

      just a guyjust a guy7 päeva tagasi
    • @J Heil H Uerta Do u mean killing 12 blazes and only 1 didn't give him a blaze rod is that what youre saying is possible?

      Hi there I am MarkHi there I am Mark8 päeva tagasi
  • 19:23 ah! the nostalgic gta vice city music!

    MythicalMyste 01MythicalMyste 018 päeva tagasi
  • I'm scared that people genuinely believe that dream didnt cheat...

    PringlePenguinPringlePenguin8 päeva tagasi
    • @FishTaco also he didn’t seem so surprised about it he literally knows how to reset the code of Minecraft

      Trump PenceTrump Pence4 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence yeah that might be true but that was a one time thing, we are accounting his multiple stream witch is about 100 hours of gameplay

      FishTacoFishTaco4 päeva tagasi
    • @Lil Hitler yep

      Trump PenceTrump Pence5 päeva tagasi
    • @Max Davis idk when but a person found a rarer mob which featured a baby zombie villager riding a chicken with full enchanted diamond armor and an enchanted iron sword

      Trump PenceTrump Pence5 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence when?

      Max DavisMax Davis5 päeva tagasi
  • 18:23 Except for Ark players... I think the person whos played the most has 2 years in game time. It came out in 2015...

    Alec YoungAlec Young9 päeva tagasi
  • what this youtuber was on the newspaper for speedrunning goldeneye wow

    Faiqa AdhiarjaFaiqa Adhiarja9 päeva tagasi
  • I know I'm late, but I love this guy's personality.

    WilliamWilliam9 päeva tagasi
  • To any dream stans reading this, 1 in 20 sextillion is an astronomically low likelihood, here's an example. Load up a fresh new Minecraft world and try to guess the seed first try. The chances of that are 1 in 18 quintillion which is almost 1 thousand times less than 20 sextillion

    Kavrana Programming TutorialsKavrana Programming Tutorials9 päeva tagasi
    • Also, you could ride as many planes as it takes for 15 of them to crash before getting dreams odds

      Trump PenceTrump Pence8 päeva tagasi
  • Dream manhunt - Not scripted and not cheating Dream speedrun - like are you speedrunning clue and got WR?

    RagerQueue487RagerQueue4879 päeva tagasi
    • @Squifflebat 4328 Okay you dreamy stan, Keep believing in the cheater like odds from 1 to 7 trillon are still possible. In game codes is impossible.

      Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda5 päeva tagasi
    • @Squifflebat 4328 Ok

      Trump PenceTrump Pence6 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence dream isn’t a noob

      Squifflebat 4328Squifflebat 43286 päeva tagasi
    • @Muhammad Soleh same

      Trump PenceTrump Pence8 päeva tagasi
    • @Squifflebat 4328 or Dream is a noob

      Trump PenceTrump Pence8 päeva tagasi
  • I've been reading the comments for over an hour now, this has been the most I've ever laughed and facepalmed. Truly one of the best and worst comment sections on youtube.

    JRockJRock9 päeva tagasi
    • good

      AnturifiedAnturified9 päeva tagasi
  • Either he cheated, or the game's psuedo random is not very good. There are other games where the psuedo random has problems (e.g. pity timers). I have a feeling that someone would have noticed if it is an error in the game's code.

    wingedarr0wwingedarr0w9 päeva tagasi
    • Well Dream is the only one so far to have gotten these odds

      Trump PenceTrump Pence8 päeva tagasi
    • Pseudo random generators of coding languages are probably written by experts which is used by game developers. So no mistakes in that one.

      Abhigyan DuttaAbhigyan Dutta9 päeva tagasi
  • I mean... ur claim is also misleading. He had too little pearls, which could also be a reason for getting to the portal faster (not waiting for more). However, I do still agree that his luck is abysmally rare, and that he likely cheated

    JipesnlJipesnl10 päeva tagasi
    • No. This is misleading. Although I don't watch speedruns most people probably assume 1-2 ender pearls will be there or they will find an enderman easily in the strong hold. Both of which didn't happen here, it is a calculated risk.

