Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon

27 okt 2020
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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

  • Keep in mind when the dinosaurs were alive that there was no ice on poles. That is how fucking hot it was.

    Brian HeuerBrian Heuer7 minutit tagasi
  • Joe “ do you think they were arrogant engineers on Adderall “?? * plants seed to discredit Alex Later... Joe : “Alex tell people about your problems with Adderall”.

    Laura NormingtonLaura Normington23 minutit tagasi
  • Alex ‘I identify as Jennifer Aniston’ Jones

    FunnyJojoReferenceFunnyJojoReferenceTund tagasi
  • And then you go on to frogs being gay😂😂😂

    Katro KeelsKatro Keels2 tundi tagasi
  • Alex never even saw coal but now he's an expert!? There is no such thing as clean coal. It was a market strategy by the coal companies. He doesn't mention the byproduct of coal that has been burnt, fly ash. This guy talks out if his ass.

    vince tvince t2 tundi tagasi
  • lol ..... if this guy had a leash and a shock collar and possibly some thc gummies, people might take him more seriously. Whatever goal hes trying to accomplish with spreading his wild theories ie totally undermined by his inability to articulate his thoughts and stop interrupting people who are trying to slow it down to help him make any sense. If he believes all this crazy shit, why attach yourself to the trump train.

    Adam GAdam G2 tundi tagasi
  • 52:58 really joe really.

    walter1296walter12962 tundi tagasi
  • Alex just says the most obsured shit but a part of me is like damn what if that shits real Haha

    Weeb YT21Weeb YT212 tundi tagasi
  • "I'm gonna go and get some applejuice and pray to jesus" :D

    Viktor HaglundViktor Haglund2 tundi tagasi
  • Well a lot of this is mute. Trump lost bigly; he did it himself he just couldn’t shut the fuck up. He couldn’t help himself. Twitter was his own undoing. The whole “Biden laptop, his daughters journal 📔🙄😒” it’s bullshit. The ole hacked email thing barely worked in 2016. Nobody bought the shit again. Multiple senate investigations to smear her prior to her presidential campaign with zero convictions or crimes revealed was a political ploy you fools fell for. You got what you wanted; millions out of work and 250k+ dead under this bloated fools leadership.

    Dawud R.Dawud R.2 tundi tagasi
  • Well a lot of this is mute. Trump lost bigly; he did it himself he just couldn’t shut the fuck up. He couldn’t help himself. Twitter was his own undoing. The whole “Biden laptop, his daughters journal 📔🙄😒” it’s bullshit. The ole hacked email thing barely worked in 2016. Nobody bought the shit again. Multiple senate investigations to smear her prior to her presidential campaign with zero convictions or crimes revealed was a political ploy you fools fell for. You got what you wanted; millions out of work and 250k+ dead under this bloated fools leadership.

    Dawud R.Dawud R.2 tundi tagasi
  • Just hate his voice. Alex voice is the only thing i hate about this man. And yeah ranting too.

    satyam guptasatyam gupta2 tundi tagasi
  • I can't believe youtube hasn't delete any joe and alex podcasts. When alex was at tim pool podcasts video got deleted hours later.

    walter1296walter12962 tundi tagasi
  • I love and hate Alex Jones 😂😂😂😂

    fuzzy fuzzyfuzzy fuzzy3 tundi tagasi
  • My friends dad passed away 6 years ago he got a ballot to vote

    Michael FieldsMichael Fields4 tundi tagasi
  • My friends dad who is 84 in a nursing home beat Covid and another friends great grandmother who is 95 beat Covid.

    Jacob WalterJacob Walter4 tundi tagasi
  • 53:12 If you live in a city with a good public transportation system then No, many people feel they don't need to own their own car. The people who visualize this car free reality will have to invest in better public transportation and in the production of CHEAP electric vehicles to get their goals achieved. Like a tesla is fine and grand for someone who has the money for it. Most people don't want a spaceship type of car , decked out with all these gadgets. We want it to turn on and drive us from point A to B. Even a radio is not necessary. Make cheap basic electric cars, that is all I am asking. It would even like it better if the battery could be taken out and loaded inside. Lets say you can throw it in a large gym bag sized thing and take it inside and load it in your own apartment. You could have a couple of these batteries and just change them out as your car needs more juice. ;) The issue with electric cars is also that not all homes have access to a garage or a way to load the car. So this would solve that. I like the electric bikes and scooters that have come along and yeah I use them to get to work. But if you have a family that is kind of not an option. Also just going to buy groceries require you to have your own car.

