I got a speedrun record, but then this happened

6 nov 2020
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okay gamers i messed up this is really sad
WATCH ME LIVE - www.twitch.tv/danimilkman

  • okay gamers this is so sad smash like to pay respect LIVE right now, come watch me fail more records - www.twitch.tv/danimilkman

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    • F

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    • @Eatentoast no that's cheating

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    • Dani you could have just respawned and then jumped in the portal right?

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    • It is counta

    • You know I thought you baited me with the title by saying you got the world record speed run but I didn’t realize that it wasn’t the title until the end of the video

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  • F

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  • F in the chat bois

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  • I like how even When he was Gasping he still maintained hes Posture

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  • **rare footage of Dani dying on the inside**

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  • Lol

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  • f

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  • Lol

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  • i feel rly bad for Dani, when he completed the speedrun and died and the chat said it doesnt count..

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  • Lil

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  • Oof

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  • use water

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  • He had water too

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  • Poor dani

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  • 1:54 lol funny death score 222

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  • 10,000 likes, lucky day

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  • Can anyone tell me the mod that dani is using to new run if he dies

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  • dani: "i never get gravel! im a gravel idiot!" and thats when dani is not a gravel idiot, he is just stupid

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  • F

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  • Life is there to make mistakes BUT YOU SCREWED UP

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  • Dani is clipt by brrrr

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  • Do it again without dying

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  • Who ever said that didnt count doesnt drink milk

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  • I did my part by pressing F. Did you?

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  • f

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  • You don't know anything

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  • shit dani that sucks

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  • This video just shows me that never dig straight down

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  • 2:00 it counts speed runing is about killing the ender dragon

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  • why did he not just place water?

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  • 1:16 how to have a heart attack

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  • I mean... wouldn’t be a record anyway

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  • f

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  • This was what my mom said when my friends were over 0:45

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  • Hi

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  • Zuko: "That's rough buddy"

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  • But that time was not even a wr '-'

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    • @J291! Exectaly I don't know why is everyone on the coments and in the chat acting like he lost a wr even though it's just a normal record

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    • But it is a record not a WR and no offense but can you read

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  • Wait it does count though-

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  • Is this Lando Norris little brother?

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  • Imagine forgeting that dream was in a manhunt not an actual attempt

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  • F

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  • Plot twist: this videos title is dani scream compliation

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  • R.I.P.

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  • Looks like the new generation hasn’t seen the “never celebrated too early” videos.

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  • So... you didn’t get a record.

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  • Its the guy jack donated to!

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  • Dani has achieved 100000000 ways to die in Minecraft

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  • If he just puts water down he’s fine.

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  • Holy fuck you yell so much. chill

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  • Because u have to survive the explosion and see the credits

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  • Rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiippppp

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  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁👌👌👌🤘🤘

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  • Dream fears him

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  • 2:20 I hear this everywhere but i cant figure out the name of this song. Anyone know?

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    • @Yusuf Yusuf you’re welcome :)

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    • @Mack thanks man

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    • Curb your enthusiasm theme

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  • Unlucky forsenE

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  • Alternative title: AAAAA AAAAhhh

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  • 90% of the video: AHHH, OHH, haaha.

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  • F

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  • *F*

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  • RIP man i hate to die in games sometime u Will beat it :D

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  • Dani Noises compliation

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  • Should have placed the water ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oof

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  • *_progress_*

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  • the dumb part is that he didn't even use his water bucket, THAT WAS IN HIS HOTBAR...

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  • hoi commentsath karna

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  • Bruh not even close to record

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  • 1:14 lol the cut is perfect

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  • Dani forgot to drink milk. YOU JUST HAD TO SKIP THE MILK HUH

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  • Alternate Title Dani Perfectly Cutted Screams

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  • It would have counted if you respawned

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  • Danny for pete sake look at where youre going god damn it i never had this muxh anxiety before

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  • All ur pain in o e video

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  • This is so sad alexa play despacito

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  • His new PB is sub 30

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  • haha

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  • What is the record

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  • F

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  • Perfectly cut screams

  • "im a gravel-idiot" -dani

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  • *F*

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  • Dani Never dig down

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  • m8 u have a water bucket

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  • "I never get gravel; I'm a gravel idiot." Danboi 2020

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  • 2:24 tho

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    • Sure

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  • Is this vilager using auto clikcer

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  • So dani got a speedrun record by dis obaying the rules of minecraft

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  • cuts are amazing

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  • 0:31 Breaking news! A piglin child has suicided

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  • "Smh just place water" Ironic.

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