      Abhigyan DuttaAbhigyan Dutta9 päeva tagasi
  • I really like how you actually came to a conclusion rather then just saying “Oh well in conclusion I don’t know it’s left up to interpretation and how you feel har har.” I’m so sick of analysis videos doing that to seem as safe as possible.

    emarythompemarythomp10 päeva tagasi
  • “Hello you absolute legends. Speed running” Thunderous clapping and cheering ensues

  • at least he did not cheat on *all* of his speedruns

    SmellsLikeAnvilSmellsLikeAnvil10 päeva tagasi
    • @Leonardo Van Gogh yeah that is the bad thing

      SmellsLikeAnvilSmellsLikeAnvil4 päeva tagasi
    • cheating isnt the problem lol, could've just apologized, but instead he maniputed his fanbase and then also weaponized them against his exposers

      Leonardo Van GoghLeonardo Van Gogh4 päeva tagasi
    • This puts a bad name on the whole community. Hopefully more cheated runs don’t come out, as this has already led a lot of people to say stuff like: I mean, most runs are fake

      Re CoveredRe Covered8 päeva tagasi
    • @Abhigyan Dutta i know and i *fully* agree with you, using the good authority to cover up bad things is bad

      SmellsLikeAnvilSmellsLikeAnvil9 päeva tagasi
    • Cheating isn't the problem. Herding his underage fans (and I pretty much know you are one, from the wording you use) is a big problem. You are not old enough to understand how bad of a thing this actually is. When you grow old and if a situation arises where you need to manipulate a child then you'll see how it jolts your conscience which dream clearly has none.

      Abhigyan DuttaAbhigyan Dutta9 päeva tagasi
  • guys plz forget about it or not mention it anymore edit: i am not a stan , i am just being frustrated because of this scandal and the previous one where drem (not dream) caught on cheating too, and i do not seriously care about it, it just pops up on me too much

    SmellsLikeAnvilSmellsLikeAnvil10 päeva tagasi
    • @Lil Hitler yea, he has matured a lot and move on

      The Destructive GamerThe Destructive Gamer5 päeva tagasi
    • Drem changed hes a pretty chill guy i talked to him on discord But stans still atacking

      Lil HitlerLil Hitler5 päeva tagasi
    • @Good Door dude this is so true

      The Destructive GamerThe Destructive Gamer8 päeva tagasi
    • @Arunabh Thakuria i wasn't talking just bout him, it was in general, i think i didint explain myself enough

      Matias HueichaoMatias Hueichao8 päeva tagasi
    • @Matias Hueichao he is completely fine right now; not enough people actually care/too many people defend him for him to actually lose anything, what are you even talking about

      Arunabh ThakuriaArunabh Thakuria8 päeva tagasi
  • The defense has no objections, your honor.

    Comical SansComical Sans10 päeva tagasi
  • The thing about Speedrunning is that you don’t only need skill, but you also need luck. The bad part about it is that you’re going to have to be lucky, however, when you’re lucky, there’s always going to be somebody who doubts that you’re THAT lucky. So the difficulty about Speedrunning isn’t the luck, it’s the people who think otherwise.

    James GarrisonJames Garrison11 päeva tagasi
    • @morbideddie ikr

      Trump PenceTrump Pence10 päeva tagasi
    • Let’s be honest, there’s a massive difference between the kind of luck required to get a wr run and dreams luck, they aren’t even on the same planet. If you don’t think dream cheated you simply don’t understand just how crazy his odds were.

      morbideddiemorbideddie10 päeva tagasi
    • Every since the nether update people will always have suspicions about speed runs because of the new piglins. But I do think Dream cheated because his odds of those bartering trades are 59 in 20 sextillion

      Trump PenceTrump Pence10 päeva tagasi
  • All I care is that it wasn’t technoblade

    D3adK3V1n Catches scammersD3adK3V1n Catches scammers12 päeva tagasi
    • @The Destructive Gamer same

      Trump PenceTrump Pence7 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence even if techno was a speedrunner and he cheated, I'm pretty sure he would atleast admit it and come clean unlike dream

      The Destructive GamerThe Destructive Gamer7 päeva tagasi
    • He doesn’t speedrun but still a good comment

      Trump PenceTrump Pence10 päeva tagasi
  • Let me guess. This POS youtuber got away with it basically Scott free

    YamiJustinYamiJustin12 päeva tagasi
    • Yeah

      The man behind the bruh momentThe man behind the bruh moment6 päeva tagasi
    • @YamiJustin ok

      Trump PenceTrump Pence11 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence well I wouldn’t even consider watching him unless he fessed up that’s just me tho

      YamiJustinYamiJustin11 päeva tagasi
    • I’m a fan of dream not for haha he is but because I like his manhunt videos and the reason who got away with it was because of his 9 year old stans who can’t do math

      Trump PenceTrump Pence11 päeva tagasi
  • Dream here is morally wrong. While I do enjoy his content, it is hard to watch someone fake it till they make it here.