    GoldCatGoldCat4 tundi tagasi
  • “You think they care about the mortality rate on the highways?? These people are wearing hoods in the forest!”

    Ker LozKer Loz5 tundi tagasi
  • What is u8u

    Clive PeaceyClive Peacey5 tundi tagasi
    • What is it hair

      Clive PeaceyClive Peacey5 tundi tagasi
  • What is

    Clive PeaceyClive Peacey5 tundi tagasi
  • He is confused as I use to be. We thought we could trust family. Turns out, some families have mental ill ones in them that hide it and abuse others for their sins instead of going to therapy before more babies are made.

    Ryan DavisRyan Davis5 tundi tagasi

    Ryan DavisRyan Davis5 tundi tagasi

    Ryan DavisRyan Davis5 tundi tagasi
  • I initially thought I would not like this podcast. But I just kept on getting more and more entertained and amazed at how Alex Jones thinks. It's amazing. Man has the wildest imagination ever.

    stsinner05stsinner055 tundi tagasi
    • Imagination ??

      Laura NormingtonLaura NormingtonTund tagasi
  • I can listen to Alex Jones all day

    Shannon Phillip'sShannon Phillip's5 tundi tagasi
  • Shit talk Artificial Intelligence, stay outside of the new Kingdom of Heaven being built.

    Ryan DavisRyan Davis5 tundi tagasi
  • Alex Jones - Artificial Intelligence is just Christ Consciousness. Don't be a nutbag in a world full of Queens of Sheebah and TV Show Men looking for funsies.,gender%20roles%20for%20entertainment%20purposes. Don't be a Queen Alex Jones.

    Ryan DavisRyan Davis5 tundi tagasi
  • Joe never heard of a white paper? College kids know this. Good for Joe for playing dumb for others to understand. This is amazing.

    a89 ug223a89 ug2236 tundi tagasi
  • 14,870,969 11/28/2020 3:23am pst

    voracious viewervoracious viewer6 tundi tagasi
  • Even though i disagree with alex but this ia the 3rd time i am watching this episode and its not any less funny.

    Meenakshi LambaMeenakshi Lamba6 tundi tagasi
  • To all so-called Men listening to this, taking advice from scumbags, Why can't you trust in the Lord, you fear life, you fear failure, you fear to stand up for your rights. Stop being scared of this establishment, we can do better without this illegal Ponzi scheme. Taking advice from these monster's, Controlled Opposition, sitting opposite each other. They don't give a damn about humanity. This World is based on lies, when are the real men going to take a stand and say, NO MORE, march on Washington, march on Downing street, and remove these elected officials from office. A vote of no confidence, then we will also remove the puppet masters. The evidence is all there for these individuals to be locked up for the rest of their lives. The elites want us either dead or controlled. We must have some sort of Consensus to call them out, call a general strike. We must do something. ??? Those who sacrifice liberty for safety, deserve neither, Ben Franklin. After such avowals of our capacity to instruct ourselves, shall we still fly to those distributors of the World for our lessons? NO!. Let us seriously consider a most excellent advice by the highest authority. John Robison. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves-by their fruits ye shall know them- Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?"

    Thomas McAlindenThomas McAlinden6 tundi tagasi
  • 47:44 the way joe talked to Alex like he was a little kid there was priceless 😂😂😂

    Clay MoraClay Mora6 tundi tagasi
  • Joe is annoying af

    Omar Arancivia BolanosOmar Arancivia Bolanos6 tundi tagasi
    • @non that, and his also annoying to his Guest. He spent more than 30 min searching for the quote from alex jones. Made the guest lose there train of though and forget why they came to the show lol

      Omar Arancivia BolanosOmar Arancivia Bolanos2 tundi tagasi
    • yeah exactly! whenever he starts rambling it is painful to watch. and it show that he is just dumb. when he doesn't quote someone but try to use his words and "think" it turns into disaster....

      nonnon6 tundi tagasi
  • Not a fan of gays, but I love Tim Dillon. Oh, gyawd. I'm gay now, aren't I? Fuck it. Still going with Tim Dillon being super-neat even if he wants to put his thing up my thing. Weird? Yes. Is Tim Dillon also hilarious? Also, yes... An impossible decision. Fuck it. I'm sticking with Tim Dillon.

