HELLUVA BOSS - Murder Family // S1: Episode 1

31 okt 2020
18 037 180 Vaatamised

When the I.M.P get hired to take out a heroic homicide survivor, things sure do happen.
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    VivziepopVivziepop2 місяці tagasi
    • 498

      Crill ToolCrill Tool5 päeva tagasi
    • In french please 😥

      TomizTomiz16 päeva tagasi
    • Please make more!! I will buy!! When I get . money!! 😊

      Vivi Aslan XeroVivi Aslan Xero25 päeva tagasi
    • Lol

      Cler CezarCler CezarМісяць tagasi
    • Hi

      ChimpickyChimpickyМісяць tagasi
  • Am I the only one who thinks Millie has a crush on Blitzo?

    Art CatArt Cat16 minutit tagasi
  • 5:12 Blitzo the *FROG*

    Art CatArt Cat19 minutit tagasi
  • 3:23 -- Hmm, seems like the button up from "crazy client" was also applicable at the time.

    John PeltJohn PeltTund tagasi
  • Cool !!!!

    Lida LastLida LastTund tagasi
  • 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️

    Lida LastLida LastTund tagasi
  • Can't WAIT to show my kids this! 😃

    that_one_kid idk TwTthat_one_kid idk TwT2 tundi tagasi
  • 💢

    Mijay WilliamsMijay Williams3 tundi tagasi
  • "Passionate fornication.." Huh, who would have thought that rich people talk dirty.

    Nathan FranklinNathan Franklin3 tundi tagasi

    The ScrapsThe Scraps3 tundi tagasi
  • 10:47 I paused it at this scene holy fuck-

    B1BIB1BI4 tundi tagasi
  • The entire Heaven and Hell system of Christianity is just a propaganda to get people to join them. It is unjust that assholes who have sinned all their lives and caused so many miseries can have all the shit they done absolve just because they suddenly began to believe in God. The way I see it, it's just a bribe to get people to join their religion. Bonus = eeworld.info/chat/jqilqZ2uh4y2stQ/video&ab_channel=RT%C3%89-IRELAND%E2%80%99SNATIONALPUBLICSERVICEMEDIA

    Zarni MaungZarni Maung5 tundi tagasi
  • 5:05 Wow I didnt know money will cum in my mail

    PolishEaglePolishEagle5 tundi tagasi
  • I don't usually crap on people's hard work... I won't crap on this... This concept doesn't appeal to me... I have used the comment section respectfully.

    David MasseyDavid Massey5 tundi tagasi
  • entire office sets on fire blitz(o): my *E E L S*

    the man who commentsthe man who comments5 tundi tagasi
  • Freakin funny as hell show. :)

    4F Productions4F Productions6 tundi tagasi
  • Now tell me...why the hell(get it) is moxie in hell

    blue twoblue two6 tundi tagasi
  • That poor child at the beginning who got thrown into the celling

    Jean SerraJean Serra6 tundi tagasi
  • Bianca del Rio memes have come a long way from Drag Race XD

    LECyr4LECyr46 tundi tagasi
  • OK now the kids are being hell

    Baker TribeBaker Tribe7 tundi tagasi
    • 🐤

      FizzarolliFizzarolli7 tundi tagasi
  • Im somehow getting Hollow Knight flash backs...

    Zylop6Zylop68 tundi tagasi
  • 11:17 pause it why is he in hell if nice MOST of the time

    its MR.Harlen to you Spenceits MR.Harlen to you Spence8 tundi tagasi
  • didn't even use the condom

    its MR.Harlen to you Spenceits MR.Harlen to you Spence8 tundi tagasi
  • How did the voice actress of billy get to a vid cussing like he was dumb in the show “the grim adventures of billy and mandy

    Jacob HarklessJacob Harkless9 tundi tagasi
    • But funny

      Jacob HarklessJacob Harkless9 tundi tagasi
  • 5:12 this frame killed me

    micmic9 tundi tagasi
  • Me and my sister waking up our mom to tell her we shat the bed: 7:14

    Funni ObamaFunni Obama9 tundi tagasi
  • :D

    Дима ГорбаньДима Горбань9 tundi tagasi
  • Make a secret ending And make a make a horse show so we can watch it that the one you said about the one with the hearts may make her get in the shower OK make me in the shower to

    Reggie HumblesReggie Humbles10 tundi tagasi
  • bueno es una animacion muy buena para mi y creo que stolas es muy pervertido para llamar y tambien se acuesta con el

    Raul RoaRaul Roa10 tundi tagasi
  • fai altre puntate

    Erica RuffilliErica Ruffilli12 tundi tagasi
  • Put these on cartón network

    YandellamaYandellama13 tundi tagasi
  • I hate this so so much

    RzygranieRzygranie13 tundi tagasi
    • Ok

      S e r e n d i p i t xS e r e n d i p i t x13 tundi tagasi
  • You can hear stolas in the background as Moxie is running-

    Momoke SawakoMomoke Sawako14 tundi tagasi
  • I hate to think we are all going to hell despite all.