    Aaron RashidAaron Rashid12 päeva tagasi
    • @Cornysz yep

      Trump PenceTrump Pence2 päeva tagasi
    • tbh idc about fake speedrunning, look at other dream's content (Minecraft, but ... ), it's very enjoyable to watch, even with his team like george etc. That's why his subs increase so fast.

      CornyszCornysz2 päeva tagasi
    • Same

      Trump PenceTrump Pence11 päeva tagasi
  • 1 in sextillion?? "So you're saying there's a chance..."

    Your MotherYour Mother12 päeva tagasi
    • @Scottyboi SUS r/ihavereddit

      Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda5 päeva tagasi
    • Yeah Lloyd

      Brady KingBrady King7 päeva tagasi
    • @Scottyboi SUS r/screw you with your overused "r/woooosh"

      AnturifiedAnturified9 päeva tagasi
    • @Scottyboi SUS that’s not what r/woosh means but ok

      Trump PenceTrump Pence10 päeva tagasi
    • @Your Mother r/whoosh lmao

      Scottyboi SUSScottyboi SUS11 päeva tagasi
  • Minecraft speedrunning is over, the only thing Dream did "wrong" was mod his game to accommodate a level of "luck" which was extremely improbable. Now all that is required is to mod minecraft as a corrupt speedrunner to produce the items necessary to complete certain phases of the speedrun with the most believable yet useful level of probability. That's it, thanks to piglins in part, minecraft speedrunning in 1.16+ will always be suspicious.

    hahaha benis XDDDhahaha benis XDDD12 päeva tagasi
    • @ayyubstergold Great thanks for telling me and being so polite about it considering I'm not in this community, I think those should be mandatory because this is what happens when they're not.

      hahaha benis XDDDhahaha benis XDDD4 päeva tagasi
    • @hahaha benis XDDD there are set seed speed runs you can watch you know.

      ayyubstergoldayyubstergold7 päeva tagasi
    • Personally I think speedrunning is just kind of silly, but people are allowed to do it as pastime, but what Dream really did which wasn't bad is highlight the fact that the more competitive you get with this, the more likely people are going to cheat. MC needs more distinct criteria for speedrunning because what this cheat run highlights is that RNG can totally fuck up a run, and if 50% of your time is determined by RNG, then where's the skill factoring in? Honestly, I get his logic, what he was trying to do was to mitigate the luck based element of minecraft speedrunning to see where his raw skills could take him. That being said, he should have given more disclosure about this instead of trying to get an "official" time. I personally think that minecraft speedrunning is a complete farce if you don't have categories based on the seed and spawn point. The luck element in speedrunning is too much in minecraft and basically can turn an excellent display of skills and turn it into a wasted effort, this I think was his logic behind trying to mitigate the RNG, but yeah, shouldn't have branded a modded run as legit.

      hahaha benis XDDDhahaha benis XDDD10 päeva tagasi
    • @Scottyboi SUS what did he do so wrong?

      Trump PenceTrump Pence11 päeva tagasi
    • At least it shines light onto the possible ways one might cheat this speedrun. And his actions shouldnt be minimized

      Scottyboi SUSScottyboi SUS11 päeva tagasi
  • I love dreams content....but he should come clean as an honest man

    Real RuskiReal Ruski12 päeva tagasi
    • @tasen25 i guess dream stan community is just a bunch of shit 9 year olds but the Kpop stan community in my opinion is way worse because there music sucks first of all and they are just so weird and defensive of them

      Trump PenceTrump Pence6 päeva tagasi
    • I liked dream's content before but then i quitted not only because he cheated but the entire MCYT Fandom just being idiotic and garbage it turned into those stupid Kpop Stans community, making tik toks and shipping them. This is just disgusting

      tasen25 i guesstasen25 i guess6 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence and that, is why the words "overrated" & "underrated" exist.

      just a guyjust a guy10 päeva tagasi
    • @just a guy oh I thought you were talking about his piglin drop rates. But yeah he gets like 100k subs everyday and I don’t know how he is this popular

      Trump PenceTrump Pence10 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence nah I'm serious. He's just like pewdiepie, he's overrated.

