I Adopted a Child for a Day!

18 aug 2020
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I adopted a child for a day! I've always said I didn't want kids, but I wanted to at least try, so I took my best friend's 5 year old son to starbucks, swimming, he wanted to do my makeup, and even surprised him with his favorite Tik Tok star, Charli D'Amelio! Enjoy!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • So cute

    Anushka MaityAnushka MaityTund tagasi
  • Why is this so cute 😭✋

    Kiki AKiki ATund tagasi
  • why does eliot have a p hone bruuuhhhhhhhh

    Erin Grimaldi GreeneErin Grimaldi Greene2 tundi tagasi
  • Everyone, through my channel, support me, thank you very much 

    Tiểu Muội Vlog ToyTiểu Muội Vlog Toy2 tundi tagasi
  • Put him back in the orphanage when your done with him

    KɛlvinKɛlvin2 tundi tagasi
  • Can I get adopted by you

    sparkle twinssparkle twins3 tundi tagasi

    sparkle twinssparkle twins3 tundi tagasi
  • period love❤

    julia mariajulia maria3 tundi tagasi
  • I am a little girl

    nahar mahbubnahar mahbub3 tundi tagasi
  • 0:00

    Krystal TayKrystal Tay3 tundi tagasi
  • 7:03 did he really call himself Auntie James

    Mehdi ChokraneMehdi Chokrane4 tundi tagasi
  • a 4 yr old has a phone

    Muskaan HussainMuskaan Hussain5 tundi tagasi
  • Omg James is a boy and he is putting on make up 😂😱

    Jonathan FlynnJonathan Flynn6 tundi tagasi
  • Oh I got my first phone with 5 aswell I could even call Winnie pou with it

    MapasaMapasa7 tundi tagasi
  • him ":having a phone me:.............am i a jokkkkeeeeeeeee...............................

    Adriana DarwisyahAdriana Darwisyah8 tundi tagasi
  • James. Trying to put in a sit

    Arlo TurnerArlo Turner8 tundi tagasi
  • James I adopted a kid

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  • I want to be the little boy

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  • Hi can I meet Chali

    Kainembabazi EthelKainembabazi Ethel10 tundi tagasi
  • As Elliot says “peridot love lmao 😂

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  • James charles why deos the camrman like to say shure so much

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  • This is the most iconic kid ever. Him and stormi should have a play date lollll

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  • Nooo

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  • Peridot LOVE

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  • das me

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  • its turning into a vlog...

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  • You are a good pernt

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  • I am a kind and I am 8☺

    ninja,ninja,14 tundi tagasi

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  • lol he so cute uwu

    Karina UriasKarina Urias14 tundi tagasi
  • No I would never

    Hannah PetersHannah Peters14 tundi tagasi
  • I had to repost this is so funny james; “omg you’re a savage” elliot: “classy, boujee , ratchet”

    Farah HawksFarah Hawks15 tundi tagasi
  • Awww I don’t know what to say Awwwwww

    Melissa I love her voice EngelbrechtMelissa I love her voice Engelbrecht15 tundi tagasi
  • James-“Today I’m going to be adopting a child” Elliot- “Hi guys” Me-ELLIOT UR SO CUTE 😭🥺

    Cookie DreamersCookie Dreamers15 tundi tagasi
  • Eliot just came out of no where🥺🥺🥺😳😳😖😖😥😥☺️🙂😆😆😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I literally cracked up Me editing face palm * I cracked up*

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  • “period, luv”

    ShrekShrek16 tundi tagasi
  • I tripped out when I saw a socials under the kids head

    ValariesghostValariesghost17 tundi tagasi
  • I love ur vids

    Carol EmoghwaCarol Emoghwa17 tundi tagasi
  • Just wanted to say james charles I'm a kid and i love you

    Carol EmoghwaCarol Emoghwa17 tundi tagasi
  • Since when does a 5 year old have a phone?

    XxIzzy_ WolfxXXxIzzy_ WolfxX18 tundi tagasi
  • he smarter then me

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  • T or d

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  • You a soo good people ❤️❤️

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  • 8:03 omg im dieing

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  • Skinyyyyyyyyyy

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  • You love meh because I'm a kid 😲😲😁😁😁yay

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  • i am a little kid and i am a big fan i am 9

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  • i hate his nails but he is cute

  • Hey James Charles can you adopt me for a day to in a bit older then him but ya can u

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  • That kid sassy

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  • 11

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  • im 1a

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  • jamais I love you 💕❤️ and i love u video and you a king and can you say to Charlie I say to her don’t give up and I love you 💕❤️can you let her to look to my comment

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  • All 5 year olds call lettuce.. salad?

    Olivia AbeliOlivia Abeli21 tund tagasi
  • Well I don’t like you

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  • Omg hi!!!

    Shaikha KhalifaShaikha Khalifa22 tundi tagasi
  • me kid

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  • James: So if u dont know Elliot- Me: My names Elliotte too lol-

    Elliotte McCoy-ShinElliotte McCoy-Shin22 tundi tagasi
  • "period love" i died😅

    Simply Aesthetic Sisters :DSimply Aesthetic Sisters :D22 tundi tagasi
  • I would love to be his friend he seems so fun and kind

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  • nas noris lovees you cachmenuckles

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  • ‘Contour is for your face’ 😅 fr???

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  • omg i am a ki i loveeeeeeeeeeeee ur makeup where do u live and whats u number!!?!?! i wanna call u!

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  • It’s just how he gets a Starbucks and I get a Capri sun, like wth-

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  • okay i just want to hug james and billie that’s it

    SomeoneSomeonePäev tagasi
  • James this is not your cup of tea

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  • This is my dads phone. my name is Jody

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  • Adopt me im 10 i love and i love you and i know how to do makeup 💄

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  • James: ahhh 5 yrs old!!!!! Me: I don't care

    Brissa SchmeckenbecherBrissa SchmeckenbecherPäev tagasi
  • I never go to Starbucks Never ever since i born like I don't Have a Dollar to Buy a drink Btw Can you guys Tell me how its taste That drink Is

    Kawai PotatoKawai PotatoPäev tagasi
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  • Period love 😂😂

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  • Part 2 with teenager

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  • The way he did your makeup lol

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  • I don’t mind if u adopt me for a day bc I’m 8😏

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  • the kid is sooo good at that makeup very good but the up your eyes

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  • i love the tiktok you made with that cute boy

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  • LMAO

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  • “thank you i made it myself”

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  • Why is there a 5 year old cooler than me

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  • It's the aunty being james and meeting charli i wish this happend to me

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    Adrianna Maxene GacutanAdrianna Maxene GacutanPäev tagasi
  • He’s literally my favourite EEworldr bc like he doesn’t care if he makes mistakes he’s perfect and he’s amazing at make up AND HES LIKE SO FAMOUS ✨✨✨✨ he’s nails are sooooooo long and I want themmmmmmmmmm bc mine are short T-T

    Strawberry_panda_sunset YtStrawberry_panda_sunset YtPäev tagasi