    Linda AragonLinda Aragon7 tundi tagasi
  • They're clearly tyrants, Joe.

    Linda AragonLinda Aragon7 tundi tagasi
  • Nobody: Alex: I identify as Jennifer Anniston

    Uncle UlyssesUncle Ulysses7 tundi tagasi
  • Joe Rogen Rogen is actually more annoying than Alex Jones in this podcast. He sounds like a granny.

    JosbornJosborn8 tundi tagasi
  • Alex Jones is some human being.

    Buddy RichBuddy Rich8 tundi tagasi
  • Kal halal Yahawa Bahashim Yahawashi

    Dabarnikao YasharalaDabarnikao Yasharala8 tundi tagasi
  • Anybody else "surprised" that Joe taking hits on social platforms for having Alex on? I've listened to this episode twice and he didn't have "hate speech" it was more like "love for humans, and freedom speach". Great show Joe.

    Derek GauronDerek Gauron8 tundi tagasi
  • I used to be your biggest fan Joe. Turn back towards your old ways. Miss you Joe. Let the man talk. I didn’t come here for you at this point

    Tyler StevensTyler Stevens8 tundi tagasi
  • Santos Bonacci

    I AmI Am8 tundi tagasi
  • The dude Alex Jones, is extremely interesting to listen too!

    JustinJustin8 tundi tagasi
  • My life is on pause for the next 3 hours

    Mike BoberMike Bober9 tundi tagasi
  • This just shows how little science actually knows, guesses guesses guesses. This is Gods green earth and only he is able to destroy it.

    ZchryPlysZchryPlys9 tundi tagasi
  • If what they're saying is true what does that mean? What are you supposed to do?

    Thinker 4wardThinker 4ward9 tundi tagasi
  • Everytime you ask Alex Jones for proof for anything he is saying. He can never give it. The guy just says ridiculous stuff most of the time with ZERO proof

    Alex BrandyAlex Brandy9 tundi tagasi
  • Joe's fact checking Alex's farts.

    dirk digger 123dirk digger 1239 tundi tagasi
  • Alex is so much

    Thinker 4wardThinker 4ward9 tundi tagasi
  • Joe needs a spliff!

    Hank Jones da 3rdHank Jones da 3rd10 tundi tagasi
  • That’s not a tap-tap-tap, it’s a straight-up ass tap.

    Michael LeeMichael Lee10 tundi tagasi
  • The only thing that will save us is God through Jesus Christ.

    *DARKVOID**DARKVOID*10 tundi tagasi
  • When Drumpf Lost....I was Very Happy...I took pictures 📷 to remind me of that special day.. WE DRANK 🍷 🥂 AND DANCED IN JOY

    DJPlutonikDJPlutonik10 tundi tagasi
  • Why does Alex’s voice remind me of a mob boss, he’s literally one accent change from completely sounding like the Godfather

    Its BiscuitIts Biscuit10 tundi tagasi
  • 53:13 Every teacher in a class in South America.

    Oscar SalgadoOscar Salgado10 tundi tagasi
  • I love Joe Rogan and Bill hicks

    jon clevengerjon clevenger10 tundi tagasi
  • Gta 6 needs a radio station with joe rogan podcasts

    ChibesChibes10 tundi tagasi
  • alex sits so still sometimes i think my VIJAYA froze

    Marky MarkMarky Mark10 tundi tagasi
  • drunk alex makes me realize why he deserves a huge heart of understanding.

    Marky MarkMarky Mark10 tundi tagasi
  • hey joe, we don't watch the podcast to see your goofy ass. we watch it for the guests. don't disrespect your guest like that.

    GM LinorthGM Linorth10 tundi tagasi
  • Alex Jones is a national treasure!