      just a guyjust a guy10 päeva tagasi
  • Imagine showing this video and trying to explain it to someone from the 1700s

    LSLS12 päeva tagasi
    • @LS so there is this man that uses a highly powerful box filled with rubber, metal, and many colors to play a game. The game is inside the box, and he uses a picture frame that’s painting changes 60 times a second to see the game. The game can be beaten just like a joust, but you have to defeat a dragon instead of another fighter. The man saves every painting inside of his box to take and put onto another place called twitch. The man tries to beat the game as fast as possible by starting a game, collecting beds that are in the game, going to the game’s version of hell to collect eyes of dead monsters by trading with gold obsessed human-like pigs, leaving hell, and going to another place called “the end” where the dragon resides. Beds will blow up in the end, so the man puts beds down near the dragon to explode the dragon. That is the end of the game, but somewhere along the line the man cheated. He went inside his box to change the game to give him better luck trading with the gold obsessed human-like pigs. The pigs don’t understand you when you say “give me monster eyes”, so you have to trade gold until you get eyes. People noticed that the guy got a lot of luck trading with the gold obsessed human-like pigs. They told him to stop in another place called Twitter, but he wouldn’t admit it.

      Re CoveredRe Covered8 päeva tagasi
    • @Abhigyan Dutta nah i was more talking about the video game/speed run/youtube part but thats interesting to know

      LSLS9 päeva tagasi
    • If you are talking about the probability part, ironically the maths behind this was developed in 17-1800s by correspondence between 2 very well known mathematicians applied to gambling.

      Abhigyan DuttaAbhigyan Dutta10 päeva tagasi
    • Lmao

      Trump PenceTrump Pence12 päeva tagasi
  • so ive stayed away from this topic for a long time because i simply didnt care, but i finally caved in and watched a video on this. And you know what? I still dont care. I know everyone is making it a really big deal, and its a huge argument among his fans, but i kinda wish people didnt care that much y'know? Like yeah, cheating a speedrun and then submitting it isn't something you're supposed to do, thats bad, and i understand that people can feel hurt by this. But it feels like a lot of people are overreacting. Especially those who start hating dream or try to cancel him and all that. Like so what? He's still good at the game, he's still a good person, he's still entertaining. I sorta understand that it is a big deal in the speedrunnning community, but i wish so many of his fans didn't get so freaking upset, and completely change the way they look at him. I'm not saying this to try to start anything, but i wanted to express that i think people online tend to overreact sometimes and its exhausting.

    Art NuggetArt Nugget12 päeva tagasi
    • @Lil Hitler lmao

      Trump PenceTrump Pence5 päeva tagasi
    • @Art Nugget I definitely agree, I don't care about dream's manhunts or speedruns, All i watch is the dream smp videos where either tommy, quackity or bbh appear, I don't get bothered if dream is there too.

      Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda5 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence he manipulated fans his response got debunked on reddit

      Lil HitlerLil Hitler5 päeva tagasi
    • Hes giving a bad name to the community His response got debunked and deleted therefore manipulating fans so thats so bad mr chad your obviously not a lad

      Lil HitlerLil Hitler5 päeva tagasi
    • Tbh I don’t think most people care that much about him cheating. For me it was him lying about it and manipulating his fans to trust him over statistics and facts. That’s some sociopath shit and I don’t want to support him anymore.

      Skeet XeeterSkeet Xeeter6 päeva tagasi
  • lol, he deleted his video

    lousysmashbroslousysmashbros12 päeva tagasi
    • yeah it's private now, lol

      morrowmorrow7 päeva tagasi
    • @Re Covered yeah, but he never said he would delete is response video, lol

      lousysmashbroslousysmashbros8 päeva tagasi
    • I think I heard something about in a deleted Twitter reply he confirmed he was guilty

      Re CoveredRe Covered8 päeva tagasi
    • "Im innocent"

      Dhehehryr rirurururutDhehehryr rirurururut11 päeva tagasi
    • He did, wow

      Mad ManiacMad Maniac11 päeva tagasi
  • But doesnt dream code some of the games he plays with friends? Like the zombie apocalypse one? So he has experience in this, he could have.

