fortnite broke pickaxes...

6 apr 2021
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fortnite is broken again...
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    • @guyoza but I’m still pretty decent

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    • @guyoza ur definitely better than me cause I play on switch and I’ve seen ur videos and ur pretty cracked

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  • You have now: 6.9 millions subs( nice;) )

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  • Creamy can you please add me I want you to add me so we can play together I have been watching all your videos you’re very good I really wanna play with you please add me I’ll tell you my name now is a essay essay essay line line Alfie made

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  • "I'm gonna sky base in 1 shot this has never been done before" literally last match "There are kids sky basing"

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  • Last season I stayed in storm whole game at slurpy

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  • Mcreamy: HAHA you lose to the Skybase legend!! Lazarbeam: Am I a joke to you?

  • how can i join xd clan

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  • Bruh why mcreamy have so much v bucks

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  • See the trickshot

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  • 2:43

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  • Due to an issue, we have temparelily removed pickaxes :Epic

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  • 6.9 million subs - the .

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  • My fortnite name is killy1984

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  • 2:54 no you got the THICKEST base ever

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  • The reason why this is possible is because the storm is programmed to deal damage based on the maximum amount of health you can have but the slurp pipe is programmed to heal based on the amount of health and when the max health is two, the only tick that can kill you is ten because the game is ran off of a 100.75 bit integer

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  • number one player in the world

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  • McCreamy: I am going to sky base in one shot never been done before McCreamy Previous game : he's sky basing so we can't shoot him down

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  • He shot over there

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  • Then spectated him

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  • I got 4

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  • I got in that game

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  • No hate but he is not on 7 mil how does he have his acount back?

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  • ‘Yeah so if you could pop up now that would be g-‘

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  • Mau is funny live in pineapple under the sea

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  • I wish I knew what that package was called

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  • Lets go your videos are insannnnnnnnnnne 😀😁

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  • this video gave me sooo much anxiety XD

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  • Stop the 🧢

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  • Last week there was a glitch that is u do 37 damage with star wand

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  • People sky baseing up there Mc creamy I'm gonna be sky baseing ITS NEVER Ben done before

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  • the "ZAAA" noises are SENDING MEE

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  • "0:17" ”this is the thing u need.” *VB2.ONLINE** ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

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  • why cant u back stab in fortnite

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  • When the music comes uknow its adout to get bloody

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  • no one: litteraly no one: McCreamy vbucks: stonks by every vid

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  • ya'll are playing like you're in the scout regiment haha (aot reference (; )

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  • R.I.P mau

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  • *helooo*

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  • Anyone find it funny when he saw them skybasing and when he is doing it he saids it never been done before lol mcreamy

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  • It kinda feels like it’s attack on titan with the swords

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  • mcreamy are you in chronic

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  • 11:50 lol. lets not talk about the fact earlier in the vid someone was doing it.

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  • New Light saber

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  • When I pickaxed someone it did 40 damage

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  • Just realised why he says 69 years of luck.

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  • LivE iN a PiNeApPle UnDa dA sEa

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  • McCreamy: Let’s break fortnite... AGAIN

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  • What happened to mau?

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  • Watched vid3o... 69,000,000 years good luck. Nothing else matters

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  • 15:16 what was that xDDDDDD

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  • You should skybase in one shot if you haven’t all ready

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  • 9:25 🔥

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  • Lol mccreamy is almost at 6.9 million subscribers

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  • Lol the guy on ur 1st game was me.. Hahhaha i won with my friend... Lol

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  • I think the storm damage is set to % of health and the health add from slurp is more than 2 health

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  • When u did this before the vid

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  • nobody: *Mcreamy getting a kill* Mcreamy: zaaaaaeeeree Also mcreamy: eeeeeheeeeee Still mcreamy: aaaggghddfdd Mcreamy sound effects 😂😂

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