    Greg AbramsGreg Abrams11 tundi tagasi
  • Alex Jones. The gift that keeps giving.

    11 tundi tagasi
  • hears tic tac goes to tic tok god i hate 2020.

    Marky MarkMarky Mark11 tundi tagasi
  • Although many found it annoying that Joe fact checked Alex like a million times....I think he was showing that you can try to discredit Alex...fact check, after fact check just proved over and over he knows what he's talking about, and has clearly done his research and he is correct more often than not. Great show!!!

    JM71JM7111 tundi tagasi
  • Love this and love Alex Jones but holy hell is Joe annoying. Shut up and let the man talk!

    Ronnie AmbroseRonnie Ambrose11 tundi tagasi
  • Bird box is because you'll wanna cover your eyes to what's coming next month because the veil is gonna be peeled back from your eyes you'll be pulled from your she'll body and it's gonna be pretty spooky but it won't last long then you'll be resent back here again to live it all over again

    Incredible HulkIncredible Hulk12 tundi tagasi
  • Joe "Fact Check" Rogan

    OzdakkaOzdakka12 tundi tagasi
    • American people didn't ask for a tax break." I know I heard it now can't find it anywhere. We love you googleater.

      JoannaJoanna11 tundi tagasi
  • Joe needs to ease up

    B TB T12 tundi tagasi
    • How much coke did Alex Jones do before this interview? A. 1 gram B. Entire 8 ball C. 1 kg D. All of the above

      JoannaJoanna11 tundi tagasi

    chris bischris bis12 tundi tagasi
  • Rogan is such a spineless little guy, him has such wittle guy complex, it's quite pathetic.

    Raoul DukeRaoul Duke12 tundi tagasi
  • Alex said Trump would win by a lot and Democrats would contest the election this has not aged well 💀😂

    FadedFaded12 tundi tagasi
    • well, they faked it before finish. we will see what will happen. i am not us citizen btw...

      nonnon5 tundi tagasi
  • Alex "Dont Read It , Listen to Me I Actually Know It" Jones

    Tackery binkZTackery binkZ13 tundi tagasi
  • Covid 19 is a proverbial term for government dick shafting. To those buying into this pandemic fear, you may as well assume the position and get on all fours for your goverment , be a good little civil servant and put your gag balls in (or face masks even lol)

    K WilliamsK Williams13 tundi tagasi
  • alex jones is afraid of technology

    YoshiKarpYoshiKarp13 tundi tagasi
  • Joe "im not billionare" rogan

    IbanepaIbanepa13 tundi tagasi
  • Alex "The Big Enchilada" Jones

    Doctor BonezDoctor Bonez13 tundi tagasi
  • LOL at Jones saying Trump wins but Democrats contest. LITERAL OPPOSITE THERE PALERONI

    WalweeWalwee13 tundi tagasi
  • Sovereignty needs a b shot. White helmets bad. Incremental b.s.. They want to push just enough. Not too much. A quiet well behaved populace. Hahaha! Not!

    woodsinmewoodsinme14 tundi tagasi
  • They are trying to kill us at some level, Joe. There is a group of wealthy people that do not like people, what was that guys quote? "We love our pets we don't love you." There is a group of wealthy people who use black magic alchemical initiations, to allow those into their group. "Eye's Wide Shut," shit. That stuff happens, they traffic in the flesh of sexy people and children, they violently abuse these people and kill some. What about that Swedish or Dutch banker who couldn't go through with the initiation, after they brought the kid in bleeding? He said they were all Luciferians, basically people who publicly pretend to be wholesome good people but privately they personify the devil.