    • He did based on everything we know there is an extremely small chance he didn’t cheat

      Trump PenceTrump Pence10 päeva tagasi
  • I went to subscribe but remembered I already had

    PhageYNPhageYN12 päeva tagasi
    • Carson what are you doing here you should be in jail

      Trump PenceTrump Pence12 päeva tagasi
  • But mu defense for dream is is that he never used all the gold so ya know

    Dasher RickieDasher Rickie12 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence it's bait bruh

      just a guyjust a guy11 päeva tagasi
    • Just accept that he cheated kid

      Trump PenceTrump Pence12 päeva tagasi
  • I fear no man but that thing (newest first) it scares me

    Trump PenceTrump Pence12 päeva tagasi
    • @Nemanja Stojanovic I was just joking because of the angry dream stans

      Trump PenceTrump Pence9 päeva tagasi
    • "It scares me" Dude you replied to like every second comment here Iol

      Nemanja StojanovicNemanja Stojanovic9 päeva tagasi
    • @Golden Toilet yep

      Trump PenceTrump Pence11 päeva tagasi
    • Newest first. The gate to the people who dislicked the video.

      Golden ToiletGolden Toilet11 päeva tagasi
  • Youre sus, voting you out and completely disregarding everything you have said.

    Emily Does GachaEmily Does Gacha13 päeva tagasi
    • well dream deleted his response cause it got debunked on reddit so hard But if i say that stans will probably be scarred

      Lil HitlerLil Hitler5 päeva tagasi
    • I heard cleaning your toaster in bath makes it 5 times faster

