2 apr 2021
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  • what i misseded

    josiah garciajosiah garcia2 päeva tagasi
  • I was his first subribed

    Lindsey BarcklayLindsey Barcklay5 päeva tagasi
  • Why did Fortnite vaulted sniper just making the game worst

    NRG VenomNRG Venom7 päeva tagasi
  • Wait u said smash everything hold on my step sis is stuck gotta go get her unstuck

    Mitchell RobertsMitchell Roberts7 päeva tagasi
  • They carry me through this what about if you win a game by only using pickax but only using your pickax with no meds or he over or math

    RapidRapid12 päeva tagasi
  • I litterly smashed everything

    Thomas CartwrightThomas Cartwright18 päeva tagasi
  • Me gets a hammer. My mom WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Me smashing the like and subscribe you know with this hammer

    Pablo Escobar 223Pablo Escobar 22324 päeva tagasi
  • ok i'll smash dislike

    STIGMATASTIGMATA24 päeva tagasi
  • We not gon talk about his vbucks

    Torian StacksTorian Stacks26 päeva tagasi
  • Mcreamy = dio

    Stormy VllStormy VllМісяць tagasi
  • Wait you just hit that guy for 105+105=210 whatttttttt

    FazeDariusFazeDariusМісяць tagasi
  • Hi

    Fortnite ReflexFortnite ReflexМісяць tagasi
  • I wish epic would add a hunting rifle at least

    Colton SearcyColton SearcyМісяць tagasi
  • wait so is this mode here forever

    Stevie BoiStevie BoiМісяць tagasi
  • Guys chupapi muñyaño

    Balena BluBalena BluМісяць tagasi
  • Bro guys use code creamy to meet tweaks hahhhahahahhahahahahahhahahaha

    Balena BluBalena BluМісяць tagasi
  • I bet they honestly took snipers out BECAUSE of creamy

    Carson cool guyCarson cool guyМісяць tagasi
  • Uhh smash everything That would hurt

    Mr. Flari FNMr. Flari FNМісяць tagasi
  • You are the best neightbor ever

    Christian's Fortnite ChannelChristian's Fortnite ChannelМісяць tagasi
  • Layla

    William PerkinsWilliam PerkinsМісяць tagasi
  • Creamy sniper god

    Sam BodkinSam BodkinМісяць tagasi
  • *coughs*. Creative *cough cough*

    JayzDaBossJayzDaBossМісяць tagasi
  • im kinda annoyed that he can't just admit that it was a bad snipe dont get me wrong he is a good sniper but when he misses he always says that the other guy has so much luck

    Kas van SchaikKas van SchaikМісяць tagasi
  • McCreamy ur the best EEworld ever also fresh and lazerbeam YEET

    Flamethrower 29 /FortniteFlamethrower 29 /FortniteМісяць tagasi
  • mccreamy:smash everything me:*smashed my PS5* also me:rip PS5

    Cecilia MercadoCecilia MercadoМісяць tagasi

    white pencilwhite pencilМісяць tagasi
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      reza karimreza karimМісяць tagasi
  • "WAT, THAT MISSEDED" ~McCreamy 2021

    WaterBellWaterBellМісяць tagasi
  • Ö

    ItsH3rmanItsH3rmanМісяць tagasi
  • Mcreamy nicknamed Tweaks code creamy lol.

    Tianyang ChenTianyang ChenМісяць tagasi
  • I liked

    VR_clappzVR_clappzМісяць tagasi
  • Gamers : “we need fortnite Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from *W W W. K I N T I L . W O R K*

    Patrick MalahidePatrick MalahideМісяць tagasi
    • Bot

      FireBeamPlayzFireBeamPlayz2 päeva tagasi
    • @FBI its a bot

      Legionbliss2309 OfficialLegionbliss2309 Official17 päeva tagasi
    • cap

    • @FBI comment bot btw

      PSYCHO HYDRAPSYCHO HYDRA27 päeva tagasi
    • @ICY_KHUDZ99 YT it's a bot

      PSYCHO HYDRAPSYCHO HYDRA27 päeva tagasi
  • Mcreamy: smash everything Me: throughs phone of roof