    Koleś z GdańskaKoleś z Gdańska14 tundi tagasi
  • I love how wholesome moxxie and millie’s relationship is

    xXArttisticWonderXxxXArttisticWonderXx15 tundi tagasi
  • Moxxie is such an adorable bean! I wanna hug him!

    xXArttisticWonderXxxXArttisticWonderXx15 tundi tagasi
    • SAME!!! Moxxie is best boi :3

      Red RoseRed Rose4 tundi tagasi
  • I love it

    Maria ArambulaMaria Arambula15 tundi tagasi
  • this is a master piece

    BletxinifyBletxinify16 tundi tagasi
  • 3:31 pause look at the picture you see that, thats the clown from ep 2 PREDICTIONS?!

    Ivan CastroIvan Castro17 tundi tagasi
    • Omg

      S e r e n d i p i t xS e r e n d i p i t x13 tundi tagasi
  • lovin’ the animation style and vioces and lines

    Some GuySome Guy17 tundi tagasi
  • Richard horivitz? Im already in love

    huntressforhirehuntressforhire19 tundi tagasi
  • Hi

    Day SherDay Sher19 tundi tagasi
  • Peace Mack IT German

    the WorGullthe WorGull20 tundi tagasi
  • 12:20 me as a father lol

    GlitchGlitch21 tund tagasi
  • 1:30 car plates - 'pee before you go' and 'pen1s'

    Unemi RyuneUnemi Ryune21 tund tagasi
  • i saw someone walks infront of my room while the door was open and this sene apear 3:09 and 3:14 😳😳😳

    Adriano RasolondranalyAdriano Rasolondranaly22 tundi tagasi
  • 5:38 I've watched this like 10 times already. how the hell am I JUST NOW NOTICING THE KIDS HEAD MOUNTED ON THE WALL?!

    Reana GrimReana Grim22 tundi tagasi
  • I like the way Millie talks

    Neither Freak UltimaNeither Freak Ultima23 tundi tagasi

    Dydy DrawDydy Draw23 tundi tagasi
  • 4:03 I like this wolf UvU

    Kat the gamerKat the gamer23 tundi tagasi
  • Hey random people of the internet I have a question is stellus charlie's big brother or even related to charlie

    Deathscole6217 twitchDeathscole6217 twitch23 tundi tagasi
  • I swear my friend is Simping for Millie

    Giovanni TrejoGiovanni TrejoPäev tagasi
  • He kinda sounds like brandon rogers

    Wild BoarWild BoarPäev tagasi
    • ...My dude...That IS Brandon Rogers

      Red RoseRed Rose4 tundi tagasi
  • I saw a small animation mistake at 6:13 martha's left eye is partially yellow I don't know if the animators did that on purpose but it's just a small mistake that I noticed if it was on purpose lol

    gamer101 ggamer101 gPäev tagasi
  • 9:31 you can still here the owl dude still going lol im rolling offa tht

    SansationaljerrySansationaljerryPäev tagasi
  • she is yetted to who knows! AFRICA!?!?!? 1:19

    SansationaljerrySansationaljerryPäev tagasi
  • This was gooood but it had sex girls!😏😏😏

    Nicolas LópezNicolas LópezPäev tagasi
  • 1:55 how did she survive the yeet!!!!!!!

    SansationaljerrySansationaljerryPäev tagasi
  • Hey uh I want to make sure the don't swear and say the f**k ok VivziePop

    Cheryl GonzalezCheryl GonzalezPäev tagasi
  • "Think before you act" She thought before throwing that child threw the ceiling.

    Alysia SlatteryAlysia SlatteryPäev tagasi
  • W

    wek-wek-Päev tagasi
  • Is it ok if I do a voice over of this-? Sorry I just wanna check with you

    -BlackAngxl--BlackAngxl-Päev tagasi
  • There has to be a heaven one

    Diego OronaDiego OronaPäev tagasi
  • Ok for future episodes a female hero is usually referred to as a heroi n.v e but in this instance i see how hero works better

    Big j JonesBig j JonesPäev tagasi
    • Heroine oof i hate my spelling

      Big j JonesBig j JonesPäev tagasi
  • That sign is perfect at 5:07

    Irvin OlarraIrvin OlarraPäev tagasi
  • That hellhound is hot

    Serotonin ScavengerSerotonin ScavengerPäev tagasi
  • Oh no 🤦‍♀️

    Avenger559Avenger559Päev tagasi
  • My birthday is January 8th 😳

    edgy potatoedgy potatoPäev tagasi
  • Martha is fucking with another guy !!!

    herobrine clarkeherobrine clarkePäev tagasi
    • Whoop s oh no

      herobrine clarkeherobrine clarkePäev tagasi
  • ‘ dats understandABLE!’ Best bit 🤣🥺 bless him