      Aiden CulbertAiden Culbert6 päeva tagasi
    • ⡯⡯⡾⠝⠘⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢊⠘⡮⣣⠪⠢⡑⡌ ㅤ ⠀⠀⠀⠟⠝⠈⠀⠀⠀⠡⠀⠠⢈⠠⢐⢠⢂⢔⣐⢄⡂⢔⠀⡁⢉⠸⢨⢑⠕⡌ ㅤ ⠀⠀⡀⠁⠀⠀⠀⡀⢂⠡⠈⡔⣕⢮⣳⢯⣿⣻⣟⣯⣯⢷⣫⣆⡂⠀⠀⢐⠑⡌ ⢀⠠⠐⠈⠀⢀⢂⠢⡂⠕⡁⣝⢮⣳⢽⡽⣾⣻⣿⣯⡯⣟⣞⢾⢜⢆⠀⡀⠀⠪ ⣬⠂⠀⠀⢀⢂⢪⠨⢂⠥⣺⡪⣗⢗⣽⢽⡯⣿⣽⣷⢿⡽⡾⡽⣝⢎⠀⠀⠀⢡ ⣿⠀⠀⠀⢂⠢⢂⢥⢱⡹⣪⢞⡵⣻⡪⡯⡯⣟⡾⣿⣻⡽⣯⡻⣪⠧⠑⠀⠁⢐ ⣿⠀⠀⠀⠢⢑⠠⠑⠕⡝⡎⡗⡝⡎⣞⢽⡹⣕⢯⢻⠹⡹⢚⠝⡷⡽⡨⠀⠀⢔ ⣿⡯⠀⢈⠈⢄⠂⠂⠐⠀⠌⠠⢑⠱⡱⡱⡑⢔⠁⠀⡀⠐⠐⠐⡡⡹⣪⠀⠀⢘ ⣿⣽⠀⡀⡊⠀⠐⠨⠈⡁⠂⢈⠠⡱⡽⣷⡑⠁⠠⠑⠀⢉⢇⣤⢘⣪⢽⠀⢌⢎ ⣿⢾⠀⢌⠌⠀⡁⠢⠂⠐⡀⠀⢀⢳⢽⣽⡺⣨⢄⣑⢉⢃⢭⡲⣕⡭⣹⠠⢐⢗ ⣿⡗⠀⠢⠡⡱⡸⣔⢵⢱⢸⠈⠀⡪⣳⣳⢹⢜⡵⣱⢱⡱⣳⡹⣵⣻⢔⢅⢬⡷ ⣷⡇⡂⠡⡑⢕⢕⠕⡑⠡⢂⢊⢐⢕⡝⡮⡧⡳⣝⢴⡐⣁⠃⡫⡒⣕⢏⡮⣷⡟ ⣷⣻⣅⠑⢌⠢⠁⢐⠠⠑⡐⠐⠌⡪⠮⡫⠪⡪⡪⣺⢸⠰⠡⠠⠐⢱⠨⡪⡪⡰ ⣯⢷⣟⣇⡂⡂⡌⡀⠀⠁⡂⠅⠂⠀⡑⡄⢇⠇⢝⡨⡠⡁⢐⠠⢀⢪⡐⡜⡪⡊ ⣿⢽⡾⢹⡄⠕⡅⢇⠂⠑⣴⡬⣬⣬⣆⢮⣦⣷⣵⣷⡗⢃⢮⠱⡸⢰⢱⢸⢨⢌ ⣯⢯⣟⠸⣳⡅⠜⠔⡌⡐⠈⠻⠟⣿⢿⣿⣿⠿⡻⣃⠢⣱⡳⡱⡩⢢⠣⡃⠢⠁ ⡯⣟⣞⡇⡿⣽⡪⡘⡰⠨⢐⢀⠢⢢⢄⢤⣰⠼⡾⢕⢕⡵⣝⠎⢌⢪⠪⡘⡌⠀ ⡯⣳⠯⠚⢊⠡⡂⢂⠨⠊⠔⡑⠬⡸⣘⢬⢪⣪⡺⡼⣕⢯⢞⢕⢝⠎⢻⢼⣀⠀ ⠁⡂⠔⡁⡢⠣⢀⠢⠀⠅⠱⡐⡱⡘⡔⡕⡕⣲⡹⣎⡮⡏⡑⢜⢼⡱⢩⣗⣯⣟ ⢀⢂⢑⠀⡂⡃⠅⠊⢄⢑⠠⠑⢕⢕⢝⢮⢺⢕⢟⢮⢊⢢⢱⢄⠃⣇⣞⢞⣞⢾ ⢀⠢⡑⡀⢂⢊⠠⠁⡂⡐⠀⠅⡈⠪⠪⠪⠣⠫⠑⡁⢔⠕⣜⣜⢦⡰⡎⡯⡾⡽⠀⠀⠀⡯⡯⡾⠝⠘⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢊⠘⡮⣣⠪⠢⡑⡌ ㅤ ⠀⠀⠀⠟⠝⠈⠀⠀⠀⠡⠀⠠⢈⠠⢐⢠⢂⢔⣐⢄⡂⢔⠀⡁⢉⠸⢨⢑⠕⡌ ㅤ ⠀⠀⡀⠁⠀⠀⠀⡀⢂⠡⠈⡔⣕⢮⣳⢯⣿⣻⣟⣯⣯⢷⣫⣆⡂⠀⠀⢐⠑⡌ ⢀⠠⠐⠈⠀⢀⢂⠢⡂⠕⡁⣝⢮⣳⢽⡽⣾⣻⣿⣯⡯⣟⣞⢾⢜⢆⠀⡀⠀⠪ ⣬⠂⠀⠀⢀⢂⢪⠨⢂⠥⣺⡪⣗⢗⣽⢽⡯⣿⣽⣷⢿⡽⡾⡽⣝⢎⠀⠀⠀⢡ ⣿⠀⠀⠀⢂⠢⢂⢥⢱⡹⣪⢞⡵⣻⡪⡯⡯⣟⡾⣿⣻⡽⣯⡻⣪⠧⠑⠀⠁⢐ ⣿⠀⠀⠀⠢⢑⠠⠑⠕⡝⡎⡗⡝⡎⣞⢽⡹⣕⢯⢻⠹⡹⢚⠝⡷⡽⡨⠀⠀⢔ ⣿⡯⠀⢈⠈⢄⠂⠂⠐⠀⠌⠠⢑⠱⡱⡱⡑⢔⠁⠀⡀⠐⠐⠐⡡⡹⣪⠀⠀⢘ ⣿⣽⠀⡀⡊⠀⠐👁⡁⠂⢈⠠⡱⡽⣷⡑⠁⠠⠑👁⢇⣤⢘⣪⢽⠀⢌⢎ ⣿⢾⠀⢌⠌⠀⡁⠢⠂⠐⡀⠀⢀⢳⢽⣽⡺⣨⢄⣑⢉⢃⢭⡲⣕⡭⣹⠠⢐⢗ ⣿⡗⠀⠢⠡⡱⡸⣔⢵⢱⢸⠈⠀⡪⣳⣳⢹⢜⡵⣱⢱⡱⣳⡹⣵⣻⢔⢅⢬⡷ ⣷⡇⡂⠡⡑⢕⢕⠕⡑⠡⢂⢊⢐⢕⡝⡮⡧⡳⣝⢴⡐⣁⠃⡫⡒⣕⢏⡮⣷⡟ ⣷⣻⣅⠑⢌⠢⠁⢐⠠⠑⡐⠐⠌⡪⠮⡫⠪⡪⡪⣺⢸⠰⠡⠠⠐⢱⠨⡪⡪⡰ ⣯⢷⣟⣇⡂⡂⡌⡀⠀⠁⡂⠅⠂⠀⡑⡄⢇⠇⢝⡨⡠⡁⢐⠠⢀⢪⡐⡜⡪⡊ ⣿⢽⡾⢹⡄⠕⡅⢇⠂⠑⣴⡬⣬⣬⣆⢮⣦⣷⣵⣷⡗⢃⢮⠱⡸⢰⢱⢸⢨⢌ ⣯⢯⣟⠸⣳⡅⠜⠔⡌⡐⠈⠻⠟⣿⢿⣿⣿⠿⡻⣃⠢⣱⡳⡱⡩⢢⠣⡃⠢⠁ ⡯⣟⣞⡇⡿⣽⡪⡘⡰⠨⢐⢀⠢⢢⢄⢤⣰⠼⡾⢕⢕⡵⣝⠎⢌⢪⠪⡘⡌⠀ ⡯⣳⠯⠚⢊⠡⡂⢂⠨⠊⠔⡑⠬⡸⣘⢬⢪⣪⡺⡼⣕⢯⢞⢕⢝⠎⢻⢼⣀⠀ ⠁⡂⠔⡁⡢⠣⢀⠢⠀⠅⠱⡐⡱⡘⡔⡕⡕⣲⡹⣎⡮⡏⡑⢜⢼⡱⢩⣗⣯⣟ ⢀⢂⢑⠀⡂⡃⠅⠊⢄⢑⠠⠑⢕⢕⢝⢮⢺⢕⢟⢮⢊⢢⢱⢄⠃⣇⣞⢞⣞⢾ ⢀⠢⡑⡀⢂⢊⠠⠁⡂⡐⠀⠅⡈⠪⠪⠪⠣⠫⠑⡁⢔⠕⣜⣜⢦⡰⡎⡯⡾⡽