    Porscha SmithPorscha SmithМісяць tagasi
  • Same i thought it was in the actual game not an ltm

    Murad GoriyeMurad GoriyeМісяць tagasi
  • The entire video mccreamy missed 36 sniper shots

    Genji#2091Genji#2091Місяць tagasi
  • im fuckin dumb

    Zev PolunZev PolunМісяць tagasi
  • i only recently learned how to emote on ziplines

    Zev PolunZev PolunМісяць tagasi
  • The unaccountable multimedia unequivocally precede because answer periodically part for a ossified scarecrow. hysterical, sneaky sudan

    scibold maritascibold maritaМісяць tagasi
  • i think a reason that people like snipers because there is not much bloom but just sometimes there are no damaging blanks

    Fortnite GuyFortnite GuyМісяць tagasi
  • Mc creamy:said I never miss Me: YOU JUST MISSED

    Jayson GranadaJayson GranadaМісяць tagasi
  • "i hit 100 shield on jonathan wick" lmao

    safa sheikhsafa sheikhМісяць tagasi
  • MCcreamy should have his own creamy skin with whipped cream pickaxes. Also a little round packet of cream backbling called cream of the crop.

    Jamie StanwayJamie StanwayМісяць tagasi
  • lets collab

    P8P8Місяць tagasi
  • Who clicked on this video because they thought they were in the main game

    Future clan LeaderFuture clan LeaderМісяць tagasi
  • I smiled someone moving towards me in creative and I headshot him thrue a build lol

    ocelotmpocelotmpМісяць tagasi
    • Sniped

      ocelotmpocelotmpМісяць tagasi
    • Sniper

      ocelotmpocelotmpМісяць tagasi
  • McCreamy: Smash Everything Haters: Hit the Dislike Button and Unsub Button

    FD PotatoFD PotatoМісяць tagasi
  • mcCreamy:smash everything step sis:do what he says

    bad sladbad sladМісяць tagasi
  • Him I

    Lil KashLil KashМісяць tagasi
  • I feel like the shots mcreamy should miss he hits and the wons that he should hit he misses

  • YaAA

    Fiona The PugFiona The PugМісяць tagasi
  • I sad today😭

    Samantha ButlerSamantha ButlerМісяць tagasi
  • April fools

    Nicholas JorgeNicholas JorgeМісяць tagasi
  • Why can't they add it in battle royal

    I am me9665I am me9665Місяць tagasi
  • ''I couldn't miss" if I see you miss one shot I'm disliking 😂

    BeanerBeanerМісяць tagasi
  • 2:30 "It's a Jonathan Wick" LMAO

    Nathan D'CunhaNathan D'CunhaМісяць tagasi
  • Ummm howwwww

    Max SimonMax SimonМісяць tagasi
  • 3:39 LMAO

    Chewiebros11Chewiebros11Місяць tagasi
  • I smah like the video with a Texas smash 100% lol

    Izuku MydoryaIzuku MydoryaМісяць tagasi
  • Mcreamy:Snipers are finally back! Us:I have getting sinped!

    Evonne AmayaEvonne AmayaМісяць tagasi
  • i just realised he said 69 years... sixnine?

    B!ngoB!ngoМісяць tagasi
  • And who would have thought that mccreamy is a Jedi master

    McFult PlayzMcFult PlayzМісяць tagasi
  • when everyone notices the snipers are back Them OH NO AHHHHH WERE ALL GONNA DIE. when ur sweaty trick shot friends notice yes instead of the bow ill use my secret gun THE SNIPER sniipes 100 people in 1000 games Me 0_0

    Shoto TodorokiShoto TodorokiМісяць tagasi
  • I'm cracked with any bow bruh moment

    minecraft jonsy god! crackedminecraft jonsy god! crackedМісяць tagasi
  • He sad smash everything and I smashed dislike

    Jacob HakimiJacob HakimiМісяць tagasi
  • Mcreamy there is still creative mode you know right?

