Fortnite, But You ONLY Have 1 HP...

28 nov 2020
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New One Shot LTM snipers only game mode in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 update gameplay with Typical Gamer!
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  • *TG Plays* this map 053014854359 has zapatron

    Jonathan HegJonathan Heg17 minutit tagasi
  • Mine is black

    Crazy GamingCrazy GamingPäev tagasi
  • you havent played one shot

    Abdullahi MohamedAbdullahi MohamedPäev tagasi
  • When did you start playing? 👍:chapter1 💬:chapter2

  • White

    Logan NavasLogan NavasPäev tagasi
  • It's turned gray for me I'm color-blind

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  • lol noscope, there is no scope on a hunting rifle

    Nolan MoonenNolan MoonenPäev tagasi
  • i want Fortnite

    baryamubona sonbaryamubona sonPäev tagasi
  • tg plays:i dont miss 3 times me:replays that moment misses like 5 times

    Dawid SlazykDawid Slazyk2 päeva tagasi
  • Alternative (or true) title: Fortnite but i only have 50 health

    Aaron RazeyAaron Razey2 päeva tagasi
  • next seson pretor willl come with his own skin and wepon the woepon is gonna be a cloke

    Beruk MengistabBeruk Mengistab2 päeva tagasi
    • do you think were are stupid you posted this a day ago

      OPT_ MaxOPT_ Max23 tundi tagasi
  • i am your biggest fan tg. i liked every video of yours. :)

    Raoul ProulxRaoul Proulx3 päeva tagasi
  • hii

    Aaliyah MilliganAaliyah Milligan3 päeva tagasi
  • Tp: right in the comments what colors are like button changes for you! Comments: I got a dog

    patrick wisniewskipatrick wisniewski3 päeva tagasi
  • *TG Plays* island code 0898-0357-4654 .

    Jonathan HegJonathan Heg3 päeva tagasi
  • I was the frost bite that you killed at about 5:30

    Noah SaundersNoah Saunders4 päeva tagasi
  • *TG Plays* this map has the zapatron 0898-0357-4654 .

    I love CommentingI love Commenting4 päeva tagasi
  • R u hacking

    Beau MinichBeau Minich4 päeva tagasi
  • It turns black for me

    Typical Bear BallietTypical Bear Balliet5 päeva tagasi
  • Black

    johnson nguyenjohnson nguyen5 päeva tagasi
  • Black

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  • Hey i like your videos

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  • *TG Plays* make video of this map 2526-8405-4603 (:

    Jonathan HegJonathan Heg5 päeva tagasi
  • *TG Plays* play this creative map please 2526-8405-4603 (:

    I love CommentingI love Commenting6 päeva tagasi
  • Love the edits good video tg

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  • Black

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  • You are my favorite you tuber ever😀😀😀😀🕶🤯🤯🤯🤯🤓🤯🤯🤯🧔🏻👱🏻‍♂️

    Valerie GonzalezValerie Gonzalez7 päeva tagasi
  • It turned black

    Susy RamirezSusy Ramirez7 päeva tagasi
  • You are the only Fortnite player I watch all the time and you are the best and I saw the one video when you were on with those two dollies pistols from that one guy cole I also won one shot with my one friend

    Carolyn BeckCarolyn Beck7 päeva tagasi
  • I watch you every day and I want to be friends with you my account name is Nay NAY768

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  • the like button turnd green????

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  • Promising Young Woman

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  • Black

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  • 1v1 me am good

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  • *TG Plays* why is your name on this map 0898_0357_4654 ;)

    Gaming FortniteGaming Fortnite7 päeva tagasi
  • TG: “What he hit me mid air!” Me: you hit so many players mid air tho. 🧐

    peacePikachu peacePikachupeacePikachu peacePikachu8 päeva tagasi
  • 1:44 that skin doesn't even exist

    Chicken.DT_AdamChicken.DT_Adam8 päeva tagasi
  • Black

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  • Typical gamer your my favorite youtuber

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  • White

    Easton playsEaston plays9 päeva tagasi
  • Roses are red Violets are blue I got click bated So did you

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  • When people try to troll you 15:09

    KobyBradDom BarreraKobyBradDom Barrera9 päeva tagasi
  • Check out Ayden Palmon channel

    jon pjon p9 päeva tagasi
  • I thought it would be a challenge we’re if he took damage he loses

    James MozingoJames Mozingo9 päeva tagasi
    • Me to but it’s just the game mode one shot

      Nolan GibbsNolan Gibbs8 päeva tagasi
  • OK

    Aimless FireAimless Fire10 päeva tagasi
  • I really love your videos you should make a challenge where are you only use one hell

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  • *TG Plays* wow dude play this map 0530~1485~4359

    Sunny IslandSunny Island10 päeva tagasi
  • *TG Plays* this map has the zapatron but only in creative fill 0530~1485~4359

    Sony CitywideSony Citywide11 päeva tagasi
  • It turns black

    Anthony batesAnthony bates11 päeva tagasi
  • It’s going fast because you bodying people

    Sam RobinSam Robin11 päeva tagasi
  • do you guys have tik toc????

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  • What’s up TG plays

    XD_Imaad RadXD_Imaad Rad11 päeva tagasi
  • Hi

    Leo GokuLeo Goku11 päeva tagasi
  • *TG Plays* this island has the zapotron but only in creative fill 0530_1485_4359

    Ranchar EeanaRanchar Eeana12 päeva tagasi
  • Black

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  • Am not leaving a like because he did win

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  • Black

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  • And my like button turned white

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  • Hey I love your videos

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  • Wats thegame mode

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  • I love. Your video

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  • bleu

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  • Me thinking he played solo and got his health to 1 but still tg cracked as ever

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  • When did you guys start playing? 👍= chapter 1 💬= chapter 2

    S KS K17 päeva tagasi
  • Black Like

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  • You should do the one hp challenge in a real game

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  • Dabi

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  • Black

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  • blue

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  • This is TG this is bad 1 he’s full health too he knows he’s going to destroy that guy

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  • Can you win a game by not zooming

    Sherif WalidSherif Walid18 päeva tagasi
  • I like when he says wha you hit me mid flight even though he did that

    Andrew 149!Andrew 149!18 päeva tagasi
  • My like button was white

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  • 1:45 he can’t say (absolutely bodied) when he hard scooe

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  • black

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  • Op

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  • Black

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  • Mine turned blue

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  • I still get vics and vics

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  • Hi typical gamer please send me a friend request its always been my dream i just got your mercy for christmas I've been a fan for a few years im subbed and pretty much have seen all of your videos and likes but if you see this just please send me a friend request my username for fortnite is bigmansantino

  • blue

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  • This is how many times he nearly died 👇

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  • Launchpads????

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  • so funny... :D

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  • E hi

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  • blue

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  • See he's stupid cuz he doesn't even know he can aim with a sniper rifle I mean he's played this game before he's stupid

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  • On the second round I saw him killed two people he said he killed three people literally click-baiting

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  • He clickbaited the style because on the shields entitle it says 0 and I still see a blue line and they are so like he is a clickbaiter hundred percent

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  • Forget to use code Typical Gamer use jelly in the item fortnite shop

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  • My like button turns black

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  • Pink vent to me anytime you want to come check it out and let you know if I am going to be in the office tomorrow and will be back in the office on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday this week and I will be there at the same time I am not sure if I can make it to the meeting tonight but I will be back in the office tomorrow and will be back in the office tomorrow and will be back in the office tomorrow and will be back in the office tomorrow and

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  • How you that good

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