      The man behind the bruh momentThe man behind the bruh moment6 päeva tagasi
    • @Muhammad Soleh Why is it always a Gacha kid Dream stan lmaooo

      Hi there I am MarkHi there I am Mark8 päeva tagasi
    • Dreamtard

      the Jevilthe Jevil9 päeva tagasi
  • Guys you mad that dream has the speedrun record🤣 Jk lol

    Mr panda9178Mr panda917813 päeva tagasi
    • @Logan Shuman yep

      Trump PenceTrump Pence12 päeva tagasi
    • Definitely had us in the first half.

      Logan ShumanLogan Shuman12 päeva tagasi
    • They had us in the first half ngl

      Trump PenceTrump Pence12 päeva tagasi
  • can't wait for charile's carvan video lol

    Comic SansComic Sans13 päeva tagasi
  • I made a comments saying you mad that he has the world record but people didnt realize i was joking

    Mr panda9178Mr panda917813 päeva tagasi
    • @PieFive yea because I spelt some stuff wrong

      Mr panda9178Mr panda91788 päeva tagasi
    • @Mr panda9178 the comment was edited tho

      PieFivePieFive8 päeva tagasi
    • Understandable

      Hairy SauceHairy Sauce13 päeva tagasi
    • @Hairy Sauce i said it was a joke but you had to click read more

      Mr panda9178Mr panda917813 päeva tagasi
    • There is literally nothing in that comment that makes it sound like a joke. Jokes are meant to be funny. What were you expecting??????

      Hairy SauceHairy Sauce13 päeva tagasi
  • I know i know this is an old news but dream private his response

    grandemperor69grandemperor6913 päeva tagasi
    • @ninjagoboy46 yep

      Trump PenceTrump Pence14 tundi tagasi
    • I double checked, and it’s further evidence to not trust his word. Last time I remember someone doing something like this was when Tati took down her video on James Charles... so his innocence is even more unconvincing

      ninjagoboy46ninjagoboy4615 tundi tagasi
    • It’s ok because some people still don’t know

      Trump PenceTrump Pence12 päeva tagasi
  • I believe dream

    Woert4Woert413 päeva tagasi
    • well dream deleted his response cause it got debunked on reddit so hard But if i say that stans will probably be scarred