    Keedal KornKeedal KornМісяць tagasi
  • See his vbucks 😳

    lucas rlucas rМісяць tagasi
  • bru thought you ment in the real game dingas

    Jackie WatkinsJackie WatkinsМісяць tagasi
    • bruuuuuuuuuu whyyyyyyyyy

      Jackie WatkinsJackie WatkinsМісяць tagasi
  • Me to

    Emma StamperEmma StamperМісяць tagasi
  • Dude the Intro is the reason I watch this Lol

    llHydrollllHydrollМісяць tagasi
  • I want makeshift snipers that u can craft into hunting rifles and stuff

    Lightning_boltzLightning_boltzМісяць tagasi
  • Why did they remove snipers anyway?

    Lightning_boltzLightning_boltzМісяць tagasi
  • it was amazing to think ONE SHOT UNVALUTED

    venger The paper puppetvenger The paper puppetМісяць tagasi
  • So we are just gonna ignore the $2,600 worth of v-bucks?

    Random ReviewRandom ReviewМісяць tagasi
  • Who else realized that he died when he tried to save may in the first game cause he also implied himself

    Wadih AbsiWadih AbsiМісяць tagasi
  • God

    Deathboi1234Deathboi1234Місяць tagasi
  • U are sniper good

    Deathboi1234Deathboi1234Місяць tagasi
  • At 2:32 did the John Wick change in to the other John Wick

    I vaq II vaq IМісяць tagasi
  • 0:40 seconds into the video alright bet

    Byron HudsonByron HudsonМісяць tagasi
  • Pretty good video

    Stacie ScarpelliStacie ScarpelliМісяць tagasi
  • pro players bring pumps back mccreamy bring hunting rifles back lachlan bring back double pump or barrel back everybody trying to make makeshift shotgun a pump and primal the slowest gun ever me nonsence

    Cameron CleaverCameron CleaverМісяць tagasi
  • 1:50

    Nathaniel PlaysNathaniel PlaysМісяць tagasi
  • 1:09 you said there was a monkey on your right, it was actually on your left. Just thought I’d point that out 🖇

    Nathaniel PlaysNathaniel PlaysМісяць tagasi
  • My creamy snipers are back...the next day sniper shootout

    Logen BidwellLogen BidwellМісяць tagasi
  • It's sad that the only thing that can be exciting in this game is when they bring a fun weapon back.

    Somegoodstuff LmaoSomegoodstuff LmaoМісяць tagasi
  • Crect

    john campbelljohn campbellМісяць tagasi
  • Lol

    john campbelljohn campbellМісяць tagasi
  • BRO I love you vids and shots in this vid and I’m subscribed:)

  • U mist 16 time including all of the games =16

    Leon LawlessLeon LawlessМісяць tagasi
  • "Smash everything" I swear officer McCreamy told me to

    Joseph StalinJoseph StalinМісяць tagasi
  • Mccreamy- This video has the best snipes ever! Well......- 8:20

    Siddarth AmaneSiddarth AmaneМісяць tagasi
  • To who all that reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong...🙏❤

    XanderOnCPXanderOnCPМісяць tagasi
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      Diki AbdullahDiki AbdullahМісяць tagasi
  • bows only please

    ZXR LegendZXR LegendМісяць tagasi
  • Cappppppin

    28k Gwokie28k GwokieМісяць tagasi
  • My mans spend 6 trillion million billion thousand 600 dollars on V_Bucks jesus crist

    natehart74natehart74Місяць tagasi
  • you git me xcited cuz I thought they were in a real game

    Charlie BCharlie BМісяць tagasi
  • yo mccreamy whats up

    Danielle DiCarloDanielle DiCarloМісяць tagasi
  • McCreamy is why they vaulted snipers

    Keegan HinesKeegan HinesМісяць tagasi
  • Subscribe and like the video ^

    Simon DawsonSimon DawsonМісяць tagasi
  • do a vid as ainsley pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    AspectAspectМісяць tagasi
  • caught in 4k ''what the hell'' 4:47

    Me9kyMe9kyМісяць tagasi
  • If I was mccreamy i would hit only one shoot, it would probably be the 1 meter no scope he hit.