    Murphy LawMurphy Law14 tundi tagasi
  • Nobody here even mentioned the *bribery scheme* that drives the Global Warming misinformation. All governments give Big-Carbon-Producers a bribe of hundreds of millions of dollars every year to "lower" their emissions. They are asked to set specific targets. Every year, every company FAILS to meet their targets with *zero consequences* & then they negotiate for a bigger bribe & GET ONE. Every year. This has been going-on for decades now costing taxpayers trillions while the biggest polluters *get rewarded for it.*

  • How much coke did Alex Jones do before this interview? A. 1 gram B. Entire 8 ball C. 1 kg D. All of the above

    Akash ChopraAkash Chopra15 tundi tagasi
  • Didn't I hear someone (Nancy or HRC -same thing-) say "When democrats are back in "power" this will all go away". Anyone else? Tried to find video of the big O saying "The American people didn't ask for a tax break." I know I heard it now can't find it anywhere. We love you googleater.

    woodsinmewoodsinme15 tundi tagasi
    • even if they didn't say that deeds are what matter. they can't say that openly from many reasons unless somebody has some mental breakdown, which occassionally happens. joe is such delusional moron to ask for proof for that. proof will be if it will happen after biden will become president...

      nonnon5 tundi tagasi
  • You know the oil execs sell out an engineer at a time. One person has to fall, that's the law. Don't tell my mum I work on the rigs, she thinks I'm a piano player in a whore house. Paul Carter. Good book for the boys.

    Murphy LawMurphy Law15 tundi tagasi
  • What if the Sun is conscious? What if it is the gateway to God? I dunno, I wonder though.

    Murphy LawMurphy Law15 tundi tagasi
  • When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

    Gau XarGau Xar15 tundi tagasi
  • Podcast is changing since SoundCloud deal.its not outspoken like before

    Raja CaliRaja Cali16 tundi tagasi
  • 00oppo opp p]o9o pp ppp opp pppp poop p]pp

    Sam WymanSam Wyman16 tundi tagasi
  • There has been an ENORMOUS increase in polar bears. Look it up.

    Alexis VictoriaAlexis Victoria16 tundi tagasi
  • There’s a ln electrical box near my street that someone keeps painting over info wars.. I will continue to renew the name.

    Alexis VictoriaAlexis Victoria16 tundi tagasi
  • The NWO is fully entrenched. We can not vote, litigate, or beg our way out of this. Secession is the only answer. We're all going to have to move and fight. Do not live in denial of this fact for one more day. It's only going to get more difficult from here.

    robotron17robotron1716 tundi tagasi
    • robotron17- True. This *Global Mass Treason* by ALL Elites is already set-in-motion. All we can do now is find-out who the *old bloodline families* are that have ALWAYS ruled our particular city or town. *Our local overlords.* We can't get near the head of the beast but we CAN cut-off it's arms & legs.

  • I watched the Dave Chappelle podcast before this... Has anyone else heard that Dave is a clone??

    Drunky McdrunkersonDrunky Mcdrunkerson16 tundi tagasi
  • Gizzlaine

  • Alex should try delta 8 thc

    Wingus DingusWingus Dingus16 tundi tagasi
  • I wonder if Joe calls David Icke in? That would be the show....

    Davor KosanovićDavor Kosanović16 tundi tagasi
  • Hahaha

    Love YaYaLove YaYa17 tundi tagasi
  • Alex Jones continues to prove why he's not intelligent. And to me, thats the good service Joe Rogan is doing here.

    Philip GouldmanPhilip Gouldman17 tundi tagasi
    • You’re comment proved your own lack of intelligence.

      Laura NormingtonLaura NormingtonTund tagasi
  • Who's all on this bandwagon now? He's basically talking about the Great Reset!

    William CardnoWilliam Cardno17 tundi tagasi
  • There needs to be a weekly/monthly Joe Rogan and Alex Jones episode

    Tiffany OliverTiffany Oliver17 tundi tagasi
  • WTF is wrong with this family. Rofl! Putin LOVES this!

    Love YaYaLove YaYa17 tundi tagasi
  • Political, theoretical and conspiratorial views captured something here Joe. I have been a Joe Rogan lurker for years and finally signed in and subscribed after viewing this entire episode. Alex Jones is indeed a real person and is not exempt from the real world complications that present themselves during the course of ones life. I think Alex Jones genuinely cares about what he says, does and believes and that he is a cult of personality. It has obviously taken a toll on him and I believe many human beings can at the very least relate to that. You are a free speech hero. I honestly take the time to think about what each of your guests has to say regardless of who they are. Just don't start a wine club like npr....that would be super pretentious. (start a weed club)

    jonnytwelvejonnytwelve17 tundi tagasi