    Koala ClubKoala ClubPäev tagasi
  • the guy looks like johnny bravo

    PILLZHERE 233PILLZHERE 233Päev tagasi
  • Imagine demons being scared of humans.....lol

    Tiffany ThantTiffany ThantPäev tagasi
  • OmGeee,Moxxie kinda sounds like Nickelodeon's(Ickis)4rm Aaahh!!!Real Monsters the cartoon series..Ohhh,how I miss my early 9♡'s-early 2o♡o's old cartoon shows like my:Rugrats,Doug,Hey Arnold,Bobby's World,BraceFace, Sabrina The Teenage Witch The Animated Series,My Little Pony's,Care Bears,Adventures Of The Gummy Bears,& even Disney's cartoon shows like:My Little Mermaid,Hercules,DuckTales,etc!!Now,don't even gemme started wit old T.V SHOWS now TOO..LMFAO

    tAstiiE bAbiiEtAstiiE bAbiiEPäev tagasi
  • The eeworld.info/chat/lqWBqX9wk4yXktA/video future

    Camilo CardenasCamilo CardenasPäev tagasi
  • Sry did she delete the second episode of hazbin hotel ?

    moonlightmoonlightPäev tagasi
  • I’m 13 ..

    RedHeaded ShoyaRedHeaded ShoyaPäev tagasi
  • Anyone notice the mothers clothes are inverted

    King PatchesKing PatchesPäev tagasi
  • 6:56 l like you cut G😂😂🤣🤣

    walten székelywalten székelyPäev tagasi
  • wait the news reporter at 2:41 thats the gravity falls news reporter 🦟🦗🦟🦗

    fantasyfantasyPäev tagasi
  • This gives me Rick and morty vibes 😂😂😂😂

    Horl tomHorl tomPäev tagasi
  • Millie’s accent is a bit to intense in my opinion. But this is still great

    Agent WolfAgent WolfPäev tagasi
  • You know; it is very hard as a Christian to enjoy things like this, because in one hand: I'm a furry, love the music, the art n' just Vivziepop in general, but at the same time: I'm a Christian who's had very real horrifying experiences with demons to know what trivializing/making them "cute" and "relatable" like this is highly dangerous! What should I do? I'm torn! :C

    Ai7A iRAL The Grey JediAi7A iRAL The Grey JediPäev tagasi
    • Watch the stuff but don’t fuck with it personally

      Falling ShadowFalling Shadow7 tundi tagasi
  • 3:31 I don't if anyone got to this before me but the far right picture is foreshadowing the next episode in Loo Loo Land

    Allyocly 2Allyocly 2Päev tagasi
  • This is the most amazing web show ever❤️

    A_guy666 13A_guy666 13Päev tagasi
  • Such great quality 🐛I'm trying to get to 10,000 subscribers in 2 weeks. Can you guys help me reach my goal🐛

    The Nose ShowThe Nose ShowPäev tagasi
  • I so sorry that moxxie way go south and sorry for miss Mayberry that go to hell 🥺

    XxZeroxXXxZeroxXPäev tagasi
  • Hey this show is good

    The BoyfriendThe BoyfriendPäev tagasi
  • now she could run into them😭

    MimiMimiPäev tagasi
  • "how does it feel to have survived such a crazy bitch?" lmaooooo

    griffdog141griffdog141Päev tagasi
  • “ Heres 2 million dollars. “

    David EddingsDavid EddingsPäev tagasi
  • A true hero never fuck:)

    kobi ramirezkobi ramirezPäev tagasi
  • Fun fact: the voice of Moxxie(Richard Steven Hortvitz) was also the voice of Chaos from Skylanders, my childhood.

    Flat ChrisFlat ChrisPäev tagasi
  • Hey um guys is this for kids?

    jhade collene millanesjhade collene millanesPäev tagasi
    • Probably not.

      SR BrantSR BrantPäev tagasi
  • I thought she was gonna kill the kids I'm the beginning

    a ducka duckPäev tagasi
  • 11:29 Stolas is still going on 🤣🤣🤣

    Trevor ChristianTrevor Christian2 päeva tagasi
  • Brave Nine year olds:YAS IMA WATCH THIS Weak under nine bois::/

    [Fowo ][Fowo ]2 päeva tagasi
  • Hey tell Moxie I said hi Zim and for those who did watch Invaders in if you haven't noticed he has the exact same voice just a little higher probably from age just a genetic voice I don't know all I know is I don't know anything about gir

    brain schredderbrain schredder2 päeva tagasi
  • it's funny that the school is called "puppies elementary school", but the kids witness the teacher shooting her husband for him cheating on her.

    plainstone 123plainstone 1232 päeva tagasi
  • I guess Loona really hates fire

    Lord DragoLord Drago2 päeva tagasi
  • dude pls tell me that at the begining it started to look like a my little pony sean 🤭

    Vivian James BoringVivian James Boring2 päeva tagasi