      Lil HitlerLil Hitler5 päeva tagasi
    • @Hi there I am Mark lmao yep “just luck”

      Trump PenceTrump Pence7 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence Hey guys I just Spawned near a village with beds and a stronghold exposed at Y=60 with complete ender pearl eyes! "Its just luck"

      Hi there I am MarkHi there I am Mark8 päeva tagasi
    • @iiSharkwolf or getting strucked by lightning 2 times

      Squifflebat 4328Squifflebat 43289 päeva tagasi
    • fun fact, you're more likely to die in a plane crash than have dream's odds

      iiSharkwolfiiSharkwolf9 päeva tagasi
  • Sextillion

    • funny s word

      The man behind the bruh momentThe man behind the bruh moment6 päeva tagasi
    • @Do any of you like my username? *sarcasm*

      PringlePenguinPringlePenguin8 päeva tagasi
    • @PringlePenguin You broke the lmao chain

      Do any of you like my username?Do any of you like my username?8 päeva tagasi
    • @Do any of you like my username? really???

      PringlePenguinPringlePenguin8 päeva tagasi
    • @PringlePenguin You broke the chain

      Do any of you like my username?Do any of you like my username?8 päeva tagasi
  • He banned tour name from comments cause hes shook the children that follow him will watch this.

    Big BeerusBig Beerus13 päeva tagasi
  • I don’t actually care about the cheating. I just hate the way Dream harassed the mod team for several weeks and I hate how Dream just straight up lied to and manipulated his fans. He even sort of vaguely admitted that he cheated Twitter but he isn’t even going to talk about this anymore. He won’t even upload a public apology to stop this drama and stop his rabid stans from harassing people. I’ve lost all respect for him.

    Jason Hydrea・10 years agoJason Hydrea・10 years ago13 päeva tagasi
    • @legit gaming news lmao

      Trump PenceTrump PencePäev tagasi
    • please don't call his stans rabid. I'm pretty sure rabies patients don't want to be associated with dream stans

      legit gaming newslegit gaming newsPäev tagasi
    • @Trump Pence I guess that its just repetitive content thats why i guess

      The Destructive GamerThe Destructive Gamer8 päeva tagasi
    • @The Destructive Gamer I only watch for entertainment and skill I don’t care whether his manhunts are staged or not I just watch them for entertainment but I understand why you wouldn’t because of that fact

      Trump PenceTrump Pence8 päeva tagasi
    • @Trump Pence I used to enjoy his manhunts a lot, but now I just don't, he has completely changed in my eyes

      The Destructive GamerThe Destructive Gamer8 päeva tagasi
  • Okay, he cheated and that's bad, but what's even worse is the fact that he tried to avoid all evidence and allegations with more lies and excuses. Let's not forget he used and still uses his followers as a shield. Yeah, the guy might have good content but- _That says a lot about him…_

    LyZhongoLyZhongo13 päeva tagasi
    • @Philippine Empire Mapping He has a child now? What the fuck

      legit gaming newslegit gaming newsPäev tagasi
    • @Philippine Empire Mapping yeah... Take me back to where everything wasn't so bad in the EEworld community

      Shuichi SaiharaShuichi Saihara6 päeva tagasi
    • @Shuichi Saihara Now, Dan has a time passes

      Philippine Empire MappingPhilippine Empire Mapping6 päeva tagasi
    • @Philippine Empire Mapping same 😔 those were the homies back in the day

      Shuichi SaiharaShuichi Saihara6 päeva tagasi
    • @Shuichi Saihara I really miss Dr. Trayaurus and Grim

      Philippine Empire MappingPhilippine Empire Mapping6 päeva tagasi
  • Best Maths breakdown i've seen...

    Rasputin BogardRasputin Bogard14 päeva tagasi
  • Good, innocent until proved guilty.

    Gregory KovenGregory Koven14 päeva tagasi
    • @Scottyboi SUS Right, but to get there his speedrun was investigated. Too many times we seem guilt upon someone without first a trial which is why I said innocent until "Proved" guilty which is past test meaning already found guilty. I just respect that law of innocent until proven guilty something far too many Americans have forgotten.

      Gregory KovenGregory Koven10 päeva tagasi
    • which he has been proven guilty

      Scottyboi SUSScottyboi SUS11 päeva tagasi
    • He is good until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. And he has been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

      Jason Hydrea・10 years agoJason Hydrea・10 years ago13 päeva tagasi